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Monday, October 1, 2007

A fruit blog by Jorge Garcia

So I was catching up on my emails and thought I'd look into my blog. I started reading comments on my last blog about Cakesters and found someone posted a comment that I should eat more fruit instead.


For the record however I do eat fruit. I JUST DON'T BLOG ABOUT IT!

Why? It's not funny. To be honest fruit is more visual comedy. I think they once asked Charlie Chaplin, "What is funny?" and he said something like.
-You see a banana peel on the street.
-You see a man walking toward the banana peel.
-He sees the banana peel.
-Steps over it, into an open manhole.

See... it's visual.

Another reason I don't blog about fruit is. Nothing has really changed in the fruit business. Maybe PLUOTS. But then again maybe not. I don't remember them as a child, but I didn't do much grocery shopping then either.

As opposed to novelty foods that come up with something new every month.

But okay here goes. My blog about fruit:

Had couple fruits I'd never had before. Dragon fruit. And Star fruit. They were both good. The star fruit is called that because it is shaped like a star. But that is only when you slice it.

The greatest fruit in the world? The CHERIMOYA. And if you are lucky enough to live where you can get them cheap. Have one for me. I miss them. I remember seeing one at a grocery store years ago and paying almost ten bucks for it. It was delicious.


Anonymous said...

Never heard of it. I remember making my husband drive me to seven grocery stores so I could have a pomegranate. P.S. grocery stores in Killeen suck if for whatever reasons you have to go to Ft Hood.

Freckles said...

Hi Jorge!
Nice fruit comment ;)
I can take you a lot of chirimoyas from Chile on my january travel to Oahu (i hope so, if i'll raise the enough money for a hotel...)if you want ;)

Take Care and let me know ;) well if the airport personal let me take the fruit from here...it's a little complicated, but the good intention it's what it counts ;)

PS: can i interview you for all the chilean fans of Lost later? It will be a short interview, i hope you agreed.

Taylor said...

Cherimoyas? Never heard of them, will have to ask my hubby about it, either way I am not a big fan of fruit(except Granny Smith) but then I am not a big novelty food fan either I want a cookie or pastry I make it my self :P

Comunidad Juan Pablo II said...

Me encantan las Chirimoyas!! (perdon pero mi ingles es desastroso).

En chile se dan mucho aunque este año estan carisimas por las bajas temperaturas del invierno.

soy fan de Lost desde el principio y si puedes dale una vuelta a este sitio http://foro-lostchile.blogspot.com

Un saludo

nirese said...

Aloha Jorge from Kailua town...you really have a talent for writing. Myspace only allowed a preview of that. I prefer your blog -- very funny. Now back to fruit: Can you get cherimoya in Hawaii? I had a friend describe the experience of eating a durian fruit. Ever heard of it? Supposedly smells like old cheese. Anyway, I believe it's popular in Asia. As far as the pop tarts and cakesters, I like an organic variety of tart by Nature's Path and Newman-O's.

sawyerrules said...

I buyed one Chirimoya this morning, it's cost was 1,80€ (about 2$) I don't know if this is much to you, I guess not;) I'm thinking the way to send it to you but it's is very difficult cause I live in Europe. Well, if you find a way to send you I try to buy a crate of Chirimoyas to you :)

I want to tell you that I have my own fruit in a little garden, now it's time to collect apples, peaches,grapes and which I love most:quinces. It is a same we are so far. :)

Pedro Lucas Rocha Cabral de Vasconcellos said...

hey dude wath a hell is cherimoya??! I am from Brazil and maybe I know it, but with another name

Thanks dudeee
"save the junkie, save the world"

Pedro Lucas Rocha Cabral de Vasconcellos

DrDegroot said...


I LOVE YOU! Really... I do! Reading your Blog always puts a smile on my face. The world would be a much nicer place if more people had your viewpoint on all things great and small. You are a beacon of joy!

lil_yuna_dreamer said...

I think here in the canary islands (spain) we have chirimoya cheap i dont remember how much but this weekend when i'll go shopping i'll tell you how much does it cost.
Enjoy the filming!!

ultra modern cowgirl said...

Maybe you can score some from the Big Island? They have cherimoya groves. The South Kona Fruit Stand gets raves:

"Between mile markers 103 and 104 on Mamalahoa Highway, just south of Kona, is one of the finest markets in Hawaii, the South Kona Fruit Stand. Juicy honey bell tangelos, ulu (breadfruit), Tahitian limes, and cherimoya and guanabana (both in the custard-apple family) line the tables... and much of what's here is thrillingly unidentifiable."
(From BudgetTravel.com)

South Kona Fruit Stand
84-4770 Mamalahoa Hwy
Captain Cook, HI 96704
Tel: 328-8547

Unknown said...

