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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It was a Christmas miracle

So it's Christmas night. And I have a prime rib roast in oven. And it's sporting a beautiful crust. We're setting the table and making the last preparations when I discover that we have no horseradish. I can't have Christmas prime rib without horseradish right?

So I put on my jacket and get in the car and start driving.

It's like 6pm. Where am I going to find horseradish on Christmas day at this hour? Hell, what's even open at this hour? I drive by Stater Brothers. Closed. Not only are they closed but they put their carts in front of their doors on the inside. They are secure.

Keep driving Ralphs is closed. Ooo! CVS is open. What are the chances CVS has horseradish? The chances are zero. Zero chances they have horseradish. But so as not to waste the trip I bought batteries, because I knew they'd come in handy when we start playing Electronic Banking Monopoly WHICH IS AWESOME! I'd call it a Christmas present but I bought it for me.

I'm about to give up when I noticed cars parked at the far end of a parking lot. People getting out and walking into BAKER'S SQUARE?! Baker's Square is open on Christmas. And in case I'm second guessing myself I can see the Santa painted on the window telling me that they're open. Well a last resort is a last resort.

"Hi this is kind of a strange request, do you guys have horseradish? Would it be possible to get a few sides of horseradish to go? No no meat. No drink. Just horseradish."

"Uh let me see, I don't even know how much I'd charge for that."

"Money is no object sir. I need it to save Christmas."

Sure enough. A couple of minutes and three bucks later I'm walking out with frozen yogurt cup's worth of horse radish.

I don't think the guy recognized me. But I'd love it if they told the story when Hurley came in on Christmas and only ordered horse radish. Eventually as the story got passed down it would get distorted from the truth till it got to the point where I actually sat down at the counter and just started scooping straight horse radish into my mouth.

Either way, Christmas was saved.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Hey everybody. I wanted to show you guys my favorite ornament hung on mom's tree.
It's this snowman that appears to have hung himself.

Poor Frost. Just couldn't hack all of the holiday pressure.

And my best gift:

It's a Chihuahua cookie/doggie biscuit jar. It also came with a matching serving dish.

Merry Christmas.

Frosty the Snow-Thug

So last night I started thinking about that Frosty the Snowman song.

What was with the broomstick? Now they often show him with a broom in his hand. But the song says broomstick. That makes think of Sonny Corleone walking around with that stick in his hand when he goes to kick the crap out the guy who hit his sister.
So now i get images of Frosty going around town knocking stuff around and breaking windows what not. Just wreaking havoc all over the neighborhood.

Frosty? Kind of a dick!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Cleaning stuff at Mom's

So we're cleaning stuff out of the garage and dropping off old items to the goodwill. One thing I had to talk my mom out of was this high chair. It was mine and my sister's.

That's right I sat here once. Once.

I was like "Why do you want to keep it?" "Who do you think is going to use it?" "Why not pass it along to someone who will put it to good use?" Eventually she agreed.

Another cool item was this bowl.

It's claim to fame in my life? I peed in it. When my dad bought this bowl we were in the car and I had to take a leak. So what could I do? My dad told me to pee in the bowl. So that's the pee bowl. This is all according to my mom. I don't actually remember urinating into this bowl.

Funny you'd think I'd remember something like that. And since it happened six months ago.


Well I'd like to thank you all for scaring me into thinking I have cellulitis?

But I looked up the treatment for cellulitis. And the treatment is an antibiotic which I am already taking for my sore throat.

So I'm pretty sure the odds are against.

(But I do think I got an extra dose of poison from the sting because I "pinched" the stinger out.)

BEEvenge (Or Vengeance will BEE ours)

Well it's been two days and ther is definitely a reduction in Bees. This definitely goes to show...

It's so puffy. Here I'll put up a flipped picture of the opposite hand for comparison.

Puffier right?
Oh no. And here with Christmas around the corner. How will I ever fit my mittens on this hand.
4Q Bees! 4Q!

Language Barrier

Okay let's say you're at the Apple Pan. (By the way don't go to the Apple Pan on Sunday nights. It's their last night of the week and they run out of stuff, like lettuce. P.S. Try the burger without lettuce. It's awesome. )

Where was I...

