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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Madrid: A Pause for Tapas

We hit the ground running in Madrid. Starting with the "ant show."
The next day was full of interviews  followed by the premiere event for the fans. 
But before I had to leave for that, we took a moment to grab some tapas. 

It was nice. We tried a bunch of stuff but nothing beat the Jamón Ibérico and Manchego

Which they carve right from this leg held in place with a "jamonera." 

Don't worry I'm sure the tin foil keeps it sanitary.

Better have me a a strong "café con leche" because I still have a long night ahead of me.

This brings me back to the Cuban coffee I used to have at Abuela and Bente's.


Nat said...

I agree, nothing beats the Jamón Ibérico!

goheels83 said...

Queso manchego and jamon, delicious! I love your posts about your travels.

p.s. the finale ROCKED last night. awesome stuff.

Gretchen said...

That looks so delicious!

Phrank said...

I love tappas, they're cheap, you can eat alot of them and they're cheap!

marlamuppets said...

i'm sorry - i can't help myself... how freaking darling are you!

Tiffanie P said...

I am so jealous! I used to live in Madrid and love it. It's great to go out and "tapaear" (have tapas)...

ReNaTo UêGa said...

Ooow "café con leche"! I like it! Our traditional "café com leite" in Brazil! Hehe

Sucess Jorgeman! \o/

Wiccababe said...

and nothing beats a cafe con leche

Luchy said...

We go to Spain at least once a year and we always go tapa hopping (you get one tapa and 'drink' at each bar). So much fun!

Igna said...

Jamón rules!!!

Molly said...

Lol...just don't feed any of that to the wild boars in Hawaii...LOVED your interview the other night...WELCOME TO NYC!!!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

That looks GOOD!

mimiau said...

Jamón it's just jamón ^.^ and with Manchego, better.

The Angarolas said...

excellent season finale!

Movie Star Wife said...

I watched the clip from the Jimmy Fallon show and LOVED the Wheel of Dudes. I was sitting here at home, by myself, laughing my butt off.

Paul Spooner said...

Is that a human leg....

Clare said...

Salivating... looks yum!

Malea said...

Oh, I love Madrid. It was the first alone w/o the kids trip I had taken with my husband. Food was excellent as well. Soo, at the end of the finale, I shrieked like a little girl when I realized how long I have to wait the year TWENTY-TEN! It was the same feeling I had when I wathed Sydney wake up and find that Vaughn was married. --I wonder how many times I'm going to have to watch the Lost special of Ace of Cakes in order to get through.

MissBeaHaven said...

LOVED The finale, when it was over I just wanted to do a little time traveling myself so I could get to next seasons first show.

Bogdan said...

Man... all of Lost fandom is typing away about WHH, DisD, Jacob, Esau etc and you're talking about Spanish ham?! Not cool!

PS: just joking, love u dude.

Freak said...

Lovely, Spain is great!

Angel said...

Looks Delish!!! Sounds like you had a great trip.

The finale was, as usual, awesome and as usual confusing. Leaving more questions to be answered. But it still rocked! Great job. I am almost in tears thinking that its the last season next year. :(

Miguel Ángel Mateo Robles said...

Nos encantó verte en España. Cuando vuelvas te invito a mi casa a comer jamón. Tengo uno bueno bueno.

We loved to see in Spain. Once again I invite you to my house to eat ham. I have a good good.


Viktor said...

I live in Madrid (I'm Spanish) and I really like watching people like you enjoying our city, about "El Hormigero" its a really shitty program where a group of crazy people say lot of things meaningless, I hope you dont think that everyone here is like them.

kd said...

Love your blog Jorge! You were great on Jimmy. So what did you think of the finale?? Did you know about Locke?

La Vaca que Rumia said...

No man, I just saw the final chapter of the season, you can't leave us like this, 6 months!!

I like your Blog very much, is so....normal :)

If you come back to Spain I'll invite you to eat Paella.

Lisa said...

That is smallest dang coffee cup ever! How many did you have?!

redelf said...

I cant decide if that looks good or not.

Dr. Megan said...

