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Sunday, August 26, 2007


Hey gang,

If you want to get a picture with me and you ask me while we're in a crowd. HAVE YOUR CAMERA READY. Because odds are that your asking is going to spark other people asking. And suddenly there will be a line and I'll be making a beeline for an exit. If you're stopping me on my way out, that's fine, but you have to be ready for it. Know who is going to take the picture and make sure they're ready. Because it sometimes gets hairy in a crowd and I have to run away. So I can't be held up too long because it's only going to get crazier.

Thanks for your help.


jb_dean said...


You must get swamped with pix requests! Thanks for the tips.


kanahina said...

Thanks for the info! I hope someday I will actually run into you somewhere on this small island we live on and can put this tip to good use!

If you'd like to make that easier for me... just let me know where/when you'll be ...

Just kidding!

; )

Миљан Давид Танић said...

Hah, I am not that lucky to run into you here, at the other side of the world. :D

bella said...

I'd love to have a picture taken with you. You are my husband and my favorite character on the show. I guess next time you're in NYC I'll have to track you down.

Pau said...

Uffff suena a mala experiencia... no soy muy mitómana (aunque me ha resultado muy simpático que alguien de mi serie favorita tenga un blog y pueda leer algo que yo escribo) así que nunca he entendido por qué la gente considera que tiene todo el derecho a "invadir" la vida de alguien famoso que pasea por la calle por una foto o un autógrafo... en fin, ten paciencia y tómatelo con calma, después de todo es una forma de admiración (supongo)

mamba said...

my camera's ready... ;P

GreekCharmed said...

I am very happy to see that you are taking some time off from the beginning of the Lost production to share yout thoughts with us. Did you have any chance to actually rest during the summer? Any particular thing that you wanted to do but didn't manage to?
Cheers from Greece

david alandí said...

Hola Jorge! si alguna vez vienes a Barcelona (spain) ten por seguro que tendre mi camara preparada ;)
Por supuesto estas invitado!

2costa said...

you are also my husband...jk

Selina said...

Awww Jorge! For sure! Not that I would ever actually meet you, but it must be hell... and it's a paradox isn't it, because you like that people like you obviously but... you just want your damn privacy! But what do you actually prefer when you meet a fan - that they come up and ask for a picture or autograph? Or rather, what is least annoying? ;) And do you mind people waving at you when they see you? It's hard to know because whenever you see someone you know from tv (or podcasts for that matter, it's insane how the natural hierachy works in brains!) you get so excited... but you're just one of a million who's reacted the exact same way!

Thank you for updating your blog randomly and so often! I really enjoy reading it!

The Westerfield Family said...

You should post some pics....on set? Just kidding. But some pics would be fun.

Caroherreros said...

Jorge, gracias por los datos, te agradezco mucho, que leas y esribas en tu Blog.

Un saludo y abrazo graaaande desde Santiago de Chile, te cuento que el clima aca esta muy friooooooooo.

2costa said...

i think the only time you have to start worrying is when they stop asking for autographs.

oh pook said...

I imagine that must be the toughest part of your job! I can't imagine what that must be like, but I'm glad you're willing to do this, so that we may enjoy your acting *smilefaceguy*

Atom-Macon said...

Jorge, sos un Grande!! Seguí metiendo palabras en español en el guion!!
Si venís a Buenos Aires postealo, que te preparamos un buena cena de bienvenida, je

Un Abrazo!

Pd. pasate por el blog de los pibes (mis amigos), soy el único que mira lost y no los puedo convencer...


Capcom said...

Wow, that's really nice Jorge to offer some advice for fans about this, in that you are willing to oblige within reason. It's only right that someone in your position should set some boundaries as well.

sawyerrules said...

I think that it could be annoying to be famous, I'd really don't want this to me, privacy is important.

Even if I'd ever meet my beloved Josh Holloway (wich is very improbable cause I live in Spain)I couldn't try to attract his attention cause its go against my politeness. Maybe I'd take a picture of him but in the distance.

ºOº V ºOº said...