Oh yes let's say your at the Apple Pan enjoying a burger with your friend. Your friend points to the burger in his hand and says, "Can I get another one of these?" Now you'd think your friend just ordered another burger.

Yes you'd think that. Until this showed up.

Friday, December 21, 2007

oh BEEhave

Operation Take Back The House

has begun.

I had to make a move when I saw these bees trying to crawl into my bed.

So I've thrown a comforter around the grate in front of the fireplace and propped a case of waters in front to give it weight.
Now we wait and see. If that doesn't stop or at least slow down the bees then we know they're getting in from someplace else.

The mission went as planned. But we did suffer one casualty.

I took a shot in the hand


So I'm staying at my mom's. And for the last fews days I've been suffering from the nastiest sore throat I can remember. And I had a fever of a hundred and four. (I had a fever of a hundred and three as well, which works better musically, but I thought mentioning where it peaked at was more important.)
Well I'm hot blooded check it and see. I got a fever of a hundred and three.
Well I'm hot blooded check it you whore. I got a fever of a hundred and four. (Less poetic)

So I haven't been in the mood to do much of anything except sleep and not swallow. So as I have myself a little muesli (The Kahala resort has the best muesli on their buffet, I don't know how they do it. I've been trying to come up with my own homemade concoctions but none of them are up to snuff) [By the way, the origin of "up to snuff" not impressive at all. Not even worth the mention]

-pause while I go answer the doorbell-

Ok. So now as I wait for the cable guy to hook up the cable phone service, I can finally write the blog I've been waiting to write.


Mom's got bees. They are somewhere in the wall. And they all come into the living room to die. I don't know if that was their original plan but eventually that's the fate they meet. This has been a problem at mom's for a while. And she had someone over here once already who fixed the problem for a few months but the bees came back. So the window sill is always buzzing. And you have to be careful reaching under a lampshade. (I got stung last time I visited.) But it's gotten worse now.

See grandma has moved in. Which puts me on the couch in the living room. BEE CENTRAL. So far I've had to brush a bee off my leg and ear. I also got a mysterious bump on the sole of my foot, it itched like crazy. Could I have gotten stung in my sleep on the bottom of my foot? So it's hard to rest easy in a room where I keep getting totally creeped out.

I want to throw a quilted comforter into the fire place to seal it up in hope of solving the mystery of their point of entry. But mom's not into the the aesthetics of that set up. I don't know who she's planning to invite.

"Sure come on over. You're not allergic to bees are you?...Oh, no reason."

Thursday, December 6, 2007

That ain't right

Today was trash day at my parents'. They have three bins. Each for one of three different kinds of trash: recyclables, green waste, and trash.

Now I've been feeling very "green" this week. I broke down all of the cardboard boxes that I had shipped my christmas gifts in. And put them in the bin. When I was running errands I picked up a bunch of energy star bulbs to start switching their lights.

Returning home I found that I had left my house key in the car. As I went back to retrieve it, I saw a trash truck back into the street. And I watched it as the driver proceeded to dump all three bins into the same truck.

What's up with that?!
Now I know it was robotic arm. And robotic arms do some very sophisticated work. But I can't imagine the arm on that truck is sophisticated enough to dump the bins into specialized compartments in one truck.

Someone's not doing their part.

So I did something I haven't in ages. I told on him. I told my mom. She said usually three trucks come by. She was pretty pissed. But it didn't go any further than that.

Lunch at Mom's

This December I will be spending most of the month at my parent's house in Orange County. Lost is done for now until further strike-related notice. So it's Mom, Dad, Grandma, and me all under one roof. My lack of seniority puts me on the day bed in the living room.

By the way Hawaii has ruined me for California winters and thus winters almost anywhere else. My girlfriend is from Milwaukee and I've made it quite clear that the only window in the year that I will even consider visiting her home town is during the months that don't end in BER or ARY.

My mom is the sole caregiver for both my father and my grandmother. This is no easy task. I know this because during my stays at home I take on some of the responsibilities as well as do things that she has been saving for my eventual return. (Like move furniture and hang Christmas lights.)

So when lunch comes around it's got it's own routine. Once we get the food ready to serve. Mom summons Abuela while I bring my dad downstairs. (This is only because I am here; it is too difficult for her to bring him down everyday for a half hour lunch.)

