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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tips for working in rain scenes.

Well TIP actually. There is only one.

If you're shooting a rain scene, leave the underwear in the trailer.

You can either "go cowboy" to set or you'll be forced to "go cowboy" home. Because nothing sucks worse than the moment you realize your underwear is wet. And now they're moving the camera so you have about twenty minutes to sit in your wet shorts.

It's times like these when I am forced to turn to my fellow cast mates and remark, "Isn't this glamorous?" "Truly the greatest job in the world. It's so glamorous."


2costa said...

ya its either go cowboy or grab some tough actin tinactin on the way home

2costa said...

or is it commando

Katamotz said...

Jorge supongo que sabrás hablar castellano, no? Un saludo desde Bilbao, España.

MauRSS said...

What's up Jorge????
I hope you'll be ok
You've done a great work
I love your character
Greetings from Chile
I hope Hurley don't die... or get killed... or kill
I'll see you in another life. brotha

Capcom said...

Ever since the first season watching all the actors having to get all sweaty, wet, and dirty, I've figured that you all deserve some kind of extra hazardous duty pay. Working like that is definitely the downside of your profession!

Carol Menescal Lilly said...

Hi Jorge!
Can u send a kiss to Evi from me, please? Tell her I've sent her 2 letters :)
I miss you guys and Lost!
Your blog rocks I'm always here!
I know i won't get any spoiler, but just tell us some news from the cast too!

psdrummin said...

i wear a 44 brief and it weighs about 30 pounds wet.

Miss Parenteau said...

hahaha, you rock :)

Fernando Espinoza said...

let me tell you that you look like one of the character of prison break, you could be have work in that great tv shows too, like Sucre's friend (manche) jejeje.
About this topic, I agree that you deserve get extra pay because of this situation that you and Emily (muack)and Evangeline(muack) are happening...xau

Hoku said...

As someone who works outdoors on Oahu I am quite familiar with dealing with the wet clothing issue. Here, it can be sunny and hot in one valley and pouring 6 inches of rain in the next! So I have learned to carry at least one change of clothes in my car. They must be using that rain making machine on set, or you must have found that singular valley, cuz we are dyin for rain on the leeward side. Send some to my house!!!

Callebe Garcia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Callebe Garcia said...

Hey fella, but you can always wear a bathing trunk or a speedo (ouch lol)!
In a rain scene is kind of weird to go swinging, specially if you need to run for your character's life! LOL

And I enjoying this blog a lot!! I've been having lots of fun since I first came here!!

Greetings from your brazilian 'cousin'
Callebe Garcia

david alandí said...

vaya tela Jorge!!

Una pregunta...

Emilie, Evangeline, Elisabeth y Yunjin tambien van en plan "cowgirl" en las escenas de lluvia? ajajaj

lil_yuna_dreamer said...

Really you can not imagine how much i envy you! God! i wish someday to be on a show or a movie!! While that day comes i'll still be playing theatre.
P.S hate to live in an "unknonw" place like Tenerife... there's not oportunities to be on any show

jair d said...

who's in the coffin, hurley? WHO'S THERE?

Unknown said...

Hola Jorge, aqui una fan española, acabo de encontrar esta pagina y si conoces el castellano podrias escribir algo en nuestro idioma que por aqui a mucha gente que usamos los subtitulos.
Saludos desde España

Jan said...

Okay, I'm speechless.

(psdrummin cracked me up!)

2costa said...

is that a tighy whitey psdrummin or more of a boxer brief?

Honeybell said...

This is all I'll be thinking about while watching the new season. "Jorge's gone commando." :|


2costa-I think tightey whitey's would be much more uncomfortable, but bein' a girl & I'm just guessing . . .

Enrico said...

Well, I guess the "go cowboy" dilemma is something you're glad to have when you realize the job you're doing (and what a job!).. I just hope you understand how lucky you are and wish you a great time, you guys are doing an extremly good job :)

PS: are you ever going to say on the show "Hey ladies, it's Hurley time!"? ;)

Unknown said...

You learn something new every day. I never realized that cowboys didn't wear drawers. Huh.

Well, I'll never be able to view a scene where it's raining the same way ever again. Keep that backside powdered! I would imagine there's nothing worse than a rashy bottom.

Sue Wacvet said...