Hola, Jorge!! Saludos desde Argentina!!!
Pobre, te deben molestar mucho con las fotos, no?? La gente a veces no entiende que los famosos deben tener su privacidad y que no son "propiedad del pueblo".
Te felicito por tu trabajo, sos uno de los personajes más queridos de la serie.

Anonymous said...

Picture yourself in a boat on a river
with tangerine trees and marmalade skies...

ROSA said...

I don't have a camera...

Fernando O.M. said...

Hola Jorge!!!
Te felicito por tu blog!!! Me gustaría que ingreses al mío cuando tengas tiempo.
Un abrazo y espero verte pronto en la serie.
Fernando Moyano (FOM)

J. LoW said...

Ohh boy...
Go http://www.lombrados.blogspot.com

Have a nice day!

pichuneke said...

Jorge (if you are the real one), I am a big fan of... Indiana Jones :lol:

And I know you are in Hawai, so I am asking myself if you know something about the production of Indiana Jones IV. Not necessarily locations related to Lost, I mean any gossip.

As you can't tell us a word about Lost (I understand that, I don't like spoilers), Do you know something about any other productions that are being filmed in Hawai?

If you are not the real Jorge, I believe that is fun to read the comments and your posts, so I believe I will keep reading it.

(Que pesado se me hace escribir en inglés, y mira que me gustaría hablarlo fluidamente...)

maven said...

Great advice on picture taking, Jorge! It must a very fine line between being accomodating to your fans and trying to live a "normal" life!

Since you can't talk about LOST, we'd love to hear more "personal" things about you...likes, dislikes, where you grew up, family stuff, etc.

Tinaya said...

I just want to personally thank you for being a role model for young men everywhere. You don't even know it, but my son Tim, admires you so much. He loves your stand-up comedy and is huge a huge fan of your poker ability also. He's over 300 lbs and suffers from depression at times... but looks to you and your success and knows that no matter what, he can be successful at life if he remains hopeful. When I told him about your blog here, he was so excited. I'm sure he will be visiting also. So thank you, Jorge. For helping others just by being you. May God Bless your career and your life with much success but mostly, with much happiness and joy.

Another true fan,

Kyle8 said...

Does Jorge ever respond to anyone in these blogs! How'd you like the Kahala THeaters? Did you see the ghost that is supposed to live there??

Sawyer5665 said...

Jorge rules!!!

Dude, you really rock! You remind me so much of an old buddy. He is from Santa Clara, CA. He moved here to Tennessee in middle school and moved back to Cali two summers ago. You two have the exact same dialect. The way you talk is the exact friggin' same. You guys even have the same slang. Anyway.....Jorge, do you think that Hurley will have "flash forwards" like Jack and Kate? Or will Hurley be one of the group that stays on the island....the group that Jack is presumably talking about going back to in the final seconds of Through The Looking Glass?

Alex said...

Aw, that must be hard. I've never actually seen a celebrity that I really truly care about.

I absolutely love Oahu though and we go there every summer, so hopefully one day I'll see you!

Vincent Madison said...

Dude, you are so friggin' funny. I love the way you are matter of fact and practical. I have a feeling you are not acting that much when you play Hurley :)

james said...


I'm your fan from Brazil.
I like Hurley a lot.
Congratulations for you and sorry for my english.


baby_with_gun said...

Good to know.

Anonymous said...

Sos un grosso, Genio !!!,no le des bola a la gilada !.
Un abrazo desde Argentina.
cuando quieras te esperamos con un
Asadito argentino.
flia santillan molina
bs. as. argentina

Leandro said...

Hey Jorge.... I´m a biggest fan of lost and you to.. because i´m little fat and after you appereance in lost, much more people respect me.. and i love Emilie de ravin, my dream is married with her... but i know is impossible... but can you send me a picture of her autographed, to my email?? please.. you will be a man much more happy.... sucesss.. for you.... Please.. my email is lecalegari@ig.com.br... PLease...

Ellen Gonçalves said...

Thanks for your advice.
I'll try to remember it one day when I took a pic with you.

