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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ever seen one of these?

This is my favorite fruit in the world, a cherimoya. 

They are very rare. Often years go by before I'll have one again. But I buy it every time I see it,  whatever the cost. It's just that awesome. 

I recently found a bunch of organic ones at Down To Earth. The next day I just had to go back and buy the rest.

Sorry for not sharing. 


Carrie said...

what does it taste like?

leela said...

My parents have a cherimoya tree. You should consider growing one. I bet it would flourish in Hawaii's climate.

Nesta said...

In Spain we call it chirimoya, an it is very usual, you can buy it in any fruit shop.

The Shape said...

Huh never heard of one of those...then again I am in Ireland. What does it look like in the middle?

Paul Spooner said...

That's never real...is it? (it looks like a dinosaur poop!)

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

You're having a laugh, right? That's an artichoke!

Jen Tucker said...

Ah, my grandmother has a cherimoya tree in her front yard. We're in SoCal and it does quite well here. However, I'm sorry I can't share your enthusiasm for the fruit. I really can't stand the stuff.

Nicole said...

I've had a Cherimoya before! I thought they were a little weird. It was cool though! My friends and I used to have exotic fruit Sundays, and we all brought in something weird to taste every week!

Nesta said...

Just find in google, it's real.

Suzanne said...

It might be kind of pricey compared to what you paid at the store -- but you can order them online



Loren said...

In the Philippines we call them Atis - and yes, they are amazing. Totally worth the work you have to put into eating one.

Tasha Who? said...

I remember seeing those once at a grocery store I worked for as a teen. They must have been requested by a shopper, because I only saw them that one time. I've heard they're tasty.

Now if you ever see mangosteen, that might be a worthy trade to compare. I LOVE them.

Wiccababe said...

never heard of them - obviously not native to Scotland lol
what do they taste like?

Movie Star Wife said...

What does it look like on the inside? Does it taste similar to any other fruits?

piddy77 said...

Is that the same thing that we used to call a 'custard apple' in australia? because they were just lovely!

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

I am very curious what they taste like and what the texture is like.

Anonymous said...

Now that I'm no longer living in Hawaii, I'm the same way with lychee, mountain apples, and apple bananas!

I love your blog - thanks so much for sharing this with us!

aims said...

According to wikipedia - Mark Twain said the cherimoya is "the most delicious fruit known to men".

So good choice then.

Unknown said...

We call that Atis here in the Philippines :D

The Ferber Family said...

just read about 'em on wiki.. they sound yummy, but dayum, be careful!

"The seeds are poisonous if crushed open and can be used as an insecticide. One should also avoid eating the skin as it may cause paralysis from 4 to 5 hours."


Jennifer said...

Dude, we need more information. I have never heard of that fruit... what does it look like inside? What does it taste like? How do you go about eating it?

monica noel said...

so fun that you're a chirimoya lover! come down & visit us in peru and we'll make sure you have all the chirimoya you ever dreamed of :). thanks for the work you do on LOST, we love it.

Deborah Godin said...

Is that how they look all the time, or just when they feel, you know, threatened?

Nene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nene said...

Hola Jorge,

in spain we eat them a lot, they taste so good. You get so many seets in one fruit that you definitely could be your own supplier : ).

Greetz from Germany, love your Blog.


Miguel Ángel said...

I love them too. They kinda taste like strawberries & cream, all put together.

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Never had one. Maybe someday?
Say Hi to the lost gang for me. And a special hello to you and Sayid.


mccn said...

Some things are totally too good to share.

Unknown said...

Have you ever had a guinep? Ever since I had those a few years ago in Haiti, I've been craving them. I wish I could find them in Virginia. :o(

Kellie said...

What's the inside look like?

La Pixie said...

I dont think we have those in Arizona. are they really sweet? it looks like it would take a lot of work to eat one...

Unknown said...

I guess I'll have to take your word for it that they're delicious. I'm all about trying new things, but I'm allergic to all fresh fruit.. so.. I guess I'll never have one.

Netanya Carmi said...

This is not the first time you've mentioned the cherimoya in your blog. :)

To those who asked, yes, they are also called custard apples. They are said to taste kind of like apples except with a custardy texture. I don't particularly like them.