Never heard of Cherimoya...must look it up. The Makopas are one of the the best fruits for me :).

ROSA said...

Do you want some?

Avinash said...

I recommend Custard Apples - I don't know if you can get them outside South Asia and London though...

Avinash said...

I recommend Custard Apples - I don't know if you can get them outside South Asia and London though...

D S said...

I remember the farmer's market I went to in California had amazing fruit at amazing prices. On the East Coast it's much more traditional (apples and pears), so with you I'd say that it's hard to find new fruits. Star Fruit is used around here as a garnish and not so much as food. Cherimoya is found here around with Carribean yams and other tropical food, but it's too mellow a taste for me, unless I ate the one at the wrong time. I'm kind of digging the Brazilian melons that have been imported recently. Everyone loves Brazilian melons.


hola soy de chile, aqui puedes conseguir chirimoyas baratas y muchas, no tan baratas como dices pero si muy buenas


me equivoque, aqui puedes conseguir una chirimoya grande por unos 2 dolares facil. jaja

Unknown said...

wouldnt it be awesome if there was a food which tasted like all the junk food we eat, buut was good for you.

Solve a lotta problems

christa said...

holy what the.... you guys all know a LOT about fruit!

this blog is entertaining as well as educational.

so when will the superferry go to big island! maybe i can hide some in my trunk...

Carol Menescal Lilly said...

Hi Jorge!
Nice reply to this stupid person... I love your previous comment and about this one, you're right, dude, fruits are boring to comment about.
I'm very glad, tho. So you do read your comments! So does that mean that you read my comment asking you to send a kiss to Evi? If not, here I am again! Tell her I love her and that I've sent her 2 letters already :)
I hope she reads them one day!
Your blog rocks I'm here almost every day!
what about some Lost stuff? ok, not spoilers... I know you can't... just some teasers maybe ;)
Take care and you rock!
Carol Lilly

The Private Parts said...

On topic: Simple fruits get no love. I've come across people that want to try new and exotic fruits, and act as if an apple is to be looked down upon. Bananas are yummy! Mangos rock! Let's hear it for grapes!

Off topic: Around August 18th you posted a blog about 'writing down what you want' and I was wondering if you would mind expanding on that a bit. Specifically, what were the next steps you took after writing down your dreams. If this is too personal, no prob.

Todd said...

Jorge, Instead of fruit how about Lanikai Juice. Oh Man is that good!! I was on Oahu and the Big Island over Christmas last year and had to stop and have some. Of course I stopped at Cheeseburger in Paradise also, but we won't talk about that. Good stuff!!!

Danbolin said...

¿Tan dificil es que escribas un comentario en spanish?

mariote said...

Grande compatriota, sacando la cara por los chilenos en la mejor serie conocida por la pantalla chica.

Saludos desde Iquique Chile.

panke815 said...

segui escribiendo en English.... don't worry... the percentage of people who speak spanish must be like 5% or less, so... I eat a lot of fruit... and healthy meal, buy Im so out of shape... yesterday i started going to the gym...
by the way, i've never heard of those chirimoyas.... i'm going to look for them... if they're good i'll mail you some... Here's a good question... at least for me...... If you lose weight, the writers will cut you out?... i always thought it would be a good end for hurley to be more fit... jaja, I don't know your metabolism... if it's like mine, you'll never be skinny... well, smell ya later.... byee

oh pook said...

Okay... fruits are a really good thing, but perhaps not funny:(

Cherimoya *questionmarkguy*

I love Concord Grapes and the way they make ones mouth squirty!

Oh and Pink Lady Apples.. yyuuummm!

Cami said...

Especially now that summer is coming. (in Chile)

I would love to take you some, they are not expensive at all, but we cant take fruits, meat and all that stuff out of the country =( SAD

There's nothing better than to drink Chirimoya Juice (maybe with a little bit of orange)at the beach....


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

here in Brazil there are a lot of cherimoya, but we know them as "fruta do conde" .
its very cheap around this time of year !
you can buy 6 for 2 dolars !
I could buy some for you if you want !


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Jorge,
I'm the guy who posted the comment about fruit in the last blog entry.. I've been on a fruit only diet for many years now, and can confirm and back you up totally that Cherimoya are a good fruit! (For those not in the know, Chermioya is also called Custard Apple, or Sugar Apple by some)..