She serves them on what I like to call "cafeteria" plates. They are large plastic plates which are compartmentalized into three sections, one half and two quarters. I serve myself on what I like to call a "normal" plate and sat down with everyone to eat. That is when I made a discovery. The "cafeteria" plate is the best choice for this system because if the meal should not require a knife (in this case salmon) a "normal" plate does not provide an adequate surface for which to push your vegetable medley against to get it on your fork. A "cafeteria" plate is full of surfaces to push stuff against.

Now this is where a "normal" person would get up and grab a knife. Of course this is also where another "normal" person will just push the kernels onto his fork with his finger. If you find that gross I'll have you know that I saw my grandma do the same thing today when she was served on a "normal" plate. This wasn't a joke I was playing on my grandmother I couldn't find a clean "cafeteria" plate, but don't worry I got it all squared away and all "cafeteria" plates are present and accounted for.

You see folks, it's all about cutting the right corners. A knife-less lunch means less time spent washing dishes. A "cafeteria" plate means less time spent washing hands.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Fart that ruined X-mas

So sad. While running errands we had the idea to go swing by the Christmas tree tent in the Don Quijote parking lot. It's fun we just pull up along side the open flap and inhale the aroma of lovely Christmas conifers.

But someone had to pass gas in the car. (For the record it was not me.)

And no matter how hard I sniffed, or how far I hung my head out the window. I could not even catch a whiff of tree. I just couldn't escape the smell. The smell that ruined Christmas.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Finally Caught

Upon closer inspection it's not a creature at all.

It's just me, silly.

(Yes, this WAS stupid)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Is this stupid?

(It might be. But I'm getting some entertainment from it anyway.)

Aha! I think we're getting the hang of this we'll finally have a clear photo of this creature of the deep.

(Someone on the Fuselage asked what I do to entertain myself when I get bored on days off. Here's a solid example. )

Did you ever watch that Planet Earth show?

This is like the great white taking out the seal.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

There it is again!

Holy crap! Get the camera!

Damn I keep missing it!

Mysterious creature in the water at the beach.

Hmm... what is that?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Did I ever tell you...

about the time I tried to steal a dolphin?

As you can see I clearly had some liquid courage flowing through my veins at the time.

But unfortunately I didn't really have a plan.

It was more of a crime of passion that fizzled out once I realized I couldn't lift it by myself.

But look at him. Honestly, how could I resist.

A new Roy's tradition

One night after having dinner at Roy's in Hawaii Kai (one of our favorites) we noticed cats hangin around the parking lot at the "Kiss and ride."

You may not see them in this picture but you can probably make out their glowing evil eyes.
Naturally I had an idea. So now everytime we go to Roy's we make a stop at the grocery store.

And give them food. And then they all come out of the woodwork. The cool thing is we saw they had plates of food and water so I'm glad I wasn't the first one to think of feeding these guys.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Huck Finn feet

That's what my girlfriend calls them.

Yes life in Hawaii has taken it's toll on my dogs.

Many a day spent barefoot or in sandals has rendered them quite tough and often dirty.

I tried a pedicure once but it barely did anything.

Will my feet ever return to their baby soft state?

Oo! I thought I saw a ghost. No wait. Just a reflection. Where was I?

Oh yes my feet... I guess that's it.

Ahhhhhh. Thanksgiving

So yesterday for Thanksgiving I went to a restaurant and had a burger and french onion soup. Both were unmemorable.

But don't worry it wasn't a sad clown Thanksgiving. See. My Thanksgiving was postponed one day. So the feast happened today. While you guys were having your leftover Turkey sandwiches I had me a fresh bird that was lured into false security thinking the holiday had passed and he was safe.

Here's a couple pictures. Check out my new haircut.

Pictures 2

Hey gang.

If you see me out and about and want to take a picture with me. It's cool almost all of the time.

This is when it's not (this is obviously not a complete list but use your best judgement)

1. When I'm at dinner. Just like you don't want to be interrupted when you sit down to a meal with friends and family neither do I. If you catch me coming into a restaurant or exiting after a meal that's totally fine and not a problem. But if I'm in a middle of a meal I'll ask you to wait until we've finished.

2. And this is the reason I'm writing this today. Do not ask to take a picture with me after you have "secretly" already taken numerous shots with your camera. Trust me you are not being subtle. I see you, that's why I'm turning away. Just ask I say "yes" almost every time.

