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Monday, June 22, 2009

New York Trip: Last Post

So when I was in New York I also got to meet up with Michael Emerson. In fact we even got to be on The View together.
We had dinner at this great little restaurant called Joe Allen.
He told me that all of the posters on the wall came from musicals that closed almost immediately after opening.
The funniest thing for me was how tiny the restroom was.
Now I've been to a restroom that was so small that I had to step around the toilet to close the door.
But you literally rotate from the toilet to the sink.
And then rotate back to get a towel.
That is small.


Megan said...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw you with "Ben". I'm such a LOST dork!

Jennette said...

Here's another problem in bathrooms like the one you pictured:

When you get your paper towel after washing your hands, sometimes water drips on the toilet from your hands (because the paper towel dispenser is over the toilet) and then I always worry that the person who uses the restroom after me will think I peed on the seat.

Wendyburd1 said...

THat is funny! I have had to straddle toilets to get the door closed too, and all I can think of is, WHO designed this and how small am I supposed to be?!!

Beena said...

Ohhhhh! I would hate to use a bathroom this small. I like SPACE, and lots of it!

Lissa101 said...

I agree, Jennette! That always bugs me!

Ben freaks me out. If I saw him in the real world, I would just scream. He's the only person on the planet with whom I don't know that I would be able to control that. He terrifies me, just sitting and looking, poor guy. I am sure he is very nice in real life.
NYC is so fantastic. Glad you had a good time.

Rachel said...

you cbviously havn't used a airplane toilet then. well unless first class toilets are better.

Matthew said...

I'm with the others, just seeing Ben (Michael) sitting there with you sent a quick chill down the spine. I guess that means, please pass on to him that's he's completely exceeded all expectations for his role.

Oh, and small bathrooms...I've actually seen one where the door wouldn't open completely...it stopped when it hit the toilet. You kind of had to open the best you could and then squeeze in...weird.

Lynn Faruque said...

It is always cool to me to see you and another Lost bud.

I hope you know when the show is over, I am going to have to go thru some intense 12 step program.

As for that bathroom, I'd probably turn around and drop my sunglasses in the toilet. And they are prescription, too~~~so you know I'd be going after them. lol

AlYaGotADo said...

Thanks for the pic with Michael! Does he know how sexy women think he is? ; )

Sue Wacvet said...

I feel very insecure in a large bathroom. Michael's bathroom would suit me just fine.

Loved you both on The View.

Eugen Caitaz said...

Ben & Hugo!

Beatrice Williams said...

The View! I've been there at night when I visited New York some years ago... what a view, man!

Greetings from Spain, Jorge.

Der Merzmensch said...

One day if you travel to Japan, you should check out their restrooms. I mean, it's surely not the most interesting place for sightseeing in Japan, but it's pretty sci-fi-alike. Even if I speak Japanese, all the pictograms and signs were really weird, and I found only after many "trial&error"-sessions the button I was looking for.

My girl-friend (who often calls me "dude" after you btw. :-)) made some worries about my long absense in this futuristic restroom.

Apropos restrooms (I know, I'm boring now), I found in one German city really poetic restroom sign combination:


~Karen~ said...

Awesome you got to hang with Michael.
I haven't been back to N.Y. in a long time.
The bathroom is cute! lol

Julie said...

On my trip to NYC I had a similar experience with a McDonalds bathroom. It was extremely tiny. There was also a line up that took about 40 minutes! Every girl seemed to come out with a new outfit and their makeup redone. funny thing was there wasn't even a mirror in the bathroom. It was frustrating, Lol

Anonymous said...

Hello Jorge, I am your big fan from Brazil
I am sad because the serie will end in the next year.
See this gaffe of Bolivian TV

Un fuerte abrazo

bgprodarts said...

I went to a pizza place in the city that you had to go to the basement for the restrooms. If you were taller than 5'9" you wouldn't fit. You had to hold your breath to close the door, and luckily for me my young daughter had to go potty. She had to stand on the toilet for me to get in to help her. Not to mention the humidity. UHGH! the Pizza was good though; NYC Pizza is the best.

Ashley said...

