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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lost: One Shoe

Well I've been home for a week now. And I guess it's time to quit denying it. 
Somewhere in my travels I lost the other pair to this shoe.
So if you happen to be in a hotel in Munich, Madrid, New York, or Beverly Hills. 
Or if you happen to be staying at my parents' house and you see a shoe that looks just like this one, only lefty, it's mine. 
Maybe I left it at the Emerson's when I stayed at their place.
I'm pretty sure I wore both shoes repeatedly when I was visiting my parents so I think Europe is a long shot. 
It has to be in California or Hawaii. (Good, that narrows it down.)
Either way. I can't work with one shoe. I'll hold onto it a little longer, just in case (Michael? Mom?) but then that's it. 
Damn! I can't believe I lost a shoe. I mean what am I? A four year old? 


Syndi Powell said...

This is too funny! And wouldn't it be great if you get a mysterious package with one left shoe....

Christi said...

It was Emerson, that Ben character has infiltrated his mind and now he is stealing things...

Cassandra said...

Jorge, I hate to say it, but my theory is that Beth took it! I used to have a pair of shoes that my boyfriend other HATED. One of them mysteriously disappeared, and I KNOW he just ditched it so I couldn't wear them. C'mon, Beth, confess! (j/k, btw--don't hate me, Beth!!!) Alternate theory: the doggie ate it!

Petra said...

You know your blog made TV GUIDE, Jorge. Not TVGUIDEonline, but the ACTUAL magazine! I guess this means you'll be inundated with new followers! Hope you will remember the "old guys" when you're even more popular!

: ) P

e preston said...

Start calling the hotels. I am currently awaiting my lost blanket. It is in route from the LaQuinta to my home. Worth the shipping. :)

Unknown said...

dude, your closing line is right on - as i read this i was thinking, hmm, sounds just like my 3 year old!! we once found the mate to a lost shoe at a taco shop months later. i knew it was his by his distinctive teeth marks in it - nice! :) and just today i said "mason needs more shoes. i can't ever find two that match.". thanks for sharing! glad to know he's not the only one with this problem. at least your too old for your mother to be annoyed at you about it...

Julie said...

Lol this reminds me of that part in Forgetting Sarah Marshall in the hotel lobby.

"I've lost a shoe... have you seen it anywhere? Excuse me, missus, I've lost a shoe... like this one. It's like this one's fellow... it's sort of the exact opposite in fact of that, not an evil version but just, you know, a shoe like this... but for the other foot. Otherwise I'd have two right..."

Susan O. said...

I've long wanted to make a book of photos of single shoes I've seen lying around. I can see losing a pair of shoes, but really. How does a person lose only ONE shoe.
Anyway...someday I'm gonna make a book for those poor lost shoes, and maybe yours will be in it.

Tricia said...

My 4 year old lost his shoe. So, yeah, that's the right age for it.

Because You Want To Know said...

I feel you... I lost an AWESOME New Balance shoe in High School. They were the perfect yellow color, I loved them. I looked everywhere for it. It was crazy to have just lost a shoe. The worst part is you still have one of them so do you hold on to it or chuck it? After a year I chucked mine. I'm pretty sure my sister "borrowed" them and lost it.

Paul Spooner said...

I have a brand-new right boot...I had to cut the other one of my foot when it was crushed in an accident...

wanna swap?

Lynn Faruque said...

So now you have the opportunity to try those shoes that are supposed to help you strengthen your back and lose weight at the same time!!

Have you seen those? I wanted some but they looked like they'd be hell to walk in and I figured the only thing I'd lose is my balance and my dignity. lol

Megan said...

No TV and now one shoe. Now that is old school! :)

EDubyaH said...

I had a pair of brown suede prada loafers that I LOVED to death. Super comfortable, very low key. I lost one. I held on to the match for something like two years hoping it would turn up before I finally gave up and threw it away.

And then I found the match. ARGH!!

Allison said...

No worries - my house eats my shoes (thankfully? both at a time though). I have had two pairs of sneakers that were put by the door, not worn for a while and when looked for again, gone. Still haven't found either pair and it's been 3.5 years for one of them.

Sarah said...

that is hilarious.

Steve said...

one shoe to rule them all!

Zari said...

It's a CIA plot! The same thing happened to Tom Hanks in 1985: "The Man With One Red Shoe" ;)

Amy McMean said...

