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Monday, February 16, 2009

I can't believe this thing works

When I was at my parent's house over Christmas I had a bad reaction to a deodorant I used there. So after I came home I started using this crystal deodorant. I tried it expecting it to fail. There was no way a hippy product like this could handle the "I'm starting to smell like my dad" odors that have been emanating from my arm pits.

But surprisingly this thing works. 

And it works well. 

It's a salt crystal. All you do is wet it and rub it on your pits and presto! you don't stink. I guess it's supposed to create a salty layer that prevents the bacteria from growing under your arms. Sounds hokey but this thing stands up even to hot Hawaiian sweat. And so far I've had no complaints and I've even asked people to take a whiff for the purpose of research, and I always get an "all clear."

And it's essentially a rock so this thing has been lasting me a long time. Apparently I bought this in the travel-sized section on a whim. Now it's taking forever to finish. All I want to do is buy an adult sized version but it's just not letting me. 


Anonymous said...

Now, does it stop you from sweating or just stop it from smellling?

Jules said...

Apparently they don't help with sweating, so your pits can be wet but smell like nothing.

I may have to look into this thing. Thanks for the advert, Jorge!

KettleBelle said...

Just dump the travel one in your suitcase and get yourself an adult one :)

Rachie said...

The thing I love about you is that you're a TV star and you still haggle over $1 off coupons and use your deodorant until it's all gone. Are you secretly bathing in champagne? ;)

Erica said...

So it doesn't help with the wetness problem? That's my question! And where do you buy it?

Amy Guskin said...

These are actually really good for your health if you don't mind the sweating, because the salt doesn't block your pores like regular deodorant does.

Taffy Davenport said...

be careful, the hippie crystal does quit working after a while, like all deodorants. i know from my own painful memories. you gotta try to mix it up.

Laura lok said...

very cool never heard of it

mazzy said...

You are too funny!!
I have to agree with Rachie except I don't think you are bathing in champagne but I think you drive a Ferrari like Magnum P.I.

Tammy said...

OMG I have one of those! I love it-mine is bigger though. It last forever, I only use mine when its summer and it REALLY works!
I like it because its natural, and i make nat bath products (not earthy crunchy-fun nat products) and salt is one of the best detoxifying minerals you can use-I use a ton of it in almost all of my products. (sorry for the ramble-that "deodorant" is fantastic though)

Cindy Lou Who said...

I have never heard of it, but now i'm curious. I'm gonna check my store next time i go and see if they carry it

Lisa Deon said...

And just think, if the folks at the drive thru forget to salt your fries, you've got it covered!

Amy said...

Just toss the small pebble into a ziplock baggie and put it aside for traveling---don't use it all up or you'll just have to buy another one next time you fly to the mainland for that scottish dude who does the late show!

Michael Dines said...

The bonus about salting your pits is that you'll be delicious when the zombies come.

Mel said...

I've been using one of those for 10 years--the same one. They never run out, so you better just get yourself a big one if that's what you want.

Jacinda said...

Hi Jorge! I stumbled upon your blog via Cake Wrecks. I was so pleased to read your blog today (in between creating reports and such.) Your stories made me smile - It was a nice to see a small glimpse into your life - You and Beth seem like great peeps - I want to come visit for the pumpkin carving next year - obviously your talent isn't just with acting - you can carve / create as well. As for your gardening - have you tried to do cucumbers in pots? I grow the pickling kind in a large put and have them grow up a trellis.... quite nice for pickeling and cucumber sandwhiches.

Derek Brink said...

Brand name, or it isn't real.

Michelle said...

I totally used that in high school because I started to get a rash from my regular deodorant. Just one day my pits decided nope, don't like your Woman's Secret anymore and I had to switch over to the magical salt crystal. It did work for the most part, but I think normal deodorant works better for me, and I switched back to it after awhile.

I can't believe I'm talking to you about this right now. Jeebus.

Megan said...

Rock on! (Get it?) *giggle*

Julie Barfuss said...

I just discovered your blog today...and I have to say, I LOVE it! I am totally a fan of LOST... but I think I like your blog even better. You are funny and real. Thanks for sharing! ;)

Ralph- said...

thank god. for a second there, the way you were holding it, made it look like something you stick in your pooper. But a lot of things look that way to me.

Petra said...

My older son started getting stinky at age eight, so I got him the crystal stuff because I didn't want him using all the chemicals in "adult" deodorant. It works great for him. I think I may get some when my super-size box of 'real" deodorant from Costco is used up! LOL.

: ) P

Beena said...

I'm with Katyron...indulge on the adult size, Jorge, and shelve the other one for road trips!

This sounds like a very "green" product, too! Not mass produced in some factory with a lot of weird chemicals added! So many products have WAY too many ominous sounding ingredients that a person has to wonder how much testing has been done to determine their actual effects on us!