My favourite fruit, however, is the durian. Nothing beats it, except maybe a good Chempadek..

I think the fruit you mentioned called "star fruit" may actually be known as star apple.. but star apple and star fruit are 2 different fruits.. Star fruit is shaped like a star even before you cut it open.. star apple has the star shape on the inside once it has been cut, but is otherwise round on the outside..

Eat fruit, live long and prosper!

Lynn Faruque said...

No idea what that is, but if it's good then I wish I did.

I'm boring when it comes to fruit~~~strawberries, grapes, apples, mango, watermelon, pineapple~~~see?

Kiss Nunu for me, I miss hearing about her. If you ever have time, say something about her or let me know. If you have time, hon. If not, then just give her a peck for me.


Lynn Faruque said...

Maybe a photo of you and her? You could send? You had them on your My Space site and you two were about the cutest thing I'd seen in a long time.

Hope work is going well, too. Hugs!

raulito said...

Hehe, viva la fruta carajo.

You Can't Scare Me said...

SO I stole this from a website (like you couldn't do that yourself . . .)

"Also known as the 'custard apple', the cherimoya is a large pear shaped fruit, but with a green 'mottled' surface - which upon opening reveals a white avocado-esque centre. After the horrors with /that/ particular fruit, I braced myself for the worst. Hmmm... well it turned out to be quite strange, and not as bad as the avocado, but still mediocre. Taste combines a hint of avocado, with a touch of overripe banana and a pinch of pear. Hmmm indeed. Perhaps a less ripe version would have impressed me more."

So there ya go. Question for you though. Do you and the other cast members eat guava and mango and papaya and such while you are shooting? You know, to get in the mood??

Lissi said...

Hola Jorge!

Crei que no estaba mas tu blog, eso lei por la web! y me alegra mucho que no sea asi!! me encanta leerte... y gracias a dios por lo que noto puedo escribirte en español ya que mi ingles es desastroso!!

Genial el comentario sobre fruta!

No conozco la Chirimoya! tal vez si pero al menos aca en Argentina no por ese nombre.

A que sabe exactamente? o a que se parece?



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your terrific blogs. I miss you on MySpace, but it's nice to be able to read your words here.
Edna aka WVLostFan
PS - Those OREO Cakesters sound GREAT!

Fargalaxigirl said...

My favorite fruit of the pickled variety is the mango. The lady across from the boat harbor in Haleiwa has got the right mix of tartness and it snaps when you bite into it. Follow the signs...for the pickled mango.

Tenebras_ said...

hello there i hate fruits! hehe just kidding, i love chirimoyas, am from Chile, we love you men, keep going.

Amy said...

not that you care, but I LOVE fruit & am always excited to try "new" (to me) varieties. I've had dragon fruit about half a dozen times in the past year. The first time it was DELICIOUS, every other time it was gross. Not sure if I've gotten unripe ones, or if the 1st one had been soaked in something to make it taste better (no, not alcohol - some other fruit juice maybe?). I'll keep trying....the 1st time was just SO good! As for the CHERIMOYA, I'll have to look for it in my travels. I'm sure I won't find it here in UT. While in China last week they were selling pomegranates along the road. Sadly, I wasn't able to stop & buy one...maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

Reading the very end of your blog "It tasted delicious" caused me to suddenly break out in laughter....my first thought was the blooper reel from season 2 when you said "that baby is delicious"....thanks for the laugh this morning, I needed it.

Anonymous said...

Queridísimo Jorge:

Te escribo en español para decirte que desde España se te sigue y se te quiere muchísimo, que eres un chico encantador y muy guapo y un actor magnífico y que cuando quieras venir a España estaremos encantados de recibirte con los brazos abiertos.

Un beso enorme


Anonymous said...

How has no one mentioned Grapples yet? Google them...they're, well, odd!

Now...when they make broccoli that tastes like chocolate...I'll be much better about eating my veggies!

David said...

Now Jorge, don't forget the best thing about good fruit:

Good poop!

Honeybell said...

You are killing me, these last two posts have me wiping coffee from my monitor. And no, it's not fruit flavored. It's Dulce de leche :p

Courtney said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I just moved back to the mainland from Kailua, and reading about star fruit makes me miss the islands. Enjoy it!

D S said...


