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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Man! It feels like the olden days.

So the TV broke like a week ago. The big one in the living room. The "good one." The one that all the cool stuff is connected to. Broken. So I moved it aside until I could get someone to come over and fix it. And I grabbed the TV out of the studio and brought it into the living room. 

Something we didn't take into account is how far away the couch is from the much smaller television. It was so hard to read the listings on the cable guide. 

But last Friday a technician came out and replaced the lamp. Hmm... not the problem. He replaced the ballast. (Whatever that is.) Looks good. He closed the TV and went on his way. I moved the "B Team" television back to the studio. This is not an easy heft. The whole time doing that quickstep thing you do when you're about to drop something heavy while Beth makes sure the doors are open and all steps are clear. 

Sunday, the TV won't turn on. Damn. 

Life at home without TV is odd for me. It kinda feels like vacation when you go to a country where there is no TV in the room or you have no reason to watch it because you don't understand anything.  Actually that's not right, I still watch anyway because you never know when you might see something crazy on foreign TV. 

Life without TV is borderline camping. 

It's pitiful really. Without TV I'm finding myself going to bed way earlier than I normally would. I try reading in bed but it just puts me to sleep. So I fall asleep way too early. Which only makes me wake up way too early. I hate waking up so early that I still set off the motion sensor outside when I walk by. 

The dog won't even wake up that early. I mean she'll humor me and go outside and pee. But then she goes back to the bed. And I'm wide awake. With the internet. 

Okay. Maybe it's not the olden days then. But it has it's "old timey" moments.

It's been two days... I think I'm going to have to poach the telly from the studio again. 


Aunt_B said...

Buddy, why don't you have a TV in your bedroom?

Phrank said...

isn't it crazy how we take advantage of having multiple tv in the house?!

Brooke said...

"Life without TV is borderline camping."

Thank you for the new quote. I love it.

So, so true.

Dan said...

lol I'm with Brooke, my favorite new quote.

Stacy Disarrayed said...

I'm with you...I'm definitely a TV addict! HEY! You can watch some TV shows on the internet!!!

Please Type Legibly said...

Tell that TV repair guy to haul it back to your house and fix it right this time, Jorge, or Nunu's gonna bite some serious butt. LOL

Malea said...

If you go to abc.com or hulu.com, then you can catch up on this show called "Lost". That's where I'm going to have to catch it when it starts next season. We just got rid of our Dish and DVR. No cable either. We have fast service, so no biggie. I just have to be patient and not check any blogs or forums for spoilers.

thoughts and ramblings said...

same thing happened to us a few months ago...it was TORTURE!!!! I didn't realize how much I relied on tv until it wasn't working. Especially because I have 2 small kids who I let watch cartoons a couple of hours a day to give me a break, dammit! lol

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I'm gonna have to agree with you on the "no TV is like camping." That is one of the many reasons why I do not like to camp. I don't know what I'd do at night without TV. A day with two kids is pretty exhausting--by 8:30, I just want to sit and veg out. ;)

Wiccababe said...

lol, without the internet I would be bored to tears lol
greetings again from Scotland

1001 Petals said...

I totally know how you feel, tv and movies are a must for me, a basic requirement even.

Lynn Faruque said...

Poor baby. I can just see you doing the "I'm gonna drop this damned thing and kill myself" little shuffle.

Suffice it to say I am SOOOOO glad you didn't. Beth and Nunu would never be the same!

I'm here trying to give myself the idea that I can do a blog, so have pity and look at the thing. At the least there will be ONE other person that has seen it. lol


Eugen Caitaz said...

And through the Internet, you can not watch movies?

Life in Progress said...

Try out Hulu.com they have a ton of TV seasons both current and "retro". Plus some really really bad movies. Hopefully it will hold you over until you can get yours fixed.

James Hernandez said...


I would hate for you to actually go back in time before the world had mass communication. Can you imagine a world without TV or radio? What did people do back then? .......Oh that’s right they propagated!

Full Passport said...