ArtforLife42 said...

This is pretty cool, but I use something slightly different which rids you of your stench AND prevents you from pools gathering under you arms..it's called Certain Dri And it last 72 hours, you put it on at night and you do it every other day, and voila, you are stinkless and wetless!

check it out here:

-There's nothing like getting to know a celebrity by their bodily functions....:)

Craig said...

I remember some dance club guys tried to get away with using that stuff back in the day! Trouble was they had huge salty sweat stains under their arms, like "ring-a-round" the collar! Waving their arms in the air like they don't care. Big white rings in a background of dark colored fabric. People laughed about that, and the dancing too I guess. Anyway, I took note and kept my antiperspirant handy. I couldn't take the risk. When you sweat, have another look at that shirt before washing!
Later dude

Robbi said...

I say what ever works is Great Stuff!

I love things that seem odd and work wonders!!!

Thanks for the info!

Sunny Yukon said...

Not only is the rock crystal great, but it totally cuts down on the amount of plastic waste from the reduced packaging too. Way to go Jorge!

James Hernandez said...


When they make one for the posterior let me know!

Christina Bauer said...

Jorge--I just love how 'real' you are! It's great to know such intimate details of one of my favorite actors!

Love you and LOST!

Tina Leavy said...

you should be able to find them at just about any health food stores.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! That's awesome! I tried it recently too and love it (and I can have some seriously stinky pitts!) I haven't tested it on an Indian summer yet though - so we'll see :)
They use it here in India after they shave someone's faces as after shave - they use it as deo in the Philippines - crazy!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

oh, and mine quit working after a while (like all deos) BUT I just used another deo for a month and went back to it :)

elise said...

wow thanks for the tip! i am terrified of being sticky and HATE my deoderant. maybe i'll try this...now what to do about the excessive sweating...

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is one the marvellous nature cosmetics. I don't know the name in english, in spanis is "Alumbre" mineral.

And as you say, it's works very good. ;)

surr said...

those things are awesome but, well, i have had one of the little ones for about 6 months and it's still here. cheap, effective and LOOOOOONG lasting.

~Karen~ said...

That's great! I wonder how far back in time this was uses?
And here I thought rocks were only good for throwing! lol

Michelle McCrary said...

It's so great that you are a real person with real armpits that produce real sweat. And you, like other real people, can also stink for real. I love that about you. I can't believe you are real.(snicker)
: )

evetti said...

oh this thing is great, I use it for years now ...
although your´s has a very interesting shape ;)

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

so interesting. I couldn't figure out why you had such an odd shaped ice cube. And why you were rubbing it in your arm pits!

E said...

One of my favorite things about your blog, Jorge, is how you act as a consumer advocate on things regular people would use on a daily basis. Consumer Reports? Bah! Who needs a new washing machine? I need some deodorant and want to know if those tomato tube planter things really work.

Person thing said...

That's it, you're magical. This morning I was looking at my normal, white, sticky deodorant, and muttering darkly about how it's a cancer stick, and wondering if there was a better solution to the hippie deodorant that smells like beer after it's been on too long on a hot day. And so there is! Hooray!

Sara said...

Dude, you have some nice hands! You should be a hand model too!

Jennifer said...

I have never heard of anything like that before! I'm a bit attached to my anti-perspirant though... can't stand sweaty pits! They're so distracting!

jada said...

Ok, you are adorable!
I just found this blog. (via ackattack's link to the cake thing)
Been a lost fan since the beginning. The episode where you get yourself arrested was the one i came out of (again) saying "hurley is a rock star". I admire the character you play and how you strive to be honest.

I'm going to be visiting here several times a week, i can tell.
Thanks for keeping it real, dude. =-) blessings,

Tink said...

I thought about buying that stuff once. But then some strange guy in the deoderant aisle leaned over and said, "You know that stuff is made from unicorn farts, right?" No lie. And I thought, if this is the kind of conversation buying this crap is going to bring me, maybe I should just stick with Dove.

Olivia said...

I love a good product review. I use Dove deoderant myself, but if that ever stops working, I'll know what to do thanks to your commercial break. Thanks man!

Becky said...

As a lady, I need something that will keep me from sweating, but it does work for odor.

My 9 year old daughter can't wear deodorant- she gets a horrid rash. I tried the crystal and her pitties still stunk. I finally found Tom's of Maine- no stink and no rash!


Melissa said...

I use this, too. It's awesome. It does last forever.

It is a must to apply it every morning, however. If I miss a day....don't sniff in my general direction.

Jen said...

This "crunchy" mama has been too nervous to try the salt rock. I don't know what's been keeping me back but if it works in Hawaii then I guess it's an incentive. I guess I don't have much to lose trying it during a typical New England winter.