Thanks for understanding.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Farewell to a Master

Well, I just found out an old teacher of mine just passed away. I want to write something about it. But how do I do this?

Al Mancini was one of my acting teachers at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. His best known roles were probably Tic Tac from the Coen Brother's MILLERS CROSSING and Tassos Bravos in THE DIRTY DOZEN.

Now I've said it before and I'll say it again I owe my carreer to the teachers at the Playhouse. They have molded me into the actor I am today. And Mancini was no exception. He always encouraged us to think out of the box. And not to show up to "play the scene." He inspired us to be creative and wild. His class was a place I felt safe to be bold and fail. But fail sublimely. And because of that, it was in his class that I had my most magical acting moment. I don't want to go into details about it because it's kinda hard to explain. But it was one of those rare moments that we often can only wish for.

"It is an honor to be an artist." Those were his words that gave me the strength to face my critical family members and friends every holiday season when an out of work actor finds himself taking stock in how his carreer is going. And he never let us forget that we are indeed artists.

Goodbye dear sir, no relish no hotdog.

I should grow up

I just saw a commercial for the ROTO WRENCH

"Even removes badly rusted nuts"

I laughed for about fifteen minutes.

Monday, November 12, 2007

They're just not trying anymore

A long time ago when I was working at Borders a little movie came out by the name of Forrest Gump. (Now I'm not going to get into Forrest Gump and how the damn movie ends three times before the credits actually roll.) At the time I was working in the music department and we got a copy of the soundtrack for in-store play.

Here's my beef: You have a movie, an overall good one, that covers three decades of America and thus American music to choose from and you pick three songs that not only are from other movies but are actually FAMOUS for being in those movies.

"Everyboby's Talkin," "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head," and "Mrs. Robinson" all signature songs from the movies they were originally in. There could be more, I don't know, I didn't do too much research on it. I just remembered it bummed me out.

Today I went to see Fred Claus. Uh... not going to review it. But how many movies are they going to close with Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (which I like to say with emphasis on the ole') "Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World."

It all started with Meet Joe Black, then Finding Forrester came out and I thought "That's weird, someone wasn't paying attention." Since then the song has been in countless commercials, TV shows and movies leading up to Fred Claus. Are we out of songs? Don't get me wrong. I dig 'Bruddah IZ' but how many times do you plan to pimp this song? (Plus he kind of fudges the lyrics a bit which always bugs me.)

Please someone record a new song for us to abuse and over use, this one's kind of been played.

First Line of Defense

Got my flu shot last Friday. Now I don't want to be a wuss about it or nothing but it does take a certain level of mental preparedness to get a shot. And it didn't help that the lady administering the shot had the wrong needle on it. So she had to go and come back and re-swab my arm. So twice I had to brace myself. (Well not really brace, that kinda sounds like I tensed up and the trick is to keep relaxed while someone lances you.) But this is not what I meant by "first line of defense."

The other night I was woken from a deep sleep by someone hovering over me. Not literally. I mean her feet were on the ground at all times but she was leaning over me really closely. In my frightened and disoriented state all I could do was curse at her. I'm not going to get into what I said but it rhymes with 4Q. Imagine my disappointment. I mean, I immediately discovered it was my girlfriend so there was no danger. But still, my first line of defense against a home invasion is 4Q? 4Q home invader. 4Q.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

What is the shelf life of Golden Grahams?

The other morning I noticed a "magic eye" hidden 3-D image on the back of a Golden Grahams box.

And after pausing till I could see the surfer-shredding-like-only-a-Golden-Grahams-eater-can,

I thought to myself, "Wait a minute. Magic Eye?! Is this cereal box from the 1990's?"

Oh! And my Costume.

I'm an oyster with a pearl in it.


Sweet! Halloween was fun we carved like mad.

Here are some of mine up close:

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dalai Lama test

Someone just sent me that stupid Dalai Lama test.

Apparently I think sex is "bitter." (But you probably could have guessed that by the face I make.)

Where is the correlation between coffee and sex? I hate coffee for the most part. Unless of course if it's blended in one of those icy sweet shakes...


I stand corrected. They're exactly the same.


