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Friday, June 12, 2009

That's an odd bench

Here's a picture of me sitting on the lap of this statue at one of the entrances to Central Park.
If you think this is easy check out where he keeps his sword.


JohnLeMay said...

It would've been weird for everyone if it had turned out to be one of those street performer guys who paint their skin.

Cassandra said...

Jorge, you're so funny! You're accumulating a whole photo album of yourself with weird statues! The rabbits, the huge statue in Munich, the boars in Munich and Florence, and now Central Park. I imagine a whole series of these photos, framed and lined up on your wall at home! I want to see more!

Michelle said...

ahahahaha your hilarious. I just found an action figure of "Hurley" on Amazon. How cool is that?!?! You've got your own action figure!

Kip said...

That IS an odd bench!

Digging For Days

Jules said...

The real question is whether or not you enjoyed sitting on his.... sword lap...

Topanga said...

..And yet you're smiling. hmmmmmm? ;-)

Unknown said...

You look like you were having a little 'too' much fun there! LOL This is great that you take the time to show us things we may never get to see!!!

hillary said...

Looks like you may be wearing the now-missing shoe there...does that help narrow down its possible whereabouts?

Deborah Godin said...

Looks like you enjoyed your visit to the park to the hilt...

Avinash said...

Don't pretend you didn't enjoy it...

The only thing better than having a sword shoved up your arse is... well... not having a sword shoved up your arse...

Lynn Faruque said...

That looks so~~~~uncomfortable!!

Kristen said...

Eeps! That is some poor design on whoever worked on that statue! ;)

jackdonnelly said...

* Hurley almost didn't make Flight 815. In fact, the woman at the counter tells him: "I don't think you're supposed to be on this flight, dear".

* When Ben sees Hurley on Ajira 316, he looks him in the eye and tells him: "Hugo, who told you to come?"

* In Left Behind, episode S3.15, Hurley stands on the beach with Sawyer sitting behind him. He then looks out into the ocean, and says "I'm not supposed to be here".

* In Locke's vision where Boone's wheeling him through the airport, Hurley's the only person not getting on the plane. Everyone else is boarding the flight, but Hurley is not a passenger: instead he's stamping tickets at the gate.

* In S1, Hurley knew he wouldn't die on the bridge. He just had a 'feeling' he'd be alright - and he was. At the end of S3 Hurley knew he could get that 30+ year old van to start... and he got it started. He drives the van into Pryce through a hail of gunfire, without ever taking a single bullet.

* Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley all get captured by the Others. But Hurley was the one person they let go.

Hugo has always been lucky: rolling the dice, winning at horseshoes, never missing at basketball, winning the lottery. He eternally makes his own luck... and if this is the case, it stands to reason that he can make his own future. Hugo makes his own kind of music - he's been doing this both on and off the island. He's untouchable, unreachable, and the island can't affect him for a very simple reason: he's not supposed to be here.

Think about Hurley's distractions, too. The island tried to bribe him with a storeroom of food, but Hugo blew it up. It tried to offer him romance, but then his potential girlfriend gets shot. It even tries to get him to kill himself... by using Dave to almost convince Hurley to jump off a cliff. Didn't work.

Outside of the island? Hurley's in a mental institution, where someone is watching over him (because they can't touch him) to make sure he stays put. He gets out anyway. Then he's captured and imprisoned by the police. Somehow he gets out of that, too. No matter what happens, Hurley can't be contained. Hurley can somehow even see Jacob's cabin, because he's not affected by whatever illusions or smokescreens the island puts up.

Even now, it's no coincidence that Hurley's the one voice arguing in favor that things can be changed. He argues with Miles in Whatever Happened Happened, and he's trying to rewrite history with his Empire Strikes Back script. Hurley's seen more ghosts than anyone else. Charlie comes to Hurley as a ghost, telling him "They need you". Who needs him? Everyone else in the story. The Hurley bird is even shrieking his name over and over in the finale. The answer is obvious to me: Hurley's the one person who'll end up changing things.

What's funny is that we've always thought the game changer would come from one of the bigger players: Desmond, Ben, Jack, Locke - but if you think about LOST in general, it makes sense that such changes would come from someone you'd least expect. Hurley is perfect because no one's expecting him to matter. He's done nothing but cook, divide up food, play ping pong, and make everyone else laugh - including us.

Hurley is the island's very big problem because he's the one person who's "not here for a reason". And that's the very reason why he'll end up being so important: WHH can't apply to Hurley, because he was never a part of the plan (timeline?) in the first place. In short, I'm saying Hurley is the variable.

JohnLeMay said...

"In short" huh.

Shadow Thompson said...

OMG........ AND YOUR SMILING...........................................................

B.R said...

That's one pointy sword to one pointy son-of-a-gun knight! YOWEE! That wasn't a really good experience...
Or was it? HEHEHE...Street performer....LOL.

Reebs said...

I love it. It looks like something I would do. You're fantastic, Jorge. Cheers from New Mexico.

Colleen said...

I can't tell... but are you wearing the left "missing" shoe you posted from a couple of days ago? Just trying to help you retrace your steps. Maybe I can help you narrow down the timeline of when you actually lost your shoe. ;)

ReNaTo UêGa said...

Nice picture! Stroooong statue!! Hahaha! ;)
Sucess Jorgeman!

innae said...

I just wanted to drop a line that I love your blog!! (found it through TV guide -- and had to join because I have loved Hurley (and therefore you) from the first episode of Lost :-)

Sue Wacvet said...


Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

Oooo yeah, that would have been awkward. You must have some good leg strength to keep yourself up and off of that. heh.

Mandy said...

Hey Jorge ~ love your blog and your cool sense of humor. And LOST, of course. You and Sawyer are my fav characters. If you like to read, I hope you'll try one of my books.

Amanda Ashley

junkfoodjodi said...

I saw your blog listed in TV guide and now I am going back and reading everything you wrote! You have a great sense on humor! I thought you were funny back when 20/20 interviewed all of you on LOST and you told the story about telling your Mom that a main character was going to die and she said, "Not Sawyer!" LOL!

nollyposh said...

Oh lol! You're a mad bugga! (Aussy for Crazy guy!) X:-p!

James Hernandez said...


I heard that a sword up the derriere is the one sure way to give yourself a free colonoscopy!

Dainty Inferno said...

I'm sure you've seen http://www.statuemolesters.com/
before, right?

Hey, while you're in NYC you should come check out the Gotham Girls Roller Derby tonight at Hunter College (68th and Lex). I'm one of the many LOST fans who would LOVE to have you there! http://gothamgirlsrollerderby.com for details.

Freak said...

Hehehe... you really seem a very nice guy. Must eb fun be friends with you...

Christina Bauer said...

Jorge, you just crack me up! I hope that sword didn't hurt...

I think you should make it your mission to take pictures with all the cool/weird statues you come across! I know I'd love to see that! Thanks again, Jorge!

redelf said...


Reeb-uh said...

You're too funny Jorge. WE love you!
From the Brown Family

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