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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Man. I guess I was due. I've been happy with a lot of movies right now. I loved Once. I loved Hairspray. I loved 3:10 to Yuma. But they all can't be awesome movies. So I was destined to run into a turd soon.

And boy did I ever. I'm not going to say the name of this movie. But it was such a steamer that I felt I had to see another movie just to get the taste out. So I saw The Brave One which I also thought was good.

I feel bad about hating this movie because I kind of know a couple of people who were in it. But boy did this movie suck. My biggest issue was, while the premise is not realistic at all, I didn't buy the peoples reactions. Frankly if what was happening was REALLY happening, there would be a hell of a lot more characters "passing" bricks.

The only cliche they missed in this movie was the drunk wino throwing his bottle away after not believeing what he sees.

Yet I had to stick around for the showdown in the end. Which I will admit was pretty good until it all turned sentimental in the lamest way, when something cries.

I'm out of stuff to watch. Friday seems so far away.


Hoku said...

I am glad to hear you liked 3:10 to Yuma, I am gonna go see it this weekend! I was going to pass on the Brave One till it came out on cable, cuz I heard the plot was not believable. Maybe I will take a chance...

You-Know-Who said...

Let the guessing game begin!

kanahina said...

well, I wish you'd tell me what movie it was so I don't go see it!

; )

Миљан Давид Танић said...

Hm... It's been a long time I saw a movie that really satisfied me...
And what you're describing... I felt all that (and worse) watching Transformers. :D

Unknown said...

Ahh isn't Naveen Andrews in The Brave One? I was planning to go see that movie.

That sucks that the movie you saw wasn't very good. The last movie I saw was Hairspray, which was awesome. I want to watch some more movies, but sometimes reruns on HBO are satisfying :).

--thefox-- said...

Haha, dude that sucks! Im glad you liked hairspray though. Thats an awesome remake, Ive seen it like 4 times! :P I wanna see the Brave one too, at least now I know im in for a good movie!

Hurleyrules said...

Based on your description.. hmm im gonna have to say your referring to dragon wars. Cmon you can tell us get damon or carlton to give ya a clever anagram to use for it instead they sure seem to like using those enough. ;p

david alandí said...

Hairspray is AweSome!!!!!!

Flapper Flickers + Silent Stanzas said...

If you're looking for something to rent, you can't go wrong with pre-Codes. They're movies made between 1929 (end of the silent era, which I adore) and 1934, when the Hays Code (censorship) was enforced. The pre-Codes are some of the best movies I've ever seen - edgy, honest, funny, touching. You won't be sorry.

Jennifer ^_^

sara said...

If you want to see something fun you should watch (if you havent yet) rocky horror picture show.

D S said...

Mr. G, I'm telling you, set your Tivo to Turner Classic Movies. There are 1 or 2 films there every week that aren't on DVD yet and at least 2 or 3 amazing performances each week.

"I feel bad about hating this movie because I kind of know a couple of people who were in it. But boy did this movie suck."


"The only cliche they missed in this movie was the drunk wino throwing his bottle away after not believing what he sees."

Do you listen to Patton Oswalt? Because that really strikes me as a Patton or Brian Posehn-style joke.

You're getting the hang of this blog writing. You should pitch a book deal for your Lost Diaries.

maven said...

I really enjoyed "Hairspray", too. I love musicals. But since getting a big screen TV, I can wait for most movies that come out to get to Netflix...it's a much better experience avoiding a theater with kids, cell phones and talking going on.

It must be tough for you to see a movie or TV show that has people you worked with or know and you think was was bad. How do you face them when they ask if you've seen their latest movie or TV show?

Guille said...

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Altereu.S said...

Try watching Merirelle's 'City of God'. Some may say it's violent, but it's wild.
Good luck!

MIRCMIRC said...

kate rocks i love you


Edo. said...

Hola Jorge, antes q nada un Gran Abrazo y saludos desde Santiago de Chile, celebrando nuestras fiestas patrias. Cuando te esperamos por aca?
un fanatico

justjared said...

