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Sunday, October 14, 2007

I am so stupid

This morning I was reminded of the McDLT sandwich from McDonalds. Why? Well it's a little longer story than I wanted to write but my mom was in the car with me and she was hungry and wanted (no needed) breakfast, mind you it's already lunch time so her request of the muffin, egg, cheese and ham sandwich from McDonalds is out of the question. ( But I do admire the fact that she never got caught up in the entire McDonalds conditioning because she didn't know what it was called just what was in it. )

However now that Jack is serving breakfast all day I introduced her to another sandwich which isn't even on the menu anymore but they still will make it for you if you ask. Sourdough Breakfast Jack which my mom fell in love with. So much so that she told me three times during the eating how much she liked the damn thing and then once more after she was already done.

Then she was having this conversation with my grandmother on the phone and they were talking about how you can't heat up a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato. And being the backseat phone caller I am I said "yes you can but you have to only heat up the meat and/or cheese side and then put them together."

Which made me think of the McDLT. ( It was along trip and so not worth it. )

Here's why I feel stupid. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the "D" stood for. I got the "L" and the "T" because of another famous sandwich but the "D" I had no idea. (The "Mc" is there for obvious reasons.) I was imagining board meetings where they were bouncing letters around. McHLT - Hamburger, lettuce and tomato, doesn't quit have the "zip." McBLT - burger lettuce and tomato will only be a source of confusion and dissapointment. McGLT (ground beef? can we call it ground beef?). McPLT (for a patty? McP? really? do we want to give kids anymore ammo? ) So they settled on McDLT because it worked best.

It isn't till I googled it that I discovered, "Oh yeah. McDonalds. McD" Stupid sandwich. I'm glad it's gone. Took up a lot of space too. Not to mention the excessive packaging. But it was a different time them we didn't know the earth was breaking.


pip_loves_lost said...
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rubbercement said...

i heated up a sandwich with the lettuce on it once... pretty gross. see.. but i couldnt take it off because the cheese had melted to it and i couldn't give up my precious cheese or replace it with a new, cold slice. i've learned my lesson.

TakesaVillage said...

Don't worry,
That's what happens when you are working like a McDog.
I hear you've finished 4 episodes already. Thats a lot of work;even if you aren't in every scene.
And by the way,don't feel like you have to write something.To your fans,even when you don't feel like you are saying anything important;you are. Just blog when you can,we'll be here.

Dr. Fortyseven said...

I'm not sure how widespread they were, but in Connecticut at least, for a short time, they used to do these unusually good pizzas. This was around the McDLT-era, if I remember correctly.

Of course, most people would probably consider them crap -- not unlike what Taco Bell is to tacos... But, I have an ill-advised love for the 'Bell, so that shows what level of culinary refinement *I* have.

The McRibs were amazing, and probably quite lethal. I used to order them with cheese... and, oh man, pure awesome.

The Sausage McGriddle 'sandwich' is (...was? ...do they still make it?) probably illegal in most states now... nothing with that much deliciousness packed into such a confined space should be allowed into civilian hands.

Sadly, I haven't eaten at a McDonalds in over 4 years, save for a couple times where I had breakfast... but I still have my memories. Sigh. :D

Stushi said...

Jack in the Box Sourdough Breakfast sandwich and Ultimate breakfast sandwiches are the Shizzznit, as long as you get em from the right jack.

the lost king said...

Mcdonalds always gives me the wrong order. theyre awesome food, but very annoying

Taylor said...

The best hamburger in the states in my opiion comes from High Boys in Independence but in gerneral the best is here in spain at Telepizza

Unknown said...

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sawyerrules said...

I read this one and last comment today cause I was on a little holiday (just for three days) 12 october is "Spanish Day". I don't know if you celebrate this there in U.S.A.

I think there are a lot of things you can put on your blog, an actor's life is interesting enough to fill a book :)

Here in Spain food is sooooo good I don't go to Mc very much cause restaurants are excellent. I'd like to invite you to some restaurants which I know, I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

I want to add: May you tell TPTB that radio silence is sooo hard? I miss Sawyer, I miss Lost.

Irishcoda said...

McDLT, I dun even remember that one altho I can still do the Big Mac jingle :D

Now, my hubby says he just had the McDLT it's chicken, bacon, lettuce & tomato so I guess it's still on the menu here.

ROSA said...

But... don't you eat Chirimoyas??

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge!
Well, I never go to eat to McDonald's, but when I go, I eat a Big Mac, but I don't remember how is haha, I think is a hamburger with letucce, cheese, tomatoe, and is big like the name. My nephews go to McD and buy a "happy box" because is a hamburger with frices and a gift, the last happy box comes with a chococat, a cat black haha.
My breakfast in house is a cup a coffee with milk and a toast with butter. Boring?? I prefer a chirimoyas :o)
(sorry for my english again)

bondsbustyblonde said...

LOL Brain Fart for those of you who dont have being blonde to blame lol.. :P

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Ehehe. My family and friends and I have inane conversations like that, too -- and I spend an inordinate amount of time Googling things like that. (For example, will someone please tell me definitively whether or not clams have faces??)

