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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dear Kubrick,

You know you did a good job on the likeness when the face recognition software on my new computer can identify Dom and I.


Ckalt said...
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Thieuthieu said...

hehe it's funny :)

Ckalt said...

Does any of you guys listen to "The Lost Initiative"-Podcast by Kimberley and Aimee?
I think it's the best out there...
...what are your favorites?

Lynn Faruque said...

That is too cute!!

Petra said...

Way cool, Jorge!

DORAda said...

too cute!

*~Dani~* said...

Love them! They do look like you guys. Either Kubrick is REALLY talented or your computer is REALLY high tech and maybe a bit creepy.

Dakota said...

Are these Legos? (Well, something similar to lego?)

Awesome software though.

Avinash said...

I am definitely going to buy those. I hope they have voodoo powers too.

I'll make you do all sorts of crazy shit

Please Type Legibly said...

LOL - too cool, Jorge. What a kick to have yourself immortalized a la Kubrick. Thanks for sharing.

LostFan said...

Are you using iPhoto?

Cassandra said...

At first I didn't get the reference to Kubrick. I'm like, why is Jorge addressing this blog entry to Stanley Kubrick? What does a dead film director have to do with those toy-like figures. So I Wikipedia'd "Kubrick," and it turns out, the toy company was named in honor of Stanley Kubrick! Wikipedia has a detailed article about the company. After reading it, I'm not surprised at the accuracy of the facial features!

Rumbero said...

Jajajaja. Mathew Fox en el hormiguero, no te lo pierdas!!


Erin said...


Rachael said...

That's awesome. I love that.

Rachel Snyder said...

Hepzibah, I was confused at first too, until I read what you said. Thanks for clearing that up :)

Carmen Lawrence said...

Those are awesome! I read about those... where ca I get some, hahaha!

Rachel said...

man i wish someone would make a toy of me!!!

James Hernandez said...


They even nailed the type of shirt you wear on the show. Awesome!

B.R said...

Pretty Cute^^^!
Gotta love it when face recognition sees that our toy versions of famous guys really ARE who they are supposed to be.
I tried my face recognition soft with harry potter toy
it worked!

B.R said...
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Erin {pughs' news} said...

Love. It.

Paul Spooner said...

Which one is you again?

Wednes said...

Awesome. We're really experiencing a second golden age in terms of action figures. Todd MacFarlane really ushered in a new era of amazingly sculpted, well designed figures that end up being truly exceptional collectibles for those of us who consume such things. Now all the major "toy" companies are following suit, and we, the fans, have all kinds of choices when it comes to buying figures.

Sorry for the nerd talk. But combining the awesomeness of figures with the overall cuteness of Jorge, is almost too much for a fangirl to handle!

Ezawyn said...

Cool! But what is this? You´re LEGOS? lol!

J.D. said...

nice :D

Amie R. said...

I have both of these Kubricks! :D

Tadmis said...

Jajajaja pero ¿por quĂ© Dominic tiene cara de malo?

Jan said...


Serguma said...

Great! I want one of theese!

AtomBlonde said...

So, so cool!
I need a few of these...Yoda and Kit Fisto are gettin'lonely on my work station.

Christina Bauer said...

Wow those are so perfect! Very nice job, Kubrick! And thanks for sharing, Jorge!!

Mommycosm said...

Wow, those are pretty good - and hilarious!

Unknown said...

What face recognition software is this?

That's pretty fantastic.

Miztification said...

I ordered some Kubricks, but mine never came. :( I've got to track down the paperwork...either that or call the post office(Good luck with that, right?). Face recognition software...Wow! I thought only the government used that type of stuff.

Unknown said...

Um... the Hurley Kubrick came with a scale? WTH?!

Ralph- said...

wait, you have a face recognition program? do you work for MI6 now?

Trude said...


renita said...

This is not really related to your post, but I have to ask -- my husband and I saw Matthew Fox brand wines at the grocery store yesterday, is it the same Matthew Fox?? :)

BubbaCoop said...

Now if only they weren't so darn expensive. $150 for Desmond?!

redelf said...

it is sorta weird too.

Renee said...


This very talented artist has been doing portraits of all your castmates, and here is yours! Love it.

Unknown said...

That's hilarious!

Jazzygirl said...

Jorge, I don't know if you'll see this but I sure hope so. You've GOT to check out these YouTube clips. Nikki posted it on her LOST blog here: http://nikkistafford.blogspot.com/2009/06/lost-funniest-show-on-tv.html

Erin said...

These are so cool. I think I need to get them!

Christine said...

Hilarious! I'm collecting these. So far, I have Hurley, Jack and Sawyer. I really, really need Ben, but it seems that he's rather elusive.

Jonny said...

@Hepzibah glad I'm not the only one who wondered that and thank you for clearing it up for me. Now I'm off to read the Wikipedia entry for myself....


JORGE! can you blog and tell us about your experience with avocados in Hawaii? Post some picture sof them as well! I heard they are much bigger than the ones we get here in america!

Unknown said...

Hiya Jorge,

My name is Deborah, I hail from Colorado. I have enjoyed reading your blog and I just knew you were a funny guy.

Was wondering when you are on a set in Hawaii, how bad is the heat and humidity and most of all, the bugs???

Oh yea and also..those are amazing cukes you have there lol


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