Maybe you should think about attaching a string from one shoe to the other from now on. Like mittens for little kids.

the string could go from one shoe up your pant leg down the other and tie to the other shoe.

James Hernandez said...


I say walk around in one shoe as pennance for losing the other! For goodness sake its a Nike ---- Just Do It! OMG I've violated the Nike trademark Phil Knight is going to have me sued! :-P

Ezawyn said...

Awww, just like Cinderella xD
I´ll look for it in Madrid, hehehe

Movie Star Wife said...

Perhaps you will find it laying on some highway. There is always ONE SHOE laying along the side of the highway. (But I always envision big brothers teasing little brothers by holding the shoe out the window and the shoe slips out of the big brother's hand.)

Unknown said...

I would love to know what Emerson is like IRL. I've already said I don't think I could watch him in anything else because I would totally be thinking it was Ben and expecting him to be creepy/evil (creevil?). But I'm sure he's super nice in person, if you were staying at his house. =)

time_lord said...

Isnt that the way it always goes its ether missing a sock or shoe geez kill the sock mosnter

Carmen Lawrence said...

I am impressed... I know people who have managed to lose shoes, but I honestly can't for the life of me figure out how one would go about losing a shoe!

Also, Emerson? Rocks. Or so I'm told. I took acting classes from a good friend of his, and he's just awesome.

Freak said...

I have to say you are so fun... i love your posts. Great, especially the final part about de 4 old!

Lori said...

You're not alone- I have lost three single shoes on various trips around the country. One black flip flop, one wedge heel, and one tennis shoe. It's a real problem for me... lol. Unfortunately none of the hotels ever sent them back to me. =( Good luck finding it!

surr said...

one time when i was a kid my parents and i found a kid's shirt (not mine) under a chair cushion.

someone somewhere may have just found your shoe under something. *nods*

Judy in Indiana said...

I am very impressed that you stayed at the Emerson's. I guess I shouldn't be, of course you know them. It's just that I have seen Michael on interviews and he is so NOT his Ben character, for which he is best known. (To me anyhow.)

I mean, I am NOT stupid, I know it's TV and fake and all, but we come to only know the fake TV people, and not the real people. Michael seems so smart. I would just love to sit and talk and joke with him. Which I am sure you did. next time, maybe you could get permission to take photos of things in his house and blog about them or something? I know, it just seems wrong and I shouldn't ask. But I am very intrigued by his genius. His wife is probably lovely, too and I wish them many happy years together.

Now I need to step away from the computer before I sound even more like a crazy person. Sorry about that.I live in indiana, and there isn't any excitement here except for what I make with my own little family.

Unknown said...

Once I splurged and bought a very expensive pair of Flip-flops. Then Left them in a hotel room in Phoenix. Of COURSE they said the maid never found them...yah right....

Annette Lesak said...

I have to say I'm impressed at how clean the lost shoe's mate looks, considering all the places its visited. Maybe just buy a new pair...? Or eBay?

Dreamybee said...

LOL-My husband and I were on a walk the other day and ran across a single flip-flop on the trail and we were marveling at how often that happens out here. How DO you lose just one shoe? I mean, I understand if it's hiding under the bed and you miss it while packing, but in the middle of a trail? Wouldn't you notice that?

Unknown said...

I can't believe no one's said this yet, but have you checked it's not hanging from a tree somewhere?

Irishcoda said...

I doan geddit. Didn't you notice you didn't have a shoe for your other foot when you left for home? Wasn't it weird going home with one shoe off, one shoe on? ;) And I like what Christi, second commenter, said. The Ben character has possessed Michael Emerson! Does he read your blog? Does he have one? It would be cool if he did. I'd read his too, LOL.

Sara said...

I guarantee you it's sitting by the side of the road on some interstate. Have you ever noticed that you always just see ONE shoe? I always wonder how one shoe gets on the side of a road.

Wendyburd1 said...

Well now you have something to DO while you have no TV. You can look for this shoe or hop on one foot wherever you go, that can entertain...maybe not you but others, YES!

redelf said...

It's the faeries...

PyRoLiTe said...

It's okay...you just gave Nike free advertisement. They will send you a new pair of shoes to replace it :)

Kathi said...

Don't throw it away! It will turn up inevitably. If not, you can autograph the other one, sell it on Ebay and then buy yourself another pair...or two pairs. It's crazy what people will spend for something from a celebrity. I remember reading something quite awhile ago about someone who tried to sell a piece of chewed gum that they claimed belonged to a famous person. And what's weirder is, people actually bid on it! It's a crazy world we live in...

