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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well well well

So the New Zealand news people found my rebuttal

I was just rereading my earlier post. I hope I didn't insult them when I asked if they were a real news show. I was just wondering if it was a legitimate news show or a comedy news show like The Daily Show. 


HJMW said...

That's awesome! You're totally getting an Ipod TP holder to!

Shannon-Nikita-Hannah said...

If they were a "real" news source....they should check their sources out instead of just making it up as they go???

electrictree said...

What the heck?!!? This is starting to look like a last word contest...haha!
"In todays news Jorge Garcia blogged about a news post that described Garcia blogging about a previous new post..." :P

jen said...

There's something kind of ominous about that "be watching for a special gift from New Zealand"...

Unknown said...

I'm sure you would anyway, but be sure to blog about that "special gift" when it arrives.

BTW, it's very endearing that you Google Alert yourself.

Dan said...

Has anything in a gossip column ever been real?

Unknown said...

I suspect you WILL be getting that Ipod toliet paper holder after all.

Nikki said...

I have to wonder how many iPod tp holders you're going to get .... LOL!

Anonymous said...

"it's very endearing that you Google Alert yourself"

Hey, were I in any way a public figure, I would sure as heck have myself on Google alerts. You'd pretty much have to. It's just business.

This whole episode is a great example of why I would never, ever want to be famous.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, it's so quiet here :) I like it though. You inspired me to start blogging about food in english ;)

Parker said...

It is a real news show (well, morning show) just not a well-done news show.

Alice Jones said...

sunrise < breakfast

Dan said...

The gossip columnist responsible has offered to take Joge out for a drink: http://www.3news.co.nz/Entertainment/Story/tabid/418/articleID/106188/cat/55/Default.aspx

Momof4 said...


Kathi said...

So most think you're so getting an Ipod toilet paper holder but, personally, I think a bottle of champagne and a book of matches are in your future-delivered to you in person by the columnist who printed the article. Those crazy New Zealanders...

Luke Pryor said...

hey jorge luke here from nz just watched the video clip, yea it is a news-type show, which they show at some ungodly hour in the morning.

anyway, hope all is well and can't wait for season 6 of lost! (the final season maybe?) pz! luke

Capmaster said...

I wouldn't worry about offending them. As Shannon Gushue said they went with a story without checking it for accuracy. I think they're fair game for any and all comments.

Cassandra said...

They should make it up to you by sending you the iPod toilet paper holder, a new iPod, and a year's supply of TP!

sturtus said...


Paul Spooner said...

Not much of a retraction...

nomad said...

that is cool. maybe they will put you on the simpsons with that. by the way is that leagel?

TakesaVillage said...

Happy Birthday Jorge.
You were totally awesome this season Dude.

Kate Foster said...

Hey Jorge,
I'm always here reading your blog on my lunch hour at work in ...New Zealand haha :)
Yeah as you've been told it's a real news show & the showbiz segment this was on is run by a guy that is based in L.A. as far as I know - so you can find him and kick his arse haha. Didja see I spelt it in the "kiwi" way for you. I jumped straight to your blog when I saw the piece on TV3 and saw you had nothing to say about it so dismissed it immediately. I didn't really think that your cast mates would give you something so lame anyway!!
C'mon on down to NZ and check it out - I'd love to see posts about your take on my home!
All the best & thanks for Season 5!
Kate xx
PS. I just went to see Star Trek due to your glowing post about it...you're right. It rocked. Got a crush on Spock now.

Unknown said...

us kiwis love ya! though we are hanging out for the final of season 5.... maybe you'll get a jar of marmite??? blessings, claire in New Zealand

wickedmemories said...

New Zealand loves you Jorge!!!
We're a small country, we have to report on something...

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