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Friday, February 27, 2009

Ha Ha Ha Very Funny

Okay I have no idea what Refundcents.com is. I even checked the site and I'm still not sure. All I know is people there like to buy a lot of one thing.

But apparently they saw my toilet paper blog because I've gotten so many coupons for toilet paper in my fanmail all sent c/o Refund Cents. 

So let me clear this up. When I said this should last me about a week, I was joking. This will last much longer. I will not be shopping for toilet paper for a very long time. I don't want to stock up. Besides I don't even use toilet paper. (I use those wipes. They're awesome.)

So although I appreciate the sentiment, I don't need anymore coupons. Thanks anyway.

P.S. Some of those coupons were already expired when I got them.


Anonymous said...

Freakin' hilarious!

Sarah - Kala said...

It is sorta funny, tho', yeah? Your blog always cheers me up!

Acacia said...

Those wipes are so freakin' awesome! Wish they came on a roll.

Austin said...

i just got a big laugh at the end there when you said some of the coupons were expired!! hahaha!! Freaking funny!! BTW...I loved the fact that Hurley was now drawing the desert now in that one scene with Locke!

redelf said...

nuthin says luv like expired coupons.

electrictree said...

Dude, all I can think of is some weird old lady with 50 cats lovingly clipping you coupons for toilet paper...

Lisa-Maladylis said...

that is just too funny. well, guess you'll have to pass the love around and give them to the cast, or better yet, leave them on the table somewhere so people don't get a weird idea of you lolol

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

You don't use TP???

Pam I Am said...

You're saying the wrong things on the blog. I remember seeing Camryn Manheim years ago on (I think) Conan O'Brien's show saying that she'd mentioned on another talk show that she'd like a Harley.

Then the Harley company sent her a Harley.

(To be sure I remembered that correctly, I did some research. Yes, it happened: http://www.columbuscars.com/?story=columbuscars/content/080407_manheim.html)

So, think big and talk big!

Alice said...

wonderfully funny :D

Melissa said...

I will never look at Hurley the same, now that I know that about you......"He's a wipe man."

Tammy said...

Oh, you can use them in a decopage project-make a message board out of them. How awesome would that be-a decopaged message board in the bathroom-write down all of your daily reminders, and hang them on your toilet paper message board.
Bathroom Art.

LostFan said...

Dude... T M I !!!

myanrellick said...

Excellent! Fine work to whoever sent that.

Beth said...

You need a Takagi T-F100 for sure.

MeekoRouse said...

oh those wipes are excellent for getting up cat vomit & hair balls.. lifts the fresh stuff right out of the carpet.

Morriskats said...

Leave them in the store by the tp. I love when I go to the store and someone has left a coupon right there for the item I'm buying.

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

That is too funny!

I totally need to post about something I need now. hmmmmmm....

Maybe diapers. Or a car. Or money. heh.

Offy said...

I hear ya on the wipes. Those things are awesome. Do you need any coupons for those? ;)

Dan said...

I can think of a VERY appropriate alternative use for all those coupons... But then again, you've got the wipes.

funny in the 'hood said...

I have those wipes in every bathroom in my house. You'd think my husband and kids would do a good job with them but no.

Karina said...

Maybe you can help those in need of a clean butt by buying TP with all your coupons. And the world will be a less smelly place.

Nikoli said...

I say grab a sharpie and autograph 'em... send 'em out with your photos, for the blog fans... everyone else will just say WTH?

Tina said...


Unknown said...

O..M..G! Jorge! Tears streaming down my face with memories of the stack of TP you scored from your coupon fiasco. Calculate the dollar value of THIS Safeway checkout boy!


lostinphilly said...

Oh no, watch out. Now you're going to get tons of coupons for those wipes! They are awesome though, I use them all the time. Just wait and see, tons of coupons!

Barracuda said...

:D so fun fun fun

Dreamybee said...

LOL-That's awesome! Maybe you could give the coupons to a shelter or a school or something.

