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Friday, August 24, 2007


Zoos always SOUND like a good idea. You remember them as a kid and they were totally awesome.
What you don't remember about zoos is what hits you as soon as you walk in:
"Oh yeah, the animals crap here!"
You never remember the smell of a poop at the zoo. In fact the only smell you DO remember is the smell of a freshly molded wax Gorilla.


memphish said...

Not only do they crap there, they emit their equivalent of sweat and pheremones there as well. We're going to a wedding reception at our zoo next weekend. Hope it doesn't smell too bad.

mamba said...
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mamba said...

mmm, i never liked zoos...they make me feel melancholic.

Adam Modiano said...
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feklips said...

Grande Jorge , saludos y abrazos desde Chile , sigue así de bien tu personaje entrega mucho carisma e identifica muy bien a muchos de los fans .

estaremos al tanto de tu blog par ver que reportes nos hace desde la isla ..Saludos

Capcom said...

So true! Just went to the Knoxville zoo last month on the hottest day of the year. Not so nice. And I found a fresh gorilla toy sitting beside me at the playground when I was hiding in the shade, interesting that you mention the gorilla toy. :-)

But I do remember the smell of the hyena cage in the summer at the William Land Park Zoo in Sacramento when I was a kid. :-p Some things you never forget.

Very entertaining posts Jorge!

Unknown said...

The poop smell at the Bronx Zoo doesn't bother me quite as much as the distinctive odor of tourists.

Camila said...

Hmm... Is that supposed to mean that you just shot a scene with plenty of stinky animals on it? Should we expect a Dharma Zoo on Season 4??

(Don't mind me - it's fun to speculate...)

maven said...
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maven said...

Kinda makes you wonder what they did with all the Polar Bear poop at the Hydra Station!

John said...

Hi!! 'im according with you, you never forget that smell (yummm).

2costa said...

ya the plastic gorillas rock, but i do remember the smell too. It's funny at the monkey house how they fling it at the glass. People do that to each other all the time figuratively, monkeys are just more upfront and literal about it...

2costa said...

the others seem pretty green maven i bet they used it as fertilizer...

moc815 said...

For me... the fresh smell of a wax Dolphin at Sea World.

The Penguin House stinks like you would not believe.

Not sure which is worse bat guano or penguin house. blech

Anonymous said...

I remember that smell, but I had a friend who worked at a Zoo and went often in high school.

What's weird is going back after a few years and suddenly everything looks like it's a scale model instead of the full sized version from your youth.

Hurleyrules said...

Haha i still have my wax rhino from my last trip to the zoo some 15-20 yrs ago

Juano said...


Juano said...

hi...I am a of your fans...sorry for mu english but I speak spanish...Im chilean as you :)...I admire you...well...congratulations..and post me please of you can...VIVA CHILE!

jb_dean said...

Repeat after me: "Zoos are Bad! Don't go to zoos!"

Zoos sound like a great place to help the animals but what the world really needs is to teach people to help them in their own environment. Instead of caging up polar bears, for example, we should be helping to relocate those that are starving to death in Alaska and other polar regions due to man's destruction of the Ozone Layer.

OK, not trying to be mean to ya, Jorge, but really ... zoos are not good (poop or no poop LOL).

And they still make those plastic gorillas?! Wow, guess some things just never change!


April said...

Agree with you Jane. It is sad that we have to go to a zoo to watch the animals that live on the planet instead of watching them in their natural environment. However most of the species are about to extinct (thanks to humans) and therefore the zoo is the only place where some species can be preserved.

sheilinha brasileira said...

Oi, tudo bem?
Sou brasileira, moro em São Paulo e sempre acompanho o LOST.
Adoro você.

Question Mark said...

The smell is a crucial part of the zoo experience. When else in the average person's life would they get a noseful of, say, gorilla feces?

Jú Alves said...

In Brazil we don't have plastic gorillas... at least I don't think so!

The strongest memory I have about Zoos make me keep away from the hippos. Everytime I go to the Zoo in São Paulo one of them make the poop and shake the tail, so the poop flies for all around... it's a madness!!

Have a nice weekend!
Cheers and a kiss.

matt said...

hi, you doesn't answer me! a big fan of yourse. please I'll be very happy if you send me a message. vinicius12006@yahoo.com.br. the scene i loved was that one you show to the Sawyer you fix de van....... Very nice.. bye-bye

SpOOky (Mark) said...

This seems like a Very Random topic, It leaves me a little confused at to what prompted such a Post.

Brunow said...