It has to be Dragon wars. I've read too many reveiws just like this that didn't leave out the movie's name.

Dragonslayer and Reign of Fire set the bar. All others will fail.

~Karen~ said...

Now you've got me wondering.....

jackandkate said...

Jorge you rock!!!!You're one of my favourite Lost character.
If you have time check this out
it's a spot i've made for you.

jackandkate said...

and please say hey!to MATTHEW, EVANGELINE AND JOSH from a big LOST fan from Greece!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jorge my friend! You seem to have missed yr colleague taking an Emmy the other night....

Capcom said...

Was it the Pete Seeger movie? Heheh. :o)

Lynn Faruque said...

I liked The Brave One too, and I've yet to see Once but based on what you have to say about it, I will see it.

I don't know how much of a reader you are or have time for, but I will also see The Kite Runner, just finished the book.

Hey you have me hooked, you~~~I'm blogging. :-)

Siempre, and keep your underwear dry~~~hate to think about you guys having to go commando out there. What am I saying!! LOL!!

Kiss Nunu for me~~~Scout is in the dog house.

Alirio said...

Has to have been SHOOT EM UP...

Ralph from the Lars also hated it... big time!

Lots of love from Montreal, Jorge!

Captain Mustapha said...

I watched Serenity after watching the Firefly series on DVD - very good show

ROSA said...

See? Friday is tomorrow!

Ralph- said...

Hey Jorge, is there a chance of King of Kong heading to the island?

Also, how do you tell someone that you know that their movie was not good?

do you just tell them that you thought that they were good in it, but the story on the whole fell flat.

seems like a crappy situation.

cesarale said...

Genio!!!. Me encanta tu trabajo. Ademas escibiste el post el dia de mi cumpleaños. Genial.

Te mando un saludo Alejandro desde Uruguay.

2costa said...

what movie shoot em up

2costa said...

eith that or the one with jet lee and statham

The Private Parts said...

On topic: I hate it too....there are very few movies that I look forward to these days. I've gotten to the point where i'll wait it out and rent them. Somehow, it doesn't seem so disappointing when i'm curled up in a comfortable chair.

Off topic: Around August 18th you posted a blog about 'writing down what you want' and I was wondering if you would mind expanding on that a bit. Specifically, what were the next steps you took after writing down your dreams. If this is too personal, no prob.

ita said...

podias escribir algo en castellano xDD

christa said...

are you coming to the shell saturday? that's going to be good!

i also put up all the good stuff here in honolulu on my blog. don't sleep!


Fernando Espinoza said...

the movie that you want us to guess, if you say boy and you say that you hadda see another movie just to get the taste out, the first movie I think is oldboy, because it has a surprising ending and so mad...I would like to watch 3:10 to Yuma, because Christian Bale and Russell Crowe are very good actors, and Brave one because of Naveen...see ya

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge, I love lost, but I read a little your article because I speak in spanish hehe. I'm chilean too. Congratulations for your career. I hope you read my comments.

mamba said...


Bruno said...

Why don,t you create a profile in Orkut???
It Would be cool!!!
I want to be the first add!!!

From Brazil

Macolin Productions said...

buen blog! saludos desde Valencia :D

www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

yeah many people I know liked Hairspray, but I haven't seen it yet. I think Naveen Andrews plays in The Brave One, I would love to watch it, but in France it will come out only on september the 26th.
If you like comedies or want to have fun, you should watch The Simpsons =) It's a nice film =)

Goodbye <3

sawyerrules said...

I was watching last night "300", we can't see it on the Cinema and we got it on DVD. It was shocking to see Paolo on that way...and a bit hillarious as well. But the movie was OK.

Now I'm waiting for Josh's Movie "Whispers", I don't know when it is going to be here but for sure I'll go to cinema :)

Ya que lo tienes cerca dale un besito a Josh de mi parte ;)

Unknown said...

Dude, I'm brazilian..
Dude, you are the best whatever you do.. I love when you say: DUDE..
How i'm brazilian, I speak portuguese.. so.. I use practice my english with my friends.. and we call ourselves for "Dude", because of you.. Dude!
bye bye!

