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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ending Wet

Remember when I was "starting wet?"
Well now that "316" aired I can finally post these photos of that day.
I was in the water pretty much the whole time I was at work. 
And I was so good at pretending to drown that I actually swallowed a lot of water. 

But because we had a lot of rain at the time, the water was pretty clean. 

So luckily I didn't get sick. 

I did grow a second head though.


mr-hobo said...

Hey awesome pictures! Loved the episode tonight, you did great. Is there anyway to "blow" up the pictures to make them bigger?

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cristin B said...

I'm such a dork. I got excited when I pulled this up and saw that I was right about this being the day you "started wet". I love reading your blog and watching LOST, and I love when I recognize you elsewhere, like in an episode of Becker that showed up on my TiVo. You seem like a really great guy, and talented not only in acting, but in pumpkin carving and other things. Cheers!

Lostie73 said...

Loved '316', it was all kinds of awesome! My favorite moment had to be Frank Lapidus as the pilot. It didn't look to be a fun shoot though...

elainemarieg said...

Two heads are better than one :)

Fatally Cute said...

So Beth was on the plane! I didn't look close enough. Silly "Lost" making me think about the actually story and not concentrating on Beth. Darn it!

Oh and I am from Beth's Taste Like Chicken days by the way.

Niki said...

Great episode! As usual. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Thanks for sharing your pictures from the shoot.

dibtych said...

Second Head FTW!

Kerry said...

Hi Jorge,
I just recently found your blog and I am loving it! Thanks so much for showing these behind the scene shots. 316 was awesome! I was on the edge of my seat the whole episode. So good! I can't wait to see what happens next. Thanks again:)

Captain Mustapha said...

316 is a new favorite episode for me. Excellent! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

It must have been tough starting wet with jeans on, I HATE that wet jean feeling!! :)

Cant wait for next week!

Tania said...

The whole day? Damn, your fingers and toes must have been wrinkly for days!
The things you have to do for your art... ;-) It's all worth it, though, right?

InkyW said...

Man, I don't know how you all keep such great secrets! We're really enjoying this season and tonight's episode was terrific. I just found your blog and really enjoy your work and how you play Hurley! Well done Jorge!

p.s. yo soy Cubana!

Jodi said...

Awesome pictures! Thank you for sharing them. The moment I figured it was Hurley screaming...I immediately thought of your blog post Starting Wet. LOL! The puzzle fit.

Great show last night!

Afontcu said...

Mr Garcia, I must tell you that 316 is the best episode of the fifth season, and it might be the best episode of the whole serie...But there's a Constant, too...

Love Lost man, congratulations. And great job this episode! :)

M said...

LOL! The episode was amazing. My daughter, especially, couldn't wait to see it. We can't wait to see next week's episode.

I was wondering about whether the water was clean in that scene, it looked a bit greenish. Glad you didn't get sick. Thanks for sharing the photos.

MFonvielle said...

I don't know..."clean water" and "grew a second head" don't really seem like they should coincide.

Great episode, though. I can't wait to see what happens next (or..what happened before? what happens later?)

Julie said...

Beth were you in the background in the airport for a very split second on last nights episode? My eyes could have been playing tricks but I swear I saw you.

Jorge, 316 was such an exciting episode! I can't wait until next weeks episode! Or for every episode for that matter, Lol.

blaqbird said...

whoa man! two heads! be careful of that water! Awesome episode last night!!!!

Tammy said...

Oh Jorge-what an awesome episode-I was so happy to see you on the flight-but how did you get there? Oh the questions???
So many answers-but sooooo many questions???? Darn it all!
Loved the episode-how about Jack belly flopping to you-that had to hurt!

Morriskats said...

So glad I found your blog the other day- well I was led here by a post on Cake Wrecks, anyway- I love it and was wondering if you posted after the episodes aired. Thanks for sharing the experience with us!

Barracuda said...

Two heads are better than one


Jigsawdiva said...

All I could think was... his underwear was in a bag!

I love your blog by the way.

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Ack a two headed monster! Dude, great episode, you were amazing, as always!

Sproggie said...

Ooh 316 hasn't aired in the UK yet so now I'm really intrigued!!

annie said...

Such a great episode!! Spending your day in the water must have sucked--you were awesome, though.

I can't wait to see more of this story line.

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

Hurley is my favorite character by far! He is the funniest and also the most real. Love him!

Melissa Markham said...

Excellent episode! I agree with the commenter who said he loved the Frank scene! That was sooooo funny!!!!! I hope that water was on the warm side....I can't imagine being fully clothed and in a greenish lagoon all day! Glad you didn't get sick!

