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Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Found this Leaf in my Hair when I was Showering

This is what happens when they have you shooting promos in the bamboo of the hotel's courtyard. I thought I got them all. This guy was a straggler.


Carin McKenna said...

Ooh, hawt, Jorge! Pictures of you in the shower. :D

kerenl said...

ooo sneaky leaf...

feelisgood said...

Dude, you are real!

Jennifer said...

Do you always bathe with a camera? Or a photographer? Perhaps both...

Melanie said...

Ah yes. The perks of having thick and curly hair. I sympathize with you.

Melli said...

Your posts are so cool! Always makes me laugh :)

Molly said...

Dude, no joke...THAT HAS TOTALLY HAPPENED TO ME! I have very curly hair just like yours and it just seems to grab stuff!...It might be alive...

Lisa said...

Dude! Tell me that's a leaf and not some icky banana slug bug type thing.

electrictree said...

I don't know what is more disturbing...the stray vegetation in your hair...or the fact that you bring the camera into the shower with you...

Freak said...

So, the question is how did you get this picture? Not showering alone?
Just joking!
Always fun stuff here at your's!

IslandPearl said...

Never cease to surprise and amuse.

When I got my masters (HPU) my family and friends inundated me with gorgeous lei -- the next morning I was finding flower petals in the strangest places...

Lovisas said...

i have the same problem.. stupid hair!

M@ said...

haha great!

Shannon Dial said...

what else ya got in there??

James Hernandez said...


I'm a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs --- so that's where they have disappeared to.

[*Sanwaxa*] said...


Cassiopeia Rises said...

Well my friend, now that it is over for this year. HOW CAN WE LAST????
I can't believe I have to wait till next year.

love, Melanie-bd

Come visit me.......

Rosemary Bats said...

My hair is really thick, and it used to be ridiculously long. Once, after walking to the library on a windy day, I got inside and heard a buzzing noise coming from next to my ear.

Yeah, that's right. Hornet caught in my hair.

Unknown said...

Hey Jorge. How's it goin?
My roomies and I are big fans. You are one of our favorite participants in "Lost".

Glad I found your blog.
We are alot like you are as far as how we act, talk and feel about stuff.

We've been talking about you for a while, and would like to hang out or something sometime. Seems like you have a good time =)

If you would like some new friends, and maybe to chill sometime, feel free to hit me back at Pilot26EF@yahoo.com

Kevin, Rich and Tori

MissBeaHaven said...

I have now seen you in the shower, the tub, and in a forgien bathroom, learn what it is like to work wet and how to control the underwear on a wet day. Your blog is so so so Funny. Keep it up you are so real. Your Fan Lacie

blaqbird said...

lol! nice!

Unknown said...

Things like that happen when you're a kindergarten teacher with crazy curly hair too. It's nuts what I find in my hair when I wash it.... -e

Kathi said...

A leaf found in your hair while showering-Cool. Keeping your camera with you at all times and in all places to get crazy shots like this- Hilarious. The fact that you actually share this information in your blog-PRICELESS! Thanks for being real and very, very funny.

billybobtexas said...

One time I was at work and.. I got a tickle in me ear... when I went to scratch it, I found I had somehow rubbed a big glob of hair gel in my upper earlobe I felt like a weiner. It was all crusted over, had been there for atleast 2 hours. hehe. I was 17 so maybe its expected.

Keely said...

hahaha you're the best

redelf said...

It also happens when you have curly hair. You would not believe the things I find have found their way into my hair. Its some sort of death trap!

Tim Sheets said...

Big fan of you and Lost brother. Glad to find your blog and look forward to stopping by again.

T <><

ReNaTo UêGa said...

Incredible! You have a "multi - utility" hair! Surprises can be discovered. Hahaha
The picture of the year! Great!
Can I put this pic in my blog? =P

Cya Jorgeman!

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

You keep a camera in the shower with you??

Honeybell said...

And the first thing you thought of was to take a pic while still nekkid and soapy.

The things you do for us . . .

Christina Bauer said...

I think what's better than finding a leaf is the fact that you took a picture of you holding it...in the shower and all sudsy! Oh, I love you Jorge!!!

Dolphin Boy said...

Why Why?
Do you think you will ever run out of ideas for your blog? LOL!!!

LadySolitaire said...

Who took THAT picture?! Do you have a camera in your shower???

By the way... what promos? LOST-related? :P

Anonymous said...

And the fact that you stopped mid-shower to take a pic tells me how committed you are to your blog and to your fans.

Cosita Verde y Rosa said...

haha Jorge once i had something like that in my hair, when you´re in a summer camp, is so normal find leaves and bugs in your hair xD

Cosita Verde y Rosa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Breigh said...

I'd probably freak out if I found something in my hair in the shower. Then feel like a fool if it was just a leaf haha

I have to wonder, who takes these photos!!? :P

zar63 said...

Jennifer poses a very interesting question....lol

BTW, my hair is very long, very thick and very curly if I keep the straightener away from it. I could probably hide a village of midgets in mine. Not that I would want to...lol

Mimi said...

My question is...who has a camera with them in the shower!? lol!

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