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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It was a Christmas miracle

So it's Christmas night. And I have a prime rib roast in oven. And it's sporting a beautiful crust. We're setting the table and making the last preparations when I discover that we have no horseradish. I can't have Christmas prime rib without horseradish right?

So I put on my jacket and get in the car and start driving.

It's like 6pm. Where am I going to find horseradish on Christmas day at this hour? Hell, what's even open at this hour? I drive by Stater Brothers. Closed. Not only are they closed but they put their carts in front of their doors on the inside. They are secure.

Keep driving Ralphs is closed. Ooo! CVS is open. What are the chances CVS has horseradish? The chances are zero. Zero chances they have horseradish. But so as not to waste the trip I bought batteries, because I knew they'd come in handy when we start playing Electronic Banking Monopoly WHICH IS AWESOME! I'd call it a Christmas present but I bought it for me.

I'm about to give up when I noticed cars parked at the far end of a parking lot. People getting out and walking into BAKER'S SQUARE?! Baker's Square is open on Christmas. And in case I'm second guessing myself I can see the Santa painted on the window telling me that they're open. Well a last resort is a last resort.

"Hi this is kind of a strange request, do you guys have horseradish? Would it be possible to get a few sides of horseradish to go? No no meat. No drink. Just horseradish."

"Uh let me see, I don't even know how much I'd charge for that."

"Money is no object sir. I need it to save Christmas."

Sure enough. A couple of minutes and three bucks later I'm walking out with frozen yogurt cup's worth of horse radish.

I don't think the guy recognized me. But I'd love it if they told the story when Hurley came in on Christmas and only ordered horse radish. Eventually as the story got passed down it would get distorted from the truth till it got to the point where I actually sat down at the counter and just started scooping straight horse radish into my mouth.

Either way, Christmas was saved.


Amy said...

Funny story & truly a Christmas Miracle ;-)
You mentioned people at Baker's Square didn't recognize you, but did people at CVS?
Just wondering...you're pretty recognizable (I think), but yet it seems like you're such a normal guy, I wonder if people just think "he looks familiar" but don't know where they've seen you before.

Sue Wacvet said...

What's Baker's Square?

Unknown said...

i'm so glad your Christmas was saved. its such an important thing.

Apex Zombie said...

"Oh man, you gotta hear this. So it's Christmas right, and I'm on my shift. It's like a totally crappy way to spend Christmas, by the way. Anyway, so I'm there, and it's like nearly midnight, and I'm falling asleep, when out of no where comes... oh man you wouldn't even guess it."

"C'mon, tell me!"

"Okay, you should just get it from this: 'Dude'."



"I don't get it."

"Dude! It was Hurley! Hugo Reyes! Jorge Garcia!"

"OH! Dude!"

"Yeah, anyway, so he comes in, and it looks like he's just come back from Hawaii, looking all Hurley like. And he says to me 'Dude'. Honest to god that's the first thing he said to me. And I'm like, 'Hey, what's up?' And then he says to me 'Dude, this is like, a matter of life or death, or something. I need some horseradish. Like, if I don't get it, people are going to die. I need 23 ounces of horseradish, divided into 8 cups. 4 of those must be evenly filled, and... something about 42 etc.' I'm like 'Are you serious?' And he's all, 'Of course not, dude, but I really need some horseradish. Like, right now if you can.' So I said 'Okay dude, hold on. How much do you want?' He said he wanted about 4 cups full, and when I brought them out, he downed one of them straight, just right there. That was just the craziest thing. And then he took the other cups and ran out the door. And he totally didn't pay either!"

"Whoa, not cool."

"Nah, it was all good. As he ran out the door, he said he'd mention me on Lost, so you know that's all good."


Please Type Legibly said...

LOL, Fat Lazy Guy. You know that's just how they'd tell it, too.

I am glad to hear Christmas was saved. Still feeling bad for Frosty, though...

Please Type Legibly said...

BTW, Suzie-q, Baker's Square is a pie place.

Columbus Cheap Chick said...

Awesome story, Jorge! I'm sorry the fart ruined Christmas, but glad it was saved by horseradish!!!

Honeybell said...

That is fantastic . . . I wanna try it!!

oh, and Fat Lazy Guy? I am LMFAO.

