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Monday, May 18, 2009

Madrid Churros con Chocolate

I think I saw this on No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain first.

Churros and chocolate is a big early morning breakfast/night cap in Madrid. And the place to  go is the Chocolatería San Ginés. 
The chocolate is super thick and rich. We went here twice for two reasons: It was good. And we didn't know the churros came in two sizes. 
The first night we came here I saw an old lady stick this huge churro into her mouth. I can never unwatch that. 
I'll stick to the little ones.


kerenl said...

ahhhhhhh c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e! great pix, can almost feel the taste

Cassiopeia Rises said...

It look better then It tasted, I bet.
Keep writing. 8 months without the Island and I will go crazy. Say Hi to the gang.

love, Melanie-bd

Gretchen said...

Yum! You are making me so hungry!

Benito said...

i love churros. if you ever come to argentina, go to Mar del Plata city and try the ones from "Manolo". Best churros in the world!

Paul Spooner said...

Ha, I didn't know what these were when I saw them on Beths blog and everyone made fun of me!

Now I know....corn on the cob right?

Miguel Ángel said...

"Churros con chocolate" is the best thing to do before going to bed after a non-stop party night when the sun is already rising. Helps fight the hang over! Love it!

Unknown said...

...what are churros?
We don't have anything by that name in Scotland!

Esperanza said...

Me alegra que te gustaran los churros!!!, San Gines es un sitio maravilloso para comerlos después de una noche de fiesta.
Por cierto, los churros NO vienen en dos tamaños. Los grandes se llaman Porras y los pequeños son los Churros.

Megan said...

"The first night we came here I saw an old lady stick this huge churro into her mouth. I can never unwatch that." lol.

I was studying abroad in Perugia, Italy last fall and during the town-wide Eurochocolate Festival (it's a big deal), there was a stand selling churros covered in chocolate...even though churros are definitely not Italy's thing, they were delicious!

Anonymous said...

Jorge, they look absolutely yummy! I mentioned on Beth's blog I discovered a little cafe about a mile from my home which has the churros and chocolate on Saturdays only. A treat for us!

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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Monika, Poland

Person thing said...

YUM. Rich, delicious chocolate for breakfast. That sounds awesome. Also, thanks for sharing that lovely visual of a lady deep throating a churro. I needed that. My day totally was not complete. >:/

Fallingslowly said...

Those churros are really long and thin. Here in Peru, they look much better.

Kara said...

I looove churros and have only had them at fairs and Great Adventure so I can only imagine how good the real deal ones are.........
::::Homer Simpson drool:::::

orangejack said...

Dude, we fell in love with those in Barcelona the first time we went. Awesome! I was fortunate enough to go back to Barcelona and went back to the same shop to get them again. The other thing they had was a croissant with a hard, dark chocolate bar through the middle. Awesome breakfast!

JimPel said...

at least it wasn't a banana

Jennifer said...

I can never unwatch that had me laughing out loud! If my coworkers didn't already think I'm crazy, they do now!

Petra said...


There is no "equivalent" of churros, but it pressed to describe them, I would say that they have the flavor of a sugar donut, but are long and narrow. They are less dense than a donut, but that is the closest I can come to something more traditional.

: ) P

Unknown said...

that's what i love about you ! always caring about food details like me ! Go for food !

ChiTown Girl said...

Churros y Chocolate was the name of Spanish textbook in high school. Those pictures literally made me drool!!

Freak said...

You are so funny.. I hope people were nice to you. I am sure they will all be proud of you. You are a welcome costumer.
Thanks for sharing.

billybobtexas said...

Ooooohhh man that look freakn awesome! Too bad im on a diet! Lol.

Momof4 said...

LOL "I can never unwatch that."

littlebal said...

Great, man! I can still feel the taste of the thick chocolate of San Gines!!!

ValMo said...

breakfast of champions for sure! Looks tasty.

Because You Want To Know said...

That is so funny, "I can never unwatch that". And, those look SO good! I never thought of dipping them in chocolate. Ooh, maybe a Churros smore... that would be so good.

Threpwood said...