Ohhhh that ham and cheese looks SOOOO good! I'm jealous; I've never been to Spain. It looks like you had fun! Keep on blogging - it's great!

Megan @ adventuresofacarnivore.com

Carie said...


I just have to tell you that I think you are awesome! I love how down to earth you are. Just saw you on Ace of Cakes! One cool dude!!!


Momof4 said...

It's nice to hear that the "cafe con leche" brought back fond memories of your grandparents.

BTW, how on EARTH are we supposed to survive til *2010* for the next season of LOST???? Need. More. LOST.

mari said...

God, how I miss the jamón since I've been in Australia.Snif,snif.
Thank you for showing it.

James Hernandez said...


Jambon est bueno!!

billybobtexas said...

Looks good. Love coffee, tapas.. Spain!

Lios Mil said...

you must taste catalan food! like ESTOFAT or CREMA CATALANA... ñam!

Unknown said...

Jamón Ibérico is good but Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is superb! (pigs that have been fed exclusively with acorns and herbs.)

Melli said...

Oh that must be sooo wonderful to travel around the world all the time. I'm so jealous! The season finale was so awesome!! For my opinion the show should never end.

Lynn Faruque said...

Hey you, I hope you read this. Have to say thanks again, though I've said it before.

You know I have been a fan of yours since the first season.

I have seen every single episode of this show and I have never said that about any other show. Never. But Lost? Never missed even one.

And there is something about Lost that somehow keeps me so rapt that I lose track of time.

I swear, it keeps my attention so fully that it will seem that 30 minutes or so has gone by~~~and then I can't believe that it's over and that I have to wait for the next episode or the next season.

I had no idea how long the final episode had been the other day before it was over. Lost is the new definition of the cliff hanger and suspense.

That has never happened in my life with any other show. It takes something really large to be able to do that with me, for me to lose track of time. So I wanted to say thank you for your part in that.

And by the way, I'm glad Jacob told Hugo that he isn't crazy~~he needed to hear that. :-) And I LOVED the look Hugo gave the jailer guy when he was being released, that was just too funny. Poor guy.

Hope you two are having a great time and as always, besos~~~

Yehia said...

Hey Jorge, just watched the finale, loved it, your scene with mark was amazin', love u man

feelisgood said...

Jorge, you are handsome!

.s2.Érika said...

Adoooooooooooooooooro LOST !! =]

groovymom said...


The first time I heard this word - David Sedaris said something along the lines of "Santa Claus...certainly doesn't eat tapas". I hadn't a clue what he meant! (Hysterical bit - listen to or read THE SANTALAND DIARIES.)

Then your post made me go look up the word.

Big thanks to you & David S. for teaching me something new!

Enjoy your break!

Nick said...

My man! If you ever come to Seattle I will hook you up with the Tapas.

cathescomicz said...

What you need to do is hit the Travel Channel or the Food Network and get a "dining with Hugo" show- you've made me hungry nearly EVERY blog.

[*Sanwaxa*] said...

I'm spanish and I haven't gone to eat tapas with some drink since... since... lots of years ago xD

Too bad. When I've got money! xD

PD: This season finale is one of the best episodes of Lost. Do we have to wait so long?? I hate you xD

Cosita Verde y Rosa said...

I hope you also ate chorizo ibérico and lomo ibérico, they´re an absoluty delicacy!!!!

anyway,you´re invited to Madrid all times you wanna come :)

P.S The "café solo con hielo" is amazing too :)

zar63 said...

Dude, come back home. Come to the south, Blue Ridge Mountains. You know where Josh grew up. We'll pour you a cup of coffee. If it doesn't wake you up, nothing will.
Yeehaw! :)

Javipower said...

Menuda castaña de jamón le pusieron...

Unknown said...

I was in Madrid and San Sebastian a couple of years ago...and LOVED the tapas bars! Everything looks amazing...no matter WHAT it might be!
Love LOST!!xo

Antonio Gilipollas Caraculo said...

tienes que venir a leon, con cada consumicion en cualquier bar te dan tapa y bastante grande

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Olive said...

i LOVE cuban bread toasted with tons of butter to dunk in my cafe con leche!! so good!!