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Monday, October 15, 2007


The other day a friend of mine told me she was house sitting at a house that had a MANCOON. "How sweet is that?!" I thought. And then I came back to reality.

Whoever came up with the breed name MANCOON was a jerk. (I assume he's dead by now.) (Apparently I also assume it was a dude.)

All the name MANCOON does is get our hopes up. How can we not be disappointed? The name suggest a half-man/ half-raccoon. But all we get is a cat. Sucks. Because a half-man/half-raccon would be a much more interesting (not to mention controversial) pet. Quite a conversation peice.

It be probably very cat-like. Well like the cats that have those attitudes that won't let you hold them and scratch the crap out of you. So you'd be forced to de-claw it.

And it'd get old really fast because it can't stay small forever. Eventually the half-man part has to take over and you'll have a rather larger naked hairy man with a Lone Ranger mask. But it's still cute to see him wash his food.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you mean Maine coon cat, a relative of the Norwegian Forest cat? Big cats, usually quite mellow, gorgeous and sweet natured. A bit on thick side in the intellect department, IMO.

A mancoon, while interesting, presents a disturbing image of a largish homind-rodent that loves to rifle through trash cans.

If you not a cat-lover, well, then I suppose, a cat's a cat. But I must implore you: Please do not declaw cats. It's cruel and inhumane.

Hoku said...

Wow you had me stumped! I am a cat lover and thought I had heard it all...but I have never heard of a mancoon cat. So I did some searching (not an easy one) and found it was a variation of the proper name for Maine Coon cat. Must be some kind of local pronunciation in some area of the country that caught on over the years...

Jorge you should meet my cats, it will change your opinion. They are affectionate, come when called, and play fetch. It is all in how you raise them. If you expect them to act aloof they will. I don't. And yes I love dogs too!

D S said...



They are a breed of giant cats from the woods of New England.

Were you hanging out with a laid back surfer, brah? Mahhhhn Coon, brah?

Justine said...

Hi Jorge, just a quickie to say you do a damn fine job as Hurley, I´m hopelessly addicted to Lost altho waiting for the dvd to be released as missed end of the last series as I´m a chef on private sail yachts so was sea..so a big hello from me, Justine in Palma, Mallorca. x

DrDegroot said...

I rather like your original thought. " The Lone Mancoon ", a modern defender of trash cans, very clever with his hands...forced to hide-out in storm drains. Foraging for the prize among prizes: MARSHMALLOWS! Creeping through the late, late hours with large, luminous eyes...

Elisa said...

The Lone Mancoon, by Alan Moore? I'd read it =P

also, jorge, amen to your comment a few posts back about the correct pronounciation of dulce. it also grates on my ears and causes baby jesus to cry.

Amy said...

"They are a breed of giant cats"

...I had to laugh a little at this, because, although Maine Coon cats are usually large cat's, I wouldn't call them "giant". My Main Coon cat is larger than many lap dogs, but I would hardly call him "giant".

Although, along with the image of a Mancoon, a Giant Cat is funny too!

Honeybell said...

This image is frightening. And I found it by googling "mancoon", so apparently it's just a variation on the spelling.


oh pook said...

My turn to say "I am so stupid"... I thought when you said a house with a mancoon... it would be something really wonderful to have in one's house like a hot tub only better. I had no idea such an animal existed!!! lol

Irishcoda said...

A mancoon, huh? I think Sophie might be right, it's a Maine coon... if you want to see a picture I have a Maine Coon mix named Amber


They get really biiiig sometimes and grow tufts of hair between the toes. I think like the Norwegian cats they grow an extra coat of fur for the winter. Amber looks like a little lion but I think maybe we get her shaved because she's got a real hairball problem.

That's a funny picture in my head though, a man rooting around the garbage can with racoon ears and tail. :D

Z said...

This post is made of awesome.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

I'm with Sophie -- I think what your friend said was Maine Coon, a gorgeous breed of cat.

But I like idea of Mancoon better. And this post made me crack up.


Caotica said...

Hey Jorge,

I think in Spain we don't have mancoons but we have "jinetas" (I think the pronunciation in English is "he-ne-ta" but I'm not sure because my English level isn't very high).
The "jineta" is like a wild cat. One of my friends told me an story that an old and nearly blind man in his village found a "jineta" and he thought it was a little cat. He took it to his house, cleaned it and put it a ribbon. Do you imagine a wild cat with a ribbon and murderous look?
The best of all was that the poor man didn't suspect why people cross the street when he was out for a walk with his pet!

GG said...

When I first read the post I was under the impression that a mancoon was some type of ultimate bachelor pad. Like "that guys house is a total mancoon with all the black lacquer furniture and sweet stereo equipment!"

jb_dean said...

I never heard them called Mancoons before. Always called them Main Coons. I had one once. His name was Beethovan ... because he was a long hair. LOL :P He was the best cat. We found him abandoned and abused and nursed him back to health and he lived to the ripe old age 13. Died peacefully in my daughter's arms. We sure miss that big lug. He was gorgeous!!


LisiBee said...

Thank you so much Jorge, you gave me the biggest laugh I've had in at least a week. (The mental image of a fully-grown "Mancoon" was what sent me over the edge. Would you have to make it wear pants?)

Unknown said...

i didn't know wich type of cat it was, then a googole it,
its a beatiful cat, but very big !
I prefer dogs. I have two belgians shepards, they are very cute.
I would like to have a cat, but my father used to drown them on the sink as a kid. who knows if he might do it again ?!
But i might have one when I grow up, maybe a Mancoon, who knows!?


Avi said...

I think Sean Hayes may be a Mancoon.

Tammy said...

well... about your last three posts i think three things...first...sometimes i blog only for blog, without inspiration or a real motive to write...but that´s funny, it´s like a catarsis - i don´t know the traduction in english, because i´m chilean with a Tarzan english - second...i like so much Mcdonalds, but here in Chile the sandwichs are always the same, BigMac,Cuarto de Libra...etc...and the newest burger is the BigTasty, really tasty!! but a little expensive - US 5 - and the third thing...you´re so funny and your posts are funny too...i like so much your blog and i think it´s a very good idea for your fans and to have contact with you...

I like so much you blog...don´t stop!!!

Kisses & Hugs

Tammy from Chile

Unknown said...

You know, larger hairy naked men in Lone Ranger masks are some people's idea of a good Saturday night.

Memo Rojas said...

To me, cats are Creepy. Period!

Capcom said...

Another great thought for the day Jorge!

As you were describing your version of the mancoon, I was getting a picture in my mind of something like a centaur....half man in front and half cat in the back. :-p Yuk. Or perhaps something like the cover for the David Bowie album Diamond Dogs. :-D

Thanks again for cheering our day! I have been involved in a very negative situation this month, and reading your posts has given me some laughs to take the edge off. XO

rafael fermiano said...

Dude, i believe that are maine coon..

look this

Whatever, let's call them Catcoon...

Unknown said...

Wow. Some of you guys can be pretty harsh... I'm sure he's not the first one to make that mistake--I had no idea what a "Maine Coon Cat" was either, and I'm sure there are plenty of non-cat people in the same boat.

Sheesh. :-)

Unknown said...

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