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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Deutsches Museum Agriculture

The agriculture section of the museum includes an exhibit of German breads.
And it ends of course with a tribute to beer (or Bier).
Including this model of a brewery. 

Hey no samples.
You too no samples.


Maith said...

Seems like you really enjoyed your trip to Germany. Next time you come to my country you gotta visit Stuttgart. I'll show you around and we could hang out ;)

Paul Spooner said...

Reminds me a little of slinkachu...you should take a look:


Amy said...

Some of that bread looks just like what you had on the plane on the way over!

I think you have discovered the airline's bread supplier...

mamba said...

very OT

jorge do you know this special bar??
very special ^_^


Angie said...

Glad you're enjoying Germany. I loved it so much I named my cat Munich....but, I'm sure you don't care! Ha!

Thanks for sharing your photos and wit! :)

Freak said...

I also love german food, especially from the bavarian area, this is Munich. As I said it seems to be a very nice trip. Is it al work?? Do you like this part of your job?

feelisgood said...

Jorge, you are reading these comments?

Phrank said...

what a difference in the what the German's display in their museums compared to the US

JimPel said...

Oddly enough the pictures of the beir swiper's look miniaturized. Well you were in Bavaria which is beer country. Did you get to see any of the cool old brewery's out there? or get the field's of hops?

drallabg said...


Update us on your tomato plants upon your return. God do i miss living in Hawaii!

Eugen Caitaz said...

Interestingly, but in Germany have a museum of beer!??

Brandy said...

Hey Jorge! Looks like you had a blast! I myself have never been, but not for lack of trying! Did you know that Besoffen means "drunk" in German! So if you say "Du Bist Besoffen" in a brewery it's probably true! Anyways loving the blog. You actually inspired me to start my own. (Which isn't as easy as you seem to make it, plus my life is boring!). Check it out if you want! http:\blind-in-one-eye.blogspot.com

Carly said...

Nice photos... taken you, or a companion?

Melli said...

So on your trip to germany, did you try any of our food or drink? If you didn't, you missed something. =)

Petra said...

So if people you meet in Germany want to have the same experience here in the US, you'd take them where? Probably the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, the original Krispy Kreme in Winston-Salem and what, In-and-Out Burger? LOL

: ) P

Wednes said...

That brewery model is awesome! It's impossible from the pic though, to tell how big it is. Is it giant, or tiny?

BTW, I never get to travel so I'm living vicariously through you. Hope that's cool. ;-]

Lisa said...

Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!

groovymom said...

HA! We live near St. Louis & because of my husband's love of a Brew Haus - we are no strangers to the beer tour (Bud, Schlaflys, TrailHead.....)

So - when I glanced at the pix (but had not yet read the captions) I could imagine the distinct smell of the place........ THEN to realize they were just reproductions made me laugh (at me!)

Hope you had a great time!

Heather said...

The brewery model totally threw me back to the opening of Laverne & Shirley. Just sayin'. LOL

ValMo said...

Germany bread is soooo good! I don't know what's different about it. Maybe it's made with love, or "liebe", as they say.

Kezwan said...

Funny :) its cool i live in germany ;) its meeee kezwan xD i take photo with you and i thank youuuuu
NICE DAy Mr.Garcia

Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

Ohhhh FUN FUN FUN!! We are HUGE fans of factory tours so this would be super fun!! And I am a collector of fake food..so this display case of faux bread has my heart allll a flutter! :)

Lucky you guys!! Thanks bunches for the virtual tour!! :)

Have lots of fun!!!!!
love from the Jersey Shore,
XOXO Jenny

James Hernandez said...


Looks like your rolling in the dough! Do Germans make beer? :-) ROFL!!! Hee Hee

l said...

new episode tonight!
I'm so excited!

redelf said...

Beer and Bread...okay I have nothing to say to that.

Derek Brink said...

"Who the hell is Hugo Reyes?" "He's the fat guy."

Wow...flattering, huh?

Choco said...

Hola jorge desde Argentina! te mando un abrazo enorme pibe!! te cuento que un amigo mio me hizo conocer la serie y en menos de 4 semanas me vi todas las temporadas y ya llegue a la ultima, te agradezco mucho enserio, ultimamente no me llamaba nada la atencion hasta que aparecio LOST y vos por supuesto! je espero que me respondas aunq sea con un abrazo (escrito por supuesto jeje) SALUDOS JORGEE!!!te aprecio mucho!!desde argentina federico barrientos (federico-barrientos@hot)...mucha suerte!!!THANKs!!!

Unknown said...

Jorge, excelente tu blog; saludos desde Buenos Aires y good look in the Island.

Lissa101 said...


Andy Milonakis said...

Would you ever be in a Fat Boys rap video? http://www.twitter.com/andymilonakis

The comments section of your blog is the most professional, normal way to reach you about business, right?

mimiau said...

Que hambre me ha entrado mmmmm


The Nicholsons said...

These comments are kind of freaking me out. I just wanted to say I can't think of anything more delicious than good bread and good beer!

Topanga said...

I just recently heard on the news the other day that beer sales in Germany were significantly down!!

Heather said...

loved, loved, loved you not passing that history quiz on the show last night! so funny. you were great as always!

Vee said...

There ought to be more tributes to beer. Especially in museum form.

Maya99 said...

Well, Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!

Eidrie said...

¡Hola Jorge!
Mira esto, a ver si te gusta.


Saludos de un dibujante espaƱol y seguidor de Lost ;)

Jules said...

Wait... an exhibit on both bread and beer? Where do I sign up?

Unknown said...

Your blog is really amazing!

A hello from your fans in Brazil.

Luciano C Figueira

Louise said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louise said...

U have 46?
Yes, I am

Who is the presidente of United States??
All right dude, we are from future!

U are the most funny!!!!!!!!!
I saw this scene now!! Im laughing here!!

Congratulations about your interpretation!!!!!!

Sucess !!


Capcom said...

LOL! Totally agree, hcamel24! X-D

W. said...

Since you were in the Deutsches Museum I really hope you also visited the section on mining, where they have life size models of all kinds of mines (coal, salt, ore) you actually are walking through.

And you should probably also visited the section on electrical energy, and their live presentation of high voltage technology.

Video of the High Voltage showAlso I should mention, that nowadays the Deutsches Museum has so much items, that it has now two external buildings. The "Verkehrszentrum", focusing on the technology of earth bound traffic (cars, trains, monorails) and the "Flugwerft", where historical exponates of the history of aviation are shown.

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