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Friday, May 8, 2009

Munich likes it Bubbly

These mineral waters were in the green room when I did that talk show in Munich. 
All of these waters have bubbles. In Munich it's not about whether you want bubbles in your water or not. It is simply how much bubbles would you like in your water. 
Even "extra still" which you have to wonder, "how can you be more still than 'still'?" has bubbles. That was my first taste. So then I opened them all and put them in order of "bubbliness." Classic, naturally, was the "bubbliest." (Like the good ol' days.)  


Tiffany said...

We lived in Germany for a while and people really look at you weird when you order water with no bubbles, like you want milk & pepsi or something. And, you shouldn't order water with no bubbles anyway, because it comes from the tap (which we were always told you shouldn't drink...)

OndinaSoap said...

Hola Jorge, algunas veces te he escrito en ingles pero como se que se te da bien el español aprovecho para agradecerte que siempre pongas nuevos post contandonos cosas. Es impresionante,me fascina ver que dedicas tiempo a tus fans.
Me queda tan solo de ver el ultimo capitulo de la quinta temporada,los veo en ingles subtitulados asi aprendo,jejeje...
Gracias Jorge por ser tan amable con todos,besos

Melli said...

Even in "extra still" are bubbles? Funny :D
I guess they made a mistake.

Jennifer said...

I remember the bubbly water... The only way to get bubble-free water was to order tap water. And they always looked at me like I was nuts when I did that. Not that it stopped me.

JimPel said...

That's just one thing I'd never want...

I wonder what's wrong with the tap water in Germany.

Paul Spooner said...

I think some Gin and a slice would solve your problem....

alanna rose said...

You should have asked for tap water with ice cubes - the gasps of horror are priceless ;)

Freak said...

I love bubbles in my water. :) It must be my german side...

Kara said...

When I was in Ireland and the UK all I wanted was bottle of regular water - no bubbles, no minerals, just water! I could not find any anywhere.......

Igna said...

Hehe bubbly-fart!!

interesting post!

Wiccababe said...

I think you have far too much time on your hands ;)

Jennifer Bullock OwYoung said...

In Paris, we'd have to remember to say "no gas" when we'd order water. I don't like to have gas with my water...

Christina Bauer said...

The bubbly water is a bit weird at first, but after a while you get used to it! I was only in Germany for a month. Didn't like that stuff at first, but came home wanting it all the time!

Amy said...

When I lived in Romania we always asked for "apa plata" - luckily they did have "flat" water in bottles, so it wasn't from the tap.
The "extra still" with bubbles is funny.

bgprodarts said...

But does it pour quietly?

Avinash said...

Wow. Still is bubbly? Thats crazy.

God, Im so fucking drunk right now. i have no idea whats going on

Gretchen said...

We spent two months in Kazakhstan and had the choice between "gas or no gas". Not very appetizing! :)

Nicole said...

If you ever go to Italy you want "aqua minerale senza gas". I learned to use that phrase all the time there. Guess just one more way we're weird Americans.

James Hernandez said...


Bubbles instead of baubles as in your previous post?

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

hehe. That is awesome. I love bubbles! Now I must go there. :)

Becky said...

Totally off topic, but do you Twitter?


can't really see the bubbles! zoom up?

Jules said...

Is the water telling you to be quiet? Silenca?

Rachel Snyder said...

Ugh, I always hated how hard it was to get non-fizzy water in Germany. Whenever I went to restaurants I always ordered "Stilles Wasser," yet even though I was placing my order in their language a lot of servers still didn't get. It was inconceivable to them that anyone would drink water straight from the tap. Even my host mother automatically served me fizzy water (she had a contraption in her kitchen to carbonate tap water) until she realized I had a hard time drinking it (though I always tried, to be polite).

Breigh said...

Ugh yeah it's not just Munich, believe me. I am a Canadian and I've been living in Holland for 10 years. When I first moved here I learned the hard way to always check if things have bubbles. I almost choked when I got iced tea here for the first time and it was carbonated. Ugh.

Isupov Alex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Isupov Alex said...

Hi Jorge! I live in Russia and i'm very want to receive your
Signature. But I don't know how.. I'm sorry for my english. But anyway i will be wait your answer. "Lost" forever!

Stacy Otten said...

I had that problem when I was flying into Duesseldorf. When I asked the flight attendant for some water she asked what type. Flabbergasted, I said "uhm...regular?" and she gave me sparkeling water. =S

I also once got sparkeling water for baby formula. O_o

Peer said...