Eris said...

haha, great story! and Christmas was saved :P I'm sure you had an amazing Christmas dinner!

Fat Lazy Guy, that's soo funny!!

Ungoddess said...

Why couldn't you have came to my CVS? Seriously. Would have made my Christmas tenfold. : )


Saudações Brasileira!!!!


O Brasil te ama!!!

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Hehe, your story had me laughing aloud and then I read Fat Lazy Guy's version seen from the perspective of the guy at Baker's Square (wtf is that?!) and it just made it even better.

Daryl said...

I am so LOL .. we saw a movie on Christmas Day (we're Jewish... ) and after wanted to get something to eat .. NYC the city that never sleeps clearly does not serve dinner on Christmas Day .. two places were open each had a 30 min wait .. we ended up going home .. hungry .. and no one recognized us either .. nor will there be tales told except by me on my blog...

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

well, i'm glad that horseradish was able to save the christmas that i ruined with my...ahem....

dan.hunterx said...

nice story....


im chilean ^^

congrats for your goals :D



Si aun puedes entender español xD!

te mando saludos jorge....estaria bueno que te dieras una vueltecita por CHILE ^^

a ver si vamos a tomar tragos con amigos y kosas asi ^^

te aseguro q se te colgarian mujeres como loco xD!!

saludos maestro ^^

groovymom said...

Great story - I'm so glad you saved the ROAST BEAST!!!

Where we live Walgreens was open 24 hours through Christmas - couldn't believe it! I sent hubby in for some cold meds late on Christmas Eve. He said it was PACKED with people doing Christmas shopping (mostly guys). He said he saw 2 college aged guys with their arms full of stuff. This cracked me up! (Wonder if they needed horsey sauce too!)

Happy Christmas & thanks for sharing your stories - always FUN!! (poor hanging Frosty - reminded me a bit of Mr. Cellophane in the movie Chicago.)


maven said...

This is a great tale for Christmas. I'm sure it will go down in the Garcia story archives! LOL

It's so great that you cook you own roast and worry about condiments, too! Keep up the great story telling.

And a Happy New Year to all

Dani said...

Jorge, espero que por tu apellido puedas entender español... Soy Daniela de Argentina y realmente encuentro un actor con todas las letras en ti... De casualidad encontre tu blog y solo quiero hacerte llegar mis mas grandes saludos y felicitaciones por tu trabajo. Que tengas un feliz comienzo de año y aguardo las siguientes temporadas con mucha ansiedad. Te saluda toda Argentina por el éxito que fue aca la serie.

Capcom said...

You're right, if they ever recognize you it will turn into quite a Christmas legend! :o)

Juan Cruz Mateu said...

Hey Jorge, espero entiendas español... Recien encontré tu blog no se como, ya me voy a poner al corriente, la intención es dejarte un gran saludo y una mayor felicitación por tu trabajo en la serie, tu personaje le da siempre el toque de aire fresco a la trama y eso, aparte de mérito de los guionistas, es mérito de tu arte. Un gran abrazo desde Argentina, seguramente estaré seguido por aquí.

xKIRAx said...

la verdad,un honor firmarte el blog.sos un gran actor y te deseo lo mejor en estas fiestas
mucha suerte!



Irishcoda said...

Hooray for the people at Baker's Square...they sound like they'd have cakes and pies and stuff, are they a roast beef place like Pappy's or Roy Rogers?

Unknown said...

So why did a pie place have horseradish anyway? Do they make a roast beef pie? Shrimp cocktail pie?

I guess you shouldn't question a Christmas miracle but I'd just have to back and ask why the heck they had it. You didn't hear a bell ring on your way out, did you? ;)

Claudinha said...

Hi Jorge! I don't speak english... but I'm a brasilian fan of LOST and of "Hurley" of course... Bien... I don't understand what was your Christmas miracle but I will try learn a litlle of english...rss... Happy new year!!!
Compreendeste algo?? Hasta luego!!!

D S said...

Jeeminy is that a funny way to tell the story- I was going and going and that last paragraph just upped the ante.

Off-Broadway one-man show. I've said it so many times, your writing should go into some kind of stand-up monologue.

AlexG said...