I don't eat fast food a lot, but I recently wanted an Egg McMuffin (with cheese) and could've sworn I'd heard that Mickey D's serves breakfast all day now. So I went to the one locally and was saddened to be told I was wrong. I got a fish sandwich instead. *sigh* So not the same thing.

An Egg McMuffinless Heather

Capcom said...

Heheh, I haven't been a McDonald's consumer in a long time so I have to admit that I was going thru a litany of words for the 'D' while reading your first paragraph! My worst was McDoggie, but that would have to be offered in some other continent, if rumor is correct.

I'll say it again Mr.Jorge, you certainly have a gift with words, and you manage to say things in a most unexpected and funny way! Thanks for brightening our day with your thoughts. :-) Some day after your long career, you could kick back and publish these and other thoughts in a book of humorous anecdotes by Jorge!

_lp86 said...

I really love McDonald's food, it's so tasty and so nice...

By the way, I haven't had the chance of eating a McDLT, i don't even know what it looks like...

Good wishes from one of your fans living in The Canary Islands, Spain.


kanahina said...

I never did eat a McDLT... mostly because I do not like the "L" or the "T"...
For breakfast, I love the bacon, egg, & cheese McGriddle - it's way better than the egg McMuffin!

So are you still in California? When do you come back to Hawaii?

Wendy said...

I read this earlier this morning, and then this afternoon I was wasting entirely too much time on YouTube, when I ran across this little gem of a McDLT commercial. Um, wow.

bella said...

I love McDonalds.

D S said...

It's Mac Toniiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

Dalila said...

hey! its my first time here!! and i cant believe that im reading "your" blog!. I've just watched the last chapter (5 minutes ago)of the 3erd season of Lost! and i was just looking for some info about the show and...im here now. I Reading you from Argentina, so, excuse me for my english, is not that well.Can i write my next post in spanish? do you undestand spanish? i ask 'couse i supouse you have latin Blood! am i wrong?.
i loved your blog...keep going!. From the other side of the world...Laura.-

Миљан Давид Танић said...

Funny... McDonald's has different names for sandwiches or whole different sandwiches in different countries :D:D:D

kanahina said...

So... I went to Jack in the Box for lunch today because I wanted to try the Sourdough Breakfast Jack that you mentioned that your mom really liked. It was good, but I think I still prefer the Bacon, Egg, & Cheese McGriddle. If only it was served all day like the Sourdough Breakfast Jack...

PS - I love your "backseat phone caller" comment, I am one too (much to the hubby's dismay!)

: )

oh pook said...

Oh Jorge

You make me smile!!!!:) Your words come with such ease (or so it seems). They are entertaining and comforting.

Thanks for sharing with your fans... That's what makes you a star! You've stayed "real"!!!

Melissa_Lossa said...

It is cruel that we don't have Jack in the Box in the midwest. Or Sonic, for that matter. I hear nothing but good things.

We do have White Castle, which serves steamed burgers and chicken rings (like onion rings, but with chicken inside - yes, really). I don't think they have those elsewhere.

I was going to write a funny story about other restaurants that serve little burgers as appetizers and call them sliders, and I always wonder if they know WHY people in the midwest call White Castle burgers sliders, but the reason is kind of gross. I'll leave it to your imagination. :)

Jorge, write about whatever you want to. If it makes you happy, makes you sad, go for it. It's your blog - we're just visitors.

La Brulee said...

Hola Jorge, Créme Brûlèe here!

This is the first time that I post in your blog -and God knows first posts are always tough!- so ... I'll just cut the crap and share with you this ... hmm, let's say ... "interesting link" that I found!

Clicking on it you will see Seinfeld's George Costanza -with hair!- singing the praises of the McDLT ... I dare you to check it out!

Oh and yes please, keep on blogging ... even when you think you have nothing to say! It's always a pleasure reading you :)

La Brulee

Lynn Faruque said...

Jorge~~~kiss Nunu!!

PLEASE don't let a few people keep you from blogging here, PLEASE!!

The fans that love you bunches just love you bunches and love to read your blogs. We love to be connected to you even in that small way, because Jorge, you are loved by many.

You ain't never been stupid a day in your life. :-) How do you like my "ain't never"?

There is no hell hotter than biting into anything with cheese in it that has just been microwaved a WEE bit too long.

Have you ever done that? Once it's on your tongue, even if it burns right through it, you can't get it off!! You just have to live with the damage!! OMG that hurts.

Nice to see you!!


jb_dean said...

LOL You think that made you feel stupid? How about nearly a year after 2000 realizing what Y2K stood for! I always thought the Y stood for "why" and the 2 for "to" and I never got what the K stood for. Then one day, sitting in front of my computer it hit me ... Year2Thousand! :DOH: (I am actually rather ashamed to admit this in public but what the heck, yea? Never regret what you did ... just what you didn't do! :D )


Avi said...

I love reading your blogs because I like knowing how you're not just "Hurley from Lost". You're Jorge Garcia; you're a real person =)

...Not that I wouldn't think you're a real person...

I'm a straight guy but if you moved to London, I'd probably go gay for you.

Unknown said...

Haha, I immediately pictured your mother from Lost when I heard this...is your real mother's personality anything like that?

Wendy Maybury said...

ummm I love you as much as you can love someone who is famous that you've never met that you read online. Yeah Jorge!

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