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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Never mind.

People are scared. Word has gotten back that I started this blog and I got a phone call telling me to be careful about letting anything out that may give something away about the first episode. They know anything I write will be scrutinized by the people interested enough to read it. So...

It might be too risky to do this blog.

We don't air until we've almost finished all principle photography.

It's going to be hard enough keeping that stuff secret without a daily outlet.

And I don't want to make my bosses angry even though I know I wouldn't let anything out of the bag.

But if they're sweating about this, then it's not worth it.

Sorry but I'm pulling the plug.

Three days. That's all it took.


mb said...

Oh well - totally understand man. Thanks for thinking of doing it in the first place. You rock!

memphish said...

Thanks for trying Jorge. You might want to pass up the line that lack of content is making the natives restless.


Trevor McFur said...

Damn, what a bummer. And you didn't say anything! Wow, I guess Cusalof is cracking down this year after the rattlesnake was spoiled.

maven said...

I guessed it would be only a matter of time. Three days...wow! Thanks anyway...we still love ya!

jb_dean said...

It was Heaven while it lasted, yea? ;)

Mahalo, dude!

freckles said...

Thanks for the three days. Respect your decision to respect your bosses. Still love ya dude!

Миљан Давид Танић said...

Too bad... I don't think anybody expected you to give anything away, really. :) Just your feelings about the show and stuff...
Well, thanks for this what you have us :)

boarexpert said...

Hey Jorge, Thanks for giving us even these few posts - it was lovely of you to do so. Totally understand why you can't carry on. I'll look forward to season 4 :)

Deb said...

Hi Jorge!
As it's been said, I don't thnik anybody expected you to give anything away...But I totally uderstand you. It was great to read you these three days.

Muchas gracias por intentarlo, todos lo agradecemos...te veremos en la 4ª temporada! Un abrazo, Deb.

Heather said...

Aw, shucks! Thanks for making the effort anyway, Jorge. It would have been fun.

Heather (heatherlar at www.fishbiscuitland.s4.bizhat.com)

Xannie said...

Aww... it was fun while it lasted! Thanks for your work, and good luck with Season 4.

btw, you could always continue your blog with non-Lost-related stuff!

Marc Vibbert said...

Thanks anyways Jorge, if anything you could just write about stuff unrelated to Lost, hope to see you write soon

oppo said...

Thanks for thinking of doing this, Jorge! It's the thought that counts for me. :)

Colleen said...

Hey, at least you have the account so you can still comment on other blogs :)

Bigmouth said...

Boo-urns! Boo-urns!

Is this that "radio silence" thing again? Damon and Carlton had better be careful that they don't kill us softly with their silence...

moc815 said...

Well... you know... you could post what kind of toast you ate in the morning and we'd read it... and love you for it.

2costa said...

why dont you just make it a jorge blog without the island reference. I wanna know what ted danson is really like...

pocket said...

That sucks. I love my blog - I like the discipline of writing every day. You should keep one anyway and just make it password protected to your friends and family. It's really a gift when you live far away from family to know that they check in with you every day.

Capcom said...

S'alright, we understand. And they are good bosses, so we wouldn't want you to get them worried either.

Thanks for thinking of us a trying it out for size. Maybe after the season starts you can pick it up again. :-)

Allo said...

Augh! That's so not cool. Do non-lostie things and stick around to chat with us if you're not too busy. Reading the posts and replying here makes me feel vaguely important.


SaveMeJeebus said...

Thanks for putting this up Jorge, no worries, it has to be taken down, we understand. :)

Have fun shooting season 4! :)

Termin8ter77 said...

Jorge-you are awesome and your show is amazing. Keep on doing your job because you do it so well (you don't want to piss off the bosses). Even a tidbit of news on the show gives fans like me renewed excitement. Can't wait to watch this coming February!!

Shamira Sridharan said...


Unknown said...

with you dont talk abou Lost it's ok! I dont wanna see Hurley dead!! lol

Flapper Flickers + Silent Stanzas said...

There's more to you than just "Lost" - I'd really like to hear more about Jorge.

Hope you keep this blog running!


lou said...

after Lost moved to Feb on last years season I LOST Lost, now I see this season starts in Feb, guess I'll loose Lost for good. lou

Capmaster said...

No worries, Jorge. With the intense shooting schedule and killer travel involved, the last thing you probably want to do is talk about your work.

I love the show, but I'm also interested in Jorge the person. That's who you REALLY are ...long after season 6 has aired (I really hope nobody jumps the shark!).

BTW, I believe you about the bowl ;)

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