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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Have A New TV

Yes I have returned to civilization.
Having the luxury of television on this side of the island has taken it's toll on the TV's internal system of boards and wires. And with all of the corrosion inside it would only be a matter of time before the next thing broke on it. So in a way it's good, that two things went wrong within 24 hours of each other. Because the repair man removed everything he put in the last time, took the whole visit as a wash, and said that I was better off replacing the TV.

So I headed out to Hawaii's last remaining electronics superstore. This was a pretty eye-opening experience. For one thing, to get a TV like the one I had to toss at the transfer station, I would pay over a $1,000 dollars less and get more HDMI inputs than I have stuff to put into them. This is important to remember for next time the TV breaks after the service agreement expires. I was still basing my repair budget on the old price, not the replacement price. That was stupid.

The most important thing for me was to get something that I could take home that day. I got it home connected everything. And turned it on. It took a second. A second I wasn't prepared for. I almost lost it. Then it clicked on. Whew!

Learning a new television is like learning a new language. What was second nature now requires grabbing another remote control. I have some reprogramming to do. Cross your fingers.


B.R said...

hehehe. An HDTV star learning about HDTV! He, you kill me, J-Man! I wish you could include some pictures of you with a puzzled face looking at some cables.

Paul Spooner said...

Man, if I was famous I would totally milk it for free stuff! No one wants an endorcement from me though!

Rumbero said...

Felicidades por la tele! No abuses de ella mucho, jajajaj, sólo quítate las ganas, y a seguir con lo demás.

A ver si consigues que te manden la entrevista la semana que viene de Matthew Fox en el hormiguero, va a ser legendario!!

Un abrazo Jorge, se te quiere!

Nikki said...

We just got a new tv as well. It's a whole new learning curve with each one! Now you just need to get a geeky friend to build you a Mythbox for it!

Seabiscuit said...

We need a new TV so bad. The old one works OK for all it's 20 years old, but those flatscreens with hi-def are so flippin' spiffy. It's especially tempting when they play Lost scenes. One of these days, though...

Dorci said...

I think we have 4 remotes all told including the various electronic toys, like blue ray player, surround sound, etc. I hate 'em. Usually I just call a kid to come and turn off the surround sound or whatever needs to be done. Otherwise I sit there fiddling for half an hour. Why do kids seem to be born with the language of technology already uploaded onto their little hard drives and for an oldie like me it's like speaking Greek. Or should I say geek. Hee hee.

erika said...

buenaaas!!!que tal jorge?? me ha encantando tu blog y desde barcelona te envio muchos saludos...
PD: estamos todos impacientes por la sexta temporada...
muchos besos

Unknown said...

I highly recommend picking up one of the Logitech Harmony universal remotes. That thing will do just about anything except bring you breakfast in bed. It's more expensive than other universals, but it's completely upgradeable, so it'll work for anything, even new stuff that comes out. It takes a little time to do the initial programming, but once you do that, it's a one-button operation from there on out.

EBsixT said...

I'm the nut also known as WVLostFan, but I'm lazily letting this blog go out with the Google account of mine that I'm signed into at the time LOL!
Congrats on the new TV, Jorge!
I'd like a new one since all three we have all weigh a ton, each! LOL!
They're all analog, too, so we've had to buy HD converter boxes for 2 of them and need to get a third, now that analog tv is a thing of the past.....
Show us the tv and have fun, reprogramming!

Rolando A. said...

Hola Jorge, espero que estés muy bien, a ver si en tu próximo post incluyes algunas fotos de tu nueva TV y tu conectando todos los cables jejeje


Spirit-of said...

I am not close enough to Jorge to call him 'J-Man' or speak to him in Spanish.

As for remotes, I could totally get behind having a standard layout for remotes that all companies had to obey. The telephone layout hasn't changed in 40+ years and nobody seems to want to mess with that! Support remote control layout standards N O W !

B.R said...

neither am I, but Jorge's cool. And yes, what is it with these MUCHO LOCOS HERMANOS DELA CHUROS? It's not like Jorge is EL CHAVO or something...
Universal remotes are freakin' sweet!

Magic & Goofy said...

