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Monday, June 29, 2009

You will get nothing AND LIKE IT!

I think the hotel may have read my earlier blog post.
Because the next time I stayed there, the cds were gone.


Evonne said...

I am LOLing here.
Maybe they want you to stock it for the next person.

JohnLeMay said...

Looks like pre-2000 or bust, they need Joe Purdy's newest album stocked to the gills. Anyone heard it yet, he's the tits.

James Hernandez said...


Nothing is good! But think about this nothing over nothing is 1. Just saying!

Petra said...

Or maybe a guest who came after you had read your blog and decided to keep the CD's as a memento!

: ) P

magnus said...

James Hernandez, you just blew my mind

Lynn Faruque said...

Well that is crap. lol

katie! (: said...


Tales of Whimsy said...

Thieves! You should call the front desk and demand some old cds ;-)

Cassandra said...

At least this time the side of the cabinet doesn't look like rats have been gnawing on it!

Wednes said...

Well, I guess that'll learn YOU to have an opinion!

Freak said...

Hehehe, you have fans or followers everywhere...


King J, Queen M, Princess E and Princess M said...

he he he

Stacey B said...

At least this time something didn't gnaw on the cabinet!

Kellie said...

They left you the dust though.

moon said...

And somewhere nearby a left sneaker quietly snickers...

B.R said...

I'm sure after the CDs left, they have declared revenge on you for callin' 'em old...
Hey, Jorge fans, be sure to expect a new documentary:
Jorge Garcia-Revenge of the Old CDs
With Brad Pitt as Jorge
And Steve Carell as hotel manager
and Eddie Murphy as all of the CDS...
I scare myself sometimes.

OurWanderingAdventures said...


Maybe you have a fan that stayed there after you and took them as souvenirs!

ReNaTo UêGa said...

I did! I caught them and I'm selling it now. Anyone interested?
hahahahaha =P

Unknown said...

quality use of one of the most underrated caddyshack quotes ever.

i guess this just teaches us that we must always travel with our own stash of sade, chumbawumba, and ace of base. :D

Dolphin Boy said...

Caddyshack fan? LOL. Megan beat me to it....

Bioariel said...

you should like leave a note or something...
"Where's Andrea Bocelli?
Love, J"

MommaDonna said...

BIG LOL here! Hey, what's that you hear... silence... nice

Eugen Caitaz said...

Just, you went in another hotel!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Those CDs are on E-bay now, bet you dollars to donuts.

Serguma said...

I think customers are never happy...


Now it's not about time travelling anymore, now it's about parallel universes. A universe where the CD's are not invented but they design places to put they.

DianneT said...

That made me laugh out loud!

Unknown said...

Well, the shelves look totally different in the two pictures :)But anyway, the idea for the post was nice. Cheers:)

Capmaster said...

Just as well, Jorge. You don't need 'em. I mean ....you can only hear "Doris Day Sings The Blues" or "Jim Nabors - The Impossible Dream" so many times .....before lunch comes up.

Meg said...


Paul Spooner said...

If they had really read it, they would have left a advertisment there instead, reading "a featured in..."

Angela said...

Classic line Spalding-you are awesome!

El Ave Felix: Abogado' said...


Please Type Legibly said...

If they HAD read your earlier blog post, they would have known better, Jorge... ;o)

Unknown said...

best blog on the net!

Unknown said...

LOL Perhaps they belonged to a previous guest who didn't believe in the Millennium? Lol

algoporaca said...

Jorge, mi amigo, el diseño de tu blog podría mejorar, realmente.
Do somethin' bro! ("La verdad no ofende").

And about the post...
"Your new iPod-room is comming Sr., excuse the inconvenient. The Administration"

Melli said...

My advice:
They should put a radio in there and not some old CD's =)

snuffly said...

maybe you should list a few cd's you like in case they're planning to replace them...they might be watching your blog hoping for suggestions. ;)

redelf said...

I can't decide if that was mean or a mercy.

Kristin aka Trekkie Gal said...

I like how they didn't bother to dust after they removed the CDs!

styx swimmer said...

The Twitter.com needs you, Jorge.

Join us, thou shall not regret.

Luke, a fan from Poland.


Josephine Ocean said...

I think some of your fans read your post about these CDs, and they stayed in the same hotel and just stole all the CDs... and now they say to everybody that it is a collection of CDs that were mentioned by Jorge in his blog ; )

Anonymous said...

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