Tasha - Where are you from? I love mangosteens. Only had them once, in Australia. Had cherimoya there as well, but I've had those here in Israel since.

Nicole - Exotic fruit Sundays sounds awesome. But how many weeks could you do it before you ran out of exotic fruits?

Eugen Caitaz said...

It so delicios !!!???

Pam said...

I've never heard of those. What's it like? What's it look like cut open?

ValMo said...

It looks kinda like an artichoke. I hope it doesn't taste like one.

Melanie said...

I live in Ecuador and they are pretty common here. I've only had one, and I thought it was pretty good! I read that the seeds are poisonous and the skin can cause temporary paralysis if eaten.... interesting tidbits. Enjoy!

Aloha Jon said...

Jorge! I love chirimoyas! I just went to Down to Earth on S KIng ST and they were sold out too! Did you hit all the DTE stores on the island and take all the chirimoyas!?

New Yorker wannabes said...

Oh Jorge, but you did share...the picture and words with us lol

Do they last long enough to send one to Greece?

Take care
peace and love

Vic Lloyd said...

Actually I that's called "anona" and it tastes good, my neighbor has a tree of them... it's a common tree in Mexico.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Cut it open so we know what it looks like inside! What's it taste like?

mmc said...

These guys will ship cherimoyas to Hawaii (and no, I don't work there but I have purchased from them and they rock):


Wendy said...

More about it please...What is it like? It looks odd, how do you eat it?

Joey Polanski said...

I seen one o those bfore.

Mikhail used one to do Charlie in.

Id put th pin back in that thing & back away slowly if I were you.

Atlas Cerise said...

Cherimoya! Cherimoya! Everybody's coming to get thee!

Erika Jean said...

I want to see a cross section!

Christina Bauer said...

What does that taste like? It looks more like a vegetable than a fruit, but I bet it tastes good!

Tara said...

in australia it very popular, In fact i have 2 in my kitchen right now. We call them custard apples, because they taste like custard with stewed apples :)
i hope you enjoyed yours, i'm the only one in my family who likes them!

redelf said...

I have never heard of it either. I am going to have to do some research on that! Course I live in Illinois so its probably something we cant get here.

Becky said...

I LOVE chrimoya! Lychee is my favorite fruit, but cherimoya comes in second, then persimmon.


GS said...

nothing better than a chilean cherimoya with cold milk!!!!!

kateypie35 said...

Never heard of it! Can you only get them in Hawaii?
What do they taste like?
Phooey, I hate missing out on yumminess.

Laurie said...

I'm guessing it tastes really good. I'll have to buy one someday!

Thanks for the great recommendation.

Fruit or veggie! haha

Reminds me of an artichoke

Fallingslowly said...

We have plenty of chirimoyas here in Peru. I love them!

Anonymous said...

Here is a really good site about the cherimoya. It has the facts about the seeds as well where and how to grow it and recipes too!


Moe a.k.a. @biggirlblue said...

I want to see what it looks like on the inside dude! More pics required.

I feel that way about passion fruit. I hardly ever see it around but when I do, like once a year, I have to get it.

I also love dragon fruit which is uber expensive.

carmela said...

Cherimoyas rock. Ever tried them frozen? Cut one in half and freeze, then scoop and eat the frozen flesh like you usually would. Yummy! Like ice cream! (I think so, at least!)
I haven't seen them around or had one for several years, but like you I buy them whenever I do find them.

Angie said...

We have them in Mexico. My husband loves them. Though in recent years it's been getting a bit difficult to get if you do not live on the coast. Have you ever tried the zapote? Another strange fruit.

GaltsGulch said...

Yum, yum, yum!! Ono Gelato on Maui has a delicious cherimoya gelato.

Das Mutter said...

Cut it open and take a pic....would love to see what it looks like. I imagine kiwi-esque!

:)Ibti said...

We called these "custard pears" where I grew up overseas. Or maybe just my parents did. Anyway, they're all over latin america. In fact, I think I had icecream made with it in Mexico and Guatemala.

