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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Working Friday

A script is on the way to my house. Just found out I'm working Friday. The official first day is next Wednesday, but apparently it's an aggressive day so we figured we might want to knock out one little bit this Friday. By "we" I mean them. It's not like I had a meeting with everyone and we agreed to this. This is the bosses saying, "So you're working Friday." But it's good I'm anxious to start season four. Heard some things that sound very exciting.


Ralph- said...

You're anxious? we still have to wait on pins and needles until Feb. But i cant feel too bad for myself concidering that you have to keep a ton of secrets over the next six months.

Black Swan said...

Hi! You're my favorite character on Lost! I named my puppy Hurley. He's a one-year-old Bichon (little white dog that looks like a Maltese). My Hurley is extremely friendly and spry, like you.... ha ha.

Loved your performance in the season 3 finale! Hopefully, the rest of the Losties will have a new respect for you.

Good luck on filming the new episodes. I wish we didn't have to wait so long. And, I hope they don't put Lost on Friday nights. I want you back at 8 or 9 pm on Wednesdays.

Amused2bHere said...

And so, it begins.

I guess it must feel good to finally get started on season 4.

Thanks for the blog, even if work and life interfere with you doing too much with it. Hey, there are those that live in the blogs, those who comment from time to time, and then those who Pearl (uh, "lurk" for those non-Losties.)

We appreciate you, Jorge. Keep up the great work as Hurley.

jb_dean said...
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jb_dean said...

Jorge, you are totally Da Man with this journal of yours!! Thank you so much and I really look forward to reading it! And BREAK A LEG on S04!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge,

You answered me on the fuselage last year. I told you I'd joined Curves for Women and was doin' pretty well...just wanted to say, glad you're back for Season 4...if you or Josh were gone, I think I'd just find myself a nice shady spot and curl up and die.

Take care, brother,

Dennis said...

It's awesome that you are doing a blog! Thanks!

BTW, If you see JJ, ask him about Cloverfield!

Jeanine said...

Your work last season was amazing. I was so glad they gave Hurley such a heroic moment in the finale. Thanks for doing this blog. Will definitely be checking it out. Looking forward to the finale. Only 6 months to go. And to think it seems like only yesterday it was 6 mos and 1 day to go...the time is really flying by now.

Allo said...

I'm going to have developed a twitch by the time season 4 airs. True story, no lie.


Unknown said...

Congratulations Garcia for its work. You he is an excellent actor. I am Brazilian and I admire you very. It always follows thus in its career. One more time congratulations. I wait that my “English” has understood, forgives.

Gustavo Cal├žado Ferreira

Philipe said...

Hi Jorge. Overhere in Brazil me and all my friends are still curious for the 4. season.
Wile we are waiting, I am sculpting an publishing an step by step of creation an garage kit of John Locke character. Some of my friends are asking for Hurley character. May be. I am not skilled like McFarlane Toys, but also, I don´t intend to sell it. Just show how i work.
If you can take a look, the link is:

Will be nice if someone of Lost cast say something aobout this hard working. I would like to ask if you can say about it to Mr. Terry?
I intend to send a replica for him.

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