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Thursday, February 26, 2009

We love these

They are marshmallows. Or at least marshmallow-like treats. 

And they claim to be "vegan." But how can you really tell? 

Because if you look at this symbol, it seems like they don't quite understand what "vegan" means. 
100% vegan. And now with real rabbit.


tacy said...

haha! who would have thought

Torigurl said...

Is it one of the DHARMA rabbits?

Zita said...

Maybe the bunnies are vegan?

Acacia said...

Shouldn't that have a "15" on it?

il dep said...

Hey dude, it is not a rabbit, only a Rorschach test image!

Beena said...

Rabbit: the other white meat! @@

Tammy said...

Hey Jorge, do you have a bathtub?
If so i could send you my stuff for some free publicity-Oprah has bitten, dont you want a "Bite"?

Eatsruns said...

Oh, they look yummy! I'm vegetarian and haven't had marshmallows in years.

Accepts Affection said...

A: I love the "Sweet and Sara" being a sweet Sara myself.

B: Marshmellows usually aren't vegan? I thought they were just made out of marsh and mellow (bad joke)

C: you're on my blog roll and I'm so excited that that fact makes me so much cooler than all the other blogs. In the blogosphere.


aims said...

What? Are all the other marshmallows non-vegan? Are they made out of people then?

The marshmallows are people! The marshmallows are people!

(ya - I know - bad bad)

james r. said...

Maybe it's stating that the rabbit that made the marshmallows is a vegan. Or something.

Julie said...

I went to the sweetandsara.com page and under FAQ this was the last question.. I guess a lot of people ask? Lol

Why is your mascot a bunny rabbit?
The mascot represents Sara’s childhood rabbit, Skipper, and her paw of approval that no animals were harmed in the making of Sweet & Sara marshmallows!

Travis said...

I don't know if I am stupid, but the first ingredient listed is cane sugar, and then it has a little astricks next to it, specifying it is vegan.

... So it is possible to have cane-sugar with bits of animal in it??

lostinphilly said...

That's the first thing I thought of also. That looks just like a DHARMA rabbit. And I was expecting it to have a number on it and for Ben Linus to jump out and shake it to death (or give it a pacemaker, whatever)...Would that make it vegan then?

~Karen~ said...

Are these of the "time traveling vegan" bunny family of Hares?

mandagrrl said...

Cane sugar usually is made with bone char which is decidedly NOT vegan.. however there is vegan cane sugar, you just have to look for it :)

-yea yea yea I'm "one of those vegans"---


Christina Bauer said...

what would be non-vegan about a marshmallow? and what do marshmallows have to do with bunnies? what a strange package! hope they taste good!

Steve said...

i love these things sooooo much. shame they're about double the price in the UK and sweetandsara don't export directly.

Unknown said...

Actually, marshmallows have gelatin in them.

"Gelatin is a translucent, colorless, brittle, nearly tasteless solid substance, derived from the collagen inside animals' skin and mostly bones."

Gelatin is also found in Skittles, Starburst and most gummy bears/worms.

As for the rabbit, it's the animal used in the "Not Tested On Animals" logo found on a lot of beauty products.


danielle distefano said...


Please Type Legibly said...

Rabbit - the other white Peep? (sorry, that was baaad)

jada said...

OMG that i hilarious. I am hooked on your blog. Thanks for a bit of joy in every day!

redelf said...

mashmellows are made from rabbit meat???? I feel so dirty now.

Nena said...

Jeez, if marshmallows are made from rabbit, they are not only not vegan, they're not kosher, either.

(of course, many gelatins [the non-vegan ones] are actually not kosher, so even without the rabbit meat, you have to be careful...)

electrictree said...

Oh...I thought because "vegan" was in the ingredients that it had vegans in it...

ThespianSheldon said...

Maybe they test the marshmallows on rabbits. That would be a fun job.

Melissa said...

My guess is that all Vegans love bunnies???

Deanne said...

awesome, i love it!

Lisa Deon said...

What exactly do "Vegan" marshmallows taste like? Because I've had "Vegetarian" flavored M"Mallows and they were right nasty.

Bad_Robot said...

Dude. You sure love talking about all kind of foods!

Luv ya man~

*~Dani~* said...

I think they makers thought a bunny invokes vegan thoughts such as eating lettuce and other nonmeat things. Nobody should eat bunnies even meat eaters. That is just wrong.

Movie Star Wife said...

Mmmmmmmm. Makes me think of peeps. I like the bunny peeps better than the chicky peeps. I always eat the ears first. LOL

KS said...

I guess rabbits are vegan? It looks pretty good otherwise. I'm vegan and haven't had marshmallow in years.

MsSnarkyPants said...

I don't think I'll ever look at a peep the same way again after reading the comment about the cane sugar being made with bone char...what is bone char? No wait! I don't wanna know! Maybe I should become a bunny vegan too!

Kaileigh Blue said...

Safe to feed to your bunnies, Of course! Rabbits love Marshmellows.

Elysian said...

I had never heard about that brand and I always thought that marshmallows were made out of sugar only, how silly of me! Now I want some marshmallows...please send some my way, please, please ^-^!