Dude, you should totally make your own frozen custard with it.

Judas said...

Hello Hugo!

The correct name of this fruit is Chirimoya and is a tipical fruit here in chile!.

Hugo! can you make me a favor?

you can't said NO Jajaja

Me and some friends have a blog about lost and other things, and for us will be a honor to have in our blog a comment made by you.

can you?

Good luck Dude!!

Anonymous said...

I saw these at the farmer's market at KCC last Saturday :)

Ritch in Love said...

What IS peculiar looking! What color is it inside? And what does it taste like?

thisisasorrysight said...

I want to see what it looks like on the inside and how you eat it!

Are you guys really done filming? Sucks :( I always come at the wrong time, haha.

James Hamlet said...

Well, it seems that nobody told how to eat it. You have to us a spoon because it´s plenty full of little black stones and you have to take out of your mouth whhile you eat it.
That may seem an adventadge, but a friend told me once that God did this, I mean to put the stones insede chirimoyas, because something so good have to have a disadvantage, ´cause if not, it would have been the perfect fruit.

By teh way, I got 3 trees at home and during summer we have chirimoyas everyday, try one, in Haway climate conditions may be quite similar to sotuh Spain, so you won´t have problems too see them grow.

Anonymous said...

I once bought one of those and put it in my sons packed lunch for kindergarden - when he came home he asked me never to do that again... he thought it looked so gross inside that he couldnt even make himself taste it, so it ended up in the bin.

Dreamybee said...

There's a place in China Town in the Maunakea Marketplace that sells these. It's called Mai, and it's stall #147. You enter on Hotel St., at the entrance across from Kekaulike (there are two entrances-you want the more Ewa one), and just walk straight back. Back in December, they were selling for $3.99/lb.

...Is it weird that I know this?

Eugen Caitaz said...

it seems like what??? by taste?

Jana said...

Looks tasty on the inside. I'll try it.

~JL said...

Ooh! I love it too! I'm from Malaysia and it's pretty common. Oh and yeah, you should grow them like leela suggested because it's pretty easy to do so. I grew one here too. They are simply awesome!

Tracy said...

Looks like you can buy them HERE

OurWanderingAdventures said...

Interesting I have never seen this fruit before. I will see if I can track it down somewhere! I love to try new things!

My favorites are Guavas, have you had any of those? YUM!

Steven W. Hopkins said...

In mexico i think we called them guanabana. It's like wet cotton candy inside with big black seeds right?

Kati said...

Hi! Jorge,
I was wondering if you read your fan mail. I love lost but can not watch it until the DvD comes out because my family doesen's have channels. I would love to try the food that you believe is soooo great and hope that I will beable to find one. I love you blog and hope that you will answer me about if you read your fan mail. Please press on my glowing name by this comment,you can answer my questions by posting it as a comment on my latest blog. I REALLY hope read from you.(not hear from you because I would not hear from you but read your answer)


M.Santana said...

Hey Jorge, i just wanted to so how much i just love the line you said on Lost to miles, about the whole back to the future concept.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

P.S. I wish you had a twitter account, I think it would be the best thing ever!! You're my favourite blogger of all times.

Irishcoda said...

What kind of fruit is it? Is it sweet like an apple or sour like a grapefruit? It looks like an artichoke or something.

Judas said...

pense q si te escribia un comentario es español podia llamar mas tu atencion...
somos un grupo de amigos bautizados como oblog6.. porque nos conocimos y emigramos de otro blog de lost...(la mayoria somos de argentina y con gente de chile, colombia, etc...)
estamos haciendo la campaña pára conseguir tu comentario, seri muy bienvenido...
un beso DUDE

si no entendiste nada, resetea

Tv Addict said...

In this episode of Lost you had the best scenes, I couldn't stop laughing! I love when you get to speak for the audience

Sue Wacvet said...

It looks like something that's trying to be an artichoke, which I love!

Michael Dines said...

I've never seen one of those before. It reminds me that I want to try a durian.

Roberta said...

here in Brazil cherimoya=pinha, I love Cherimoya is so sweet ...

Estefanía said...