Hello, Jorge
My name is Alejandro Garay. I'm going to Hawaii on January 16th and, as big Lost fan, of course, I'm counting on getting as close to the whole Lost thing over there as possible.
I'm also a journalist for a Hispanic publication in Atlanta, Georgia. I would LOVE to get a chance to interview you while I'm in Hawaii. Please, let me know how we can set up a meeting at your best convenience.
My email address is alejandrogaray[at]hotmail.com
I hope to hear from you soon.
Que tengas un maravilloso 2008!

biba_46 said...

Happy new year Jorge!

Rhonda said...

I just don't see Hurley sitting down at the counter eating the HRS. I think he would have taken it outside and hid between two cars and then go to town on it ;-) I just finished watching season 2 of LOST and I can so imagine this!!(Hurley hoarding food episode)

Anyways...Happy New Years! Can't wait to hear about it!

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahahahaha. <3

redelf said...

LATE Merry Christmas!!!! Heheh I got cookies for my dog instead of a dog cookie jar.

I also got Lost season 3 YEAH!!! I didnt get to see season 3 or any of the other seasons because I usually have night classes (graduate school eek!!!) but I am getting everything watched before season 4 starts!!!! YEAH!!!! All I have to say is they better not get rid of Hurley!!! I am so scared!!!

Anonymous said...

now - that is definitely dedication! I don't know if we eat horseradish here on much - definitely not on xmas. But - if someone forgot the brandy cream then I can imagine myself running into the nearest shop and begging for it for sure.

S.O.S> said...

EYYYYYYYY!! desde Argentina!!! muy buen año y mucha suerte!!! lo tuyo en la serie es muy bueno!!!!

S.O.S> said...

EYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! desde Argentina !!! feliz año y muy bueno lo tuyo en lo actoral!!! mucha suerte!!!!

S.O.S> said...

EYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! desde Argentina !!! feliz año y muy bueno lo tuyo en lo actoral!!! mucha suerte!!!!

E. Rivera said...

Nice post. :)

Viva La Vida Teardrop said...

Hi there Jorge,
Loved your post and dig the doggie. I'm a chihuaha owner too. Do you have a fansite or fan club?


Lynn Faruque said...

Hey Jorge~~~just checked here and I'm glad to see you have enjoyed your holiday at home.

Love ya~~~

Yo said...

Happy New Year, Jorge!
Feliz Año Nuevo! ;)

ROSA said...

In spanish:

Wi-wi-chu-a-merry-crismas... an a jappi nu yir!!

Anonymous said...

LOL...you are too funny! : )

I'm very glad that Christmas was not ruined due to a lack of horseradish. :D

Hooray for those who handle all of our strange requests...even when they don't realize what it means to us.

Jorge, I hope that the rest of Christmas was a blessed one for you and your family!

Happy New Year! Can't wait to see the new episodes of Lost. I received season three for Christmas so I hope to get thoroughly caught up soon. :D

Thanks for all your kindness to my family in 2007! You made us SMILE!

maven said...

Wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

Hopefully, those media moguls will come to their senses soon and everything can get back to normal!

Now that Oceanic Air is in business again, are you going to book a flight, Jorge? LOL

elainemarieg said...


BuRattinaiO said...

"Buon Anno" from Italy!

Lynn Faruque said...

Happy 2008 Jorge!!!!

And thank you from the bottom of my heart~~~thank you for being a part of the laughs and the joy and the tears, and even the seat-of-your-pants cliff hangers!!

Thank you for giving us you and for giving us Hugo. Most of all, for giving us Jorge. But I just LOVE Hugo. :-)

I hope you and your family have THE best year coming up in front of you. I hope your grandfather does very, very well.

Many blessings, to you and yours.

With love and besitos, Tena.

You Can't Scare Me said...

Happy New Year Jorge!!!! I hope you had way too much fun and did some stupid things. I can't wait for pictures.

Wahhhmbulance said...

lol @ "Money is no object sir. I need it to save Christmas."

I literally lol'ed

Unknown said...

BTW, Jorge, I don't know if you've ever heard of Blogshares. It's kind of a fantasy stock market game using blogs as stocks whose value is based on incoming links from other blogs. I submitted yours to the game and it's already pretty valuable.