"Stilles Wasser" is water without bubbles. It does exist, but its not common.
The reason: Tap water in most parts of Germany is as good as mineral water. In fact in Hamburg and Berlin (the two cities I lived in) its the same water. They have springs near the cities and they fill it in bottles and in the public water system. So buying the water you can get for free doesnt make much sense (so people reckon you wnat the "bubbly" water if you order mineral water)

W. said...

Darn, I missed your comment, that you would visit my hometown, I could have told you some cool places to go.

About the water. Munich's tap water is probably one of the best in the world. Actually most bottled waters have less quality.

Due to the very strict laws on water supply and quality (Trinkwasserverordnung) one can safely drink tap water about everywhere in germany, though this requires treatment in some areas (however this kind of treatment is not _adding_ chlorine or similair, but flowing the water through a series of filters). Munich's water however is so good, that any treatmeant would degrade it's quality.

Just be carefull, that it actually come from a drinking water tap.

There is also "Brauchwasser", which is collected from rain or rivers. This is normally used in the industry as coolant or where large amounts of water are required, that don't get in contact with food.

redelf said...

Bubbly water scares me too.

MFonvielle said...

I go to Germany once a year usually and I can never get used to everything you drink being carbonated. Glad to see from the other comments that I'm not the only one!

Line said...

I always drink water with bubbles, it´s a nromal thing if you live in germany ;)

Unknown said...

Hola Jorge! A mi también me sorprendió lo del agua en Munich, fui hace un par de años a jugar una especie de campeonato de fútbol y no teníamos agua "normal" para beber cuando llegábamos de jugar! Lo que hacíamos era agitar las botellas para intentar que se fuera el gas, pero creo que costaba demasiado trabajo.. :S
Por cierto, enhorabuena por tu blog, desde que te leo, disfruto más cuando te veo en la serie! :D

feelisgood said...

I hate bubbles in my water!
I hate! I hate! I hate!
All is good!
I am fun!

Sara Luque said...

Hi Jorge! I´m from Spain. i was in Berlin once and i went to mcdonals. I ordered water without bubbles and they look at me like... ¬¬. They maybe think that water without bubbles is only to shower!
I loved to see you on El Hormiguero. They have received the Rose d'or award, do you know? They're great! And you are amazing!

Un beso enorme

Sara Luque said...

Hi Jorge! I´m from Spain. i was in Berlin once and i went to mcdonals. I ordered water without bubbles and they look at me like... ¬¬. They maybe think that water without bubbles is only to shower!
I loved to see you on El Hormiguero. They have received the Rose d'or award, do you know? They're great! And you are amazing!

Un beso enorme

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge, some marks to Bavarian food:
What you ordered is similar to the beach camp feast in Lost, when Sawyer poured out the beer of that
So your buddy Sawyer used a common German usage!
Spanferkel = pigling

Knödel = dumpling
is made from grated potatoes, you can have it pure, or with bacon.
Beside there are some foods also called dumpling, but it is more a dessert, although it is so mighty you can eat it as dinner too. Those dumpling are made out of yeast, just the shape is like dumpling - round! You mostly eat those sweet meals with custard sauce and fruits. It is common in Austria, but meanwhile the German took over.
The Eastern Germans have their own kind of a yeast dumpling, called yeast-dumpling.

Meanwhile you can get tons of water without any sparkles! It all depends on marketing strategies.
With the upcoming fitness and wellness trend the customers asked more after water without any sparkles and some health gurus also talked them all in to drink water without sparkle and so the marked reacted and now you can get tons of water without.One of the first waters without any sparkels came from Vitell.
So you perhaps should have asked for Vitell, the water comes from the Eifel.
Every service would have understand what you want.
In supermarkets here you find all sorts of waters, with and without sparkles and a lot of similar drinks with some vitamin adds, or different fruit taste and very common is to replace the water by mixed drinks made out of tea and fruits.

When I was on Oah'u I loved the vitamin water, although it is so different from the German kind of vitamin+water! LOL
My greater problem was to get sparkled water, but I finally found under Schweppes till I found the vitamin water!

zauber-a said...

I'm an American, living in Munich and your Munich posts are cracking me up. Thanks for showing me Munich through the eyes of a tourist again!

Carlos said...

Damn, I hate kohlensäura wasser! xD

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