Heather said...

Jorge! You're awesome ... that's all for today.

Bernardo said...

a blog...nice. i hope you'll keep spoiler-free. But comments about the show and the crew and stuff would be awesome.

i'm from Portugal btw.



Bernardo said...

just one more thing "dude"...soon this blog will have a million of visitors and comments...


PabliTTuS said...

It can be a real mess all the crowd!
Regards from Argentina Jorge!

JR said...


Roberto said...

i always wanted to ask you if the spanish ussed in the serie is "yours" or from the script. If you come to Spain (not only to Barcelona. ;)) i'll be pleasured drink some beers with u. :)

silentlau said...

Hey, Jorge!!! I´m a girl from Spain and I wanna thank you for this blog, now we fans feel nearer you. Come to Spain, please!!! I want a photo with you!!!
Kisses from Madrid

marceloag said...

jorge i´ve heard that you or someone of your parents are chileans

it´s an honor you have something with chile

well that´s all

from chile :)

Unknown said...

Hey dude, Im argentinian and i am your BIGGEST fan men. you are awesome budyy, every episode i see you in LOST i start to admirated you and all thinks am i crazy,
See ya, DUDE
Saludos desde argentina y buena suerte Jorge

Jordan said...

Hi. If this is really you, then you're a dude. And Lost is excellent. I just really hope that the writers have it all figured out. Have a good day.

Mabeg said...


Oli said...

Come over to Manchester, England to have your pic taken with me... I promise I'll have my camera ready :)

De Café y otros dilemas said...

Mas que preguntar por Lost, te felicito por esta iniciativa seguro te acerca mas a la realidad, jajaja, bueno espero que puedas mantener esa libertad de expresión claro no te pido reveles secretos de la serie, pero que nos hagas participes de los comentarios y bueno saber si tienes planes o proyectos por esos lados, un Chileno mas, saluda a Hurley.

aLcAtRaZ said...

Hello Jorge, I am of Argentina. He enchants series to me LOST. You are very good actor. Serious one is so enigmatic this that it makes me remember “the unknown dimension”.
So long, luck

maven said...

Hey, Jorge: You're up in the Character Cup at DarkUfo! Hurley is against Tom/"Mr. Friendly" (I voted for Hurley!)

Troubadour said...

Hey dude!
I'm brazilian and I love your job in LOST.

You're a best actor and I your fan.

sorry for my bad english

My camera is also to be preparated ;)



Jan said...

I suspect if I actually found myself with an opportunity to have my picture made with you, my knees and my brain would turn into mush and, no matter how prepared I might have been, I would suddenly lose all ability to coordinate the actual picture taking. Have mercy on us, Jorge. Have mercy.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Canada Jorge! Thanks for the tips. And thanks for the blog, appreciate it!

Roberto said...


fandelost said...

si c est toi jorge eh bien je voulait te dire a quel point je suis fan de lost-les disparus.j adore ton humour dans la serie.mon reve est de jouer dans lost et que vous soyez mes amis mais je vis en france et hawaii et a l autre bout du monde pour moi et puis je n est pas les moyens de m acheter des billets pour hawaii.et je sais pas si tu sais ce que c est de ne pas pouvoir rencontrer un acteur ou plusieurs acteurs que tu aimes et respecte mais c est vraiment dur. je me suis promis qu un jour je vous rencontrerai mais je n y crois plus trop maintenant
en esperant que c est bien toi gros bisoux du nord de la france et vive lost!!

fandelost said...

je n est pas compris comment on fait pour avoir une photo de toi dedicacée

Danyanoth3r said...

Hey Jorge, aquí tienes un fan desde España, es curioso ver como un post de alguien anonimo lo puede llegar a leer alguien a quien admiras delante de una camara :D

un saludo desde Asturias!!!!!!!!!!

Danyanoth3r said...

ahh, mi correo, por si te da por escribir a tus fans :P


un saludo!!!! y seguire leyendo dia a dia tu blog.

Gee Why said...

I was sorta ready with my camera, but thanks for helping me take the picture.

