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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How cool is this?

Thanks to everyone who sent the link. (You can stop now btw.)

And a special thanks to Dean for the tribute.


missvoltage said...


M@ said...

I saw that last night and was going to post it here but didnt get a chance! they have one of charlie too!!!

ReNaTo UêGa said...

Cool! It's awesome!
Hurley's Springfield version! lol
I saw the Charlie version too, great!

kerenl said...

VERY cool

Kara said...

Yeah that is pretty cool!

Igna said...

¡¡Really nice!!

Queen Hallowdragon said...

Oh, that is darling.

Happy late Birfday, by the way!!

Clare said...

Hey dude that's when you KNOW you made it. Love it!

Miztification said...

You finally saw it! I'm glad. :)I'm fairly new to this, so I wasn't sure how to post the link. Plus, I figured somebody (with a little more technological know-how) would be faster than me in bringing your attention to it.

This is the best Simpsonized version of you, that I've seen so far.

Two of my favorite shows...together! I love it!

Mrs. Z said...

You know, I think that might be just as cool as having your own action figure!

Christina Bauer said...

That is so cool! Love it!

Señor X said...

demasiado chevere, me encanta, amo los Simpsons y amo a LOST

Unknown said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get a call from Matt Groening to do a cameo. Now THAT would be awesome!

And, that blog did one for Ben Linus today!

Andey Layne said...

Both cool pictures but I liked the peanut butter one best.

So how was the bread fruit? Any good?

Neguinha Suburbana said...

Cool! :-)
Kisses from Brazil!

Trolldis said...

Awesome! : D

Shannon said...

I love it! You're a Simpson! Cool Dude!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

That rocks. :)

Eugen Caitaz said...

This is very cool! But a strange, where your fifth finger? Polar bear eaten?

Nikki said...

How cool! I love it!

triciaC said...

Does this mean ur gonna be doing some voice overs soon? U know uv made it when the Simpsons pays attention:)

Julie said...


Please Type Legibly said...

VERY cool!!

ValMo said...

That. is. awesome. You know you're someone when you have a cartoon-likeness of yourself.

Lyn said...

That is way cool :)

heatharbee said...

Aww wow =] Even as a cartoon character you are very handsome!

katie! (: said...

this is adorable!
it looks just like you!

bgprodarts said...

Very nice!!
Do you actually read the comments?

Greg with 1 G said...

Looks like you are going to sell "Schwag" to Larry David

Greg with 1 G said...

Looks like the time you sold "Schwagg" to Larry David...

Dean said...

Hey Jorge! I just wanted to come over here and say thanks for posting this on your blog, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

I hope you do get on the Simpsons some day!

Shirley said...

very cool! : )

I finally am able to log on to my blog account...but there is no way in you-know-where that I'm gonna be able to catch up on all the blogs I missed.

I hope your week has been a good one~~

styx swimmer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
styx swimmer said...

Splendid blog! Any chance you will start tweeting? I bet you'd beat the hell out of Kutcher/Moore duo.

Best regards from a die-hard fan from Poland :)

(Made a typo in the last comment, I'm a spelling nazi and just had to correct it, sorry).

MsSnarkyPants said...

Aww he's almost as cute as the real you!

chrisek said...

Cool, great job made for you :)

redelf said...

lol Cool!!!

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

LOL! I love it! :)

Homer Simpson said...

Jorge Garcia! And I'm still wearing my underpants, sitting in bed and eating donuts while Jorge 'El Greato Hurley' Is posting on a blog! D'oh! Jorge rocks! I hope he guest-stars on my show some day.

P.s: He was great in Deck the Halls, I peed my pants off, because I think Danny DeVito looks like my long-lost brother!!

Paul Spooner said...

Its only a matter of time before we see the action figure...

Laura Caçoeiro said...

Hey Homer send you a post! Lucky you.

Kiss from Portugal.

DORAda said...

so cute, no more than you!, but is very nice. SALUDOS DESDE PERÚ

James Hernandez said...


The resemblance is eerie! I wonder what Evangeline Lilly looks like?

Lynn Faruque said...

Oh Jorge it's cute. I joined your fan group while I was on my Face Book. Getting kinda addicted to the place.


J.D. said...

nice :D

Jules said...

Very cool! It would be awesome to have you on the Simpsons!!! How about Family Guy. Even funnier.

Fernanda said...

Soooo cute!!! ^.^

raslow said...

Love the pic! And you've probably been sent this link already, but I saw this in the Onion & thought you'd get a kick out of it:


...so I guess we won't be seeing the smoke monster next season...

ReNaTo UêGa said...

We are waiting for more posts! =P
C'mon Dude! Hehehe...

Sucesss Jorgeman!!! \o/

SDS said...

Nice. Yours turned out realllly well :)

Unknown said...

This is PERFECT!

Joanne Casey said...


brent holloman said...

I have a friend who made this one...


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