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Friday, December 21, 2007

oh BEEhave

Operation Take Back The House

has begun.

I had to make a move when I saw these bees trying to crawl into my bed.

So I've thrown a comforter around the grate in front of the fireplace and propped a case of waters in front to give it weight.
Now we wait and see. If that doesn't stop or at least slow down the bees then we know they're getting in from someplace else.

The mission went as planned. But we did suffer one casualty.

I took a shot in the hand


Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Wow, sure you're not allergic to bees? That sting spot looks pretty nasty.

I am so glad not to be you. I would be freaking out beyond belief right now if I had bees (or any insects) swarming my house.

Honeybell said...

Badass . . . battle scars!!

Felipe Espinosa P. said...

man you're the man

i'm waiting for the new season of lost...

don't let them kill you

greats from chile


Sue Wacvet said...

Time to call an exterminator and a beekeeper. Bees are good, so don't kill them. The beekeeper will give them a good home. The exterminator will help. Get a good one this time!

Sucks that they're in the house, though. Let us know if you get any honey!

Outburst said...

Dude, you're my fave on the show, but who threw up on your shirt on this year's promo shots?

Taylor said...

BEE!?!!? *shudders* Dude I have a irrational fear of them. I would never be able to even be in that room! We have a simalar problem here. They enter in the attic and the second floor sometimes but what was worse is the ocassional wasp! *continues to shudder*

Taylor said...

Merry X-mas and Happy New Year and I am pagan and today we celebrate Yule, so Happy Yule too! May you recieve all that your heart desires

Irishcoda said...

Owtch! Bees where you sleep...that would seriously creep me out! Sounds like mom needs to get the beeman in there again to get rid of them!

Capcom said...

Yowch! I think that it's time for the experts. Good thing the bees aren't the Africanized ones! But they do seem a bit carnivorous, since they are seeking you out. Must be because you're so sweet. :o)

Please Type Legibly said...

Give 'em hell, Jorge...and call the exterminator. Sounds like the bees may have set up a hive there, in which case, it's war.

Agustin Alvarez F. said...

hi, hurley i´m from argentina and u are very very very similar to "alfredo casero" and also u are my favourite character from LOST...visit my blog were i have your photo with casero.

Wahhhmbulance said...


See duder? Let the professionals handle it.

Bees freak me out. Seriously.

:) Glad it was only one. What sucks is when it's like ten.


Anonymous said...

...Io odio le api!!!!
...I hate bees!
Kill them!

sofia said...

Hi Hurley! I am from Argenina and my name is Sofia. I love your blog and lost.I want ask you something: if i can talk with you by the computer??