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Monday, October 29, 2007

Dalai Lama test

Someone just sent me that stupid Dalai Lama test.

Apparently I think sex is "bitter." (But you probably could have guessed that by the face I make.)

Where is the correlation between coffee and sex? I hate coffee for the most part. Unless of course if it's blended in one of those icy sweet shakes...


I stand corrected. They're exactly the same.


Quick shoot to LA

Ok. First of all, for those of you who are new, let me introduce myself:

Saw this at the airport. I just flew into LA on Friday for some press stuff. Mostly international press. Did a panel with Naveen and Elizabeth. Harold also joined us for individual roundtable interviews.

This is the juiciest peice of information we gave them: As shocking as these scripts have been for us nothing as shocked us more than the end of episode 7.

Got back to Hawaii last night. Now I'm getting ready for Halloween. Got pumpkins to carve, candy to buy and a costume to finish. So I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Maine coon

Yes I know that mancoon is another spelling or Maine coon. I looked it up before I wrote the blog. All the more reason to be bummed out. A mancoon is so much better if it was one of these:

Hmm... not man enough.

There we go. That what we really want in a mancoon. Hell if you want to call him Maine coon that would be fine too.

Hell yeah I make my own visual aides!

Monday, October 15, 2007


The other day a friend of mine told me she was house sitting at a house that had a MANCOON. "How sweet is that?!" I thought. And then I came back to reality.

Whoever came up with the breed name MANCOON was a jerk. (I assume he's dead by now.) (Apparently I also assume it was a dude.)

All the name MANCOON does is get our hopes up. How can we not be disappointed? The name suggest a half-man/ half-raccoon. But all we get is a cat. Sucks. Because a half-man/half-raccon would be a much more interesting (not to mention controversial) pet. Quite a conversation peice.

It be probably very cat-like. Well like the cats that have those attitudes that won't let you hold them and scratch the crap out of you. So you'd be forced to de-claw it.

And it'd get old really fast because it can't stay small forever. Eventually the half-man part has to take over and you'll have a rather larger naked hairy man with a Lone Ranger mask. But it's still cute to see him wash his food.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I am so stupid

This morning I was reminded of the McDLT sandwich from McDonalds. Why? Well it's a little longer story than I wanted to write but my mom was in the car with me and she was hungry and wanted (no needed) breakfast, mind you it's already lunch time so her request of the muffin, egg, cheese and ham sandwich from McDonalds is out of the question. ( But I do admire the fact that she never got caught up in the entire McDonalds conditioning because she didn't know what it was called just what was in it. )

However now that Jack is serving breakfast all day I introduced her to another sandwich which isn't even on the menu anymore but they still will make it for you if you ask. Sourdough Breakfast Jack which my mom fell in love with. So much so that she told me three times during the eating how much she liked the damn thing and then once more after she was already done.

Then she was having this conversation with my grandmother on the phone and they were talking about how you can't heat up a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato. And being the backseat phone caller I am I said "yes you can but you have to only heat up the meat and/or cheese side and then put them together."

Which made me think of the McDLT. ( It was along trip and so not worth it. )

Here's why I feel stupid. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the "D" stood for. I got the "L" and the "T" because of another famous sandwich but the "D" I had no idea. (The "Mc" is there for obvious reasons.) I was imagining board meetings where they were bouncing letters around. McHLT - Hamburger, lettuce and tomato, doesn't quit have the "zip." McBLT - burger lettuce and tomato will only be a source of confusion and dissapointment. McGLT (ground beef? can we call it ground beef?). McPLT (for a patty? McP? really? do we want to give kids anymore ammo? ) So they settled on McDLT because it worked best.

It isn't till I googled it that I discovered, "Oh yeah. McDonalds. McD" Stupid sandwich. I'm glad it's gone. Took up a lot of space too. Not to mention the excessive packaging. But it was a different time them we didn't know the earth was breaking.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Blog to Blog?

Ok. My last post was October 1st. So it's been more than ten days. I've come across a dilemma: Do I blog just to blog? Or do I wait until I get inspired to say something?

Like this blog right now is ridiculous, I'm basically asking what you want. But I'm pretty sure there will be people weighing in on both sides. So forget it. I should just delete this blog right now. I won't though.

I am sorry for wasting your time right now. If you're at work, please don't get in trouble on my account. Not for this.

There are things I would like to write about. But those things are either too private to blog about right now (Grandpa just got put in a home - don't really want to talk about it), or could get me in trouble if someone (i.e. my mom) were to read them. Of course there is always the chance that I say "screw it (I was going to say f*** it but stopped myself) if it's personal, it's good material. "


I have no conclusion. (Again I just wasted a small fraction of your life for some! A slightly bigger fraction for others depending on your reading level.)

But eventually I should come up with something.

Monday, October 1, 2007

A fruit blog by Jorge Garcia

So I was catching up on my emails and thought I'd look into my blog. I started reading comments on my last blog about Cakesters and found someone posted a comment that I should eat more fruit instead.


For the record however I do eat fruit. I JUST DON'T BLOG ABOUT IT!

Why? It's not funny. To be honest fruit is more visual comedy. I think they once asked Charlie Chaplin, "What is funny?" and he said something like.
-You see a banana peel on the street.
-You see a man walking toward the banana peel.
-He sees the banana peel.
-Steps over it, into an open manhole.

See... it's visual.

Another reason I don't blog about fruit is. Nothing has really changed in the fruit business. Maybe PLUOTS. But then again maybe not. I don't remember them as a child, but I didn't do much grocery shopping then either.

As opposed to novelty foods that come up with something new every month.

But okay here goes. My blog about fruit:

Had couple fruits I'd never had before. Dragon fruit. And Star fruit. They were both good. The star fruit is called that because it is shaped like a star. But that is only when you slice it.

The greatest fruit in the world? The CHERIMOYA. And if you are lucky enough to live where you can get them cheap. Have one for me. I miss them. I remember seeing one at a grocery store years ago and paying almost ten bucks for it. It was delicious.