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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Finally Caught

Upon closer inspection it's not a creature at all.

It's just me, silly.

(Yes, this WAS stupid)


www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

Awaesome lol!
You are really a funny guy ^^
I think nobody get bored at your parties =P

Be careful, another monster can appear on the island =)

bye Eva =)

Anonymous said...

You're so cute! <3

Davipé said...

Eres grande Hurley... ojalá algun día vengas a Chile, te estamos esperando.

modry_banan said...

Dude ... too much free time:)?

maven said...

Not stupid at all! Love your sense of humor. Who was taking the pics?

Mawar said...

Jejeje!! Muy buenas las fotos Jorge!!


Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Was this before or after your attempt to abscond with a dolphin?

Woodeene said...

Silly, not at all. A wonderful glimpse into your sense of humor, definitely!

The fray team said...

jajaja me hiciste reir durante quince minutos
es que es muy chistoso
¿a quien se le ocurre hacer este tipo de cosas?
solo a jorge garcía
sigue así y no cambies nunca

The fray team said...

jajaja me hiciste reir durante quince minutos
es que es muy chistoso
¿a quien se le ocurre hacer este tipo de cosas?
solo a jorge garcía
sigue así y no cambies nunca

The fray team said...

jajaja me hiciste reir durante quince minutos
es que es muy chistoso
¿a quien se le ocurre hacer este tipo de cosas?
solo a jorge garcía
sigue así y no cambies nunca

Mi Rinconcito said...

sos un grande !!!
la verdad que te admiro segui asi
espero que alla lost para rato! jeje
es mucho pedir .. no?

saludos desde Argentina
soy uno mas que te admira!


Anonymous said...

but SO much fun!!!

Thanks for all the giggles!

If you ever find yourself in Oklahoma...

LOL...it makes me laugh to think of what you'd come up with to entertain us and you there! : )

Bethany said...

Stupid or not, it's terribly cute!!! Your blog is always so fun to read because it's so random and interesting and just plain real. Love it!

Sonne Crane said...

Dude... that creature looks like you!!!

Flá Romani... said...

You !!!! BINGOOO


Captain Mustapha said...

Excellent pictures!

but all this time, I was betting that it was going to be Michelle Rodriguez!

Scoutpost said...

Don't look now, but I think the Dharma shark is coming up behind you!

You are too funny. :)

So....lots of time on your hands during the strike eh?

Cyndy said...

What a beautiful place, huh??

it must be a funny time for you!!!! we can see in that pictures!!!

Take care,



Honeybell said...

Jorge, I love that you seem to have enjoyed these last few posts, you really are an awesome blogger! I'm glad you're hanging in there.

Otherwise . . . you are Dharma logo free, right?

jacklostkate said...

I knew hawaii was a very beautiful island but seeing you so happy like that ... it gives me all the needer to come ! Just a problem, i'm french and just 16...

I wanted to tell you that i loved your work and the way you play yours characters.

Oh and do you mind if i record one of those pictures ?

Emilie <3

Cicom83 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cicom83 said...

ciao Jorge, siamo due fratelli italiani (from Sicily, "our island"), da poco tempo siamo diventati grandi fans della serie che tu interpreti assieme ai tuoi fantastici colleghi e considerandoti il più simpatico ed il più autentico di tutti, abbiamo deciso di scriverti ( but in Italian because you are "latin" like us :) ). Continua così sei un grande!!! You're so Great and your blog too!!
Ciccio & Dani

john (not lennon) said...

I'm amused more so 'cause no one mentioned your hair LOL!

...j (",)

ROSA said...

Have you think someday to work like a scriptwriter??

sgrigua76 said...

If the strike continues do you think you're gonna look for whales? :)
Hugs from Italy!

piojito said...

Kate and Jack still lost? Hahaha is a joke
These beautiful photos of the cats, greetings ;)

Unknown said...

Jorge! You are freaking awesome! Enough said.

Avinash said...

Oh here we go...

My name is Chris... said...

I would comment about how that was genius and I haven't laughed so much in ages but everyone on here just keeps kissin' your ass ALL THE TIME!!