The big ones are not "churros", they are "porras" :D

Un saludo desde Barcelona!

D'nelle said...

heehee - you saying "I can never unwatch that" made me think of this one LOLcat i saw a while back...
what has been seen... cannot be unseen"Jorge, i just discovered your blog and I'm like a pig in warm mud, reading all the archived posts.

You rock!


MeekoRouse said...

YUM!!!! those look excellent.. hope you savored every bite.. (I'll just have to imagine how good they were!)

Nikki said...

OHHHH !!! I looove churros! I'm not big on chocolate, but I'm thinking some warm caramel or toffee would be awesome!!!

Nikki said...

By the way - I love your food porn!! Keep it coming!

Rina said...

I love you.

Mmmm churros.

Clare said...

uhhh so unfair! Im on a chocolate embargo for the next few months. That looks amazing - maybe that's how I should break my chocolate fast when I go to Spain in August?? Mmmm, tempting.

InkyW said...

I am so envious! When i was growing up and on frequent trips to Spain to visit family, nothing was better than waking up early with my Dad to fetch churros y chocolate in Madrid!

pichuneke said...

¡Has descubierto lo mejor de España!

A ver si exportas los churros con chocolate a Estados Unidos, que te lo van a agradecer :D

Cosita Verde y Rosa said...

the thick ones, are "porras" and the thin ones "churros" i prefer porras!they´re more tasty!!!

San Gines is soooo Typical!!!when a pub close at 6 am, the best thing you can do is go to San Ginés and have the breakfast there!!!!

pichuneke said...

Por cierto, a mi me gusta echarles azucar por encima, también están muy ricos.

Y los venden ya congelados, los calientas en la tostadora. Están buenos :D

Unknown said...

Like someone said before "big churros" are called Porras, and they dont taste like small ones, real churros are small.

Have fun arround madrid, If I see you arround here I'll say hello!

Becky said...

Ah, you're a Bourdain fan too? I looove No Reservations. Andrew Zimmern is awesome too! Those look delish- good thing I'm not there- it would blow my diet. I'd probably gain back the 18 lbs I lost!

garpa said...

The big one is called "porra", and the small one is "churro". Fantastic place to eat its. Chocolate con Churros (CH&CH) may be the best breakfast in the world.

Regards from Madrid.

ToToMiNa said...

que bueno tio! unos churros, ¿así que estuviste en Madrid? El Guernica de Picasso en increible, muy grande, no me canso de verlo cuando voy, sienmpre ves cosas nuevas, como en el Jardín de las Delicias del Bosco.Espero que hayas disfrutado de tu visita a España. Un abrazo brotha!

Julie said...

That looks soooooooooo good.

dcantrell said...

Nice. Speaking of churros, are the cinnamon twists at Taco Bell supposed to be a Taco Bell version of churros? I've always wondered that. Perhaps I should really be wondering why I'm at Taco Bell so much.

Benjamin. said...

Yummm... I love chocolate!

Luela said...

I'm so glad you have a blog. It's so fun to read!

Diane said...

MMMMMMMMM, OMG , I want both of those right now!!! I can almost taste it!!

randi said...

my family is from spain, I havent had these churros in over 10 years..the ones from the costco food court just don't cut it..

Unknown said...

I like churros but chocolate is very thick, I never can drink all.

Chica Vudú said...

Did you know that it's typical spanish to go to have churros for breakfast every 1. January? :)

Oh!, big churros are called "porras" :D.


Pegg S said...

We went there on our Spain trip a few years ago - perfect after a night of drinking! I didn't realize they had the big size though. Oh it looks so yummy!

redelf said...

As my oldest son likes to say in his announcer voice, "Things ou cant unsee!!!!!!!"

though they sound and look REALLY Good!!!!

Irma said...

Not on topic, but wanted to say I found your blog today through cakewrecks.blogspot.com and have now read every post. I DO love "Lost", but I love even more that your blog doesn't touch on it much. You have a great voice and I look forward to the next post, whatever it is!

Christina Bauer said...

"I can never unwatch that"--Jorge, you crack me up! Those do look delicious, though! Yummy!