When I'd got 5 years my grandmother gave me every day one cherimoya, it's white and delicious, but I prefer "higos"

James Hernandez said...

Looks like a tropical handgrenade!

Anonymous said...

The chirimoya is ver popular here in Granada (spain), it's cultivated in our tropical coast. You can buy it here everywhere.


Unknown said...

Okay, I had to go online and find these. I ordered two. After reading about them, I'm dying to try one!

Melissa Markham said...

You can order them from this website. They look yummy. I am going to have to try them. Cherimoya

kimmy said...

my thoughts exactly, carrie... i wonder what it tastes like?

ANM said...

Lol...these are quite common here in Spain...provided they are in season. Maybe when you come to Madrid later this month you can eat a bunch of them. BTW we're all very excited to have you come to Spain! YAY for Lost!

Ross and Roll said...

There's an elementary school in Hollywood my cousins went to, Cherimoya..What a trip; have never run across the name anywhere else

DORAda said...

The CHIRIMOYA is peruvian!!! yeah.. PERU!!!.. it's my favourite fruit too!

Laurice Ann Manuel said...

I have a tree of that in my backyard here in L.A. :)

Xim_Self said...

la chirimolla es muy ricaaaaaaaaa
y con leche más aun :P

Sedna* said...

Hola Jorge!!A mi también me gustan mucho las chirimoyas!!jaja.En España es muy normal verlas,asi que cuando vengas por aqui (que se que va a ser muy pronto...!!) te puedes llevar unas pocas!!jaja.
muchos besoss y un abrazo fuertee!!

Carlos Avila V. said...

Did u know that this fruit its originally from Peru (my country). Here u can find them anywhere and they aren´t so expensive. Very delicious. There´s another fruit, very similar called "guanabana". You should come and visit my country. You´ll love it.

Unknown said...


I don't know about cherimoyas...
But here in Brazil we have a lot of "exotic" fruits (not for us, but for countries abroad).
Among them we have "Atemoia" and "Pine Fruit (Fruta do Conde, ou Pinha)....and they are so much alike cherimoyas...i bet the taste too. inside they are white with a lot of dark and shining seeds...very sweeeeeeet!

If you come to Brazil someday, go to a supermarket...you will find good stuff! and you will have a lot of "taste surprises".

Anonymous said...

Jorge, come down to Brazil and try a Atemoia, Cherimoya's sweetest cousin.

TraciW said...

They almost always have them at the Farmer's Market at KCC (Kapiolani Community College) on Saturdays. Also, you can generally find them in Chinatown on the weekends. Happy hunting!

Alex Páez Syll said...

In Chile you have pleny of them. Also, if you want, you can make a wine punch with them.

Dave said...

Here at spain there are a lot of "Cherimoya" "Chirimoya here", when you want I can send you a box! :D

Rumbero said...

La chirimoya es una fruta muy normal en España!!

daynine said...


iPhornera said...

ooohhh jorge!!! en el Sur de España, más concretamente en la Costa Tropical de Granada son muy típicas!!! yo tengo en mi casa!! estás invitado :P ;)

Pedro Almeida said...

In Portugal we call it "Anona", an it is very usual, you can buy it in any Market or Fruit Shop.

You need come here, we have a lot of tasty foods and a awesome country to visit!

Greetings from Portugal!

Pedro Almeida

warmislandsun said...

Sounds yummy - have you ever tried a pomelo? Pomelo are citrus and quite yummy.

Lissette said...

there are thounds in my country
but i live in Ecuador
suouth america,
i think thats why
we have even red pears
u would love our fruits

si ponemos una barrera en muestros limites, dejando de comerciar y todo, podriamos sobrevivir con lo que producimos.

Amy said...

After reading about the Cherimoya on your blog, I HAD to eat one while I was in Peru last week. YUMMMM!!! I bought one from a girl selling fruit along an alley in Cuzco & although I'm sure she charged me they tourist price (3 soles = $1), I enjoyed every bite & wished I could have brought a case of them home with me. I let some family & friends taste it & asked them to describe the taste - the closest we could come up with was creamy honeydew - but even that doesn't do it justice. mmmm!

Fotogracia. said...
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