If I hadn't turned on the tv in Athens, I would never have known that rioting was going on and the tear-gassing I got in a restaurant the next night would have been far more unsettling. The moral - always watch tv; regardless of the language!

Maya99 said...

Right now have no phone (landline). Our Siberian Husky keeps chewing through the lines. 3rd time in six weeks. Two months ago he got the cable line to the master bedroom TV. That I had fixed right away. But the phone? That can wait (besides, he'll just eat it again). Tells you something about my relationship with TV vs. human beings.

Sleeper said...

I haven't looked at a TV in ages. I don't miss it at all. I grab everything I watch off of the internets anyways. With Hulu and everybody jumping on the streaming video bandwagon there's no need.

Now.. life without the internet.. you might as well be living in a cave....

Clare said...

No TV! Oh well no TV meant to boost your love life!

Julie said...

Nearly two years ago I started to date a wonderful guy who had no TV. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't a huge TV person to begin with, but NO television? Very quickly though, I got used to the lack of TV and LOVED it. Much more time to read, to talk to friends on the phone, to go for walks, etc.

Soon, I only ever turned on my own TV to watch LOST. I'm not kidding at all -- it's true. For at least the past six months, the only time I ever turned on my TV was to watch LOST. It may be silly, but LOST is why I kept the TV. (I know that I can watch it online -- I rewatch it online -- but new episodes are best on TV.) Once, when my guy was sick on a LOST night, I actually took my (albeit small) TV with me, so I could help take care of him, but not miss the show. Those few minutes trying to get reception before the show started were hysterical -- in retrospect.

Anyway, I'm marrying that nice, TV-less guy this summer, and I'll too be TV-less. Until the last season of LOST begins. ;)

Unknown said...

No TV is rough. I don't know how people who don't even own TVs do it. And furthermore, as Joey from Friends would ask, what does all their furniture point towards?

Cassandra said...

When the tv is out, you can watch YouTube! I have to be careful or I'll stay up to 5 a.m. watching stuff on YouTube! I just start surfing and suddenly 4 hours have flown by! Stuff like, say, the "_Lost_ Audition Tapes," or "Jorge Garcia dancing to 'Womanizer,'" or "El Hormiguero, Jorge Garcia, Perdidos." Hope your tv is fixed soon, though!

Tiffany Noélli said...

rsrsrsrs... É, Jorge! Ficar sem TV é horrível mesmo... Como se estivesse em uma ilha, sem comunicação! rs... Familiar para você? Mas logo você arruma a sua aí!

Beijosssssss =)

not interested said...

"Life without TV is borderline camping."

I hate camping! This sounds almost as bad! Hope you rectify this problem Pron-To!

Love your blog!

Netanya Carmi said...


Vesna said...

This is ridiculous. What to do without TV and hating to get up early?? There are lots of people who hate to get up early, but have to do it, because they have to go to work and they stay there long enough that they can't watch any tv because there's no time, because they have to work the whole day to get them 500$ per month. And you make it sound like a world tragedy. And some people don't even have a tv, because they can't afford it and some don't even know what tv is, and they somehow survive, don't they??

TV makes people dumb. Take a book, even if it puts you to sleep, talk with people, play with your dog. Get up early and watch the sun come up, take a walk, make some excercises. Life is so full of nice things you forget to notice because you're occupied with something "virtual".

Oh, man., I don't want to nag, but this is really your first entry I don't like. And I love camping, so... :)

Unknown said...

I would be much more upset without internet:


Then again, most of the TV I seriously watch (Lost included) I watch online one way or another--my work schedule is way too wacky to even try to get to the TV when things are actually on.

lyly ford said...

i'm with brooke too and yeah i got the feeling, it happened to me once but for me the most difficult is fews days at home without internet, when i'm not at home it's okay but when you can do anything on your computer it's just sad and not cool, so you don't like reading ? i love it !
good courage jorge
kiss from france

Irma said...

Great post, so few people are willing to admit that TV leaves a hole in their life when it's gone, when we all KNOW we're in the same boat.

I've never gone without my TV against my will, but I did once lose my beloved, precious internet for a week. Thought I would die. Seriously.