Teresa said...

I knew immediately that I had read too much of your blog when I immediately turned to my husband and said, "$10 says he wasn't wearing underwear in that scence." Huh? I immediately shook my head at myself. Instantly, I felt like I was in an "I Love Lucy" episode. "_______, you've got some s'plaining to do!"

I found you through Cake Wrecks too. Too funny. Our family enjoys the show and your character. I really enjoy your posts on travel and your green thumb. Beth is lovely and Nunu is too cute. Many blessings to you.

Hawkeye said...

Looks pretty miserable - being soaking wet all day for the few minutes the scene shot! :)

Great episode last night. I just found your blog through CakeWrecks and have been reading your archives. I told my boyfriend Josh last night (while watching Lost) how great of a guy you are, and how adorable you are. He got jealous!

Thanks for the blog - it's been a lot of laughs.

Sherene said...

I'm a cake wrecks refugee as well, and pleased that I can now be entertained by you on days other than Wednesday.

During the lagoon scene, I found myself wondering about your wet underwear, or evern worse your lack of underwear. Sometimes too much information is not a good thing for a mind like mine.

myanrellick said...

that was a great episode.

Is that a guitar for Charlie in proxy, like Jack's Dad's shoes? hmmm....

Federica said...

Thanks for sharing these pics!
But next time I won't drink coffee while reading your blog... I almost spit it all on my laptop when I saw your brand new head :D
I can't wait to see this season *sighs* It sucks to wait so many months to see them, but I live in Italy and all I can do is wait :-/

Louise said...

I love the full circle of you "starting wet" to last nights ep!

I want to know about the guy hanging in the water with you? Is he the stunt coordinator, or just the guy on the floaty to make sure you don't really die?

Love you blog, share it with all my Lostie friends~!

Louise said...

I love the full circle of you "starting wet" to last nights ep!

I want to know about the guy hanging in the water with you? Is he the stunt coordinator, or just the guy on the floaty to make sure you don't really die?

Love you blog, share it with all my Lostie friends~!

Jennifer said...

I haven't watched last night's episode yet, but it's waiting on the Tivo for me the minute I get home from work. This looks promising! Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Love this episode...

Did anyone happen to google Luke 3:16


John's Secret Identity™ said...

Very cool episode, but, as already stated, so many questions.

Or should I say so many potential "how'd they come to be on the flight" flashbacks? Seems like old times! :D

Becky said...

Thanks for the pictures, Jorge. What a job you have!! You were my favorite actor, by far, last night. That episode was awesome, but left me with lots of questions, which I posted on my blog, of course! http://thevioletfig.com/?p=537#content

Jules said...


Robbi said...

You can keep a secret well!!!
Love the photo's!!!

Loved last night's ep...

Can't get enough of it!!!

***yaaaaay! and i finally am allowed to tell peeps that i'm an ajira passenger too!

phew! holding secrets is tough.

Glad you were finally able to spill.LOL!!

llquadro said...

Jorge! Thanks for sharing the pics! Another amazing episode in what is the undoubtedly the best episode since Season 1..... Love your character and it was awesome to see Hurley again!!!!!!!!

kcapria said...

As soon as I saw you in the water last night, I knew it was the day you had to "start wet". It was great fun to watch, so thanks for getting soggy for us.

Beena said...

You are too cute! Even double headed!

Christina Bauer said...

Great job, Jorge! I hope the water wasn't too cold! Thanks for always giving us a great character in Hurley--he's one of my favorite on the show!

Malea said...

My kids think it's silly when I blog. But when I pointed to the t.v. and said, look, there's the guy who blogs too, they thought I was cool. Thanks for helping with the cool factor, dude.

LaurenLikesLions said...

A whole day in the water? Did you get all pruny?

My name is Jodie. said...

Soooo happy to see you back in 316 - though not quite enough of Hurley to suit my tastes. Thanks for sharing the pictures - I loooove the behind the scenes stuff!

Tiffany Noélli said...

Nice Photos! Jorge + Hurley + Lost = success... Beijossssssssssssssssssssssssssss =)

Karen said...

Loved the pics and loved the episode!!

Cindy Lou Who said...

oh yuck - a day in the water...and in jeans and clothes...you must have been a soggy mess. Totally saw the episode last night. Darn this show, just wont let me go...I can't stand waiting a week in between shows....

Angel said...

You know, I was going to ask if thats what you were filming when you posted about that. I really enjoyed last night. Awesome job and Hurley was so sweet to buy all those seats to be protective. YAY Hurley!

