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Monday, October 29, 2007

Dalai Lama test

Someone just sent me that stupid Dalai Lama test.

Apparently I think sex is "bitter." (But you probably could have guessed that by the face I make.)

Where is the correlation between coffee and sex? I hate coffee for the most part. Unless of course if it's blended in one of those icy sweet shakes...


I stand corrected. They're exactly the same.



Honeybell said...

So like, the frappuccino brings all the boys to the yard??

If only I had known . . .

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...
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Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Apparently I think sex is "bitter." (But you probably could have guessed that by the face I make.)

This literally made me laugh out loud and nearly spit out my tea.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

By the way, what Dalai Lama Test?!

christa said...

does the dalai lama know, i mean, really KNOW how one would feel about being intimate?

*searching for this quiz*

Laura said...

Hi Jorge!

I think that is a miracle to read something that you have written this morning. I dont belive in religion...im believe in Lost!
You make Hugo a very pleasant and sweet person. I love it! Thanks for that. (Sorry for my poor english)
Love and Hugs from Madrid.

Maureen said...

Not such a good test if you don't like coffee or dogs! Apparently I think sex is "unpalatable" and my personality is "smelly".

Cordy said...

Jorge, unas palabritas en español?
venga hombre.... animate, que españa te quiere!!!!!!!

Cordy said...

y una fotuki con naveen? podria ser? porfaaaaaaaaaa

marcia said...

Hi Jorge, I've been coming here for sometime but never posted...
You are the sunshine on my beloved creepy Lost.

Good thing I read here first before doing this test... I was just waiting for the coffee thing to come by, and I knew what to answer - HOT! Yeah, I like to fool myself ;)

dimplesthegood.officially. said...

*Searches for Dalai Lama test*... I totally thought Dalai Lama was spelt Llama... as in the camelesque creature. Whoops.

Sex is bitter? Whatever you're into, different strokes for different folks... :P

On the subject of tests, I just got Hurley on a "Which Lost character are you?" test. Can't say I disagree... duuuuude.

Maeve from Ireland. We have alcohol.

Rudo Curtir said...

I quit from coffee, it excites me too much. Just like sex. Maybe there's the relationship. But I'm not quitting from sex!

Unknown said...

I hate coffee !! I prefer coke 8D

by the way, I loved the picture on the other post :)

xoxo dude !

Anonymous said...
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Hoku said...

I live on coffee, but then I work at night! Yeah that test was dumb, I got answers that were the opposite of my personality...

Anonymous said...

Apparantly, I think sex is yummy. Of course, that's when I'm thinking of Jorge.

Grant said...

"If the sex seems bitter, thou must grind the beans more thoroughly...", er, or "If the coffee shall be placed in the cold drink, thy bitter sex shall grind..." This test has me confused, dude! Anyway, have fun on Halloween, Jorge.

llama80 said...
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Irishcoda said...

Dalai Lama test? Now I'm curious, I'll find it if I google it right?

Irishcoda said...

Okay, I found it. It IS dumb. Sheep=love? Huh????


Ann said...

Hi Jorge you rock!! :)

Cordy said...

Jorge, se rumorea que en la 4ª temporada, morirá uno de los personajes principales, o Sawyer o Hugo, es cierto?
bueno, no quiero saberlo, que si no la serie carece de suspense, pero ojala sea a Sawyer a quien se cargan y no a ti, que molas!

jo, tio

Alex B. said...

Hello, Jorge! I am a large Italian fan of Lost and you don’t know how much I go crazy for the character that you interpret. I believe that no other actor could make "mythical" Hurley like you do!
I would like to ask you a small favour (if it’s possible): since that I can’t ever have your autograph, would you be so kind to leave a comment to me or to my puppy Dharma (yes she’s called Dharma!)on my blog? you would give me a large gift... please!! here is the address: http://alecksbeat.blogspot.com/
Goodbye dude, I wish you all the best!! ..and sorry for my poor English ;)

Maitê Mendonça said...

Jorge, i love you!

Hurley is so sweetie!

Best wishes!

Vampire said...

I just got the Dalai Lama Test today myself and I apparently think sex is "black."

Jorge, you are hilarious and awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I read once a time the test of dalai lama, but I don't remember anything about the sex, or is another test of dalai lama? Remembered when I read, I go to send to 10 persons for be happy in my life and bla bla. Send for supersticions, haha, but I'm not very very happy yet. But about the sex... don't remember. And coffee, uuh, great, a caramel latte of starbucks, mmmm :o)
Kisses, bye.

Jungle Pete said...

No doubt - Dalai Lama approved

SpOOky (Mark) said...

Coffe and sex make a fine pair :)

Ben @ Kate "you wont have any Coffee"

Kate slapped on the cuff so she could have Sex with Sawyer. ;)

Kate may have had sex with the Marshal as somepoint in the past. :P

Godzalo said...

hola jorge, saludos desde chile!!! espero que estes bien patipereando en USA.
espero con ansias la 4ta temporada de Lost.
Tu personaje es bakan, es el qeu le da el toque humoristico y por ende pienso qeu se debe quedar.
Hay alguna manera de que te pueda agregar a mi msn? este es mi email, por si me quieres agregar. stonecoldmetal@hotmail.com
saludos hermano.

Alfredo Rubilar said...


Saludos de un admirador Chileno, eres de lo mejor.

Ruth said...

yeah..i know what you mean. I hate coffee so we know what that means.... LOLOLOLOL its weird though.... Becaus ei chose tiger, it means i'm a proud person. that idea kidda clashes with my low confidence issues, doesn't it?! ah well....

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