Unknown said...

Watch Elite Troop, from Brazil, in theatres in Oct-07, in DVD in the next year. Hugs!

Unknown said...

Great Jorge, try to watch Elite Troop, from Brazil, in the theatres in oct-07 and DVD in the next year. Hugs Dude.

Unknown said...

You are the best actor that I seen ever. So natural. I Love you Jorge. I love Lost Because you are there. Im Lucrecia From La plata Argentina. And now go to add you in the links of my Blogs one for Lost is www.rochenoire.blogspot.com and the other is for Fantasy things and art www.voodoomardigras.blogspot.com.
If you have time seen some of the two and let me a coment.

Bye Bye and Good Luck

ezequias said...


pablo! said...

Hola Jorge! soy español y es la primera vez que escribo. como es eso de que hablas español? quiero decir, ya lo sabía, pero tu naciste en EEUU? he estado mirando los mensajes y he visto pocos desde españa, pero que sepas que aquí se sigue perdidos de una forma... aunque estén poniendo en la tele ahora la segunda temporada yo ya espero impaciente para ver la cuarta con subtítulos! AL principio la veía en español, pero descubrí que mucho mejor en ingles, me encantan vuestras voces y sobretodo cuando dices: ey dude! jaja tengo que decirte algo, la escena del coche que sales de la selva y salvas a sayid y a jin...sin palabras, me puso los pelos de punta. Bueno no se que más decirte, que seguro que eres un tio genial, o por lo menos das esa impresion! oye, evangeline lilly es tan guapa como parece? Siento la perdida de Libby.

P.D: apoyo la idea de que escribas algo en español, por favor!! para todos tus seguidores que hablamos castellano!! Para mi sería un honor que me escribieras aunque solo fueran unas líneas: themetalcrow50@hotmail.com

Maru Manson said...

hey dude... I really don´t know if it´s you or not... but I don´t care either

like the blog it´s kinda funny

please un post en español!

aguante argentina y lost XD


system7 said...

I have not seen any of the movies you have so far. I am torn about seeing the brave one. Not a Foster fan, but a huge Naveen fan. Maybe if Naveen was the star, it would be different. So I am trying to decide.

I will be seeing Resident Evil tomorrow. From the comments I have been reading in this blog and other places, the plot is a little more believable than the Brave one.

I should not cast judgement on the movie though, since I have not seen it.

I saw Transformers 3 times. May sound rediculous, but I enjoyed it. The last movie I saw was the bourne ultimatum. I thought it rocked.

One of my favorite parts was when he was trying to kill the guy with the book. Now that may sound sadistic, but come on, it was with a stinking book! My wife dug her face into my chest during that time but I was amazed at the fight scenes.

I am looking forward to the Hitman movie because I am a fan of the games, and being a musician I might like to see August Rush, but I don't have to because the previews give it away.

Have a great day and I may have to record the season finale for season 4 if it is scheduled to end in may. Our first child is scheduled to arrive the 24th of may. That is on a saturday so we should be good. I will try to see if my wife can hold on a little longer or we could induce. Just kidding. She is a lost fan too so she may not have a problems with it.

Alexis said...

What you're describing really sounds like Death Sentence, which was actually so bad I almost walked out of the theater (only did that once in my life) until the end, when it went so over the top (the fluent spanish swearing followed by the action scene) that I recognized that the producers were levelling us. "Levelling" meaning they intentionally made the movie this bad.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kabuto said...

I like it, i'm a happy spanish called kabuto.... congratulation for your blog.

Giovana Samara (a.k.a MsRed) said...

The bad movie description just seemed so much like "Children of Men" to me. Specially the "when something cries in the end" part. But the movie is from 2006, so...

Anyways, sorry for those who enjoyed this film, but it sucked big, huge-time for me. It's dark and depressing and plain sad.

Worst of all: it's #140 in the "250 Best Films of all Time" on IMDB!

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