Szechuan Buttons: more new fruit

Mayra Menezes said...

oh..now I know how to speak Carambola in english...Star fruit.
I'm used to see those trees while i'm walking to college. I prefer the juice though.

nice to know you liked it Jorge ^^

oh, and excuse me to answer a coment:

Pedro Lucas,
i'm from Brazil too!!
and cherimoya is better known for us brazilians as 'FRUTA DO CONDE' or 'PINHA'. They're like the same family fruit.

Estranho o nome cherimonia neh?

thanks jorjão!! ^^

Memo Rojas said...

Great blog, I really like it... and also I like chirimoyas

In your post about Pop tarts, I couldn't resist and went to eat one, lamentably this time it's impossible to find chirimoyas closer, but I'll start my search.

You are really funny. I never though that a post about fruit could be that entertaining.

I hope you keep this blog forever... or at least for a long time

Congrats for your success!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm glad to finally have a way to get an every-so-often Jorge fix! LOL! We miss you on myspace...but understand the reasons you had to go.
Your fruit blog reminds me of our oldest son...who is an explorer type who loves to try new produce...the weirder it looks, the better. We'll have to try to find these chirimoyas (if we can).
I hope your day today is filled with good moments that make you smile. (yep...it's me..."smile project lady" aka Shirley)

bdbarber said...

Hi Jorge! Love your blogs and your show! You've quite the sense of humor and wit!

AJ Goodrich said...

There's a lot of delicious, under-represented berries, too: elderberries, huckleberries, boysenberries, elderberries. My personal favorite is the boysenberry. It's just a lot of fun to say.

Hope shooting's going well.

MigL said...

como estan ustedes...

Jorge eres el puto amo!!!!! como nos reimo aqui en espana contigo!!!!

oye yo te recomiendo batidos de fruta o papilla de fruta...si si como a los bebes!!!!!
un poco de leche, platano,manzana naranja algo d azucar fresas lo que pilles y a batir!!!!!

bueno que aproveche!!! espero con impaciencia el s4e1!

un abrazo a todos! a ti no Jorge porque los brazos no me alcanzan!!! :) os quiero

Unknown said...

A lot of comments here!!! Cooooool!
Let me introduce myself... My name is Patricia... from Japan... but i'm not japanese!! I'm Brazilian Woman!! Nice to meet u!!! =)
... and... sorry... my English is very very poor! =(
Hablas Español? Yo aprendi solo un poco de Español aca en Japón..
Yr blog is very nice "dude" lol...
Take care!!! and... buena sorte para tu!!!
Fique com Dios!!!

Unknown said...

bueno ya que eres chileno seria bueno que escribieras en ingles tambien no? para nosotros tus fans latinos almenos yo no entiendo nada y me gustas mucho

iPhornera said...

HEY DUDE!!!!!!!!

I'm from South Spain (Costa Tropical de Granada), and here I can have chirimoyas for free :P I have some "chirimoyos" (trees :P) in my garden, so.. :P

are there chirimoyas in the island? if you're lucky, maybe the others or the polar bear don't like them :P

Saludos desde España!! eres un crack!! TÍO!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! a lot of comments for you. More people read your blog. Only my friends read mine.
So, do you like chirimoya?? Jaja, here have a lot in summer you know, I like to eat with orange juice and sugar, and pieces of banana. I'm boring, I don't have a favorite fruit, I like to eat a tutti frutti, jaja, you know a lot of diferent fruits, banana with apple, and orange, strawverry and others. In summer my favorite is the melon calameño, is a melon of colour like the lucuma icecream, because the other melon, the melon tuna is green. Love the fruit but I love the other food, hehe.
(Sorry for my english, I don't know if are good or bad write).

kookie said...

You're right fruit blogging not that funny.

and I wouldn't pay 10 dollars for a piece of fruit unless it could make me invisible...but to each his own.

Unknown said...

awesome your bolg, jorge.
the fruit blog was supposed to be boring, but it became real funny.
i love cherimoyas; we have a lot here in brazil. i'll eat one for you :)
lost kisses!!!

Unknown said...

My mum always says she misses Chrimoya from back in Chile. And also Manjar, o dulce de leche as others may know it. We're in Australia now though, so they're non-existant here.

I love pluots too, especially the
Dapple Dandy variety. and Donut peaches, they taste like heaven!!

Fábio Pereira said...

Dude, same as Jack, I need to go where estah cf. Tell Me as I can see what cn see. Me say how can feel what feels cf. Me say how can I live what cn live? My life seems to depend on this island who lives in our dreams ... I reply ...

Tammy said...