Ralph- said...

i went to that waterfall a few years back and they told us the water was NOT clean. that you should not go in with open sores or get any in your mouth. they said something about parasites. seriously.

Deborah Godin said...

Boy, a week never seemed so long before LOST! Last nights 316 was great. And I sure admire all of you actors hanging out there in all those tangly plants and lying down in the mud and water. All I'd be thinking about is creepy bugs and snakes and fish nibbling my toes...

Emily said...

Last nights episode both made me go WTF? and Whoa! all before the first commercial. This is why I love Lost. Great show last night and I'm so excited that I found your blog! I'm anxiously awaiting the next couple of episodes.

Danna said...

I loved last night's episode! When I saw you in the water I thought about your 'starting wet' entry. I loved it when the pilot said, "We're not going to Guam are we?" Great episode!! Can't wait to see what happens next.

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

yeah, ralph. that's totally true. all the waterfalls here have signs up warning people about leptospirosis.

when he told me that he'd accidentally swallowed a lot of water that day i honestly thought that he'd be having the shit of life all night from his intestines being infected with some bug. like being on vacation in columbia!

wait, we've never been to columbia.

Tuk said...



cami said...

OH NO i haven't watched "316" yet! i'm from brasil. love your blog!

wharfrat said...

Last night rocked. So many "WOW" moments. I bet that water was not heated (am I right?)...
And typically Ben when he was asked about the other passengers "Who Cares".
And mahalo for your great blog about LOST and your life in paradise.

Beena said...

Here in Florida, you have to be careful in fresh water (there have been amoeba related deaths mostly over the summers).

Then of course, in this particular county in Florida, in our salt water,we are the shark bite capital!

A heavily chlorinated pool is the safe way to go!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge, I have one question: Why is Hurley not able to swim?
When I am not totally wrong he made this cannon ball once and how did he came back to shore or who came to rescue him? Vincent the dog?
Seems here is a light contradiction?!

Danna said...

Beth, where were you on the plane? It all went by so quickly that I did not see you. I will have to watch it again to find you.

Michael Dines said...

Your second head will make you a shoo-in should you ever audition for the role of Zaphod Beeblebrox.

You'll need to work on a third arm though.

Thanks for sharing the pix, and glad to hear you didn't contract Florchititis from the water.

Jo said...

The episode last night was amazing, probably my favorite of the season so far. I'm excited to see where they take things! Great job!

electrictree said...

Were you all raisiny? Did you put on white gloves, '80's sunglasses and start singing "oooh...bet you wonder how I knew..."

The Ferber Family said...

316 was really cool! i got a chuckle when jack asked eloise if ben was telling the truth and she said "probably not". nice. love your blog man :o)

Ali said...

i'm shivering just thinking about you having to spend an entire day shooting in water. BRRRRRRRR

Please Type Legibly said...

JORGE.....just caught "316" this morning. Best. Episode. Yet. This. Season. I don't envy you having been in the water all day, but OMG, so worth it from this end of things. And Beth, how lucky were you? Fun...

James Hernandez said...


More power to you! I finally get to watch that episode today - thanks to the miracle of the internet.

Shannon said...

Spending the day swimming around and getting paid for it doesn't sound all that bad to me. Then again, you were in all your clothes, so that part might of been icky. But the episode was great, so I'd say, thanks for sucking it up for us! LOL

New Yorker wannabes said...

Actually for some of us "316" hasn't aired, yet. Still I forgive you :-)

Thanks for the pics!!

take care
peace and love

La Pixie said...

ooh, I was reading that post the other day and wondering if you would let us know about stuff like that. I love the behind the scenes pictures. did you really spend all day in the water just for those few minutes?? crazy.

last nights episode was awesome! I love that Hurley bought up all the empty seats. que cute.

Shannon said...

Love the episode last night! Love the blog too. I found you via Cake Wrecks. Love that Beth was on the plane. Just wish I'd saved the episode on the dvr so I could go back and see her. Next time, sneak Nunu on set! :)

Amy said...

Someone directed me to your blog! :) My 11 year old daughter LOVES you to death on Lost! :) Keep up the great work!

Ali said...

I never knew your hair was so long until this episode. I guess the curls make it look shorter!

Movie Star Wife said...

Urrrrrrgh! I missed it. When I realized what night it was and what time it was, LOST was halfway over. So I figured I can watch it on ABC.com (I hope).

My 7 year old says, "is that the guy that you write to on the internet?" Goofy kid. I told her that you have one of the blogs that I read and I OCCASIONALLY write a comment. But she thinks I know you personally. Kids are funny!