Amy said...

Can you believe 39 people talked about your shoe!!!!

sarda Patchs/maryanne said...

I found your shoe, and I'm keeping it.

Lion's_Heart said...

LOL, how do you loose just one shoe? How come you didn't notice you were missing one when you were backing? =D

nollyposh said...

Oh sighhhh no 4 year old i know does THAT much traveling (Unless his name was Michael Jackson!)
...i have a friend that swears by this 'trick' though (and weirdly enough it has worked for me)just say out loud "REACH" (while visualizing lefty) and then let the thought go and go on with your day... i know, i know, weirdish and even more so when it works! X:-/ ...or maybe it just disappeared into the great void where all the odd socks go never to return??? (Oh Pleeeeeease don't let that be what happens on "Lost" Lol!) X;-)

Christina Bauer said...

Jorge, you are hilarious! Unfortunately, it'll probably be lost for good, unless someone sends you a brand new pair of the exact same shoes (sending just a lefty wouldn't be good b/c it wouldn't be worn out like the right one). I sure hope your foot doesn't get cold!

AtomBlonde said...

That poor shoe! Out there, somewhere...alone, without it's sole-mate. I bet it's laces are quivering, tongue flapping in fright waiting to be found.

And it's mate, missing it's marching compatriot. Idle until it's triumphant return!

Poor shoes!!!

Eugen Caitaz said...

What size have your feet?

Unknown said...


I'VE GOT YOUR SHOE----------and I'll let you have it if you get me a spot as an extra in the season 6 premiere! ; )


TheJungleman said...

I was staying at your parents, but I only found an identical right shoe. Weird! Otherwise the lefty hasn't washed up on the Big Isle yet.

Avinash said...

Don't beat yourself up. I once left my shoe on a train and didn't realise until it was too late.

Oh wait, that was when I was three. :D

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Are you offering a reward? You might be more likely to see it again. ;)

Pam said...

That's hilarious.

Hey, maybe it was kidnapped. Soon you'll start receiving photos of the shoe along with ransom notes.

JimPel said...

Was the other shoe an evil twin?

Alisha Rene' said...

ok, I have to get this out - I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing near you - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
ah, that's better. In my travels, I will look for you shoe ;)My money is that Mr. Emerson is hiding it on you in an evil ploy to pull a mighty prank!

Miztification said...

I'm sorry you lost your shoe (Hope it wasn't a favorite pair). Were you packing quickly? Sometimes when you pack really quickly, you'll think you picked something up that you actually didn't (This has happened to me before, more than once.).
Another thing that will get me, is the "out of sight, out of mind" loss (Yeah, I categorize them. I'm a mess.). I stayed at a hotel in Toronto, and accidentally left my leather jacket. I didn't realize it until I got to the airport (which was freezing inside) back home. Luckily, one of the hospitality staff at the hotel did find it, and ship it to me (I'd put it in the hotel room closet, closed the door and forgotten it. I never made that mistake again.). Hopefully, your shoe will turn up.

Melissa said...

I lost my shoe at the Club Quarters Hotel in Boston. My husband was staying there for a month and on my last weekend visit when he was moving out, he did the normal room sweep. I'm afraid he didn't look under that weird uncomfortable rolling chair. I even looked at it and thought I should move it for a peek. But no, I trusted that room sweep. I got home and was missing one of my brand new shoes. I just got to wear them twice. Now a month has gone by and it's too late to call. I have to accept that the shoe is long gone.

MsYvone said...

Jorge, check out this site, your shoe may show up there.


ME said...

I'm also down a shoe. Brown-ish sandal. If your's turns up let me know. It will tell me to hold out hope that it's out there on some dusty road (vs. that the dog really ate it.)

Unknown said...

Maybe your shoe will magically turn up again like your pillow when you accidentally left that behind.

Let's hope!

Susan Rakestraw said...

Maybe some wild dogs ran off with it...I had some steal one of my water shoes when I was in Jamaica...kinda hard to go swimming on some of the lesser-used beaches w/ out water shoes...

Topanga said...

By this time you should be checking eBay.

aims said...

Ya gotta love a guy who loses a shoe....I mean really.

And not a really big shoe at that.

I personally don't go for that mesh stuff on my runners. I prefer all leather.