Nice post about fruits :)
I love Hurley!!! it´s so funny and an importante piece in LOST...i´m chilean and i´m lostie for Lost!

The chirimoyas are so so delicious!! i love the chirimoya´s yoghurt...ehm...well i have to go (you know, the study calls me, ahahaha) good luck and post me if you want :) your blog is very nice...kisses & hugs !!!

Tammy from Chile!

sawyerrules said...

I know you can't say nothing about Lost season 4 but we can talk about things around the show like the relationships between the castmembers or something like that.

Maybe you can tell us an anecdote about the past seasons or how do you get on with? :)

www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

Hey Jorge!

You said that you like fan-arts, so I made a photomontage of you, I hope you will enjoy it =)

here the link => http://img112.imageshack.us/my.php?image=jorgexp5.png

Bye, Eva from France

Cinthia said...

my mother brings cherimoya (funny name haha) every time for home!
here in Brasil its easy to find tham.. and not that expansive!
I catch them in my grandmother yard!

A. said...

so i was just listening to the jay and jack ramblecast and heard your top 10 tv shows, and i totally love bump in the night!! no one ever knows what im talking about when i talk about that show!! it was so good!

Lynn Faruque said...

Jorge, much as you love comics, you might like this.

You may already know this but in case you don't, here ya go~~



Fábio Pereira said...

Hi Jorge. I'm from Brazil and i love Lost. Hurley rules, hehehe.

érika said...

wtf? my comment was erased or submitted as I was typing! crazy blogger!
so...I was saying....this fruit you mentioned, never ate it or heard of it, although the word sounds a little familiar...

But I think you say this is the best fruit you've ever eaten because you've never tasted "Açaí"....trust me, tastes like no other thing you have ever tasted in your life....
Try it someday, it is a brazilian fruit...but it's not supposed to be "eaten"..you just eat the squash...it's divine, trust me!! I know a lot of people here are gonna suggest you some fruit they like....but Açaí is really especial! it doesn't grant you superpowers, but you feel like a superman!

GorillazArchive said...

Hi Jorge, I'm Sebastian from the LOST land of Chile, your character "Hugo Reyes" in LOST is who ever makes me laugh. I will give you my blogspot [gorillazdsides.blogspot.com] (in spanish but with english traduction made by myself) about the UK band "Gorillaz" (I've got his new disc there to download, but the officcial release is on November, 19th, 2007) if you like. If you don't dont read It. Haha. Well, I'm going now. Write ya' later...

(Sebastián González O.)
Chile. 2007.

GorillazArchive said...

And (like freckles) I want to interview to!!

Andrea said...

Hola Jorge: Como estas? Llegué acá el fin de semana a través de un blog de Lost y recien hoy me tomé el atrevimiento de escribir.

Conozco gente fan de la serie desde que empezó y yo recien me enganche este año. Un dia haciendo zapping me encontré con la serie (ya iba el capito 17 de la temporada 3). Me gustó y ahi programé la VHS para que se grabara (uno nunca siempre esta en casa a la hora señalada).

Obvio me hice adicta y cuando termino la temporada consegui las tres completas y arranque de cero.

Dejame decirte que uno de los mejores momentos de las tres temporadas (seguramente ya te lo han dicho) es cuando rescatas a los que estaban en la playa subido a la camioneta. Me hiciste aplaudir, reir y llorar.

No veo la hora de que sea febrero y arranque la cuarta.

Un saludo grande

(de Argentina)

ps: si lo pedis, la proxima escribo en ingles :)

wtfsignmeup said...

mental note...google cherimoyas :)
sounds delicious.

wtfsignmeup said...

mental note to self...google cherimoyas....sounds delicious :)

blablablablebleble said...

hello guy, very interesting that post, guy I'd like know your vision of the art on the world, do you think the art can be a kind of peace's way?

all of good for you :)


Tammy said...

Hi Jorge!!
I´m here again...today i was seeing the second season of Lost (because the third season in Chile will be in October 25) and i love the cap 2 X 18 ( called "Dave")...in that cap you and Libby have a very romantic moment!! and a kiss!!! this is my favourite cap with you, and the third season finale when you save to all...

I´m waiting your post! (only if you have time) good luck in the next season and congratulations for your character in Lost!!!! Hurley is awesome!

( I can invite you to a "Noche de tacos" in Chile ;) )

A lot of kisses for you Jorge!

Tammy from Chile!