Ashley Only said...

ahh those churros look like reason enough to go to madrid.

Unknown said...

Researching for our trip to Spain next month. This place was mentioned in "The New Spanish Table" so I was Googling it to find info and landed on your blog. Hubby LOVES Lost, I don't; but since you are on Kimmel often, you're cool. You have now made this chocolateria a must for our trip.

the nobody said...

the dessert at Ariels Grotto in DCA is the best: ice cream with a churro and caramel sauce.

Line said...

I eat them everytime I´m in spain...soooo delicious!

Dias said...

Well done, thanks, now I want badly to eat some with Nutella !!!

feelisgood said...

wow, dude... I want this to!

Carlos Romo said...

Furthermore, it's one of the simplest and cheapest things to cook. It's just water, flour, sugar, salt and baking powder.
(Damn it, now I want churros)

Laura Caçoeiro said...

With so many posts of churros give me the will to go eat churros!

Pedro Almeida said...

We also have churros in Portugal! :D

Topanga said...

HAHA! It reminds me of when I was back in high school. My friends and I were eating lunch and one of the teachers came down to eat with us. He was just clamping down on his first bite of his banana when one of my friend purposely asked him "Do you believe in oral sex?"

He nearly choked on it when he burst out laughing. Too funny. All for fun, back in the days before that "zero tolerance" business.

Unknown said...

i can never unsee that ...

crackup :D

pichuneke said...

For all the people reading this:

Churros recipe in english:


And in spanish (I trust these recipes more :lol:)


Colleen said...

Churros are a little delicious gift from God. Yummmmm

abbreviated said...

mmm, that looks like chocolate gravy, should be placed on biscuits at once! especially if it is thick and rich of flavor, yum!

churros are quite tasty, so it looks just as yummy with those.

The Nicholsons said...

That looks so much better than late night Waffle House.

I loved the finale last week, what an incredible show. I don't want it to end!

Amazing Grace said...

i love reading your blog. your's is one of the more interesting one's i have come across.

Thank you for sharing you life with us.

and Thank you for saving fellow Losties with that VW van again

ha. much love.

Martín said...

Hi, I'm Martin, from Buenos Aires. I really enjoy your work on LOST.
If you ever have the opportunity, try to visit Argentina and try churros con dulce de leche. They are awesome!!

DrogolfoIzBack said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James Hernandez said...


Churros and chocolate are the Spanish version of a bagel and cream cheese.

B LOST said...

Reminds me of my High School Spanish Class, the text book was called Churros y Chocolate. I have always wanted to try those. I also remember my teacher looked/acted like Captin Kangaroo and that was muy distracting...too funny. LOVE your blog & the show! Your awesome!!!
Can't wait until January!

El Ave Felix: Abogado' said...

Churros con chocolate!!!!


Volviendo a Madrid? A ver cuando te pasas por BCN!

Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

ooooohhhh...you are killing me!!! Churrrrros!!! Love them!!

Man....these surely kill the churros at the Price Club snack bar!!!

Lucky ducks!!!!

((((waving)))) Hi! from the Jersey Shore!
xoxo Jenny

VIVEROS said...

Churros with chocolate are my favourites and people they´re worldwide,not just in Spain.what about with strawberries?delicious!!
Keep up the good work Jorge!


Jen said...

Oh wow, that looks really good! I'm going to have to get my big butt over to Madrid and check those out!

kelly said...

delicioussss! it makes me hungry !!!

Angel Reyes said...

Hey Jorge, it's great that you discovered the pleasure behind a good chocolate and churros. If you ever come to Mexico City, you must go to El Moro, it's a famous place where they make some of the best churros in the world.

Liv said...

Oh yeah, I saw that on Anthony Bourdain as well...to be honest, it was the first time I'd seen what churros looked like...I'd heard of 'em, but never seen them. And I haven't tried them yet...still something I'm yet to accomplish! :P

@Miri_Fipy said...

ole, ole y ole!! viva los churros con chocolate, vaya pinta que tenían, mmmmm. Son lo mejor después de una larga noche de fiesta....

