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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The also rans

In 2005 I was looking to get a dog. The plan was to rescue one from the Humane Society in Hawaii. But then I popped into a pet shop in Ewa Beach and saw this:
I said to myself "Aw crap! I just bought a dog!"
So these things don't necessarily go as we plan them.

I'm not in the market for another dog although I do like to check them out when I stop into pet shops to get liver treats or another toy for Nunu to destroy.

And I have to admit I've come really close to taking these guys home as well.


The McKell Spot said...

Aren't chihuahuas just the best!! My little guy is named Rick.

Anonymous said...

That first little doggy is a keeper! But, on the other hand, I wouldn't buy from a pet shop unless they have really humane conditions for the puppies they sell. Ethically better to stick to the humane society. But damn, that puppy is cute.

elisabeth said...

nunu is SO cute!

i'm sure you'll get a few comments like this... please, please, please don't buy another puppy from a pet store! there is no such thing as a "humane" or good puppy store. those dogs come from puppy mills, and even though it can feel like you're "rescuing" a puppy from life in a glass case at the store, it's detrimental to the breeding dogs left behind at the mill. a little info:

sorry to get a little preachy, but i promise you there are plenty of adorable, wonderful little dogs available from rescue groups and shelters in hawaii! patronizing a pet store just fuels a cruel, disgusting industry.

Shalina said...

um, if i walked in and saw nunu looking at me like that, i would've bought her too.

Wendyburd1 said...

That first picture is your dog Nunu? I want your dog!! Sooo cute!

Man said...

Adorable pet shop dogs are the best.

Thomas said...

Man wrote: "Adorable pet shop dogs are the best."

No, they aren't. Pls, read the post three upon yours. elisabeth is abolutly right.

It's a real drag!

But of course, Nunu is very, very cute...

Jan said...

So cute, monísimo!

Unknown said...

You were very very lucky with Nunu. The horror stories of how the puppies in pet shops are bred would make you cry. By buying from them, you are supporting in many cases puppy mills that torture their breeding stock. Try www.petfinder.com; you can see thousands of dogs (there are a lot of purebreds there too) who need you now. You can also search for rescue organizations and/or shelters near your area. You can search on a specific breed too. I got Rover from a rescuer I located on Petfinder and he's an amazing dog. Spread the word.

Lisa-Maladylis said...

Nunu is a cutie. It would be hard to pass them up but they are right about puppy mills. It's so sad, no pup deserves that. Makes me want to buy them all. Our Chi is named Jinx, he's a black and white long haired and my sons birthday from two years ago. They are such little bundles of Joy and think they are as big as all the other big dogs. I would have bought Nunu too, such a cutie !!

B.R said...

The cutest doggies in the world...
Awwwwwww, now I'm filled with joy and cuteness.
NuNu is sooooo, like, awesome! Not to mention a cute dogarino...

Lemme tell ya something:

Dogging makes me feel good!

Unknown said...

That picture of Nunu as a puppy makes me want to put her between two pieces of a bread and eat her like a sammich! The cutest sammich EVER!

Kris said...

Ack! Don't buy from a "pet" store. Adopt a dog from your local shelter or petfinder. A great dog for you would be a retired racing greyhound! Check out my blog for more information.

Thanks for all of the fun blogs you post. They always make my day!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Ahhhhh so sweet. You should adopt Nunu a little friend.

Tara said...

That's exactly how we got a dog too. Just went to "look at the puppies" and walked out with 6lbs of miniature schnauzer named Bartleby.

OurWanderingAdventures said...


AllBlueZoo said...

Oh mercy, I can just hear Nunu saying "you want to take me home!" in a shrill German accent for some reason?! Almost makes me wanna go get another pup to be friends with our Chi Nani....we shall see!

redelf said...

do it do it!!! Nunu needs a friend!!

What happens to the puppies in pet stores if no one buys them?? I am completely for humane society and such but everyone keeps saying dont buy pet store puppies...but what happens to those puppies??

Alice said...

Get him!!! get him!!!! I have a new Dachshund puppy and he's just the funniest!! This guy looks amazing too.

Julie said...

I want a dog so badly, but I'm not home nearly enough.

It's tough! I used to work at a vet clinic and animal control would stop by the the "unwanted" cats and kittens

This is why my parents have a cats and my husband and I have 2. Good thing I only worked there for a few years! I know I would have taken home many more.

Lynn Faruque said...