Tiny bathrooms are the worst!
You end up brushing up aganist the walls or something, and lets face it, no one wants that!!

Magical Ma said...

I love this blog, I love you too, seriously, you are the reason I love LOST.. Have a great summer hon!

B.R said...

My favorite restaurant is like that. Great food, small bathroom. But I always feel so good there. The greatest thing is that the sink is outsde of the B-room, so there should be no problemo...

Tania said...

Hey, it's Ben! ;-)
I hope Emerson knows we all think he does an amazing job on the show. Mesmerising!

I'ver been to loos in bars and restaurants that were far smaller than airplane loos. Even Kate Moss would have to edge around the door and straddle the bowl just to get in! There ought to be a legal minimum cubicle size, don't you think?

lady vengeance said...

i know space is allegedly a premium in new york, but come on, for shit's sake.

heh. see what i did with that?

Please Type Legibly said...

WOW. That would be a little claustrophobic.

Evonne said...

For large people like us, that bathroom is intolerable.

JDH272 said...

Hey Jorge,

new to the site. really cool.

big fan.

Mar said...

Watched you on The View...........you two were great!!! Very entertaining and informative : )

Clare said...

Just imaging how Lost fans must feel to walk into a restaurant and see the two of you sitting together. Hmmm....Freak out maybe?

Nick said...

Hey Jorge, at least the restroom wasn't this cozy.


Don't cross the streams!

Erin said...

The bathroom in my grandparents' trailer was like that. I always tried very hard to avoid using it...

Love the pic of you and Michael! One of my all-time favorite LOST moments is Hurley and Ben sharing the candy bar. For a long time, that was the backdrop image on my computer!

redelf said...

I had this image of you rotating like an assembly line robot using the toliet.

The bathroom in this apartment my husband and I had when we first got together was like that except you rotated to use the shower too.

Blog said...

Hi Jorge! Your photos are very nice and the Michael Emerson seems very nice too.I've had nightmares with Ben :))))))))
I know bathrooms where the toilet is small (for kids)- it is complicated:))At least the toilet at the restaurant Joe Allen was normal eheheheh
I just watch the fifth season of Lost and waiting anxiously for the 6th.
Bye Bye

waianaevly said...

Sure you aren't still in a airplane?

Thieuthieu said...

Yeah............very small toilet for you :D your bottom is clean ? ;)

James Hernandez said...


Geez that is small. I hope the tab was also small, or did Emerson pick that up?

Alisha Rene' said...

All you sad people afraid of Awesome Handsome, Gentlemanly Michael Emerson. Jorge, a most excellent choice of friend I say!! and WOW, tiny bathroom. I had one like that in Mexico once....

Ezawyn said...

What a weird restaurant! lol!
Say hello to Michael from his spaniard fans!!!!

Unknown said...

It's rare I am able to work from home, and that episode of "The View" was such a treat for me. Loved you and Michael on it!

I might need to join the LOST 12-step program, too. :-)

I dread small bathrooms! When I was in Paris last year, the hotel bathroom was so small I felt like someone from a Cirque du Soleil act in the shower!

Looking forward to S6 of LOST!


Robin said...

I've been in stalls so small that I couldn't sit down without my knees hitting the stall door - and I'm only 4'11"!!

ReNaTo UêGa said...

Very nice picture! Michael and Jorge! Awesome!
Funny toilet lol

Sucess Jorgeman!!! =)

Unknown said...

The View apperance was hilarious. You were both amazing, as ever. Just curious, how would you react to having an infant shaken in your face and the excited statement, "His name Hurley?" LOL

Thanks for edifying me on Joe Allen's facilities. If it were all silvery metal, I'd guess they'd boosted it from a coach car on the old Sunset Limited Amtrak train I took cross country back in '89. Such Lilliputian dimensions are ridiculous. Apparently, it's true what they say about space being at a premium in Manhattan.

Of course, typical foodie that I am, you mention restaurant and I'm looking for photos of food. Then again, Michael works in perfect stead. ;-)

So. . .any good Cajun places in New York, um. . .with bathrooms of normal proportions?