Movie Star Wife said...

The beauty of the internet is that you CAN watch t.v. shows on your computer. That is actually how I watched the first 4 seasons of LOST--last summer. Yes, I was a LOST virgin until last May. Isn't that funny? Anyways, we don't have cable or anything so my kids watch the Disney Channel on my laptop. It works great, except when I want to use the computer. LOL

Scott said...

I have nothing witty to say.
Eat prunes.

Irishcoda said...

Wow, TV withdrawal...I get like that when the internet goes out. I don't watch much TV...except for Lost. ;)

Steve said...

4 years ago my tv broke. I did the warranty replacement deal, I was without a tv for 10 weeks, during sweeps. 10 WEEKS! TV flows through my veins, I feel your pain.

iuonalappy said...

This will be kinda long, I apologize! :p

I hate to wake up early, and I do have to work all day for 300$ a month. I like camping and going out into the wild (nature & city). But then I also love to cuddle in front of the tv, with something to eat, new batteries in my remote and a dvd as backup. Cause that "something virtual" gives me serious doses of emotions and inspiration, and also puts my mind to think. We all have our guilty or not so guilty pleasures, and we have to accept that each of us draws his/her inspiration from the most curious things.
Vesna, watching tv and loving bits of it is not the most terrible thing after all. :)

Jorge, I hope the repair guy will be more inspired next time. And then you'll be able to enjoy some good tv sessions. ;)

Series de Bolsillo said...

It's not a big deal... I don't own a TV, I watch my favorites program through the internet... Try something new, like walking outside, reading in the park, having some beers or coffee with your girl or friends

Marianne said...

You know, this would be a really great time to find some old-fashioned recipe of culinary awesomeness that takes several hours to make just to complete your foray into the old-timey world of non-TV and because there's nothing better to do... Clearly, this is what I would do in your situation since it's the only thing even remotely as entertaining as TV.

The Fussy Baker...and Gardener said...

Life with TV is doable. Life without internet...well, might as well shoot me now. Thought you'd get a kick out of this: Friend of mine vacationed in Morocco recently and was offered 10,000 camels for her hand in marriage. When I heard her story, I jokingly berated her for not accepting and she said "I would have had to live in a Bedouin cave. I can't watch LOST in a cave."

Carmen Lawrence said...

Dude, you need directv. hahaha!

That's gotta suck. I really underestimate the value of TV. That isn't a source of entertainment in my house... it's just a necessity, like water, or... the roof...

redelf said...

It is like camping. When the power goes out here (which it does ALL the time) we all tend to gather in one room and talk and eat popcorn and make stupid jokes with no tv. Course we fall asleep early and then get up early and our dogs look at us like we are nuts too.

AtomBlonde said...

Like some of your other comments can attest...I, too, rarely bother to turn the TV on other than to watch LOST. (So thanks for adding your part to that joy, man!) Still, if the TV wasn't there for my Netflix addiction I would cry stinging tears.

May the telly-revival commence poste haste!

Wendyburd1 said...

Poach dude!! It is bad enough being summer TV time, which means almost nothing good is on, but no access to TV is horrible!! If you have a laptop take it and watch reruns if you have to, camping is something I loathe!

mabochda said...

Did you have to get up to change the channel too? LOL

Renee said...

Borderline camping... har har

Renee xoxo

Derek Brink said...


...and life without TV DOES suck. Speaking as someone who does get up really early and hates it and makes FAR less than what some people who work less with less experience work... I NEED my TV for an escape. ...and I really hate it when people who clearly have never lived my life (because if they had, they would talk that way) takes it upon themselves to speak for me. ---Sorry to be so harsh.

Good luck in your struggle, Jorge. Hang in there. At least you make enough to fix it. :) I'm glad that someone famous understands the pain we real-folks feel when technology lets us down, lol!

Tammy said...

You must be bored-you never blog that much in one sitting. :)
Im sorry for your tv issues-try netflix-you can watch tv while your on the computer. At least you'll be close to the screen and you can do it in bed...