Nunu as a baby!!!! How cute.

"Aw crap! I just bought a dog!" I know the feeling. lol

Although Scout has been in trouble most of this week!


Unknown said...

Yep-that is how we ended up with our dog too! Pet stores are dangerous territory like that.

Paul Spooner said...

Nice cat dude...

Curt Rogers said...

Man, I've been reading for awhile and although I haven't posted a comment I've wanted to. I just wanted to make some silly LOST reference or crack a joke h=that's not funny. But this post has finally inspired me

The dogs are cute. Unbelievably so, but I hope you know that purchasing any animal from a pet shop is a VERY BAD THING TO DO. They count on those cute little eyes and wagging tails to pull on your heartstrings, and then your wallet. The truth of the matter is, these places are evil in on of its highest forms. The reasons not to do so are vast and here is a lot of information out there about their inhumane practices. Please, if you love animals, take the time to educate yourself. Please visit http://www.saynotoanimalsinpetshops.com/

The people I know who've bought animals at such places almost always say, "I know, it was an accident. I couldn't resist." I'm sorry, but that is not an excuse. They are not idiots, you are not an idiot, but you've both bought into the clever manipulations of these terrible places. Don't be the puppet these places want you to be!

And now I'll climb off my soapbox.

Thanks, Jorge, and everyone else who urges the same thing.

Curt (and his dog Duncan)

Evonne said...

C;mon, Mr Garcia, take them all home. I have no doubt you will love them all and provide a great home with lots of toys to destroy.

Carmen Lawrence said...

Hahahaha, I love dogs too! And don't say you won't get another... because you will only prove yourself wrong!

Please Type Legibly said...

That one standing up in its pen was really cute....he was BEGGING for a home, Jorge....I do check out the dogs in the pet stores, though all my animals have come from the pound. I think next time I'm going to a rescue though. You can get specific breeds there and they seem to do a good job of matching the dog to you and any existing dogs you have. I'm thinking maybe a border collie or a Newfoundland. I love 180 lb. lap dogs... ;o)

Malea said...

I used to have one named Bridgett.Sweet little thing, RIP.

Malea said...

Oh, and I buy styrofoam. Don't judge me, I don't judge you:)

Lynn Faruque said...

Geez you post here as a favor to us, your fans. I love you for it.

But then I love Hurley too, so when are you guys gonna begin filming again? lol

So, do you check fan mail often?

Besos to you, Beth and Nunu.

I know I commented twice!!

James Hernandez said...


The inner child in me just smiled when I saw those pictures! The older gruchier man on the outside thought 'Whew no pooper scooper duty!'

ReNaTo UêGa said...

Ooooh baby Nunu! =)
If you had bought another dog Nunu would not be jealous? Hahaha

Sucess Jorgeman!

Donna said...

Petfinder.org is THE way to go, seriously. Lookit what I found just by entering Chihuahua in Honolulu!
These are rescue animals, all of them............


Yo Scott said...

That's a cute dog. Speaking of Ewa... I am heading to Ewa Beach in a couple weeks for 2 weeks to visit family friends. Are you guys filming for the upcoming season yet, or do you know if the areas where you film are open to the public ever? I'm not interested in looking for actors, just the beautiful landscapes on the show. Two weeks in paradise is going to be awesome.

Capcom said...

Awww, ya big softie! Tx for posting the baby Nunu pix.


Unknown said...

wanna get a fan a present....I'll take um all

Rosemary Bats said...

I love how half the people here are trying to make you feel guilty for taking Nunu home. Nothing like trying to make someone regret buying their beloved pet, right guys? The time to get preachy isn't AFTER someone bought and bonded with their dog. That's just plain rude.

That aside, Nunu was SO adorable as a little baby! It's not like she isn't adorable now, but I have a big old soft spot in my heart for tiny little puppies. <3

Sproggie said...

Gotta agree with everyone else who says PLEASE do not buy from pet shops. It might seem like you are "rescuing" them but all you're really doing is paying some *insert expletive here* to keep that puppies Mum as a breeding machine making her turn out litter after litter until she literally collapses from the physical strain. Rescuing is definitely the way to go but if for some reason you can't do that please at least find a reputable breeder who breeds for health and temperament and where you can see the mother. Chihuahuas are "fashionable" and thus hideously overbred which leads to health issues. You get one from a pet shop you're likely to end up with one which will suffer from poor health.

Sandy said...