Wiccababe said...

haha, am just imagining you being swamped with expired coupons falling through your letterbox...
oh do you have letterboxes there? or is it mailboxes?
greetings from a surprisingly warm and sunny Scotland

Beena said...

Dude, if I were actually going to send something to a celebrity such as yourself it wouldn't be coupons! You'd at least get the actual product from me. But even that sounds like a rather lame way to express my affection for somebody (sending toilet paper)!
I did get a huge box of toilet paper one year for Christmas as a joke from my mom, though!!!!

Jodi said...

LOL Share the love!! Take the unexpired coupons to the store and put them on packs of TP so the next person that comes along gets a coupon. :)

bluejean43 said...

Seriously send me those unexpired coupons.

Heartswin said...

you're a wipe guy? im a wipe girl! i actally carry a package in my purse.
i seriously think this means that we are soul mates.

now every time i go to get a wipe i will be thinking of you. not that i usually think of you while im in the washroom .. in the shower maybe ..

Please Type Legibly said...

HAHAHA....good land. How much toilet paper do they think two people could go through, anyway? I mean seriously. I saw that post and figured you were stocked for the Apocalypse...what I'm wondering though is how many water bottles, boxes of wipes and gift certificates for plumbing services you guys are going to get now. But I do like Jodi's idea. Be a TP angel to someone (or 50 someones). ;o)

DarbyM said...

That is so funny!
Send em to me, I have 3 kiddos we ALWAYS need TP! :)

Kashmir said...

My son dubbed those wipes 'cold paper' when he was toilet training. The entire family now calls them cold paper. Good to know you're a cold paper man.

Unknown said...

now if they start sending coupons for the "vegan" marshmallow meltaways, all will be forgiven :)

kathyeffingjacobs said...

Yeah, wipes are awesome! That's not TMI, that's just good advice. How are the unwiped masses going to figure it out if we don't spread the good word?

So...I read your blog about the coupons and was like, "Haha, people clipping coupons in ridiculous amounts." Then I check back today to see if there's a new post, and for some reason decided to check out Refundcents.com - oh my god, dude, did you go there? People are saving crazy amounts of money. I think I may have to start clipping coupons in, ahem, ridiculous amounts. So, thanks, Jorge, I already have two cats, work in a library, and crochet - now I can add "crazy coupon clipper" to stuff putting me right on track to becoming a crazy old lady. Awesome.

Christina Bauer said...

that's awesome! you could toilet paper someone's house, though!

Deborah Godin said...

Wipes? You mean those big green leaves growing all over the Orchid Station?

Ralph- said...

Ok, so i went to that page and was too creeped out to investigate in any great detail. There is a difference between taking a picture of TP for a funny blog and posing in front of a huge pile of groceries with your wife with a maniacal grin as if you are about to conquer the world with the $600 youjust saved.

Cinnamon said...

That was hilarious!! Oh, and I agree about the use of the wipes instead.

Maya99 said...

My kid brother is a wipe guy. My husband gives him no end of s*** about it. Pardon the pun.

Pound said...

i <3 you jorge.

Anonymous said...

New follower to your blog here..and first time posting a comment on your second TP post so far. lol

Funny how people think you're crying for coupons or something when you just mention TP or any other item. My mom's a crazy couponer though.. I'll have to show her this site and see if she has any use for it.

Keep up the great work! :]

Jo Jo said...

HaHa that is so funny I am a member of refundcents, I did not send you any tp coupons but you had me in tears, to freaking funny. I will let them know to stop sending you coupons.

shellnrich said...

OK, I'm a member of Refund Cents. Some people are a little over board but most people just want to save at least 50% on everything they use. Which is what I do. The TP coupon thing was a joke. I didn't send any but I know it was a ha, ha funny ya know. I would hope most people would get that.
As for the maniacal grin guy - those people will be grinning all the way to their vacation spot when they save thousands a year with coupons. Don't knock it until you try it. For the average American coupons are a necessity with the crappy economy. It's enabled my family to continue vacations & other fun stuff despite cuts at work.

Jules said...