Quick shoot to LA

Ok. First of all, for those of you who are new, let me introduce myself:

Saw this at the airport. I just flew into LA on Friday for some press stuff. Mostly international press. Did a panel with Naveen and Elizabeth. Harold also joined us for individual roundtable interviews.

This is the juiciest peice of information we gave them: As shocking as these scripts have been for us nothing as shocked us more than the end of episode 7.

Got back to Hawaii last night. Now I'm getting ready for Halloween. Got pumpkins to carve, candy to buy and a costume to finish. So I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Maine coon

Yes I know that mancoon is another spelling or Maine coon. I looked it up before I wrote the blog. All the more reason to be bummed out. A mancoon is so much better if it was one of these:

Hmm... not man enough.

There we go. That what we really want in a mancoon. Hell if you want to call him Maine coon that would be fine too.

Hell yeah I make my own visual aides!

Monday, October 15, 2007


The other day a friend of mine told me she was house sitting at a house that had a MANCOON. "How sweet is that?!" I thought. And then I came back to reality.

Whoever came up with the breed name MANCOON was a jerk. (I assume he's dead by now.) (Apparently I also assume it was a dude.)

All the name MANCOON does is get our hopes up. How can we not be disappointed? The name suggest a half-man/ half-raccoon. But all we get is a cat. Sucks. Because a half-man/half-raccon would be a much more interesting (not to mention controversial) pet. Quite a conversation peice.

It be probably very cat-like. Well like the cats that have those attitudes that won't let you hold them and scratch the crap out of you. So you'd be forced to de-claw it.

And it'd get old really fast because it can't stay small forever. Eventually the half-man part has to take over and you'll have a rather larger naked hairy man with a Lone Ranger mask. But it's still cute to see him wash his food.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I am so stupid

This morning I was reminded of the McDLT sandwich from McDonalds. Why? Well it's a little longer story than I wanted to write but my mom was in the car with me and she was hungry and wanted (no needed) breakfast, mind you it's already lunch time so her request of the muffin, egg, cheese and ham sandwich from McDonalds is out of the question. ( But I do admire the fact that she never got caught up in the entire McDonalds conditioning because she didn't know what it was called just what was in it. )

However now that Jack is serving breakfast all day I introduced her to another sandwich which isn't even on the menu anymore but they still will make it for you if you ask. Sourdough Breakfast Jack which my mom fell in love with. So much so that she told me three times during the eating how much she liked the damn thing and then once more after she was already done.

Then she was having this conversation with my grandmother on the phone and they were talking about how you can't heat up a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato. And being the backseat phone caller I am I said "yes you can but you have to only heat up the meat and/or cheese side and then put them together."

Which made me think of the McDLT. ( It was along trip and so not worth it. )

Here's why I feel stupid. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the "D" stood for. I got the "L" and the "T" because of another famous sandwich but the "D" I had no idea. (The "Mc" is there for obvious reasons.) I was imagining board meetings where they were bouncing letters around. McHLT - Hamburger, lettuce and tomato, doesn't quit have the "zip." McBLT - burger lettuce and tomato will only be a source of confusion and dissapointment. McGLT (ground beef? can we call it ground beef?). McPLT (for a patty? McP? really? do we want to give kids anymore ammo? ) So they settled on McDLT because it worked best.

It isn't till I googled it that I discovered, "Oh yeah. McDonalds. McD" Stupid sandwich. I'm glad it's gone. Took up a lot of space too. Not to mention the excessive packaging. But it was a different time them we didn't know the earth was breaking.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Blog to Blog?

Ok. My last post was October 1st. So it's been more than ten days. I've come across a dilemma: Do I blog just to blog? Or do I wait until I get inspired to say something?

Like this blog right now is ridiculous, I'm basically asking what you want. But I'm pretty sure there will be people weighing in on both sides. So forget it. I should just delete this blog right now. I won't though.

I am sorry for wasting your time right now. If you're at work, please don't get in trouble on my account. Not for this.

There are things I would like to write about. But those things are either too private to blog about right now (Grandpa just got put in a home - don't really want to talk about it), or could get me in trouble if someone (i.e. my mom) were to read them. Of course there is always the chance that I say "screw it (I was going to say f*** it but stopped myself) if it's personal, it's good material. "


I have no conclusion. (Again I just wasted a small fraction of your life for some! A slightly bigger fraction for others depending on your reading level.)

