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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fallon has Weird Knobs

Man I'm still blogging about my New York trip in May.

So the purpose of the trip was to do Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,
where I also got to meet the Lonely Island guys who were on the same show as me.
Also to my surprise his stage manager used to be my neighbor when we were little.

But this is about my dressing room.
When I got in I noticed this knob.
This is what I do. When I go into a new room or house I want to know what all of the switches on the wall do.
I couldn't figure out what it was for so I followed it up the wall
where I found this other knob.
Now this knob is in a speaker in the ceiling. So if it's to control anything, only the tall or exceptionally long armed (law men and gorillas) can adjust it.

It turned out that both of them don't do anything anymore.

They may have been to control the volume on what's going on onstage. But that is merely a best guess.


toysruskid said...

Hmmmmmm, VEDDY interesting.....

Topanga said...

Or maybe it was a bug listening in on your conversation.

Unknown said...

Wait, Jimmy Fallon's studio is in Dharmaville?

Amy said...

It looks like the system they had in my church growing up - it was only in a few rooms, but it allowed parents with noisy kids to listen the the service from a classroom or the mother's room (while feeding a baby) so they wouldn't bother anyone else.
I don't know what the knob on the ceiling does, but the black knob turned the speaker on & off and adjusted the volume. So my guess is that guests used to be able to listen to what was going on on stage while they were in that room, via the speaker on the ceiling.

Unknown said...

At the theatre I used to work at we had those so we can hear what was on stage. But it looks like there was a nice flat screen tv right next to it to see the stage.

Derek Brink said...

I was going to say pretty much exactly what Amy said.

So...good guessing, Mr. Garcia!

Rachel said...

I agree with amy we have them at our church too in the cheche etc.

Wendyburd1 said...

We have buttons like that in out church, so you can hear the talks from the chapel when you are in different rooms.

CeeHubb said...

That was such a great show. Jimmy is so awkward and funny.

The two of you should have had a battle of wits. Or a dance off. Can you do the Roger Rabbit like he can?

Continue being a great entertainer.

Ann said...

You met a former neighbor? Small world, small world.

Breigh said...

omg I hope you offered to be in The Lonely Island's next video! :)

Clare said...

I hope Fallon won't be suing you over your accusation that he allegedly has "weird knobs." :)

Avinash said...

I'm on a blog. I'm on a blog. I'm on a motherfucking blog!

Jennifer said...

Maybe the button on the speaker itself was the original volume control, but then they realized that the majority of the population is not freakishly tall and added the wall control.

Did you turn the knobs and wait to see if something blew up?

Mark said...

We've got the same knob and speaker where I work, (Havertys Furniture). The knob is used to control the volume of speakers for our intercom system. Like if I'm in the break room and want to ignore pages, I turn the volume down!

B.R said...

Me rikey velly much! And yes, I hope you get to be in the Lonely Island's next videoclip, J-Man! And Jimmy Fallon! What's next? Oprah? Unless you've been on Oprah...


Paul Spooner said...

Every time you turn the knob sommewhere in New York someones lights go on and off...

JimPel said...

The long Island bros are hilarious... Did you get to do any skits with them?

Verna Sauventreen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Verna Sauventreen said...

ei!!! jimmy fallon!!!! that's great!!!
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Momof4 said...

Those knobs look like part of a Dharma station.

ValMo said...

Curiouser and curiouser.

And I'm super-jealous that you hung out with the Lonely Island guys!!

KA said...

Helo Jorge!
I wold like that you see that version
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I post in my blog http://defendaailha.blogspot.com/2009/06/hurley-toon.html . The blog is about Lost, of course!!
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Alice Jones said...

law men... long arm... tehehe

ReNaTo UêGa said...

Weird and mysterious...
Hahaha! I love this blog! So cool!

Lynn Faruque said...

Sorry to post again under this, but you may like this link. Dr. Oz on Facebook, letting us all know what our poop should look like. lol I love Dr. Oz.


redelf said...

they just put the knob there to drive you crazy.

Diana said...

I'm insanely jealous. I've been dreaming of getting my hands on Jimmy's knobs for years. I hope you enjoyed it.

Christina Bauer said...

Have you asked Jimmy about this? Maybe the room is being bugged and he doesn't know it...or maybe he does! Thanks for always giving me something to laugh about, Jorge! Love you!

James Hernandez said...


Are you implying that your're a knob? :-P Hee Hee

john (not lennon) said...

...and you jizzed in your pants :D

FlaNick said...

Dude, those knobs remind me of something from LOST! Too funny!

Bryce Torcello said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nollyposh said...

i have two words for you...

Unknown said...

Jimmy Fallon *is* a weird knob.

Juvenile, I know, but it cannot be left unsaid

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