Christina Bauer said...

Jorge, you crack me up! It sucks you don't have a tv with all the fixings, though. I hope you survive it!

Kathi said...

Whoa. What's up with Vesna? I'm thinkin' way too many books and not enough tv.

Andrea said...

Hallo Jorge!
i've lived without television since 2002...
more or less seven years!!!!!
and i'm feel so good!!!!!
I read lots of book and meet lots of friends!!!
I d'nt know in Honolulu but in Italy TV program are so creepy!!!!!
Big uge from Como (Italy)

P.S.: naturally i saw LOST on dvd using my pc.....

styx swimmer said...

Jorge. Once again I'll try to appease to your inner celebrity and ask you to start tweeting. We need you there.

Best regards from a Polish fan.


Vesna said...

Kathi - way too much books, indeed. I study literature. ;)

I apologize if my comment was not very nice.

Avinash said...

"Something we didn't take into account is how far away the couch is from the much smaller television. It was so hard to read the listings on the cable guide."

When this becomes a concern, you know that you are in the money. :)

Miztification said...

lol no tv is definitely like camping. :D However, I'm embarassed to admit that I'm super spoiled, because I especially feel this way about cable TV.

Then there's the conversion from analog to digital. I have to get more boxes for the other TV's in my dad's apartment. He has 3 TV's, but they only gave coupons for two boxes. He watches only 1 TV. My niece uses the back one for videogames (Are we still on PS3 now? Or is there a new one out? Sometimes I feel positively ancient trying to keep up with all the new technology coming out. I'm turning 36 next month, and if it's this bad now, I shudder to think what it'll be like when I'm even older.)

Michelle said...

when my cable was out, I watched DVDs constantly until it came back on (it was like a couple months)
sounds like its time to hit your trusty DVD stack.

Cindy Lou Who said...

I sympathize...And TV's are cheap enough these days that it's better to replace then to fix - parts cost more with labor added then to just buy a new one. Sucks tho...

Anonymous said...


Petra said...

Well your blog made TV GUIDE, Jorge, so I expect your followers two multiply now! You'll remember those of us who've been around since the beginning, right?!

: ) P

Petra said...

Oops, I meant your followers "to" multiply, not "two" multiply! LOL

: ) P

Rumbero said...

La verdad, que cuando ocurren estas cosas, al principio es raro, y parece que no podrás vivir, pero luego te acostumbras bastante bien, y piensas: "podría vivir sin tele"... pero es sólo un espejismo, al final, cuando la tele vuelve, vuelves a estar igual de enganchado a ella! jejeje

Un abrazo!

Unknown said...

It doesn't sound like too bad of an idea - disconnect for a little while

Shannon said...

We haven't had TV reception in 5 years and are better off without it. If we want to watch something, we watch it online. The only thing we use the TV for is to watch DVD movies.

Kelley said...

Living on Ingalls time. Not what it's cracked up to be.

Best to you!

Ithilethiel said...

you can always watch tv on the internet. of course there is youtube and funny or die.

ValMo said...

Ah, but you have the internet! Not so spartan now, eh? hehe
I just moved into a new apartment across the country and my parents bought us a bitchin' new flatscreen as a wedding present. Only problem? It's not here. Neither is my other TV. They're both in the truck that my father-in-law is driving out here.
Hope it's all worked out because I know how much that sucks!
P.S. Loved the description of the two-step move.

Jake's escapades said...

That's funny... I'm currently on vacation, the weather sucks so I'm pretty much holed up in a hotel with all this low tech stuff. With what seems to be a 14 inch tv, a microwave from the 90's... The smallest oven imaginable... "wired" Internet that I can't get a signal from my iPod touch... didn't bother bringing my laptop cause most hotels are wifi now - right? I finally broke down and told the hubby to go buy a router to allow us Internet access... couldn't deal with being Amish anymore...By day 2, I was starting to get the shakes... ;-)
hope u work it out - and if not well you can always go splurge on a new tv for the studio.
Hard to believe most of us grew up before Internet and TiVo existed huh?

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