What a cutie! Maybe you ought to stay out of pet stores!

warmislandsun said...

I didn't plan my dog either. I bent down to pick up a different dog and she grapped my sleeve and wouldn't let go. She chose me. Nala was a loving baby for 13 years and just recently passed away. Dogs really bring so much into your life.

Unknown said...

So cute!!!

Josephine Ocean said...

I also want a dog... but it seems I will get a fish =/

Andre said...

Hey Jorge, you might be interested in this interview with Damon and Carlton. They want to blame you..! :p

http://de-lostpedia.blogspot.com/2009/07/video-interview-mit-lindelof-und-cuse.html (~ 3:15)

Cassandra said...

I have one word for you Jorge (if it is a word):


Sue Wacvet said...

Sorry, Jorge, but I have to agree with elisabeth. I DO love Nunu, though, and really enjoy your posts about her. Check out this site by the ASPCA: http://tinyurl.com/puppymillfaq

Maya99 said...

Three of my babies (one cat, one kitten, one dog) are rescues. The other dog did come from a women who breeds and shows Siberian Huskies. We'd dealt with her in the past and I vowed--once our other Huskies had passed on--I would only adopt/rescue. But then I saw Ryder (now almost a year) with his big blue eyes looking so much like our 1st Husky and that was it. Two months ago we adopted the kitten from the ASPCA. In our house temperament is a big deal as my son is autistic. We knew the Husky's background; but with our all of our rescues we've been just as blessed with easy-going, devoted pets.

Sarah said...

Cute indeed!

But another never buy from a pet store post here. Dogs should be adopted from shelters, breed specific rescues, or from good caring breeders - a real breeder, not a backyard breeder. A real breeder will want to meet you and wouldn't ever ship a dog. They love their dogs, and aren't concerned w/ making money. Dogs in pet stores come from puppy mills and supporting them is a horrible thing to do, especially for a celebrity who can spread the word.


katie! (: said...

soooo cuteee!

ReNaTo UêGa said...

I love this blog! Hahaha! \O/

yellowdoggranny said...

i'm sorry to tell you sweety..that is not a doggie..that is a hawaiian rat on sterioids...really..get a real dog

Thieuthieu said...

Poor pet...i dislike dog market.

Unknown said...

I didn't know anything about pet shops, until I adopted a sweet little boston terrier that was used by a puppy mill breeder for FIVE YEARS. He had never been out of his cage except for breed, had his vocal cords damaged and had lost most of his teeth. He was so afraid of being touched that he would flinch, shiver and cower if you reached out to pet him. This was AFTER 3 months of rehabilitation by the rescue group.

eight months later, he is the most loyal dog I've ever had and clearly remembers what he has been saved from.

I'm glad to hear from your latest post that you would never buy from a pet shop again. My dog and others like him thank you!

A big fan,


Unknown said...

joder tio, que perro mas feo

Unknown said...

Nunu is from my hometown!

Serguma said...

I prefer beagles!

Elizabeth said...

You seriously need a bigger dog. How about a Great Dane or Mastiff?!

Lydia Claire said...

One great way to not buy another dog from a pet shop is to not shop at one. If at all possible, buy Nunu's toys, treats, food, etc. from a pet supply store that doesn't sell animals. This way you are not supporting a store that is more concerned about profit than the welfare of the animals in any way.
Now thats not to say that Nunu and you weren't meant to be together, but in the future you and your companion animals will find each other through different channels.

Nicole Bailey said...

I think your PET STORE puppy is adorable and don't feel bad about buying your treats, food and anything else you need from your local pet store.
Geesh you guys go easy on Garcia...he just wanted to share with us his adorable, brand new puppy..I'm certain that he didn't mean to open up a debate on pet stores/puppy mills!!!
Lets get some facts straight....
Not all pet stores are bad...
There are a lot of independantly owned pet stores owned by animal loving people who have policies regarding where they purchase their animals....I should know my family owns a pet store and we have for 35 years!!!
Making generalizations and assumptions is dangerous and not very productive...and it's even worse to take everything you read or watch on TV as truth. Oprah isn't correct about everything!
just my two cents!:o)

Curiosity said...

I worked in two different pet stores when I was just out of high school. One of them was a puppy mill outlet and it was pretty awful. The other was a local chain of three stores and got puppies and kittens only from local breeders. Those dogs were healthy and a little spoiled. Just know a little about your store. They're not all bad.

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