But eventually I should come up with something.

Monday, October 1, 2007

A fruit blog by Jorge Garcia

So I was catching up on my emails and thought I'd look into my blog. I started reading comments on my last blog about Cakesters and found someone posted a comment that I should eat more fruit instead.


For the record however I do eat fruit. I JUST DON'T BLOG ABOUT IT!

Why? It's not funny. To be honest fruit is more visual comedy. I think they once asked Charlie Chaplin, "What is funny?" and he said something like.
-You see a banana peel on the street.
-You see a man walking toward the banana peel.
-He sees the banana peel.
-Steps over it, into an open manhole.

See... it's visual.

Another reason I don't blog about fruit is. Nothing has really changed in the fruit business. Maybe PLUOTS. But then again maybe not. I don't remember them as a child, but I didn't do much grocery shopping then either.

As opposed to novelty foods that come up with something new every month.

But okay here goes. My blog about fruit:

Had couple fruits I'd never had before. Dragon fruit. And Star fruit. They were both good. The star fruit is called that because it is shaped like a star. But that is only when you slice it.

The greatest fruit in the world? The CHERIMOYA. And if you are lucky enough to live where you can get them cheap. Have one for me. I miss them. I remember seeing one at a grocery store years ago and paying almost ten bucks for it. It was delicious.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Go tarts and cakesters.

Hey. It's been nine days. Sorry, working a lot. On set, I saw something on the craft service tale I've never seen before. "Go Tarts" it's a PoP Tart for those on the "go." Now I thought Pop Tarts were already for those on the go. It's like someone said, I like Pop Tarts but is there any way we can make them more phallic?

I tried it. The icing to dough to filling ratio totally off. The dough part totally over powers the bar. The jelly is now bunched up together in a tube form hitting you hard with it's fruitiness. And they skimped in the icing, the best part. If you're going to change the shape of something we like at least make it taste the same.

Like OREO. Personally I think they've gotten a little carried away with the Oreo cookie varieties. C'mon "dulce de leche?"
* By the way I want to put a stop to something. Dulce de leche is pronounce DOOL-seh deh LAY-cheh. NOT DOOL-cheh. The word is in Spanish. DOOL-cheh would make it Italian. If it was italian it would be spelled dOlce. Everytime I hear someone say, "DulCHE de Leche" it hurts my ears. I'm like Steve Martin in "My Blue Heaven" when Rick Moranis says "capeese."

But I digress. What I really wanted to talk about was the Oreo Cakester. Which is both wonderful and scary at the same time. Like unprotected sex. (Oh man. I'm sorry. That was totally uncalled for. USE A CONDOM!!!!! I SWEAR!!!! YOU WILL DIE!!!!!)

Somehow Oreo took the flavors we have loved forever: Chocolate Oreo Cookie and Oreo Cream Filling and "fluffed them up" into lovely miniature cream-filled cake sandwiches. BUT THE TASTE IS EXACTLY THE SAME. Familiar. Comforting. Same taste. Different texture. They are awesome. However I don't understand how they can do that. How do they match the flavor exactly?!! This is the scary part. There can be one answer, really...chemistry. Because if I learned anything from Fast Food Nation it's that the people making the stuff that we like the taste of, are not cooks anymore, but food chemists.

So try them. But then, put the box down. (It's harder than you know.)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Man. I guess I was due. I've been happy with a lot of movies right now. I loved Once. I loved Hairspray. I loved 3:10 to Yuma. But they all can't be awesome movies. So I was destined to run into a turd soon.

And boy did I ever. I'm not going to say the name of this movie. But it was such a steamer that I felt I had to see another movie just to get the taste out. So I saw The Brave One which I also thought was good.

I feel bad about hating this movie because I kind of know a couple of people who were in it. But boy did this movie suck. My biggest issue was, while the premise is not realistic at all, I didn't buy the peoples reactions. Frankly if what was happening was REALLY happening, there would be a hell of a lot more characters "passing" bricks.

The only cliche they missed in this movie was the drunk wino throwing his bottle away after not believeing what he sees.

Yet I had to stick around for the showdown in the end. Which I will admit was pretty good until it all turned sentimental in the lamest way, when something cries.

