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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ever seen one of these?

This is my favorite fruit in the world, a cherimoya. 

They are very rare. Often years go by before I'll have one again. But I buy it every time I see it,  whatever the cost. It's just that awesome. 

I recently found a bunch of organic ones at Down To Earth. The next day I just had to go back and buy the rest.

Sorry for not sharing. 

Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Attack!

Reunited... and random

So last Thursday I had to work both units. After I finished my scenes downtown I drove up to police beach to start work there. 

But the good news is when I entered my trailer there it was, 
my travel pillow that I thought might be gone for good. Just in time for my trip coming up. 

I also thought you might want a clearer look at the jumpsuit.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dharma Chef

This is a picture I took with my phone the first time I got to check out my very own Dharma Patch. It's only pinned in place because I was still getting fitted for my jumpsuit. 
This is my first day of work in the outfit.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ew!!! Science Project!

So here at LOST we share trailers. Since we're constantly moving trailers all over the island you get a different room every time. Which is why you can't really decorate them or keep plants. You never know which trailer you're going to get. 

Also you want to be careful about leaving stuff in the trailer because they may become part of that trailer forever. This happened to my favorite travel pillow. Someday I may find it again if I get that same trailer, but I'm not holding my breath. 

At times I've found random books left behind, copies of the LOST magazine, fan mail, etc.
But this day I found more than I wanted. They've warned us not to leave things in the fridge because the trailer gets turned off and driven to the studio or next location nightly. 
Apparently someone was enjoying their spicy jack cheese and avocado plate so much they wanted to save it for later. 
Much later. 

Friday, March 27, 2009

Squinty Jones

She's so squinty.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kudos Smarte Carte

On the new design.
Not only is the newer cart shorter in length, but it also doesn't have that raised lip at the end to hold luggage in, like the old one did.
Now it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to balance even two bags on it. 
So more people will be forced to get a second cart. 


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Living Without in Hawaii

Living in Hawaii you kinda have to accept that certain goods and services will be harder to get. Some you either are in a constant search for or you're resigned to do without.

For example. Decent dry cleaning. I found dry cleaning here to not only be very expensive but also incompetent when it comes to getting stains out. I'll admit it, I'm a stainer. So I'm forced to save up all of my dry cleaning for hotels when I fly somewhere for the show. 

But I'm not ranting about dry cleaning today. Today it's plumbers.

Okay when I had toilet trouble, it was hard to get someone to call me back. 

We caught a guy in his truck on the way home one day and we got him to clear our slow toilet. 

Little did we know, that was all he would be good for. 

We called him a couple weeks later for a leaking toilet and leaking shower.

Long story short we ended up with a broken toilet, he leaned it against the wall and it slid down. He replaced it, but the new one's way smaller. And he couldn't fix the leaking shower, he had to order a part.

He then called us to get the brand name on the shower again. 

He then came back yet again to get the number off the part he needed for the shower to finally place the order. (Now by this time there has been a steady stream of water coming from my shower for days.)

We also informed him that while he was away our water pressure dropped drastically. He made the pressure worse. His response was "Do you guys have bad luck in this house?" 

No sir. Just bad plumbers.

We have now called a familiar plumbing chain. The first guy came out and couldn't do anything. I'm learning to live without a plumber that get something done in one trip.

Today they're back and it looks like things are moving ahead. 

We haven't heard from the other plumber but we're kinda racing them right now. Whoever gets the job done first, wins. 

I just want to shower again. 

P.S. The old plumber just called to say he could be here in 3 to 4 hours. We fired him. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Where do Grandmas get all of those two-dollar bills from?

Monday, March 23, 2009


I've had this frame for years. And for years it's been empty. I kept trying to figure out what would be the most appropriate photo to go in that frame. 

Well I figured the only picture that would be right in this frame is one that I take myself. 

So here it is.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Patience Cucumber

I guess it turns out the longer I wait to pick the cucumbers I got growing in the garden, the bigger they get.
But not for long. 

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spoke too soon

I just got a text that I accidentally skipped a few posters I was signing.
So I have more to sign on Monday at work.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Signing my life away

At some point in my career, this was my signature. And whenever I sign my name I'm an still essentially "aiming" for this.

But the more and more I sign stuff, my signature can't help but start evolving. It's the law of entropy. Things naturally move from a state of order to disorder.
Today at work I had to sign a countless number of LOST posters and cover sheets for the pilot script. And my signature started getting more and more distorted.

Now by this point the signature is basically a BIG J, little g and a BIG G that extends to a line with a dot for the i in Garcia. Gone are the "or" and the "arcia" for the most part.

If I'm signing really fast I don't even seperate my first and last name with a space. It becomes one big word. This one still has a the remnants of the "e" in Jorge just because there is a hiccup in the line that joins my first and last name.