If you're ever interested in playing, 1000 shares of a blog are always set aside for their owners. The link to your blog in the game can be found here

Happy New Year! :)


Cartes said...

dude, your work is awesome ^^

happy new year and thanks god your christmas was saved

a greeting from chile

Madrugadores La Serena y Coquimbo said...





Lídia said...

Happy New Year everybody!

I'm new in reading your blog, Jorge, and it's always fun.
Hope your wishes came true this year.

maven said...

Hey, Jorge...are you playing the new ARG for LOST: Find815?

tommysmom said...

My son Tommy is 10 and is high-functioning (finally!) autistic and bipolar. We lost his Dad three years ago. Over X-mas he begged me to watch LOST and we did a three season marathon. He is hooked and you are his favorite character...he says that he thinks you would be the same in real life as you are on the show and when I found your website he begged me to say "hello". He wants me to get him a "Hurley" figure and you are his male role model - thank goodness he likes you better than Sawyer!!! But really, thanks for being a cool dude! We love ya Jorge - and I hope you come to San Diego for Comic Con again - we saw you on the bonus features and Tommy wants to go next year to meet you!!!

Damian said...

Hola Jorge!!!!, soy Damian, un fanatico de lost de Argentina. Imagino que hablas español, asi que aca te escribo solo para saludar y decirte que aca tambien estamos locos por lost.
Saludos desde Argentina

Coni said...

im from CHILEE!!
i want to tell how amazing i think u aree
u are so cuteee :)
i love everything u writeee
u are amazing guy!

so sorry becouse i don't speak very well, maybe u cant understand what i say

i hope u have a great Xmas, its a really great story =) and i hope too u have a really good new year

luck with every things u want to do

i lovee lost too



VaneSpain said...

You are fantastic!!!

Unknown said...

Hola Jorge... Saludos desde Puerto Rico...!!!! Estoy loka por que empiece la nueva temporada de Lost... !!!!!! te admiro muchisimo..!!!
besos y abrazos

Cláudia Silva e Cunha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cláudia Silva e Cunha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cláudia Silva e Cunha said...

Well I dont even know what "horseradish" is, but... the hell with it! You saved Christmas thats the important thing!! :P

I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan of Lost! I love you part! I simply loooved the episode with the hippie car! My favorite! I simply love Hurley, Sawyer and Charlie's friendschip, they are (were, aparently Charlie is dead...)really funny together!!

Well I just wanna wish you the best to 2008! I hope Hurley doesnt die any time soon! :p lol
* sorry for my mistakes in english! :P

Dan Clarendon said...

I always enjoy your posts, but I had to make my first comment on this one, because ever since I found out about the Electronic Banking edition of Monopoly, I have craved it. And told all my friends about it. Everyone agrees that the concept is amazing.

Pau.- said...


Soy Paula, de Buenos Aires, Argentina...
Felicitaciones por tu papel en Lost! Hugo es lo más!!!!

Muchos saludos,y feliz año nuevo!

arielaqueveque said...

Hola Hugo saludos desde Chile, si que te ganaste el premio de loteria¡¡¡¡¡ jejejeje
Un abrazo, suerte en todo lo que emprendas

chrismanganello said...

So I only had a change to watch Lost sporadically in the past, and, as they say, if you miss a show, you miss a LOT, so Santa (my mother-in-law, in this instance) left the first 3 seasons of Lost under my tree.

I've just finished the 24 episodes in Season 1, and, as a result, my wife, kids and professional responsibilities have suffered....it's hard to stop watching, and almost every night I find myself struggling to keep my eyes open so I have a chance to get "caught up" when Season 4 starts.

Jorge, you're BY FAR my favorite character on the show, and while I'm sure a lot of that has to do with the great writers, a considerable portion has to do with your superb acting and the passion you bring to your work. Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your time and effort on a show that has already become a classic.....

Cheryl said...

Love the blog! I hope you are posting again soon. I am counting down the days until LOST returns. It is my favorite show ever! The only thing more amazing than the writing is the acting! Thanks for putting so much into your role on LOST. If the writer's strike isn't over soon I am going to fall apart - I have been counting the days since May and I am not kidding!

Mike May said...

Mr. Garcia,

First of all, my own father doesn't find my new posts as fast as you did. So that struck as a little strange But nonetheless I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume you have some sort of Google alert and that you haven't simply been stalking me quietly all these years, waiting for me to write something about you.