I'm out of stuff to watch. Friday seems so far away.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

No more My Space

As some of you may have noticed by now. I have cancelled my MySpace account. The reason: It's just not fun anymore.

Sorry for those of you who were my "friends." I appreciated the out-pouring of kindness from you all. It was just too much to keep up. I couldn't commit the time it took everyday to keep a handle on messages, friend requests, and comments. And I decided that I would rather end it for now rather than sacrifice it's integrity and delegate the work to someone standing in for me.

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my life, however short it lasted. And I'm glad I got the chance to correspond with people all over the world.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tips for working in rain scenes.

Well TIP actually. There is only one.

If you're shooting a rain scene, leave the underwear in the trailer.

You can either "go cowboy" to set or you'll be forced to "go cowboy" home. Because nothing sucks worse than the moment you realize your underwear is wet. And now they're moving the camera so you have about twenty minutes to sit in your wet shorts.

It's times like these when I am forced to turn to my fellow cast mates and remark, "Isn't this glamorous?" "Truly the greatest job in the world. It's so glamorous."

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Season 4 Spoiler

Warning. If you don't want to be spoiled about Season four read no further:



M. Night revisited

There is a slight misunderstanding here.

M. Night is crazy. But crazy is good.

You have to keep trying to trump yourself or else you're running in place.

You think the guy who orders the chocolate milk is a "dick" because you DIDN'T think to do it yourself.

I look forward to all of his movies.

You can't argue with how much you jumped when you saw the birthday party video in "Signs."
Or the moment in "Unbreakable" when Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson finally touch.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

M. Night

So I'm watching Lady in the Water this morning while I do my emails. Not the best idea because there's stuff to pay attention to.

So. Anyway... (SPOILER ALERT)
Three TREE GORILLAS (as in made of tree branches) just dragged away a GRASS (as in made of) WOLF.

It's like he keeps trying to trump himself.

It's like when you go to a restaurant and it's kind of a competition to see orders the best meal. He's the guy who orders the chocolate milk.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Heat wave


I get it. I live in Hawaii. It's suppposed to be hot here. So what's the big deal?

Frankly I don't mind the heat of Hawaii so much. Some work days are a little hard right now, got a sun burn on my part the other day. That's my hair part, I call my other part my "area." But what I'm really tired of is the heat wave in California.

Complaining about how hot it is in California is the number one topic of conversation for the last two weeks among anyone I've talked to on the phone. "Ugh! It's so hot! Three digits." Enough. Go to a movie. Go to the mall. If you don't have air conditioning, get a bucket of ice and put it in front of a fan. Drink a lot of water. In fact if you hold a glass of ice water against your wrist it's supposed to cool you off on the inside.

Just quit your bitchin'.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fan art

Okay. So I google myself sometimes. What's the big deal? I do it for scrapbook material. I want to save all of this stuff about me so I can look at it when I'm old and forgotten. And show my grandchildren that I was once, the shit. Now I'm not much of a scrapbooker, but my sister is. She is hardcore about it. So I get the best of both worlds. I send her my stuff and she makes great looking scrapbooks for me. Because if I was scrapboking myself it wouldn't have as much "flair." And "flair" is the scrabook... thing. (Yeah there should be a better word there.)

My favorite thing to find online is FAN ART. I have found paintings, sketches, even models of me/Hurley all over the internet. You have no idea how huge that is for me. That's going to be the best thing to look back on. It's the tribute. How freaking flattering is that?! I can't believe I've made such an impression. I've even contacted some of the artists and they've sent me their pieces. Just think, if I get enough I can open up a bar & grill and use them to decorate.

These are links to some I've found, let me know if you come across any. And if you're an artist who does this kind of stuff, thanks for the tribute. It means a lot.





Sunday, August 26, 2007


Hey gang,

If you want to get a picture with me and you ask me while we're in a crowd. HAVE YOUR CAMERA READY. Because odds are that your asking is going to spark other people asking. And suddenly there will be a line and I'll be making a beeline for an exit. If you're stopping me on my way out, that's fine, but you have to be ready for it. Know who is going to take the picture and make sure they're ready. Because it sometimes gets hairy in a crowd and I have to run away. So I can't be held up too long because it's only going to get crazier.

Thanks for your help.