"Oh look, some cats! - Jorge you're sooo cool!!"

" Wow, a dolphin - did it have a dharma logo? hahahaha - you're the best"

Hmmm...So, cool blog. keep it coming, but just so I don't sound like everyone else - you're a freak!

Anonymous said...

Hola Jorge!
Simplemente decirte que soy productor de Cine y si algun dia tienes algun proyecto que podamos hacer juntos en Argentina, cuenta conmigo! Aprendi mucho con Lost. Y he tomado mucho cariño a tu personaje.
Ojala puedas aprovechar tu momento para seguir haciendo grandes cosas!! EXITOS!!
Te invito a visitar el blog de mi pelicula. www.recortadas.com
Tambien me puedes escribir a info@recortadas.com
Un Gran saludo!
Juan Pablo Caserta

Brian Leonard said...

Dear Jorge,

Thanks for doing these blogs! Hurley is absolutely my favorite character on Lost and I think you have *something* to do with him...=~>

So did Episode 8 wrap? If so, or when it does, what do you do then while waiting for the strike to end and new episodes to be written?

Brian L.

Eruannë said...

Che, te queda mejor el pelo largo. Mucho mejor. Nunca habia firmado nada. Pero simplemente no se, me dio por ponerlo. Jeje.
Nos vemos Jorge,

Hey, you look better with long hair. I never posted you anything before. But simply came out. Hehe,

Enjoy the riding longboarding to sunshine!

Ahora que hice una muy mala traduccion de mi propio comentario. Nos vemos.

Un gusto haber pasado por aca. Siempre fuiste ocurrente.


- said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ps. Eugenio Galvez said...


sebas said...

Dude!!!.You´re my favourite from LOST.I´m from Argentina.You´re the most funniest.
Sebastián Bruno

Eris said...

hahahaha!!!! awesome!!! that's great... you're so funny Jorge!

keep that humor going on!! :P

Jan said...

I thoroughly enjoyed every silly morsel of that. THanks!

Peppermint Twist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peppermint Twist said...

What a wonderful and rare creature you have captured on film! Tee HEEEEE/loving it!

Jorge, I'm so glad to discover your blog. You truly are delightful. Rock on with your hilar, guileless, sweet, fantabulous self!

Sincerely, Edna (a.k.a., Lockefan from the 'lage)

Irishcoda said...

That wasn't stupid, it was fun!

What do you do for an encore? :)

Jon said...

Nobody seems to be asking the the most obvious question:

How can he be taking pictures when he is in the picture?

Jorge is obviously withholding a major secret.

IslandLaurel said...

Not stupid... just freakin hilarious!

Liliana said...

Hi guy!
I m an Italian girl!
U r my favourite actor in Lost!
Hope that u'll come back soon here in Italy!
That's wonderful that u have got a BLOG!
Great and cool!
We love u

Astrónomo said...

Pues que te puedo decir que no te hayan dicho ya, soy super fan de Lost y me asombra tu sencillez, keep doing those things :)

Saludos desde México (aqui todavia no acaba la temporada 3 :(... pero ya la vi en DVD)

Gaviota said...

Jorge, I loved your pictures!! Hawaii is so cool!!!

Karin said...


Everyone and their mother has a picture in the swimming hole in front of the moaks on your fridge except ME!! I want my pic! waaaa!!! hehe


Karin said...

Everyone and their mother has a picture in the swimming hole in front of the moaks on your fridge except ME!! I want my pic! waaaa!!!


Beerman said...

Are you on/near the sand bar in Kaneohe Bay? I saw dolphins there earlier this year. I'll look for you next time we rent a boat up there. Hopefully, you get to come back and start filming again soon.

Amellico said...

jorge!! ven atu pais de verdad (CHILE) yo saoy un fanatico tuyo.
ven y das entrevistas....y lo que quieras...firmas autografos solo te pido q te acuerdes de chile :( nos tenis votaos disgraciao :).

Unknown said...

LOL...I liked that!

kainani said...

You are too funny!!

redelf said...

I really like these pictures.

Unknown said...

crack up :D

Momof4 said...

LOL I enjoyed this photo series.

Anonymous said...

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