Carin McKenna said...

MsSnarkyPants (et al)

Most cane sugar is refined by filtering it through charcoal made by burning animal bones from the meat industry. Many vegans won't eat cane sugar unless it is specifically vegan. For that matter, many vegans won't eat sugar at all if they can't identify whether it's cane or beet sugar - beet sugar isn't refined with bone char, so it's vegan.

Carin McKenna said...

Oh, and, marshmallows originated as a medicinal sweet treat made from the althea plant, aka Marsh Mallow. The sweetening was to make the medicine palatable to children. They've long since lost both the althea and its medicinal properties.

(Sorry for the double comment, Jorge. Didn't think of this until after I'd posted the previous comment.)

Bridget said...

Maybe its a Playboy marshmallow?

Katy said...

Rabbits are a 100% vegan animal and are actually the logo for more than one vegan or vegetarian food producer. Also, I know this has already been touched on, but marshmallows are made with gelatin and sugar. Gelatin comes from animal byproducts like bones and skins (that's why they sent Mr. Ed to the glue factory, he's sticky). Also sugar is often refined using bone char so since gelatin and sugar are the two main ingredients in marshmallows (also water and sometimes flavorings) they are absolutely not vegan.

M said...

Amanda, the gelatin in vegan products is made from carageenen, which comes from a seaweed, not animal products.

M said...

Katy, not all cane sugar is filtered using bone char, there are numerous sugar manufacturers who do not use it. Also, beet sugar which is often sold as "granulated sugar", especially in the midwest where I live, is not filtered with bone char

Camille said...

OMG GUESS WHAT?!? My mom saw you today by safeway! how cool is that?! But she doenst know if it was you or not... but i bet it was!!!

Laura Caçoeiro said...

I loved to taste marshmallow . It is completely stupid this symbol. Unless they want people to look for the rabbit and remember that they love plants!

Kiss from Portugal

Barracuda said...

Rabbit and Vegan??
Dude is so Fun fun fun...

James Hamlet said...

Hi Jorge, I´m with Katy, jelly is made from animal products, and/or fish, so is not vega: Furthermore I thought Marshmallows were something done with eggs, like meringue. I must be a little stupid, but if you wanna be vegan, you should try to eat things in a natural shape, and not made with lot of different chemical ingredients, and believe me I know well what kind of ingredientes are uses in industrial pastries or sweet. I´m a baker myself and I´m sure my carrot cake, absolutly natural, would made all those crazy islanders sit down together and share a portion of it.
Saludos desde el Sur de España amiguete.
Come and visit us, you are invited.
Aún en preparación pero estamos en ello con muchas ganas.

Who´ll be our firs visitor?

Ritch in Love said...

I just spit out my diet coke laughing! It's possible that I'm up too late and that was the last straw. But Seriously? A Rabbit? That pretty funny!

juleshill said...

aw how cool! i've heard about these, but they're not available in europe, bummer really because I haven't had marshmallows for three years now ): well enjoy them, they look yummmmmmmy!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh that's hilarious! And that's why I stick to simple veggies, fruits and lean meats ... uh, hope I don't offend any rabbit-eating vegans out there! :)

Lee said...

They are available in the UK and they ship! :)
Sweet Vegan

Pam said...

That is so odd. Yeah, doubt I'd use rabbit to signify "vegan".

Jodi said...

Cool, thanks for posting these! As Amanda stated, marshmallows have gelatin in them. My daughter, another Amanda, does not eat pork, and she so terribly misses her s'mores. She does use a product called Ricemallow, but it comes in a tub, not in solid form.

New Yorker wannabes said...

OMG...have you tasted them in hot chocolate? That is my personal favorite way of eating them!!

Ok Jorge IMPORTANT QUESTION and please answer in someway (if possible).

I noticed that you changed the address's postal code. The other one was wrong? Because I think I used it to send a letter to another lost actor (thought it changed :-( Will my letter be...lost?

thank you and take care

Jenn said...

Haha! I wonder what they were going for there??

Ali said...

i am disturbed a picture of a rabbit ANYWHERE near a package of marshmallows. EW!

Miztification said...

Is it Easter candy? That might explain the bunny rabbit. Or do all "Sweet and Sara" products have that logo on them? This is the first time I've ever seen any. Seems like I'm always learning/finding something new here. :)

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

Are they some kind of Easter treat? Hence the bunny? Still not great planning or maketing.

Erica said...

I was going to make an "Island rabbit joke," but everyone else already did. *sad for me*

Erica said...

Ironically I'm also eating marshmellows as I read this post. I'm at work and I've gone to the breakroom twice for hot chocolate cause I brought mini marshmellows with me, and each time I keep coming back with chai tea for some reason. I think it's cause I always drink chai tea, and I go on zombie season autopilot when I hit the lunchroom. I've now given up and am just eating the marshmellow straight. They are delicious.

whiterabbita said...

I'm not VEGAN! grrr!

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

I love the things I learn on this blog. These comments had me LOL.

Lisa Chin said...