Martha Cold said...

San Giné's chocolate rules!!

I can see you were very well adviced about the best places in Madrid!!

I'm from Madrid and I'm very proud of my city, and I love to see that you enjoined so much here.

You can come back whenever you like!! I'm sure you'll find a lot of places and foods to try!!

LAURA said...

I am glad that you liked it. Is the best breakfast. On Sunday i get up early and go to the “Churrería” of my neighborhood, because my daughters love it too.

Regards from Madrid. Marisa

Anonymous said...

the biggest one, called porras do not called them churros hahaha

xxx, arancha from madrid :D

Paula said...

Hi Jorge!
Te podrias haber quedado más tiempo en España...y venir a vernos a Barcelona tambien! Un beso, y que sigas escribiendo en tu blog que esta muy bien.
Ahora tendremos que esperar 8 meses para verte de nuevo en pantalla, por fina la final del LOST.
Un beso!!

the Discovery Hour said...

MAN! I lived there for 4 months and couldn't get enough of those guys, went there every weekend without a doubt

Eponine said...


You are a like a greek god, ummm...

Verobe said...

Di que si Jorge, long life to the Churros con Chocolate!!
Me encanto tu visita a españa vuelve pronto!! (We enjoyed so much your visit to Span come back soon!!)

Leto said...

We love churros in Spain! Here you have the traditional Spanish recipe 4 churros.
Sure u'll find someone who can translate this 4 u. 1/2 kg de harina.
- Aceite de oliva.
- 1 lt de agua.
- Media cucharadita de sal.
- Azúcar.


- Pon a hervir el agua con el sal, y una vez llegue a ebullición echa la harina.
- Con una cuchara de madera remueve rápido, hasta que se desprenda la harina del cazo.
- Una vez se desprenda, aparta del fuego y sigue removiendo enérgicamente, hasta que consigas una masa compacta.
- Calienta aceite abundante en una sartén.
- Mete la masa en una churrera, o en caso de no tenerla,en una manga pastelera, y corta tiras del tamaño que desees.
- Frielos y una vez doraditos, colócalos en una fuente, espolvoreando azúcar por encima.
- Sirve calientes.

We hope to see you againg soon!

soyuncaracol said...

Omg! Churros are the best (:

M.Aldito.Arte said...

hmmm yummi!... churros and chocolate are the best combination ever for a snack, also the filled churros with chololate or "dulce de leche" (I call it mangarblanco"...

I remember those in Madrid when I went back in 2002. but I'm missing the ones made in Lima Peru at MANOLO in Larco Ave. the my friend Agapito at the front desk of the restaurant always gave me more churros than I asked for... and sometimes extra chocolate.. Great memories of Churros and Chocolate back in Peru... now I'm living in Toronto, and no signs of a good ones here :( but I'll find them!!!

Nico Ibieta said...

Están bien los churros en España, pero son mucho mejores los chilenos ¡rellenos con manjar!

Tiffany Noélli said...

Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Deu vontade de comer esse churros de chocolate! Passei vontade aqui, rsrs... Beijão =)

Jen said...

I TOTALLY had that same experience in Madrid in March. :) HILARIOUS!!

And delicious.

Alex said...

Churros and hot chocolate are the best to avoid a hangover after a non-stop night of clubbing or so.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Spain.

Tomás Hijo said...

Jorge, You won't know the best of bizarre spanish culinary experiences until you taste "farinato". Available only in Salamanca, 250 km. to west from Madrid.
Cool, nasty, gruesome, tasty! Comes in practical Dharma sausage size for eight people.
Big hug for you!

Unknown said...

Ohhhh I like churros very much!!! I always eat churros always when I lived in Spain! So..I saw that you went to Spain and Germany...when are you going in Italy??? :-))) Kisses!

Fotogracia. said...

no se puede comparar la comida española a la comida rapida de estados unidos

Rumbero said...

Jajaja, jorge, no hay dos tamaños!! Son distintos churros,unos llevan patata, y los otros no!!

Me alegro que te gusten los churros!

Un abrazo.

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