Hope to see you around the Windward side.

Eve y Magui said...

Jorge: i like very much your blog, im argentinan and i dont speak english very well. thanks for all the information.
please dont stop this blog.
magui (maggie)
if you wanna talk with a fan, please look my email, i dont wanna know things of lost, because i love the mistery and the intrigue.

romi said...

hi jorge. Somos Romina yy Juan desde Argentina. ambos somos fan tuyo y de la serie. por supuesto.
sos un gran actor y nos hacer llorar y reir al mismo tiempo. te admiramos mucho. te mandamos un beso enorme y si alguna vez venis a Buenos Aires te esperamos con un rico asado.

Lorie Waddell said...

You are an awesome actor and I love LOST. I can't wait until the season begins. Thanks for always bringing a smile on my face on Wednesdays (except during hiatus!). And I love your blog! Thanks for staying in touch with your fans.


Unknown said...

Hi Jorge, thanks for the wonderful blog. Speaking of pictures, I caught you in the Boston Globe this weekend, hugging a sea lion (or seal, was it?) Now I know why you had that post about zoos!

Rafael said...

Wow this is really a great dicoverment!
I read the first posts and I stress myself thinking in reaction of ur bosses with this; smart option wrighting about non-lost life.

Well, sorry my english, i'm from Chile dude!

Best wishes.


Wilson_Gk said...

hello jorge,bonito blog que tienes espero que sigas trabajando como siempre con un poco de humor para la mejor serie de tv del mundo LOST.


alexandrack said...

Jorgito cariñoo por que no nos escribes algo en español??
Te lo agradecerña mucho, porque me entero de la mitad que escribes! jejeje. bueno, te dejo mi dire por si quieres agregarme (supernena_93@hotmail.com)
Por cierto, me llamo sandra, tengo 20 años y soy española.
Un besazoo!!!

Amanda said...

Mesmo sem entender uma só palavara do que vc escreveu (afinal só conheço a minha própia língua!) não podia deixar de coemntar no seu blog! Hurley e Juliet são o melhor de lost na minha opnião! Amo vocês! Beijo.

Nacho Soto said...

Hey Jorge, maybe you'll enjoy this :-)
It's a speed painting of you

Cerimonial Joel Robson said...

Hi, Jorge. I´m brazilian and i like very much LOST and you. I wanna know more about your work like actor. I live in Sorocaba, state of São Paulo, Brazil. My wife Antonia and me liked specially of the episody what you drive the van (kombi is the name of those car in Brazil). Very emotion for us. Please, if you can, give me a message to abbi@ig.com.br

DQC said...

Hola Jorge,
Yo soy Daniela, Argentina, vivo en Buenos Aires, soy casada y tengo un hijo. Desde que empezo la serie la vemos, somos fanáticos.
Admiramos tu trabajo, nos encanta y divierte... Hurley es muy parecido a nosotros en cuanto a su humor para decir las cosas.
Me encantaria recibir noticias de tu parte, mi mail es daniqcampi@gmail.com
Te admiro profundamente. Haces un excelente trabajo.
Un abrazo grande

lyly ford said...

you told about picture ! i saw this picture today you and josh are so kawaiiiiiii (it's like cute it's japoneese^^ yatta lol)


i hope you could make other pic with him :)

Cristin B said...

Dude, I can't tell you how cool it is that you're on here blogging with all the rest of us. You're adorable. I'm married, so I won't go too gushy, LOL. Seeing as how I'm in TX, I doubt I'll ever be the one to start the media blitz. Even if I did see you, I'd probably be too busy pinching myself, giggling, staring, and all that other annoying fangirl crap I always said I'd never do but don't think I could really help. ;D

zhd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark�ta Glatzov� said...

Wish for an autograph

Dear Jorge Garcia,

I'm a great fan of you and therefore I would be very happy if you could send me one or two hand signed pictures of you. I would be very pleased if you could fulfil my wishes. Many thanks in advance for your kindness. Success may always be at your side.

Yours sincerely, Markéta Glatzová


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