La Pixie said...

hmm, I love that it seems so easy to use, but then again, it sucks that it doesnt stop the sweating. if I ever develop an allergy to regular deodorant, this is something Ill keep in mind.

I found your blog through cakewrecks, too. I love Ace of Cakes, and that cake was sooo cute.

no said...

The aluminum in regular deodorant has supposedly been linked to cancer and Alzheimer's, but there are counter studies also.

Olerica said...

It's good for your body to sweat. I love the crystal too... and no smell is awesome.

I like the travel one because of the "handle".

electrictree said...

Yay! Magic crystals!! Does it make you feel like a wizard or something

Erika Jean said...

Hmm interesting... I bet it isn't an antiperspirant though :-(

aims said...

I think I've had my salt rock for about 20 years now.

I'm with the rest big guy - splurge on the big one and keep the small one for travelling. And - check your shirt for salt stains...that would never do!

Christina said...

It also works on stink foot and swamp balls.

Christina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

PS. I love you. And didn't know you had a blog until Cake Wrecks mentioned.

Desmond said...

very good seller :)

Malea said...

Hopefully it works better than my friends did back in college. I took one wiff of that thing, and it gave me a headache that lasted for days.

Unknown said...

you wetness phobes seem unawares that we sweat to detoxify. ie breast cancer incidence significantly increases with anti-perspirant use!

Ivory Snow Devil said...

Hmmm.....always wondered about those. Maybe I'll get one cause I sweat like a dude. It's gross I know, but even the "clinical" strength stuff fails me.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog :)

I've always wondered about the salt crystal deodorants ... thanks for the review :) Not quite sure I'll run out and get one though - I like the scent of my Secret Power Fresh lol

Roberta said...

Hey, I use that too!!!
It's great, isn't it?!?
I have a big one and it seems to be everlasting!!!
Good choice dude!
Bye :D

April said...

Actually we just talked about this compound in my chemistry class. I have also created one by myself! It is called Alum. Check it out here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaun#Uses

Grete said...

Yay for the crystal deodorant! Yes, it is weird, but it definitely works! My husband switched me to it recently in an effort to avoid putting aluminum products (i.e. normal deodorant) on our bodies.

redelf said...

Cool!!! I need one of those for my youngest son!!

He is at the part of puberty (going on 13) in which every part of him stinks. I need to roll one of those all over his body and in his mouth!

Tiffany said...

hey jorge! i'm alissa (14 yrs old) & i absolutely love you. dude i really wish i could meet you, it'd mean alot to me & it'd be awesome. also i love you in LOST too lol. your such a great actor! well i dont wanna write to much so later dude. xD

Wild Sage Lampwork said...


Sandy Q. said...

I use it for acne too. If you feel a zit coming on, wet it and go over your zit. It'll clear up faster. Try it if you don't believe me.

Federica said...

My mother gave me one of those crystals when she came home from her holiday in Morocco! It sounded so hippie style, but wow, it really works :)

ps. I just found out your blog, I am having a great time in reading it, eheh! You're such a good actor and a good person!
*kisses from Italy*

Brie said...

now if I can only get my husband to switch from his ever so lovely OLD SPICE! (blechhh)

New Yorker wannabes said...

So I got a question.

I just saw that there are 74 comments on this post (and this is not the biggest comment-number on this blog:-).

Now do you read all of them, Jorge?I mean, I'd be...'sweating' like crazy to go through them :-)

i wish I could get my hands on one of these "rocks" :-)

Take care now
peace and love

Jodi said...

Salt Crystals are great! I've been using mine since last summer. It creates a barrier and helps kill bacteria that causes the stinkage. The brand I use is Crystal and one rock will last up to a year. You can use them on your feet also. And they even have it in a liquid roll-on form. I actually think it does help keep you from sweating as much, but it doesn't stop it completely. And there are no nasty chemicals in it, which is the main reason I stopped using antiperspirants.

Anyways, this is my first comment on your blog, even though I read it often. :)

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

I use the spray version of this - it's awesome!!

~Bethany~ said...

I stumbled upon your blog from Cake Wrecks as well and I am so glad I did. You are a riot and have peaked my interest in deodorant.

john (not lennon) said...

:D I thought the same when i first started using a crystal deodorant, i used Tom's of Maine deodorant before it they are great, no aluminium if you're worried about that, but the crystal is made from alum, apparently it's "composition" is safer than aluminium found in "normal" deodorants (bigger molecules so it's not absorbed into the blood)

but at the end of the day it works very well and it is surprising and extremely cost effective

your posts are gas Jorge, what's next?

...j (",)

Unknown said...

I say buy the real size one... and keep the travel one with you on-set. Just in case. I keep a travel deoderant at work just in case.