Go see the movie ONCE.

I've gone twice so far. It's incredibly good. Glen Hansard sings with so much passion. And Marketa Irglova charms you the second she shows up on the screen.

I went straight from the theater to the record store to by the soundtrack (luckily I saw it at a mall).

So go. It's the first moivie in a long while that I KNOW I'm buying when it comes to DVD.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Zoos always SOUND like a good idea. You remember them as a kid and they were totally awesome.
What you don't remember about zoos is what hits you as soon as you walk in:
"Oh yeah, the animals crap here!"
You never remember the smell of a poop at the zoo. In fact the only smell you DO remember is the smell of a freshly molded wax Gorilla.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Big Buck Hunter

I love Big Buck Hunter Pro and all games of it's kind. Now I would NEVER shoot an animal in any real-life situation. But when I first played this game earlier this year I had so much fun that I would seek it out in any arcade I found myself in. (Also the game where your supposed to put ping pong balls painted to look like bees into a hive or basket, but that's a whole 'nother blog.)

I had no idea that it was such a huge game with the rest of the population. I wouldn't have thought twice about playing this game if my brother in law hadn't given me my first "fix." But I should have guessed.

It's that Emerson quote, "To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men-that is genius."


Saturday, August 18, 2007

...And be specific

Forgot this part.

You have to be specific.

If you're writing you want a house:
How big? Where? Does it have a pool? What shape is it in?

Again just make a choice.

When I said I wanted to be part of a good ensemble show in my head I was thinking something like Cheers.
LOST is nothing like Cheers. But it still fits the category. And as an actor the stuff I've gotten to do as Hurley way surpasses the stuff I could have done as a Norm-type. Right?

I wonder if thinking Cheers when I wrote that had anything to do with me booking Becker and working with Ted?

Write it down

If you want ANYTHING. Write it down.

It doesn't matter if it's something you want in your career, your relationships, your way of life. Write it down.

A lot of friends spend too much time trying to get it right before they write it down.

Screw that! Write it down. In pencil if you want.

Tomorrow you can throw that paper away and write something new down.

I was going threw old "career notebooks" and I found three separate statements:

-I want to be a part of a good ensemble television show.

-I want to book a job on location.

-I want a house in Hawaii.

So write it down. Don't sweat it. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting it out. Once you do that you are already on your way.

Good luck.

First Day of School

Today felt like the first day of school.

I had my new over-the-shoulder book bag. Still with the tags on it.

I even packed myself a "lunch."

I get nervous the first day back. I feel like I'm "rusty."

But it went alright.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

So what else do you want to talk about?

Maybe I'll do a non-LOST related blog.

Dogs assume everything is food first.

I know this because I've seen my dog trying to eat a rock.

Maybe that's why they lick you.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Never mind.

People are scared. Word has gotten back that I started this blog and I got a phone call telling me to be careful about letting anything out that may give something away about the first episode. They know anything I write will be scrutinized by the people interested enough to read it. So...

It might be too risky to do this blog.

We don't air until we've almost finished all principle photography.

It's going to be hard enough keeping that stuff secret without a daily outlet.

And I don't want to make my bosses angry even though I know I wouldn't let anything out of the bag.

But if they're sweating about this, then it's not worth it.

Sorry but I'm pulling the plug.

Three days. That's all it took.

Script is awesome.

Sorry. Can't say anything else.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Working Friday

A script is on the way to my house. Just found out I'm working Friday. The official first day is next Wednesday, but apparently it's an aggressive day so we figured we might want to knock out one little bit this Friday. By "we" I mean them. It's not like I had a meeting with everyone and we agreed to this. This is the bosses saying, "So you're working Friday." But it's good I'm anxious to start season four. Heard some things that sound very exciting.

Wardrobe fitting today

Today is a my wardrobe fitting for LOST. I don't have a script yet. But apparently I do have clothes.

I actually asked an executive producer what happens in this first episode so that I know what we're talking about when we're going through the clothes.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Okay. To be honest I signed up for this just so that I could leave a comment on Dark UFO. But... who knows it might be a fun thing to try to create a "LOST Diary"

P.S. Don't look for me to do anything to prove who I am. Read at your own risk. I could care less if you think it's really me or not.
Hell I don't even know if I'm really going to do this.