Second of all, my sincerest apologies. There's a part of my brain that doesn't work very well and my facial recognition skills leave much to be desired. In my defense, "JB" did not do much to dissuade people from thinking he was you. By no means did he ever try to pretend he was you. But as someone would leave the table and tell him how much they loved his character, he didn't feel the need to correct them. I have a feeling the man must get that a lot.

Also there were a number of things he said that I did not talk about in the post, that I simply misinterpreted because I guess it was more interesting to believe that he was you than that he was him.

And finally, I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but sometimes I am an idiot.

So again, please accept my apologies if you got any weird calls from people wondering why you were in Vegas. There's a decent chance I won't make the same mistake again.

Ever Sincerely,

Mike May

PS I honestly did enjoy discovering your blog. If your poker is as strong as your blog is fun, I'll be sure to avoid you next time you're in Vegas. Keep up the good work.

PPS I actually have played with the real Michael Ian Black back in New York once or twice and you so should have kicked his ass.

Colleen Oakes said...

Horseradish and Christmas = two things that should not go together. Yuck! It must be a Hurley thing. Love the blog, will be stopping by from now on!
By the way, my sister and I had a in depth discussion today about how you are the best "Faller" on LOST. Other people kind of pretend to bite it, but when you trip and fall you REALLY trip and fall...face first. Its pretty hilarious.

elainemarieg said...

I miss you! We are all going a little nuts waiting for Lost! Hurry back!

sofia said...

hi! I am from argentina and i love your blog and lost!
Your one of my favourites and i want ask you something: if i can talk with youby the computer??


Woodeene said...

So, Jorge, are you back in Hawaii? Did the snowman who hanged himself have a funeral yet?

Mambo Girl said...

You are absolutely the coolest sweetest guy for sharing your stories with us! Thank you so much for making the effort. Can't wait for Lost to return. Hope to see more Hurley scenes!!

Capmaster said...

Great story, Jorge. You didn't mention it, but I hope you scored a French Silk while you were there. Gotta have dessert after prime rib ;)

alba gallen said...

Hi Jorge!
I'm from Spain, and I think that it's fantastic history!! Like LOST!! really I like lost!!! and it's the best!! my brother think that Hearly is the best!!!! haha!!


Néstor Espinoza said...


I'm Nes, from Chile. I read your story and i'm glad you saved your own Christmas Night :)!

Well...just came to say hi, and congratulate you for your great work on "Lost".

My blog is in spanish...do you read spanish? If you do, come by my blog!

See ya!

Iván said...

tell Joge.
you are Jorge Garcia really really?? or not....
Because in the internet there are a lot of blogs of you, i mind. you are the true Jorge Garcia?
If you are the true Jorge, pliss answer me. good bye..
PD: Do you like Led Zeppelin?

I love Hugo when he drive this car DHARMA.

I'm Argentino, I speak spanish. chau. Por eso escribo medio mal.

piojito said...

Hi Jorge!
soy superpipas ,como te va?
jajaja esta guay tu blog...y bueno ya que pasaba por aqui..pues...tengo muchas ganas de que empiece la siguiente temp de Lost!!!yujuuu..weejeeee...falalala

see you!!! ;D

chrismanganello said...

Check this out Jorge, you'll love it...


Loca xq sí said...

I don't have idea what is horse radish, but it's a funny story, anyway!!!

Maxi Bort said...

Hello Jorge,

I allways say, if i were one of the lost, i´d make friendship with Hugo, Charly and John. They are my favourite characters.
Saludos de Argentina hueón!
brigido tu blog!

el club de la pulenta

ximena said...

So, I was reading the creepy story about the fans peeking through your windows and that led me to your others entries. Until I came to this fabulous picture of a hung snowman. It made laugh hard. and I'm still grinning about it. You just made my day. Sorry about the lost of privacy. but there are creepy guys everywhere and you just hope you wouldn't get in the middle. you just hope it won't happen to you, you just hope...

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Maggie said...

hahaha. that made me laugh so hard! i think it's hysterical you went in and asked for a side of horseradish. at least you saved christmas.

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She was slightly tipsy..... must be from the whiskey on her hand.

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