IB said...

I'm always baffled when I see one lone shoe laying in the middle of the street or in the middle of any empty field somewhere. I always think ... how does a person lose one shoe?

Now I know. They don't know how they do it either, lol.

sonigirl6 said...

Irony - my 4 year old lost his right shoe at camp this week.

Beth said...

you may want to check ebay! "A shoe worn by Jorge Garica from Lost!"

Beth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
em for mighty said...

i haven't seen your shoe anywhere, but i just needed to say, dude, you are hilarious. i love reading your blog & im not just saying that because you're famous...id read you even if you were my next door neighbor....
i named my last baby sawyer, but im naming the next one hugo.

bgprodarts said...

One theory: It may be on Ebay. I hear celebrity shoe collecting is all the rage. Another theory: Maybe it was stolen to get your DNA for cloning purposes. Be on the look out for an exact duplicate looking for the right shoe.

ValMo said...

I'm going out on a limb and saying it was either Emerson OR that guy who frisked you "at random" at the airport. Hope that helps!

Dana Zee said...

Since you've posted this, you might want to start checking EBAY for the missing mate!

Deborah Godin said...

Everyone writes essays, haiku poetry and other philosphic ruminations on that one lost show that we all see along the highways of the world. Finally, a word about the "surviving" shoe!

the wrath of khandrea said...

that's what you get for not implanting it with a microchip, like i do my dog.
or tying the pair together with yarn, like i do my kids' mittens.
or writing your phone number on the inside of it, like i do my day planner.

i'm just say'n.

Paperbak Writer said...

I like how you dropped that you crashed at Michael Emerson's house like you would tell someone you're going to the store for a gallon of milk.

......You didn't wake up to him staring at you, did you?

Calandra said...

It's way more realistic that he'd wake up with Terry O'Quinn staring at him.

~Bethany~ said...

The mystery is solved as to why there are ALWAYS left shoes on the side of the road...it was LOST.

Renee said...

Awesome! I saw your shoe on the Aiken-Augusta Highway in South Carolina. It must be hitchhiking it's way across the US. No seriously. I saw it on the way to work this morning. I thought to myself "How does someone lose a shoe on the road? Seriously?" And now I see you're missing one that looks exactly like the one I saw. Maybe it fell out of the plane while it was flying over SC.

Joanne Casey said...

Now I have a vision of an adult picking you up and your shoe falling off.

Kristianna said...

You have to keep the right, b/c there is no assurance the mate will turn up like ditching it. It'll be the bane of your existence... this one right shoe taunting you.

Or you could just buy another pair. Then you'd have a spare! ;)

Stephanie said...

I could send you my left Nike shoe. :) It's a men's (the women's shoes were too small for me,) size 10 and it's white.

Maybe your dog or your friend's dog, took it and hid it somewhere while you were in another room?

Unknown said...

How old is that shoe? I worked at a shoe store 15 years ago and I bought a pair like that only in black and silver. Maybe Nike is bringing back that mesh look again. I hope you find it.

EleriCooks said...

Why is it that the first time I'm moved to post a comment, is on a lost shoe post?

Oh... cause I just couldn't help giving you the link to One Shoe Blues

Listen, and be comforted...or something!

Gee Why said...

Nike Air Max Moto 5. Nice. Bummer you lost one. Just don't replace with the Air Max Moto 6 - wore down fast.

kerenl said...


well maybe you shouldn't ask WHERE it is, but WHEN it is ;)

jonneysgirl said...

This is too funny. But don't worry you shoe is going to show up on the island.

Shirley said...

TOO funny! hmmm...I saw a shoe in the road the other day...maybe it was your missing one.

but wait...you've not been around here...so unless your shoe was traveling alone...it probably wasn't yours.

: )

MissusDe said...

Check under the bed. That's where most of my kids' belongings ended up when they were four years old.

the pink flamingo said...

Madison the dog has it and will return it at the end of next season!

Randy Hamilton said...

Hey there Jorge, I am the photographer/author of the One Shoe Diaries. It felt cool to be mentioned on the comments of your post. As of today I have no shoes in my archive of Lost Soles that match your shoe. But i am always on the lookout. Ill shoot you an email with the coordinates if I do find it. Oh yeah, I am a fan and will miss the show when it ends, but it will be nice to finally get all the answers, or at least most.

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marlee said...

Ben stole it for sure. He has an evil plan for it. Watch your back!

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