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Sunday, December 23, 2007

BEEvenge (Or Vengeance will BEE ours)

Well it's been two days and ther is definitely a reduction in Bees. This definitely goes to show...

It's so puffy. Here I'll put up a flipped picture of the opposite hand for comparison.

Puffier right?
Oh no. And here with Christmas around the corner. How will I ever fit my mittens on this hand.
4Q Bees! 4Q!


Avinash said...

Avinash's Tip of the day:

Wear a Mickey Mouse glove.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Oh, man! That so blows. I thought it looked like you were allergic when you first posted a pic -- guess you are. You should probably get that checked out, unless the swelling has already started to decrease. Watch for cellulitis. (Sorry, grew up with an R.N. mom.)

Honeybell said...

Poor Jorge!! Forget my comment on your last post, screw the bees!!

(But seriously . . . how cool are you posting with your hand like that??)

DrDegroot said...

It's BEEginning to look a lot like Christmas...EVIL bees are trying to morph you in to Santa. If you wake up tomorrow with white hair...

kanahina said...

4Q bees 4Q!


You crack me up, Jorge!

Mele Kalikimaka and I hope you come back home to Hawaii soon!

Jason DeMars said...

That's not good, man.
You should see a doctor or put some benadryl cream on it...

Ms Avery said...

Jesus! That is scary, man.

lyly ford said...

poor jorge :( it's one of my worst fear, i hate bees >_<

Please Type Legibly said...

Benadryl, Jorge - and the sooner, the better. You don't want it getting any worse. And the commenter who said to watch for cellulitis is probably right. (Sorry, can't help it - former nursing school student here). You're going to have to kill the bees, Jorge. It's on...

adRift said...

I see two left hands! O_o

bondsbustyblonde said...


Capcom said...

Jorge! Go to the emergency room, just to make sure you don't need a shot of something!

We don't want you to suffer for Christmas!!!

groovymom said...

"When the dog bits - When the bee stings........
I simply remember my favorite things" (We were just talking about what a strange song that is for Christmas - but it somehow fits, now doesn't it!!)

Have you tried clear (silicone?) caulk around the window, and door jam areas? It shouldn't show much, but might help to block further entry points.

BEST of luck and happy holidays. Thanks for all the posts. Felt bad about your hand, but laughed out loud at the bun sans burger!!

Jen Ryan's Brain said...

duuuude.....take some benadryl PRONTO! makes ya sleepy but it works. Cortisone creme will help as well. Merry Festivus!!

elainemarieg said...

You run around the jungle most of the year, you go home for Christmas, in a
house, and look what happens!

Anonymous said...

LOL...I think I'm officially GONE! *giggles* When I first read the titles of your bee blogs...I thought maybe you were writing about Beecake fans. *big cheesy grin*

But I see now that you have a real bee problem. I hope it's now solved (still catching up on your blogs)...because I'm sure they are not as fun to hang out with as Beecake "honeybees" are. :D

Seriously, Jorge, I do hope that the swelling has gone down and that you have no more nasty bee problems.

Hugs from Oklahoma~~

Wahhhmbulance said...

I told you dude, hire pros and stay away from the creatures!

I hope that doesn't hurt any longer...

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