Daisy Church said...

I love that you were reading Y the last man in the airport, btw. :D

Pikko said...

Hi Jorge,

I made a Lost bento yesterday (found here: http://www.aibento.net/2009/02/help-i-lost-my-bento/) and someone commented pointing me to your blog. Very cool, I'll be back to read whenever you post! :D

Autumn said...

Wow, great pictures!!!

I came across your blog from the Cake Wrecks blog showing the Ace of Cakes LOST cake. I managed to read the whole thing over a few nights. Thanks for blogging!! I really enjoy watching you on LOST, it's mine and my husbands favorite show!

Das Mutter said...

Ah crap! I haven't seen last night's episode (it's DVR'd--I cannot watch without Hubby or I will go insane), but now I know you are in water. Guess if you're going to be submerged for a 15 hour day you might as well be there! Thanks for sharing...

Christi said...

Great pictures! Love the episode last night.

Evonne said...

Mr. Garcia. I would just love to sit and have lunch with you or something. You seem like such a witty guy. You and my fiance could just trade witty comments the whole time and keep Ms Bethany and me in stitches.

Cindi said...

Cool, I want your job.

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

Very cool pics! For some reason I can't see the two-headed one. Bummer.

Loved last night's episode. My co-workers and I are still discussing and pondering. :)

Cindy Swanson said...

Not enough superlatives to describe the season so far--and it was so good to see you on that ep, Jorge!

Not to mention, I'm enjoying a little mini-celebrity status of my own among my "Lost"-loving friends, since you commented on my blog! :)

Audrey Brown said...

Jorge Garcia's head: Now multiplies as easy as sea monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the photos! Was this scene shot at Waimea Falls Park? Just curious - it looks familiar to me (I was born and raised on Oahu and moved to the mainland 5 years ago).

Keep up the great work!

Sara said...

As I was watching last night couldn't help to remember that you weren't wearing any underwear and were impatiently waiting to put a dry pair on!

katie! (: said...

hi jorge!
so i thought i should let you know that today in my history class, my history teacher started talking about two philosophers named John Locke and Rousseau!!! i freaked out!
last nights episode was great!
your amazing!

redelf said...


and the pics are great!!!

Melissa said...

Those pictures are great!! The show last night A-MAAAZZZ-INGGG!!

Erika Jean said...

nothing like getting pid to turn into a prune! lol

Edgard Cravo said...

Hi, Jorge. 316 was awesome! This lagoon is beautiful! Congratulations. Great job this episode! I´m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Wiconsin Gardener said...

Bethany, are there any screen caps of you?

Cherrichik said...


So I just found your blog yesterday, right after i watched the new episode. I hate the waiting a whole week for each one, i watched season 1-4 in a week in a half and then caught up on season 5 online... so having commercials and the waiting is killing me!! great episode though!!!

Julie Phillips said...

Great episode last night. The last time I was at the fall, they were really skinny because there was very little rain....It's still a gorgeous place. HUGS!!


Gayle said...

I found your blog via CakeWrecks (the blogger ran an article and link to your 100th episode cake), and I love it. In fact, after seeing how much you seem to enjoy cooking, I'd like to interview you (via e-mail if that's best for you) for Fatal Foodies (http://www.fatalfoodies.blogspot.com), a group blog written by writers whose books have something to do with writing. My latest book is Murder Takes the Cake, a cozy mystery with a cake decorating amateur sleuth. If the interview is doable, please let me know at gayle.trent@gmail.com.

Thanks a million! I'll be happy to send you a copy of Murder Takes the Cake and an MTTC apron. I'm no Duff Goldman, but the apron is nice and the book has garnered some good reviews. :-)

Brie said...

okay this is my new favorite blog! and I have to agree. Clean water, two heads???? HMMMMMM.
did you end up all "raisiny"?

M said...

Kendra, that's so bizarre. My daughter has been talking about the references to Lewis's Prince Caspian, I'll have to email her a link to that verse.

Nena said...

Don't worry about the second head; you won't even notice it once the rash starts to show up.

Excellent job on 316.

Nena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nena said...

Bwah. Sorry about the deleted post - my computer hiccupped and double-posted on me.

Chas said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I'm such a dork.....when I was watching last night I actually paused the television to ask my husband if he thought this was the day you were talking about when you did the starting wet blog! LOL

KS said...

I'm another person who came across your blog because of CakeWrecks. I spent Sunday morning reading all of your blog, and I was definitely thinking of your starting wet post last night.

I love seeing the Oceanic 6 on the island again; that and the eye opening at the beginning of the episode remind me of Season 1, which makes me happy.

