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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is the part of the astronaut suit they DON'T tell you about.

We went to the Deutsches Museum had some cool stuff about space exploration.

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! 
And aviation. 

Goodbye. Goodbye. Oh wait the door is way over there. 


Das Mutter said...

LOVE that first picture. That's hysterical--just seems a bit, ill-fitting if you will!

Kiraa said...

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Just wanted to say I check out your blog every day & am (of course) a huge fan!

Lovisas said...


Clare said...

Do they come in other colours than gold?? I wonder what female astronauts get to wear....

Deborah Godin said...

And I didn't particularly want to go into space BEFORE I saw this...

Emily said...

Yellow space knickers? You'd think they'd go with some tightie whities so things don't float oddly in zero gravity...

UrbanVox said...

LOVE the adult napies... they look... spacey... LOL!!

Deb said...

I bet race car drivers wear these as well.

feelisgood said...


Paperbak Writer said...

I wear those diapers everywhere. I'm a man on the go ;)

Petra said...

Am I wrong that I was expecting a photo next to the Oceanic 815 wreckage?! LOL

Thanks for the morning chuckle, Jorge. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

: ) P

Evonne said...

OMG! Get away from that plane!

Catherine said...

It seems as if you stayed in Munich longer than I thought. I went to the Deutsche Museum for one afternoon and I wasn't able to see everything.

Freak said...

I love this Museum, the Deutsches Museum. I love Munich aswell.
What I like best about this Museum is that you can touch a lot of things and try them out. It's like they show you how the experiment goes and then let you try it. Great!
It is not just like a lot of theory but also the practical stuff.

A nice trip you are having, dude!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that museum!! They let you touch almost everything! very fun. :)

Eugen Caitaz said...

Don't sit on this aircraft!!!!!, is flight 815!!!!!:)

Liesl said...

LOL, one more reason I don't want to go into space. How about the bras? :P

Phrank said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phrank said...

I think that astronaut stole Jason Giambi's gold thong! LOL!

Paul Spooner said...

Cool space pants

Jules said...

Did you find the numbers on the side of the plane or anywhere?

Amy McMean said...

I love the one of you running under the plane. thats funny

Tammy said...

I thought they wore diapers?
I guess ugly underwear is just as bad. thanks for the look "inside".

Majandra said...

You're in Munich! :o

I'm from Bavaria!

Kristianna said...

Beyond off topic, sorry, BUT, I really thought you might get a kick out of this.


It's a bento made with a Dharma van decoration, and simply amazing!

Arrigorri said...

The other day I was thinking that NASA surely tries to avoid astronauts to get pregnant up there (the consequences for the phoetus can be awful). Now I know how they do it: they take all the sex appeal away!

James Hernandez said...


You mean you can't outrace a dirigible? For shame!

Barney said...

I think we can file that first picture under "TMI"

ehouse said...

you are the best.

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

LOL. That is priceless. :)

ReNaTo UêGa said...

Nice JORGEMAN! Talking about aviation... Who is the inventor of the airplane? Well, Alberto Santos Dumont! With the 14 Bis it was the first fixed-wing aircraft officially witnessed in Europe to take off, fly, and land. Santos Dumont from... from... BRAZIL! BRAZIL! XD

Uh? Wright brothers? Who are they?

Kathi said...

I just have to say that your blog has to be the best blog ever! I stop by to visit a few times a week just to get a smile fix. Thank you! That is all.

Yo said...

a friend of mine found your blog and gave me the link!!
just want to say that I'm a huge fan of LOST, like your blog really nice :)

redelf said...

:blink: :blink: Outerspace speedos look sorta like diapers.

Kezwan said...

It looks like very funny

Phrank said...

**ReNaTo UêGa**
Wright brothers flight of 120 ft in 12 seconds was on December 17, 1903. Alberto Santos-Dumont finally achieved his dream of flying an airplane on October 23, 1906. I may be wrong but I think 1903 came before 1906.

ReNaTo UêGa said...

** Phrank **

But the Wright brothers used a catapult to launch the airplane. Santos-Dumont, with 14 Bis, took off by itself, bypassing the Eiffel Tower and then landing. That is what actually does a airplane today (take off, fly, and land).

So... the first to do this was Santos-Dumont!!!

Carrie said...

while you are there you really need to go to Garmisch-Partenkirchen! They have an amazing Farmers Market on Fridays and the Zugspitz is breathtaking!

feelisgood said...

Jorge, you reads all comments?

Jenni King said...

I love this museum! Did you see the tiny brick making factory? All of your posts about Munich make me really happy... its one of my favorite places on earth.

Anonymous said...

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