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Monday, November 26, 2007

Did I ever tell you...

about the time I tried to steal a dolphin?

As you can see I clearly had some liquid courage flowing through my veins at the time.

But unfortunately I didn't really have a plan.

It was more of a crime of passion that fizzled out once I realized I couldn't lift it by myself.

But look at him. Honestly, how could I resist.


Avinash said...

Once I tried to steal a shark but it stole a chunk of my left leg. And my honour.

Capcom said...

Wow, I have always wanted to swim with the dolphins! Well, who can blame you for trying, a Flipper living in the backyard pool would be a great pet. :o)

Deneph said...

Were you going to feed the dolphin to the cats? J.K.
You're probably better off not keeping it, think of the maintenance involved.

christa said...

aw look at that faaaace.

they're quite heavy tho no?

Hawaii Hackathons said...

Dolphins are great. Having one around keeps sharks away. I know it's true because the "Mythbusters" said so.

Eris said...

My gooooood!!! how great!! that is something I've always wanted to do.. and I will some day :P

They're sooo cool!

Honeybell said...

Awww . . . what an amazing experience! Somehow I doubt he would have fit in your bathtub though . . .

lyly ford said...

awwwwww you're so lucky dolphin has one of my fav animals !
you can do it, steal him and you'll have your flipper lol

Anonymous said...

I think someone would have been suspicious seeing you carrying a dolphin away LOL

Please Type Legibly said...

That's you living my dream in that picture. I've always wanted to swim with the dolphins. I don't know how many times I took one of my kids whale watching out on the Channel Islands and wanted to jump off the boat when the dolphins came to play. So enjoy them for me, too.

Daryl said...

What a great experience but seriously where would you have kept him? They just dont make fish bowls big enough.

If you want to see how things are in New York .. check out my blog

ROSA said...

Oooooooohhhhhh, adorable!!

groovymom said...

One of the coolest pictures EVER - thanks for sharing!!!

marcia said...

Once I had a chance to swim with dolphins in Moorea (coolest connection from São Paulo - Santiago - Ilha de Páscoa). The most amazing pet experience I had in my life... but the naughty thing made caca (or poopoo - hell, I never really wrote that) in my arms. I wouldn't want one of those in my bathtub.
Did you really had your hair cut short or you had just pulled it in a pony tail? Looked good. A lot younger ;)

Irishcoda said...

That is such a cool picture! The closest I have come to a dolphin has been at Sea World...just not the same!

maven said...

Great picture, Jorge! Looks like you have soooo much fun over there in Hawaii. I'm sure that Dolphin would have loved to come home with you; however, there's no "Dolphin food" aisle in the supermarket unlike for the cats you were feeding at Roy's! LOL

Marina said...

I wanna a dolphin too! maybe we can make an elaborate plan like misson impossible or james bond movies! what do you think? If you need any help I can be your wing man! (or wing girl... you got it...)

Eldrich Stewspoon said...

omg i love you jorge! hurley is my fave character from lost and me and my friends made a collage of you on my old computer!!!!!


Sue Wacvet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bananaoracle said...

If you ever try to do that again and succeed, please send me the dolphin. I'll send you my mailing info ;)

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Really, you need to plan these things out better, Jorge. (Haha, it was Ocean's One. Get it? A heist? In an ocean? With one theif? Meh.)

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Er, thief, not theif.

www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

Wouaw you are really lucky! It must be fabulous to swim with dolphins! I can see you like animals, first the cats now the dolphins what's the next ? =)

il bocia said...

The more i read your blog, the more i understand how hard your life has been since you're on lost, living in the hawaii...

you are living the dream of many peole hurley: keep enjoying it!! :D

Sonne Crane said...

I wonder where could I hide a dolphin if I stole one. That must be hard! Maybe you could feed many cats!
BTW I love your blog, I find it super funny.
Kisses from Spain!

Flá Romani... said...

"beautiful" Jorge .....

kisses and more kisses

Flá Romani

oh pook said...

The look on your face is so peaceful and loving... quite like the Dolphin's :)

Anonymous said...

So Sweet!

Unknown said...

Very pretty my friend!

Hi from Spain :)

H V Eeghen said...

Those Dolphins have the Dharma logo too?

Alan P Harrison said...

So, once you stole it, what did you do with it...?

Slavco said...

That looks like some tasty Sushi! Yummm...

Unknown said...

Hey JG,

Just discovered your blog. I hear you are a record collector - care to fill us in? Do you collect vinyl - lp or 45? What genres?

Music geeks want to know!!

Thanks for the great posts! We love hearing about the island life!

Carla said...


Love the pic!

I'm Carla, sending kisses from Argentina.

Shadow Thompson said...

Ok I cannot help myself on this one.... you feed the pussy and smell like fish....... hmmmmmmm no wonder your lost..........

E. Rivera said...

This post is hilarious.

Deprofundis said...

Qué lindos estáis los dos en la foto!!!

Leandro said...

Olá Jorge, sou se fã, e parabens pela sua atuação em LOST!!!
queria dizer que gostei muito do ultimo episodio da 3° temporada, em que vc atropela aquele cara!!!
fica com deus e muito sucesso!!!

FETTS said...

I love you. I hope that is a Dharma Dolphin!

alternamundo said...

Nice... people says that dolphins are good for get relax and with childs sicks the effect is better... emm greetings from Chile and i really love lost!

Flá Romani... said...

Hey Jorge !!!!


D S said...

Everyone knows the king of the sea

Lynn Faruque said...

Awwwwww, Jorge I love that photo. how sweet!!! Kinda envious too, you swam with a dolphin!!

Kiss Nunu for me~~~poor Scout was in a car wreck with me this week coming home from the holiday~~~bad wreck, and he was thrown around, well we were thrown around.

I love this photo~~~

Lynn Faruque said...

Awwwwww, Jorge I love that photo. how sweet!!! Kinda envious too, you swam with a dolphin!!

Kiss Nunu for me~~~poor Scout was in a car wreck with me this week coming home from the holiday~~~bad wreck, and he was thrown around, well we were thrown around.

I love this photo~~~

Pablo Sides said...

wuauuuuuuuu que envidia podre nadar con esos animales, debe ser genial!

saludos desde CHILE!!!

Yo said...

Preciosa fotografía.
Imagino que tiene que ser una experiencia fantástica.

Un saludo desde España. ;)

maria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maria said...

puedo decir que en este momento estoy muriendo de envidia???
Divina Pic!
Besos desde ARgentina!

redelf said...

Wow I am jealous! I have always wanted to swim with dolphins. Couse I got that game for the WII so I could touch virtual fish. lol

mb said...

i love you.

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