I think I should try to go buy some stock in this company now because I am guessing their sales are about to go up because of your recommendation! ;)

Deborah Godin said...

I've had the ones made with "immitation rabbit" and they're terrible...

Unknown said...

Ha ha! I love me a good not animal product tofu rabbit! Er...

Kashmir said...

What about those of us with soy allergies? I eat one of those and I'm in for an ambulance ride and 4 day hospital stay.

Cindy Lou Who said...

Oh that's a good one!

marlamuppets said...

ha. this is a good one. deep thoughts by jorge. love it.

long live peeps. vegan or otherwise!

wharfrat said...

Dude... where did you buy these things? Inquiring minds want to know...

Hollyween said...

My friend, Bridget (above) linked your awesome blog on her awesome blog. And now you get an awesome comment from me. Cuz that's how I roll.

But seriously, Lost is my favorite show... EVER. And finding your blog makes it that much more awesome for me.

Katy said...

Hi, I just reread my comment and I didn't mean for it to sound like these particular marshmallows aren't vegan just that marshmallows in general aren't vegan. I know that there are definitely ways around using bone char refined sugar and animal gelatin. I just meant to comment to the people wondering how a regular marshmallow could be anything but vegan and give them an explanation about why the average marshmallow isn't vegan.

Happy Friday!

Littlefoot said...

maybe they intended it to have a PEEPS effect? who doesn't love PEEPS?

Lynda said...

You should try Mallowmars" chocolate covered marshmallow. YUM

TucuMala said...

the bunny is vegan...
so do i.

Me doy la bienvenida a este blog .


Unknown said...

Sweet and Sara’s marshmallows, s’mores, and other vegan confections are to die for! This small all vegan company seriously makes some of the best desserts I’ve ever had. Even my non-veg parents order Sweet and Sara treats for themselves all the time. Everyone should really check them out. You’ll be happy you did. FYI, the peanut butter s’mores are seriously ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge
I just noticed that my post to you from a couple of days ago is missing here. If I said anything that you felt was offensive enough to delete my post I am so sorry and do apologize. Cant think what it could have been? I was just joking about lunch, if that was it?
LA Calif.

Unknown said...

Maybe they're "bunny approved" vegan marshmellows?

Nancy said...

I agree with a previous poster... perhaps it's the bunny that's vegan and not the marshmellows.

Makes me concerned what is in the marshmellows that aren't marked vegan though.

Kristen said...

Regular marshmallows have gelatin in them, which is derived from animals. And I'm sure someone else already mentioned that. But vanilla marshmallows (vegan or no) sound really great right now. :)

Shohom67 said...

They must be doodie from the insides of rabbits that live on the planet Vegan.

Unknown said...

These marshmallows are so good! I bought them myself this past Thanksgiving to make sweet potatoes covered with marshmallows. Yum. And they're good to just snack on right out of the box!

Seabiscuit said...

One would think bunnies and vegans would be mortal enemies. Considering they compete for the same food sources and all. ;)

I'm glad I found your blog, you are a riot. I'm looking forward to next week's episode, I hope Hurley and Sawyer have a happy reunion!

Sweet & Sara said...

hey there! sara from sweet & sara! i was told there was a discussion going on regarding our vegan marshmallows and our logo. our marshmallows are 100% VEGAN! and 100% scrumptious :)! our logo represents my bunny i had growing up and she was the reason i became vegan. logo just means no animals were harmed in the making of our vegan marshmallows. so there is no rabbit in our marshmallows, lol! :)~

Your bunny lovin friends at Sweet & Sara,


moon said...

Just as long as the bunny seal of approval is not on raisins.

James Hernandez said...


Vegan marshmallows? I shudder to think what is next.

nomad said...

What came first? the marshmallow egg or the marshmallow chicken? hehe. hey eggs are meat.;)

Trude said...

OMG it's so true! Thanks for the laugh! :)

NYCrochet said...

Wait, I'm not supposed to be eating rabbit?

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

what an awesome surprise! thanks, sara!!!

masonexcell said...

Hilarious dude!
It made me wonder...about "non-vegan" marshmallow's--are the made with animal parts; like Jell-O.

ValMo said...

Oh barf. Some of these comments make me never want to eat marshmallows again.
But seriously, I didn't know marshmallows had bunnies in them.

Ally B said...

Thanks so much for the tip! My grandma is so depressed that she just found out that marshmallows have gelatin in them (I'm not sure what she thought made them bounce... but she's old so I let it go), and she doesn't eat gelatin, so I will be getting her these for her b-day!

Sweet & Sara said...

Hi there Ally B and friends!

Sweet & Sara here, manufacturer of the only vegan marshmallow! 100% vegan. 100% divine. 100% bunny approved. meaning 100% bunny-free :). If you order within the next 5 days and mention Jorge's blog we will take 20% off your order. Thank you!

Sweet & Sara

Erica said...

Anytime there isn't animal connective tissue in a food product, it's a plus, no?

Ivy said...

I'm confused. Is there something in normal marshmallows that is not vegan? It's the egg whites, right? (Clearly not a vegan.)

Anonymous said...


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