Christina Bauer said...

"That is small." You are so hilarious! You never fail to make me laugh, Jorge. And that IS small! Why in the world would they do that, I wonder?

Serguma said...

And Where is the shower? Then, THAT would be really small, just like my old flat.

Alice Fraggle said...

Seeing you with "Ben" freaked me out. He's so good at his role that I almost hate him for real! LOL
I HATE tiny bathrooms too. It skeeves me out to have to brush agains the toilet to close the door. Gross!

Paperbak Writer said...

Dude, here you go again flaunting your friendship with Emerson. Must be nice!

Ezawyn said...

Joder, pobrecillo Michael... necesita un lavado de cara, todo el mundo le odia por su papel de Ben! xD
A mí me caes bien, Michael (no creo que leas esto, y menos que entiendas español, pero bueno, xD)

nollyposh said...

Lol! You should try it when you also have a whopping big handbag over your shoulder! You almost have to hold it over your head to get in! (and then when there's no hook for it! sighhhh...) X:-/

nollyposh said...

(Ps) Saw an interview on the telly with Michael recently and spent the whole time laughing at the interviewer when all of Michael's jokes went right over his head Lol! i could imagine that you and Michael would get on well with a similar sense of humour(?) X:-)

ValMo said...

That is fantastic. I'd like to know what some of those shows were. Was Lestat among them? What about The Red Shoes? Great pic of you two.
The bathroom pic made me snicker because that was definitely my bathroom in college...not that exact one...

FM said...

Be careful dude, he is a dangerous man!!!!!

OurWanderingAdventures said...

hahahaha crazy toilet, awesome photo! Hope you had a good time!


JORGE! can you blog and tell us about your experience with avocados in Hawaii? Post some picture sof them as well! I heard they are much bigger than the ones we get here in america!

Unknown said...

On my recent trip to the US we stopped and ate at restaurants along the way. Frequently, I would have to wait for the restroom to become available. It's a girl thing. That's what we do. We wait for our turn to pee.

Anyhow, more than once I entered the stall or bathroom immediately after another woman left only to find pee on the seat. My only explanation for there being pee on the seat of a toilet that has just been used by a woman is that she had stood up to pee. (!!!) Weird, right?

Okay, so here's my problem: If all women sit squarely on the toilet while peeing there would be NO PEE on the seat. That makes the seat a pretty hygienic place.. at the very least, it would be a far more hygienic place than the latch to the stall, or the tap you turn to wash your hands or any doorknob or handle out there in the public world.

So my issue is with the women who think they are avoiding germs by squatting, hovering or even standing over the toilet in order to avoid sitting on it for fear of getting a germ..... YOU'RE THE PROBLEM!!! You're the ones putting the germs there. And is you MUST stand up to pee then at least have the common courtesy to clean up properly after yourself for those of us who prefer to use the toilet seat for the purpose in which it was designed... sitting!!!

Jennette said...

Ann -- sometimes it looks like there is pee on the seat, but it is actually droplets of water that splash up out of the toilet when it is flushed. I've noticed this in a lot of public restrooms.

But I do agree with your sit-don't-squat demand.

Unknown said...

This is definitely pee.. and a lot of it! Even those thin paper toilet seat guards wouldn't provide protection from the puddles I've seen. These puddles require a full hazmat suit and a bottle of Pine-sol.

So is the new "in thing" for women, standing up to pee? I'm too old to change.

Riza said...

Hi Jorge, you camt imagine toilets in Beijing. They are all squat toilets.. at least in the local areas..

martukis said...

Jorge tengo entendido que tu papa es chileno y tu madre cubana así escribe también algún post en español¡¡¡ un abrazo qué tal lo pasaste en el hormiguero?

Sara said...

I love Michael Emerson! Tell him hello! haha

Дашулика said...

cool Ben&Hugo

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

You gottsa love NYC bathrooms! Love the shot with Michael Emerson. :)

Hadar said...

lol i have no toilet stories to tell XDD

its a good thing you keep in touch with other actors of lost!!
ben and hurley are two of my favorite characters!!
you and michael are awesome!!!

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