I love you, Jorge, but this is a picture I didn't want in my mind!

JJB said...

Haha, thank you for the tip, I'm sure we'll all keep that in mind. ;)

Peggy said...

just think of it this way...if you were REALLY lost on a deserted island, you would most likely "go cowboy" for comfort and to lessen laundering, so basically when you are "going cowboy" on the set...you're in true character. LOL

kookie said...

Okay, it's not glamorous, but face it...no one looks better dripping wet than the cast of your show. The fans demand it. :)

Mags said...

well, when the show started i wasn't that thrilled, but hey, i gave it a shot... and guess what, that best thing i ever did! it's really the greatest show on television, one of the best ever! and we can watch amazing and sweet actors as you! you're lucky! oh, and i've read a lot of spoilers, a lot of rumours, but believe, never saw any like this one! you just killed me. it'll rain! i can't believe it! XD
anyway, i understand that it must suck having to wear all those wet clothes... i love the rain, but the afterwards, when it stops and we are all wet it's really "glamorous", yep!
keep giving us this tips, we love it. hugs

Unknown said...

Don't know why, but I keep thinking about this. Not being a guy, I have no idea, but do you really want to be sans underpants when wearing wet denim? I would think not. That can't be comfortable either.

Courage dude, courage!

--thefox-- said...

LMAO!! OMG dude youre hilarious! I personally think you should all go 'cowboy' as you like to say, this would of course be much better depending on whos also in the scene *cough* Foxy *cough*

2costa said...

i think they wore those old time underwear in brokeback mountain the one that are like a jumpsuit with the square in the back with the two buttons on top, i may be wrong... your mostley right honeybell, boxer briefs are basically tighty's with underroos colors. Boxers are way more free and easy, but dont supply that manly support we sometimes need

2costa said...

Jorge i agree that unbreakable is the best M night.

Pedro Victor Galdino said...


Unknown said...

Hi J. Garcia

I'm from Brazil and it´s my first time here on your blog, and I want to ask you something and maybe you could write about it here if you haven´t yet.

Here in Brazil the 2nd season aired this year, so we are very late, but I downloaded all the episodes from the internet as they come out in USA, but I have all the dvd boxes.

So I want to know what do you think about the episodes be online without any control? I can't see any big demage for you actors 'cuse this makes you and the show more popular.

thanks...and hurley is awesome!

and wet underwear really sucks!

Admin said...

omg.. blog hugo :D im poland tv lost :D :D nice

Admin said...

hehehehheheheh lol im no speak english ;(

Callebe Garcia said...

As Tobias said, Lost's seasons were available for download all over the internet, right after the show on ABC. And I need to confess, I have watched all the last season on the internet.

But we weren't as late as he said! A free channel called Globo reproduced the 2nd season this year. But the third season was on a paid cable channel called AXN (owned by Sony) with a month of delay.

Anyway, I watched the show on the internet, I watched again on AXN and I'm waiting the box to be relesead to buy and re watch it all over again!

And I know that downloading from the internet is piracy and it's not legal nor cool. But I'm one of the viewers that consume the stuff after, so it's more like a broadcast kind of thing for me, because I erase the file after watching.

See ya, dude!

Teh Crazycakes said...


How many days do you have to shoot the rain scenes for? I recommend some BodyGlide.

Glamourous...hmmm, have you tried doing the hair flip and shake, with the coy stance and sultry eyes? If I were you, I would do that to Naveen.

sawyerrules said...

Rain on Lost is not a good thing, I wish that its doesn't mean that I think its means...:(

¿Hurley under the rain?

PONCIL said...

I hope you don´t break your leg and they have to rip your trousers to put it in plaster ;)

christa said...

eh u da kine!!

maven said...

Hey, Jorge -- you're up against Naveen in the Character Cup at DarkUfo! Unfortunately, you're behind right now. Everyone here go vote for Hurley.

www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

I hope you first take was the good one ! Because I agree be wet and dirty is not pleasant =)

how many episodes have you shot yet?

Because I am so desperate without Lost =(
You do a so great job, I am addicted to Lost ^^

Bye and good luck for the others wet scenes you will have to shoot ;)

Eva from France

pedro tamer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Yes...caco is right...Lost is on AXN too but I started watching it on globo channel than I changed to Axn.
Most people who download the episodes do not have cable. it was a friend of mine, who doesn`t have cable tv, that told me that it was possible to download it from the net...
As you caco, I don`t have the downloaded episodes anymore because I buy the dvd boxes.