Am I the only person who has no idea what these wipes are you speak of???

Beth said...

I am a Refund Cents Member, also a new follower of your blog. You wonder why your numbers doubled, now you know. The leader of Refund Cents posted a link to your blog and suggested we send you some coupons. I love your blog.Just drop the coupons off the next time you are at the store in the TP aisle. Others will love them. Also, military folks can use the expired ones so do not throw them out! No, really, you can throw them away if you want. Also, do not be suprised if you start getting some wipes coupons.

Cassandra said...

Hahahaha! This gave me a laugh when I was bummin' about the freakin' cold dreary weather here. (Guess what? I'm not in Hawaii!) Thanks, Jorge. Your blog is the best!

Cindy Lou Who said...

Now that is funny!

Rayburn Family said...

You can send them to me! Cottonelle rocks! As do the wipes too. Be careful, you may start getting coupons for the wipes.

Anita&Ty said...

Already expired? Now that's tacky!!

James Hernandez said...


Wow! What devoted fans!

nomad said...

you can use them for tp,ah i mean the outdated ones.hehe. ;)

leela said...

I wish I had hundreds of blog followers like you so I could get people to send me coupons. You are one lucky guy.

julianna said...

costco has a coupon right now for their package of flushable wipes...if i wasn't using it myself for my brother in law's birthday present, i'd send it to you!

Kaileigh Blue said...

Reminds me of the time Jason Mraz said he should have chocolate on the cover of his next album and video because the Chickens on his first (Waiting for my Rocket to Come) cause people to give him all kinds of Plush chickens.

It's funny how when you finally get the money to afford nice things people just want to give you free stuff.

M@ said...

haha so funny
thanks for the clarification

Fried Social Worker said...

I am such a huge fan. If I was not happily married I would stalk you. Love the blog.

Anonymous said...

Very hilarious! xD

You all are doing a great job in this season, it's been really awesome! :D

By the way, did you finish filming season 5?


Jason Paul Tolmie said...

Hey look, it's Vincent on the toilet paper packaging! I was beginning to wonder what happened to Vincent:)

tiffibug said...

Totally off topic, but...Have you seen the Boost Mobile commercial with the two pigs eating ham? Thought of your feeding the boar story when I saw it.

TracfoneBonusCodes said...

I love refundcents.com! They have the best deals!

john (not lennon) said...

:D Reminds me of the old joke "Which hand do you wipe with?"

NMMillan said...

so should we send you coupons for wipes instead? ;)

Brie said...

ha ha sweet.

Ritch in Love said...

Ah what loyal fans! You're super lucky. hehe.
Gotta agree the wipes rock...though that was a little bit TMI for me. :D

Laura Caçoeiro said...

You have the best fans in the world!

Kiss from Portugal

P.S: I hope you dont mind: Vote Eurovision 2009 Portugal - Todas as Ruas do Amor - Flor-de-lis :)

Jason Towns said...

Dude...I love those coupons. At Kroger, that means free toilet paper. We use those all the time and stock up! You can send the non-expired ones to me.

www.thecrazydaisies.wordpress.com said...

What would've been nice is if they had sent you some actual free toilet paper!!!!

Hey, you could sell them on ebay.... people buy bulk coupons like this on ebay. Earn a few extra bucks to pay for when you need more toilet paper NEXT YEAR!!!!

katie! (: said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katie! (: said...

i finally got my signed picture from you today!
i was very excited.
thank you very much for making my day (:

Carrie G said...


sharon1234 said...

well. all i can say is LOL!

Anonymous said...

How freakin' funny!

And FYI: Refund Cents is a site that caters to couponers and Refunders.

But.. you'll find a lot more info about coupons, deals, etc. at www.afullcup.com !!

Nyctotherion said...

Hawaii people have a strange relationship with toilet paper. Anytime there's a strike or natural disaster, there will be a HUGE run on toilet paper, SPAM, and rice.

Even if it's a strike that has no chance of disrupting the toilet paper supply, like the trashworkers.

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