Totally agree about the Logitech remote. I've tried several, but the Harmony One is the only one I'd recommend. Tossed all the rest of them out and have two Harmony One's now. Give it a try...not too hard to program, and you can set them to things like "watch tv" or "watch dvd" and it does all the turning off and switching inputs for you. Excellent for the technology challenged in the house!

Freak said...

Enjoy it!

PoshDrosofila said...

Bonne Chance!!!

Topanga said...

Congrats!! I don't know how you made it without a TV as long as you did?

I'm amazed there's still such thing s TV repair men.

Please Type Legibly said...

Congratulations, Jorge....and enjoy.

Parker said...

That corrosion thing kills me about living on an island. I left my leather belt in a closet and didn't wear it for a month. By the time I took it back out it was moldy and rusty. Electronics and cars just don't stand a chance.

toysruskid said...

Why is it a luxury to have a tv on the side of the island you're on? Why was there corrosion?!?!?

redelf said...

Good luck. I hate getting new appliances...they take weeks to feel right.

ReNaTo UêGa said...

Oh really! A new TV!? Everybody in the Jorge's house tonight for a movie session!! Hahaha!
Sugestions about the movie? =P

Hugs Jorgeman!!! \o/

Wendyburd1 said...

That is why I am afraid to get an HDTV flatscreen. I have enough remotes I had to learn between my tv, dvr and vcr, I can only remember so much!!

annjomarie said...

Jorge I love your blog! I found it two weeks ago and read it from start to finish. Took me like 4 hrs and i was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face, and my fam kept coming in to see what I was laughing at! I hope you read these comments cuz this link to a lost poll will make you happy! Look for the poll about "Something is about to explode and kill everyone, but you can save one person, who will it be?" Proves we love Hurley best!

Cassandra said...

I totally get it about the dampness and corrosion. I used to live at the beach. I went to Las Vegas one time on vacation, and when I opened up my suitcase in the hotel, I could literally see a cloud of dampness rising up off of my clothes. It was eerie. Like a grey smoke monster or something! So I guess the grey smoke monster at your house got your TV!

Ale said...

Hahaha yesss, a new TV is a new world! But a world of complete happiness! ^^

KitCat said...

I will meet Matthew Fox tonight! :D
He's now in Hungary, and he will go to an AXN party. There is a chance for an autograph or a photo, i am so excited!
Jorge, do you come to Europe again?

draVska said...

Cheers from Poland! :)

Angel said...

I freaked out when our new tv took a few seconds to come on too! I guess its a new thing. I hope you enjoy your new toy and that you can condense your remotes into one!

Lynn Faruque said...

I can just see you standing in front of the thing for that one second, after all you have gone through lately. The look on your face. lol

Lynn Faruque said...

Oh I forgot, will you tell us if Facebook is yours or a fan site? Thanks. I said something on there and don't wanna sound like a dork.


Christina Bauer said...

Learning a new tv IS hard! But you're smart, so it shouldn't take too long for you! Good luck Jorge!

Ezawyn said...

Hey, we want a picture of your new TV!

Shirley said...

welcome back to civilization. : )

mccn said...

Hooray for the new TV! I am not crossing my fingers, though, in case that jinxes you on learning the new remote - instead, I am dedicating multiple hours of Wii-time in your honor.

Todd said...

Ok, You can't just leave some of electronic geeks hanging. What kind of TV did you get??? Brand? Size? etc. etc. I am hoping to get a new one this November. :)

ValMo said...

Welcome back to civilization! If you're happy, we're delighted.

wharfrat said...

Congrats on your new TV. I still use an old Sony Trinitron (square screen). I fear if I get a wide screen high tech my VHS will not work with it. Will it? Or not? I have the first 5 seasons of LOST on VHS tape. Plus I buy the DVDs. So one foot in the past and one in the future? Sounds like I am LOST?

OurWanderingAdventures said...

good luck figuring the new television!!! It's definately a learning process! hahaha!

Jake's escapades said...

Congrats on the new baby... Err... I mean TV.
I also totally recommend the logitech remote. Got mine online at Costco for a bargain pricecompated to other electronic stores. Was able to consolidate 5 remotes into 1. Set one of my "activities" as "watch LOST" and with the press of one button, everything switches on and goes directly to the channel LOST is on. Sweet!
So... What did u get? I bet it's a Sony. Mine takes it's time to swich on too!

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