A Woman of No Importance said...

I swear that is your voice on the new Raisin Bran commercial. Is it?

Melissa said...

I started chuckling when I first saw you in the water in 316. My husband thought I was crazy... till I told him you were freeballing in the water!

Great blog! You are a big part of why we watch lost and it's fun to read your daily going ons.

Josephine Ocean said...

We all are so crazy in Latvia about Lost!!!! =) I like every new episode more and more. You are just great!!!!!!

byondbzr said...

Hey man, this is one of my fave episodes to date. I'm glad you didn't get sick!

Camilo Pérez said...

Great epissode... just Love it!! :D
Thanks for sharing...

John E. Williams said...

It's weird to think of water in Hawaii as NOT being "clean" -- but then, I grew up in Jersey, so...

groovyghosthunter said...

All I kept thinking was, "he's totally commando" HA.

I love your blog. You and Beth are so cute.

whiterabbita said...

Oh man! Was the water cold? brrrrr

hbodesign said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hbodesign said...

Hey Jorge! Great episode. One of my favorite parts was Hurley on the plane with the eye mask. Hilariously Hurley :)

Did Matthew Fox make that dive himself or was that a double? Very impressive if that was him.

Satsuki Rebel said...

I would say I'm your biggest Hurley fan buuuut that's probably been done before.

Cool pics.

Anonymous said...

SURE hope there weren't any CANDIRU in that water!

François Dillinger said...

Gran episodio el de esta semana. continuen asi.
Si les interesa el cine les dejo mi blog :https://www.undisparoalcine.blogspot.com/.

Tara said...

Love the second head - it really suits you. :)

Jennifer Tanko said...

CRAZY episode.

RayChase said...

Great episode...that "316". I dig it when more questions/mysteries are raised..

Miss Scarlett said...

Ooh bethany! Who were you?? Did we actually see you?

John's Secret Identity™ said...

Okay, behind-the-scenes curiosity time. What was really in that guitar case during the water shoot? Foam blocks? Ping pong balls? Balloons? It sure wasn't bricks. :)

Ellen Davila said...

That's Waimea Falls right??? Is there some kind of secret driveway to get there, or did you have to haul the gear down that loooong path and have to worry about getting attacked by the peacocks?

nomad said...

HEY man great show 316. you were cool. hey do you ever reply to your blog here? keep up th good work dude.p.s water wings work for me,hehe.

KC said...

Hey Hurley! It's so much fun to read your blog. Me and my husband live on Kauai and he ran into you at Colenti's pizza next to Borders. That place is closed now. :( Anyway, if you come to Kauai again, you've got a place to stay and cool people to hang out with! :) Drop us a line.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Thanks for almost drowning so we could have an awesome hour of TV. It was a great episode! :)

Gwen said...

Loved it!

Starchy said...

Love the pics! And loved the ep! Totally wanted to hug you when Hurley bought all the remaining seats.

Crunchy Carpets said...

I just liked that you were reading Y The Last Man in the airport scene.

My pal drew it!

emmasholi said...

YAY! I was actually right lol I thought I spotted Bethany as a passenger at the security bit. hehe

Etyark said...

Nice to see such dedication just, essentially, for the pleasure of the fans.

lostinphilly said...

I agree, two heads are better than one! Great episode, loved it. Was the water warm at least?

Austin said...

I love this scene...its soo great that the writers remind us about how this show started..I love the eye shot and how its so close to the one of the shots in the pilot....my friends have told me to start up a blog with my thoughts on the show and I finally broke down and did it...try to check it out when you can...of course I just started so I dont have much of anything yet but I will soon!

Austin said...

I love this scene...its soo great that the writers remind us about how this show started..I love the eye shot and how its so close to the one of the shots in the pilot....my friends have told me to start up a blog with my thoughts on the show and I finally broke down and did it...try to check it out when you can...of course I just started so I dont have much of anything yet but I will soon!

Jacinda said...

I thought of you while watching this episode...thinking - oh yes - he must have started sans underwear - did all the actors? I will keep this tip in mind - such as when I visit a water park.... start sans panties!

Robert said...

Was one of the heads a double, or trick photography? If a double, which one was you?

I saw Damon when he was in plays at Teaneck HS. I asked him about a decade ago why he didn't become a performer. He said nothing, so I added my own conclusion, "Because it's a lousy job, right?" He seemed to smile but said nothing.

Anonymous said...

Was this at Waimea? I was just there last week, and am comparing my photos of the falls to yours. I didn't get in the water though.

Anonymous said...



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