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Monday, May 11, 2009

Going to be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Tomorrow

Hey everybody ,

I'm in New York to do Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday.

Also I'm going to be on The View Wednesday morning with Michael Emerson. 

Check them out. 

I wanted to post some New York stuff already but I forgot to pack my camera cord.

So in that case please continue to enjoy more Munich.


JimPel said...

I love Fallon! I can't wait to watch it! The view eh? That should be an interesting watch. Michael Emerson seems like a cool guy. You two get along on set?

melontherocks said...

Hope you're having a good time in NYC. Boy, I sure am sorry that you didn't bring your camera cord. Your pictures are one of my favorite parts of this blog! ;)

PoshDrosofila said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PoshDrosofila said...

Cool! Can't wait to see you on the View!!!!!!
How long u r staying in NY????
And when are coming to Montreal???

ValMo said...

YES! I am totally hijacking the TV here at work to watch you guys on The View on Wednesday. I'll try to catch you on Jimmy Fallon's show, too.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Ooh, good! LOST's nicest good guy, and baddest bad guy, together again! Will you throw a pizza pocket at him again? We can only hope...
Have fun in New York!

Freak said...

Thanks! Good luck in the shows... Don't forget your camera cord...

marlamuppets said...

wow. finally one good reason to watch jimmy fallon on the late show.
help him out buddy, help him out!

jd said...

Let's have lunch!

Sean C said...

Couldn't help but notice your appearance on Jimmy Fallon will be his 42nd episode. Coincidence? haha.

Shannon said...

Cool...I love Jimmy Fallon! Have fun!

Paul Spooner said...

Watch out for those crazy View harpies....

Tammy said...

Oh finally, my time zone!
Are you plugging the final episode?
Are you going to start some big arguement on the View? I would love that-the sweet Jorge Garcia comes on the view and starts bashing-I would so LOVE to watch that!!! (even though I like watching the View-I Love me some good gal drama, especially when it's multigenerational!

Yaron said...

Hello Jorge!!!

My name is Yaron Yacobzon, I'm from Israel and I'm a HUGE lost fan. My friend, Revital Falke, is also a huge fan of the show, and she's also a plasticine artist.

For the final episode of this season, we decided to do something special. Since Revital is a plasticine artist and creates figures and elements by order, I offered her to create the entire show- elements and figures- by plasticine.
The photos were taken at the beach, at a windy day, that made it looked very much like the island at the last season.

Here are the links to the photos:
Flicker: http://www.flickr.com/photos/15213918@N00/sets/72157617964324972/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=79507&id=545202359&saved#/album.php?aid=79507&id=545202359

We'll be delighted to see our project published in your blog!

Best regards,

Revital and Yaron

Nataly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nataly said...

Oh, it's cool!Pass greetings to Michael Emerson!Two funny guys together))))

Anonymous said...

I love Jimmy Fallon, totally wish I could go to the taping tomorrow - damn work!

Eugen Caitaz said...

Jorge!!! Tell me please, what model are your camera ? I would like to buy a camera but I do not know what camera?

Emily said...

Hey Jorge -

I just wanted to say that although this season has given me a bit of a headache, I can always count on Hurley's hilarious one-liners to distract me from how confused I am. You are definitely the highlight of the show. I hope Wednesday's finale will explain the guitar case...Have fun in New York!


Unknown said...

Such a funny guy! He did a show at my grad-school (RIT) in the fall. Also, make sure to congratulate him on his degree from Saint Rose (My alma mater!)

Malea said...

Jimbo and Jorge- great t.v. that's for sure. Have an awesome interview!

Lynn Faruque said...

I've been following your adventures since the last episode of the season was completed. Love the photos, always do.

So, I'll be watching!! You two take care.


Julie said...

I absolutely LOVE New York City. I went for my first time last September and I just did round two about two weeks ago. It's my plan to try and make it there every 6 months or so Lol.

Have fun in NYC! Can't wait to see some of your photos!

James Hamlet said...

sorry dude Jimmy Fallon got no ants puppets.

I´m diying ´till thursday that season finale could be downloaded.
Saludos desde EspaƱa guapo.

Will there be possible to have a pic with yout sign? It would be great, I promise yo to hang it on a wall in my coffee-shop

Kath said...

Consider them both watched, sir! I had The View set up on the DVR because Michael Emerson showed up on the description....what a great surprise that you will be there too!!!

Unknown said...

Aloha from Hawaii! How's NYC treating you? Can't wait to see you on Late Night with Fallon! BTW, can't wait for this Wednesday season finale also. My wife is going to be on that episode. She is going to be in the wedding scene. Also, she is going to be in NYC in two weeks herself on business, but hopes to catch a Broadway show when there. Hope all is well! Mahalo for your blog, and take care and be well.

Brian Park-Siart

Cassiopeia Rises said...