Anonymous said...

starfruit!!!! i saw that and it appealed!!! they used to serve it with salad at my local pub (in england).

yeah thought people would like to hear that! my lifes boring, the last intresting fruit i saw was an avacado.... is it a fruit? i don't know...


Rhonda said...

Hola Jorge
I found your blog site on DarkUFO's website and wanted to say Hey from Alabama.Love you on LOST!! Reading your comments make me feel like I was reliving this past year watching my children play a video game called harvest moon. For a minute I thought I was there watching hybrid plants being made lol anyways after reading it, I went to the grocery store and looked for the fruit mentioned on here but the only thing I could find was a pluot ;-)
Looking forward to FEBRUARY!!!

Unknown said...


atrevés de este medio te envio un gran abrazo. y aprovecho para felicitarte por tu participación en una de las mejores series de la tv. soy tu fan. tu participación es muy buena, y ya estoy esperando la cuarta temporada, saludos espero leas mi mensaje y te lleguen mis mejores deseos para ti en tu vida profesional. desde México

José luis Mota

Unknown said...

Hola Jorge!
Al final tu post sobre fruta resultó no ser aburrido, mi fruta favorita: las manzanas de mi huerta, están riquísimas.
Your next post could be about music:
your favorite bands, gigs,...
Cheers, bye.

hullabonga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hullabonga said...

You know, I thought the whole 'slipping on a banana' thing was a bit stupid tbh. That's until one day it just went and happened to me. Taught me to never underestimate the true power of bananas...remember that...

NewDharmaton said...

cherimoyas rule! A friend of mine has a tree - unfortunately she lives over an hour from me and they aren't always in bloom. Another good one that is similar is sitafel (sp?). They are even better - I think they are native to India....

moc815 said...

Well, well... one day you have me longingly staring at boxes of the new oreos and the next I am googling cherimoyas.

You tease me so.

According to wikipedia, Mark Twain says that the cherimoya is "deliciousness itself."

I must have one!

p.s. to

mairaluc said...

¡Hola, Jorge! ¿podrías responderme esta pregunta: existe la posibilidad de que escribas también tu blog en castellano? Gracias. Mi correo es mairaluc20@.hotmail.com

P.S: cuando lo necesites, puedes "pegarme un grito". Chauu

rubbercement said...

i dare you to eat a durian.

jb_dean said...

Star fruit ... in the islands they're called Five Finger 'cause they look like five fingers all pinched together. Man, that took me back to my childhood in Ewa Beach! My neighbor across the street had a 5 finger tree and I used to eat those all the time! So, next time you have one, think of me, ok? ;)


Anto' said...

Hey, it was my favourite fruit when i was child!
Here in Spain are cheaper, but aren't so popular. I couldn't avoid found some cherimoya seeds under the sofa when I was playing in house after school.
Actually, I haven't eat them since I'm out of home(three years ago ...)

Peto said...

Have you proved Les fabes con chorizu?
Dish of Gods!!!

kats said...

THEY ARE THE BEST!!!! I used to live in Brazil and you can get them cheap (and "dooool-ce") sometimes. I'll be going down there in three weeks and now you gave me a craving.

Netanya Carmi said...

Several years ago my husband and I went to Australia. My all-time favorite activity there, out of all the tours, snorkeling and sightseeing, was the exotic fruit tasting. (That might have been because I was 6 months pregnant at the time.)

I didn't particularly like the cherimoya (also called anona or custard apple). Star fruit is not new to me - the Jewish custom is to eat a new fruit (something we haven't eaten in at least a year) on Rosh Hashana (New Years), and starfruit is often the fruit of choice.

Dragonfruit can be really good or really tasteless. I've had three varieties: hot pink with white flesh, hot pink with hot pink flesh, and yellow with yellow flesh.

My all-time favorite fruit on that trip was called a mangostein. Nothing like a mango (although mangos are good too). You've gotta try it.

bullet with butterfly wings said...

Hi Jorge!
I just found you blog and I decided I would start from the begining and read it all!! I looove Hurley, so I'd like to get to know you a bit better, and I do think reading your blog will help.

I am Chilean and now live in germany. I have read in chilean newspapers that you are half chilean or smth like that, I find kind of hard to think of you as a chilean (the same happens with myself!!,lol)
I think that the fact of you liking chirimoyas must have to do with being chilean XD (although I hate them!!). back in Chile eeeeeeeveryone eat them. and they are not expensive at all. Maybe when u have time you could take a trip there and eat lots of chirimoya and chirimoya alegre!!
I'll keep reading now :))

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