Pedro Victor Galdino said...


2costa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Fajnie by było, gdyby to był jakiś spoiler z większą zawartością "czegoś" :)

Juan Pablo Traini said...

Hola amigo!!!

Saludos desde Argentina

Silvia said...

Realmente sos Jorge Garcia.? Actor de Lost?
me encantaria porque amo la serie

ROSA said...

Another spoiler????

Railok said...

Hey Jorge!
You may not remember me, but last year at the London Film and Comic Con, I was the guy dressed as Indiana Jones that you took a picture with :D How about if you put it up on the blog? That would be cool!

javias000 said...

Hey dude!!! What's up?! Hurley is one of the best characters on Lost! I just wanted you to know that in Spain you have tones of fans! If you wanna have a look, here's one of the examples: http://z10.invisionfree.com/Perdidos

Take care :P

BTW: Superman Would So Totally Beat The Flash in A Race!!! xD

Cool_Freeze said...

Getting wet undies is worth it when it's all said and done though, isn't it Jorge? Please say it is...PLEASE =]]]

February is coming ever closer...I can't wait! That is to say that my birthday is in February. =]

No seriously..it is. lol


Jet said...

Gracias por el spoiler, men ;)

Haber si nos dedicas algun post en castellano unas palabritas xDD =)

Bueno pues un saludo, ;)

Grettings from Spain :D

Mike said...

You are very lucky to work in a beautiful island xD

good work ^^

nice to meet you


escribasutextoaqui said...

Hey Dude!
so jorge, do you really born or live in chile? Can reply in spanish?
I hope you'll be okey, Greetings!

From Santiago Chile

Admin said...

emila.. pisz po engielsku bo oni nie wiedza co psizemy ;)

bondsbustyblonde said...

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Cami said...

Hi Jorge!
I'm from Chile
I heard you were from here!
hope you come some day =)

My English is not so good, but I do my best.

If could reply in Spanish it would be great!

Cami, Santiago, Chile

open up said...

now dude, with all this rain that's coming soon then, i'll be able to understand how come you all look so tidy and clean despite the lack of cleaning conditions, i mean, who can get so elegantly combed after spending a hell of a long time being affected by the salty humidity of beaches!!!! now with the rain... the sweet water will account better for this mystery. don't u think????

AK7 said...

Hi, man!
congratulations 4 your great job and 4 the great serie Lost. But mostly, thanks for your tips about how to work in raining scenes... when I work on a Island I'll be very carefull, jeje.

Don't get a cold!
Chao amigo!

(From Chile's World) :)

Unknown said...

Adoramos o seriado lost
o melhor estamos a espera
da 4 temporada Abraços Jorge.
Brasil/Santa Catarina
São Bento do Sul

Anonymous said...

I know it won't make you happier but you CAN sit 20 min in your wet underwear because Oahu is hot. Really hot. And i just realize that weather in poland is bad, means 10 layers of warm clothes is rather good idea. Maybe you want to change places with me? :D

ironica said...

If I had to stay on an island, with Josh Holloway, for a lot of money, I would be glad to work with wet short. Regards from Italy.

justanothersky said...

Hi Jorge, thanks for creating a blog to share your thoughts with us. :)
And I am just wondering whether wearing swimwear underneath would be better for shooting those rain scenes?
I've never tried it before (Obviously), just thought since they are designed to be worn in the water, might do a better job than regular underwear.

Laura said...

Well, I will remember it if someday I become an actress and I have to do a rain scene XP

Greetings from Barcelona!

Unknown said...

so the rumour about you wearing 'kate's' underwear on set is untrue?

Ruth said...

LOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOOOOLOOLOL Well, like de mille said. Pain lasts a minute, film is forever! lol I'm pretty sure rain scene are a lot easier to enjoy when you're watching not actually standing there. Going cowboy?! LOLOLOLOLOL oh boy, the mental images lol

Halie said...

So after reading this post and all the comments, I feel like I must be missing something. Why can't you just wear one pair of underwear, bring another and change into it after you're done for the day? It kind of makes it sound like you just own one pair! =)

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