I just can't believe my friend, that this is the end on Wed till next year. Good lord we "Losters" have hung for dear life. I must admit I am beginning to like Ben. Oh GOD, I must nuts. Will turn to see you my friend. Gosh will miss you and the crew.

love, Melanie-bd

Ms. O. said...

Take good care of my city....

Rachel Snyder said...

Too bad I have classes and can't get to either taping. Hope you're enjoying your stay in my city :)

Stu said...

Heya Jorge, if you need a mini usb or regular usb, or any of the various sized usb cords, I have a lot of spares and could bring you one. I live in Manhattan, only like a mile away from where Jimmy Fallon tapes, lol. I know it's a stretch I just felt like offering though, I really hope you have a good time while you're here and I'm already looking forward to hearing/seeing your adventures,



l said...

hook me up with tickets!

Pam said...

thanks for the heads up. Will be watching for sure!

Unknown said...

Good luck!

Andy said...

Look forward to the finale, not the hiatus!! DVR set up.

Yon need to get an EYEFI card for your digital camera. Get the one for any network. Once loaded (simple to do) when your camera is turned on at the same time as your laptop/computer your pictures will automatically upload. NO MORE CORDS!! Best gift I have given my wife in a long time!!

Dana Zee said...

Dude, I usually can't stand ta watch those liberals on the View beat up on the only conservative on the panel...but for YOU, I can't wait! Hmm that may sound bad...I just mean that I can't wait to see you on their show...and they BEST NOT beat up on ya. Nor on Emerson. How non-political of a show can LOST be? Or...is it???

drallabg said...

Saw hello to Waaaaaaaalllllllt! While in new York!

drallabg said...

Saw hello to Waaaaaaaalllllllt! While in New York!Sorry goofed earlier......goodluck

M@ said...

New York? Come visit Daniel Dae Kim in New Paltz!

Anyways hope you had a great time in Munich.. looks like u did

If u get a chance while ur in the city head over to central park cause its so beautiful and green right now with everyone playing frisbee and walking their dogs!

(and seriously shoot me a message if u come to new paltz!)

polifon said...

hello jorge, soy gaston de uruguay trabajo en la radio en un programa que esuchan muchos fans de lost y nos gustaria poder arreglar una nota telefonica, te dejo mi contacto, seria un honor poder hacerte una nota y los fans quedarian muy contentos




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2Losties said...

So glad to see you had a safe trip back home. It's been awesome to check out your pictures from Germany; thanks for the vicarious vacation! :)

feelisgood said...

Jimmy Fallon? Who is it?

p.s. For Yaron
Excellent idea! Good luck!

Jules said...

Already set to tivo. Thanks for the notice!

captwc said...

Hi Jorge, I wanted to tell you how much I love you on LOST. I enjoyed watching Ace of Cakes this weekend and seeing the cake from your earlier post. Getting them to put a shirt on Sawyer was great!

Selfish plug now, check out my boyfriend's art at dimitrisartwork.blogspot.com

DesmondsDream said...

Hi Jorge!
Thanks for the heads up! You were awesome on Bonnie Hunt, loved the halloween costumes! Fantastic garden too. Can't wait to see you with Jimmy tonight. I am actually traveling quite far to go to NYC tomorrow for the View, I sure hope to see you there! It would be my dream to get a picture and an autograph! Love the blog, your dog is sooo cute! You are awesome!
Lost is the best show Evvver!
Jody, RN Mass

Christina Bauer said...

OMG You told the pig story!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Jorge!!!!!!

Jenn Hudson said...

I'm watching you on Fallon right now!! Good times. You are so much fun in person - just as much as you are on your blog here. Thanks for holding out on the spoiler pressure! you are amazing. lots of love!

secondeye said...

zomg! Im going to totally miss you in S6. Cant believe they're killing you off.


Anonymous said...

Saw you on Fallon last night. You were GREAT! Wish you'd been the only guest on the whole show last night LOL! Looking forward to you and Michael Emerson on The View. Taping it. Would have taped Fallon, but local NBC station doesn't broadcast anything but news now. Rest of the broadcast day is telling folks (in Spanish and in English) how to set up HD converter boxes to their old analog tvs to receive HD signal once all stations convert on June 12..... *sigh*

Robbi said...

Just saw you and Michael on The View!

You were great!

I can't wait for tonights episode.Just don't like that it is the season finale.

Have a Great One!!!

redelf said...

Shooooooootttt!!!! I had to miss both because of going to the doctor at ungodly early hours in the morning two days in a row!!

:pout: :pout:

James Hernandez said...


See if you can start a fight between Elizabeth and Whoopi. :-) Hee Hee

Melin said...

I just watched you on the View. You and Michael Emerson are so absolutely charming. I think the Lost cast should do webisodes of you guys interviewing each other...I love your blog.

Amy said...

Love the dude wheel, you totally outduded Jimmy Fallon!!!!

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