Hi Jorge Garcia, I am a great fan of the serie and I hope you still there through the all seasons, cause u make everbody laugh.. and, fortunally, I cant remember the zoo's smell !!! See u and good work for us

RentZ said...

saludos desde chile jorge
se agradece la interaccion con los fans
sigue asi
ojala pase luego el tiempo para la cuarta temporada y verla luego en febrero del 2008

Unknown said...

joRGe, soy un chico español!! weno eso da =, el caso es que acabo de ver el último capítulo de la 3ª temporada!!! xDD!! Q cabrones, me dejais con la intriga!!!xD!!!
Que te diré q no te hayan dicho!!! pFFF!! Simplemente q muchas veces sabes q estás rodeado de gente, pero te encuentras sólo. No creo q sea tu caso, pero siempre hay gente a tu lado que te admira por como eres... Espero acabar mis estudios de cine y kien sabe, a lo mejor no acabo limpiando los retretes del McDonalds xDDD!!! Mucha suerte con tu carrera!!!un saludo y espero q algun dia te vea un poco mas de cerca, ya sea para hacerte una entrevista o ponerte un menu en el mcdonalds!!! kien sabe... Un abrazo dude!!! Ohh, the zoos,,,mmMM The human is the only animal that kills by pleasing. with that, I say everything to it

Deb said...

oh, well, I love zoos, but maybe all that smell is the reason why I prefer aquariums :)

Que tengas un buen día!

JJB said...

Haha, I have a zoo story. Some really bad stuff... like a mule spitting on us, tigers peeing out of the cages. I was like 7 when this happened. Never been to a zoo since.

Matt Stellbauer said...

I am Serving in the Peace Corps, on an island ironically enough. Your blog is helping pass the time. Please Keep writing.


Elledwards said...

In my town (La Plata, Argentina) the entire zoo is crap. Animals seem to be sad in there, there's no money enough to give them everything they need (or politicians steal it, that's more likeable). That's why I never go to the zoo, it ends up as a terrible experience. Saludos, que sigas bien.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jorge!!

First of all, sorry for my poor english, I'm Spanish and I don't pay much attention to my English lessons xD.

I'm a huge fan of LOST. Ive seen the whole 3rd season even though it will take long to come to Spain. It's my drug xD. I really enjoy the Hurley-centric chapters and I hope we have a FF of Hugo soon. Have u heard that theory that says that Kate and Hurley will marry in the future? That's a good one, hehe.

Ive been twice in a zoo, in the Barcelona's one. Most of the animals are always either sleeping or inside a cave so it's a bit kinda disappointing. And of course, the poop...

A ver si te animas a escribir algo en español, jeje, estaría genial.


Gonzi said...

Hi jorge!!!!

Gretings from Chile!!!! your father country....
In Chile you are a great character!!
En chile tu eres un gran personaje!

Espero que no nos olvides y vengas a visitar a tu Abuela....

Nos vemos :P
Good Bye :P

john (not lennon) said...

Sadly, I haven't been to the zoo since I was a kid, so I still have a decent memory of them, :D
What an interesting Blog you've got here Jorge, I found my way here from Dark UFO and decided to join up for the craic, shame it can't be as originally intended, but it got me posting!!! :D

Losteech said...

Dude you rock!
Cheers from Macedonia if you know where the hell is that :)

Black Swan said...

Hey there, memphish, capcom, maven, and 2costa!!!!! Lots of TLC people here!

I guess when I was little, I never thought about the smell of the zoo. I was too busy eating the bread my Mother gave me to give to the animals:) That was probably an early clue that I'd be battling weight issues my whole life...lol

My best three memories of going to the zoo:

-A monkey reached through his cage and grabbed my Dad's glasses right off his face. They were the old-fashioned glasses with hooked ear stems. That monkey swung them around and around and had a ball. I didn't think my Dad would ever get them back, but the monkey let go at one point and the glasses got hooked on the cage wires. My Dad quickly retrieved them and learned his lesson not to tease the monkeys anymore...lol

-Speaking of teasing, my cousin, Jim, learned the hard way that llamas spit if they get mad. My brother and I just laughed and laughed.

-I also remember a "reverse" monkey zoo in Florida that had the monkeys running around "freely" while we humans walked thru a caged walkway. The monkeys all had little buckets on strings that they'd lower for you to put some food in. Crazy!

scott said...

mmmmmmm... nothing like the smell of a freshly molded wax gorilla.

That story about the monkeys with buckets on strings is insane.

But not as insane as a monkey knife fight.

Anonymous said...

Our local Zoo has a barn yard animal section. . .as if it's not bad enough to have normal animal poop, barn yard poop takes on a life of it's own, it chokes you! But it is kinda fun to feed the chows and sheep. . .

2costa said...

i think those molded animals are plastic

Julie said...

We have an awesome zoo in Pittsburgh and poop or no poop it's fun to see the animals cavort.

My fav zoo memory is when my friend Lynne saw the "do not feed the animals" sign and decided that chewing gum was not food - and gave a stick of gum to a chimp. And he chewed it and chewed it! It was hysterical, although I was 16 and that may have had something to do with it...

bigmouth said...

After seeing Creature Comforts, I've never been able to view zoos the same way again.

One time, on a particularly hot and humid day, my friend and I got lost in the National Zoon in DC. It was so nasty out, that most of animals seemed to be in hiding. We made up a song called the "zoo blues" and sang it all the way home...

Yobtar said...

Which zoo did you go to the Honolulu zoo?

Koshka42 said...

Dude, you should come to Toronto - our zoo is really vast, you don't smell the animal crap like you do at other zoos. Plus we have penny squishing machines. Come visit!

Erica said...

You saying that mold of a gorilla totally brought back the smell for me. Thank you for reminding me of my childhood.

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