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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Go See The Brothers Bloom

I don't know if I told you I went to high school with Rian Johnson.
Well I did. But that's not why you should see his new movie The Brothers Bloom.

It's damn good. Trust me I went there looking for something not to like. Something I could go back to him with, to offer my critique. I didn't find anything. 

And I was stoked to see that it was playing in Hawaii. I went immediately, because I didn't have a chance to see it in Los Angeles.

I got a chance to hang out with Rian in New York when I was there for the Jimmy Fallon Show. He happened to be there at the same time giving talks and premiering his movie. 
This was a little weird for me. I mean I've hung out in New York as a grown up. I've hung out with people I went to high school with. But both at the same time... felt... weird. (It's okay I got over it. )

By the way if you haven't seen his other movie Brick. Netflix it. It's fantastic. 


Erin said...
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Erin said...

The Brothers Bloom looked intriguing to me; with your recommendation, I'm definitely sold! I never heard of Brick, but it's been added to my queue. Nice that you and your high school buddy got to hang out together now in NYC that you're both in the biz!

Linda said...

I wholehearted agree about Brick. It's one of our favorite movies. I'll consider Brothers Bloom next time I'm looking for a good movie.

Jenga said...

Brick was fantastic, I bought it the day after watching it. It was a fantastic modern day film noir.

Jane said...

He also went to SCHS?

Ralph- said...


moviegeek5 said...

I've been wanting to see "The Brothers Bloom" for months and months now, but with the limited release thing, I'd have to travel to either Chicago or Toronto, by the looks of it. :( What a bummer.

Brits said...

I didn't realize netflix was a verb. Thanks for enlightening me!

Unknown said...

See, this is what sucks about living in a small town. I can never watch indie or limited release movies. At least, not in the theatre.

Malea said...

What High School did you go to?

Freak said...

Thabks for the recommendation!

Pam said...

Huh, I have never heard of Brick but I will deinfitely check it out. Brothers Bloom looks really great, thanks for the positive review.

Melissa said...

It opens at the Opera House Theater in Newport, RI on Friday. I already have plans to go!

Lostpital said...

I did not understand anything the characters in Brick were saying. At all. I still don't even know what it was about. At least the cinematography was awesome.

James Hernandez said...


I will check it out! That is when it comes out in DVD at my local library. I'm one cheap son-of-a-gun!

James Hernandez said...


Can you believe the first comment on this post was deleted by the author. Geez that must be a new record for quickest delete!

Nicotine Jones said...

I totally agree with you about Brick. Looking forward to Brothers Bloom. Thanks for the tip.

Ezawyn said...

Anyone know what is the title in spanish?

Paul Spooner said...

Will do...

Tactical Nap said...

Must see Brick. That's what I'll do this weekend. IOU!

Aaron H. said...

I was really looking forward to "The Brothers Bloom" and saw it last week. It was really terrific. The performances were all great and the film is just plain GORGEOUS.

B.R said...

WOW, NOW I'LL GO TO SEE IT, JORGE! Hehehe, I'm an older follower, and I think it's awesome you keep this blog, 'cause sometimes I sit at home in the yard, see the skies and think: 'What is Jorge Garcia doing/thinking/dreaming about right now? You answer my question, AND you add a little extra info, too! Since I told my friends about following you, whenever we see LOST in DVD every Friday evening, they say 'Look! It's his friend, the movie star!' I hate it when they say that, but I like it that they think you actually know me.

redelf said...

I have netfliked both movie

AlYaGotADo said...

Dang, don't know if you really read all these. Found your blog looking for anything on Michael Emerson. Great reading, have been going back and reading all the old stuff. Hope you'll keep this blog going. Say hi to Mr. Emerson for me.

Pat T.

Grace said...

I'd been waiting to see The Brothers Bloom for almost a year, and was so happy that it lived up to all that expectation! here is a list of theatres where Bloom is showing: http://www.rcjohnso.com/5_29 (but it's missing some theaters, like the Landmark Gateway in Columbus, OH where I saw it)

Adam Miller said...

Brick has been, since i saw it in theaters, one of my top five favorite all time films. I love Rian Johnson, thats awesome that you went to high school with him. I can't wait for the brothers bloom. I'm gunna check listings right now!

Javier said...

Wow, I forgot about Brick, that's a movie I wanted to watch! I won't forget this time. Besides, Emilie de Ravin is in there, right?

Spirit-of said...

Totally down with 'Brick'. Once you realize what it's trying to do it ends up being a very fun ride.

'The Lookout' is another excellent film if we want to throw a little Joseph Gordon-Levitt love around.

Christina Bauer said...

I've never heard of either of those movies, but I'll definitely look into them! Glad you had fun hanging out with your HS buddy!

Sharon Rose said...

I loved the first half - heck, the first 10 minutes were worth the price of admission - but I was disappointed by the second half. Who makes a con movie without a twist at the end?

Man said...

I saw Brick last year it was great. Very 1940s feel and odd which I enjoyed.

For those with cable and TiVo they are having 4 showings
twice on 6/14
once on 6/16
finally on 6/23
All on HBOZ or HBO Zone.
Check your local listing for times.

Carmen Lawrence said...

I've never heard of either of these movies... Brick, or The Brothers Bloom. Hmm... I did need another netflix movie... hmm...

DORAda said...

Hi Jorge!, Las night you and your gilrfriend were in my dream!, You were in PERU (my country) and we were in the same place, and your lovely girlfriend took us some pictures!!! was a nice dream...
take care, SALUDOS DESDE PERU!!!

Lynn Faruque said...

Thanks for the suggestion!! I will have to see both.

Alisha Rene' said...

I"m glad you said it was good. I was unsure if I would want to see it or not. BRICK was phenomenal!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved Brick! Good recommendation.

iaintnopeterpan said...

thank you for the movie suggestions, I never know what to get.

iaintnopeterpan said...

I never know what to get at netflix..thank you

Tales of Whimsy said...

Brothers Bloom is on my Netflix list already but thanks for the stellar recommendation! :)

Unknown said...

I saw Brick a year or two ago. Liked it although the dialogue is hard to follow. Surprised nobody mentioned that Emilie de Ravin is in it, who plays Claire on Lost.

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