This one's great. Just J-g-G-(period). The line doesn't even make it to the dot anymore.At this point the little g starts getting bigger. And bigger. Till my signature becomes different letters entirely.

What is that? P-F? Is the F chewing tobacco?

This one was just sloppy. Sorry to whoever gets this one. It's not a signature, it's a chromosome.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Pat's

I'm cheating a little but I wanted to wish you a happy St. Patrick's Day. And I wanted to share my favorite celebrity meeting story.

I love Shane MacGowan. I'm a big fan of both the Pogues and Popes. No one writes lyrics like this man. And when I was in London for the Pirates 2 premiere he sat behind me. I thought I'd never get this opportunity again, so I introduced myself and then after the movie I asked for a picture. It was a coolest.Sorry about the head band. It WAS the Pirates premiere.

By the way there are no snakes in Hawaii either. Thank you St. Patrick. And by St. Patrick I mean the mongoose.

Have I ever mentioned, I love my new(ish) hair

Some of you who might be watching the reruns of LOST in syndication on either SciFi (plug), G4 (plug), or even late at night on your local affiliate (...and plug) may notice that my hair was considerably "fluffier" in seasons 1 & 2 (also out on DVD btw).

My head is not as triangular or "bell-shaped" now. 
I just wanted to say, I like the newer look. 

P.S. The sour look on my face is pretty much the same though.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Snuggie 2.0

It's been so cold here lately that I've found myself borrowing my girlfriend's Snuggie.

And watching each member of the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon donning one, reminded me that I wanted to talk about it.  

As you all know the Snuggie is a blanket with sleeves. 
So basically it works. It warms you up and your hands are still free. If that was a problem for you? Problem solved. 

For my money it could be a little bigger. Remember it's not closed in the back so it kinda makes you feel like a monk in a hospital gown.

But the most important thing that Snuggie needs to do to improve their product, is add a feet pocket. (I was going to call it a foot pocket but it's really for both of them.) 
When it's cold, nothing gets chillier than your feet. When I curl up on the couch I'm looking for some place to tuck my feet into. This pocket at the bottom of the Snuggie would keep my feet warm, but yet be easy enough to get in and out of should I have to get up and walk somewhere.

So there you go Snuggie. Get on it. I'll be happy to test any prototypes.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh I forgot to add...

That while the dude was lying there the sprinklers turned on because they're on a timer.

Didn't phase him one bit.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hello, Police? There's a Man in our Tree

A lot of times I write about things on this blog that happened a little while ago. I don't always get to my computer to blog about things immediately. But I just had to share this tonight.

Well that pretty much says it all.
Thank you Honolulu PD for getting the guy out. 
The officer couldn't resist saying that perhaps he was "Lost."
He seemed to be pretty wasted (the guy, not the cop).
Apparently there was more than POG in that can.
He was way out of his neighborhood. 
The police gave him a ride out.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Load of Crepe

The other day I got to go behind the counter at Crepes No Ka Oi.
They let me work the dowel. 
AND the wooden paddle.

I got to make my favorite crepe, lemon and sugar. 
Keep folding...

I got better with my second crepe. It was rounder and had no holes in it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Why is it so hard to Watchmen?

I went to see the Watchmen today. And it was a chore.
I went early and it wasn't a crowded theatre. But they couldn't get the projector to work. So they told us to move from theatre 3 to theatre 4. And then after we had all settled in theatre 4,  we were told he was mistaken and it was theatre 1 he wanted us all to move to. Mind you these are comic book nerds. So going up and down stairs like that may have been more activity than they were used to. 

But I saw it. And I liked it very much. It's been so long, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the period piece aspects of it. But they recreated a lot of memorable scenes from the book. And the casting was excellent. Even the ones you knew were unrecognizable enough not to take you out of the movie. The only thing that did take me out was Nixon's nose.

By the way, if you ever wondered what a smurf looks like with no pants on. It's probably not too different from Dr. Manhattan.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Curse You Bird!

Look at this lovely yellow heirloom tomato. 
With its cute little Frankenstein scar.
The first yellow tomato to emerge from my garden. 

Now look how they have ravaged it. 
I went to go pick it this morning and a bird was all over it. 
I'm going to have to get my hands on a scarecrow.

Well I'm going to at least taste the darn thing.
Damn! It was a good one too.

Attn Hawaii: There's a New Burger in Town

The Counter has opened next to Whole Foods in the Kahala Mall.

And it has immediately become one of my favorite burgers on the island. 

And I'm not just saying that because my friend Daniel Dae Kim is a partner there.

Those of you familiar with the L.A. restaurant can attest, these guys know how to make a burger. 

And you get to tell them EXACTLY how you like it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Saw a Lizard on the Screen

I thought it looked cool against the grass so I started taking pictures of it. 
Then I wanted to see how close I could get to it before it ran away.
Where I discovered that the lizard was actually on the inside of the house.