On an unrelated note...tag. you're it. i've given you the premios dardo award. It's a cool typewriter. that smokes.

Stephanie (schock77) said...

Just found your blog and now I find myself going through the archives... you totally crack me up! :) Thanks for the smile

(and of course, LOVE the show!) :)

lostinphilly said...

Well, ther you go, you learn something new every day! Thanks for the info.

greenbean said...

just came across your blog from seriouseats.com. i love it. you're so funny and real and i love that you coupon. i honestly haven't watched your show (i missed first season and couldn't catch up, but i guess i can grab the dvds), but i'm loving your blog.

micki said...

Hi Jorge!
I've been using salt crystal deodorant for years, and yes it's better than anything else on the market save getting your pits lasered (yeah, some people actually do that!)

mccn said...

My mom has been using those alcohol wipes they sell in little individually-wrapped pads in the pharmacy. She swears they work, but I'm too scared to try.

Dr. Megan said...

I just found your blog! I'm so excited - I really dig your sense of humor in these posts, and Hurley's my fave on LOST. :) Keep it comin'!

Jazzygirl said...

I just had to add to this because last summer I switched to a natural deodorant due to the issues with aluminum and cancer and alzheimer's.
Someone else said this but I felt I had to echo it. Those crytal ones still have ALUM in them. Not quite as bad as aluminum but still can be bad. Your best bet is find one without alum at all. I know it will be difficult to find one that works in the Hawaii heat. If this one works, all the power to you. We all do the best we can. I've had good luck with JASON products.

Anonymous said...

Just watched 316, oh man, great stuff once again sir. Say "Hi" to Dom from me next time you see him on set :P It's got to happen...surely?!

Lula! said...

Oh man...this is awesomeness. Will you marry me?

Wait, I'm already married. But still...

M said...

I've seen those in most drug stores, but I've never tried it. I've never had a reaction to a deodorant, but now I'm curious, and will try it out. I think it's a good idea to mix things up every so often. The fact that deodorants/antiperspirants contain aluminum and so many other chemicals.

I never knew you had a blog, Jorge. :) Was just reading the seriouseats.com blog, as I do every week or so, and saw the article about the cake. My daughter and I thought the Hurley on it was so cute (we watched tonight's episode, and are on pins and needles, wanting to see the next one.. leaving us hanging like that is so unfair!) and I clicked through the link to your blog.

Congratulations on the 100th episode! I'll have to watch Ace of Cakes now. :) Hope your well and having a great time filming the series. My family have been loyal fans from the first episode. Don't know how you all manage to pull it off, but it's our favorite series on television.

M said...

Jazzygirl, the natural deodorant crystals are made of potassium alum, not ammonium alum.

cathescomicz said...

I have been reading all of these blogs since you started posting and haven't responded to many if any... (myspace ones, maybe).. but this one- I had a huge laugh. I've been thinking of trying this for years.. and wanted to find ONE person who sweats more than I do who has success with it... you just convinced me. Thanks Jorge..as usual...inspirational, if not perspirational.

Looby_Loo said...

This is going to sound really really weird.

I had a dream last night that I saw you in Disneyland, and you were carrying that deodorant stick, so I stole it as a sort of momento. I feel a little ill.

Melissa said...

You might want to rethink that you're not smelling. I tried the crystal deoderant around the time when my now-husband and I first got serious. After a few weeks, he finally blurted out, "That natural deoderant you're using isn't working!" I was so embarassed. The poor guy suffered through 3 weeks of bad-smelling me before saying a thing.

Stephanie said...

Interesting. I would give it a good lick before using for the first time...just to make sure.

alex.meow said...

Ok if people knew as much as they should about the cosmetic industry, then they wouldn't use products available from the drugstore... natural soaps and shampoos all the way!

Tiffanie P said...

I stopped using antiperspirant deodorant about 3 months ago. The stuff they use to keep you from perspiring is aluminum it gets into your pores and closes them up. All good until you find out that aluminum is known to contribute to Alzheimer's. Good that you dropped the bad stuff. You might also try Men's Speed Stick, just make sure it doesn't have aluminum. :)

HudsonJourney said...

Sounds like your a sensitive skin baby like me. My husband is too. We started using Neutrogenia "Rain Bath" Body Wash and it is incredible! Very gentle & has cleared up all the rashes & reactions. I'm gonna try the crystal stick too - thanks for the FYI.

Shanna Mac said...

i forgot that i love these things! yes, must go purchase tomorrow...

happy thursday.

byondbzr said...

Thanks for posting, as I've always wondered about these things. Maybe I'll give it a shot...Even though I'm in the frigid state of Ohio...LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I forget about this comment section. I miss the interaction we had with you on My Space and since you left, I hardly ever go there anymore. Thanks for the info on the natural deodorant. I gotta try that! Your blog is great, Jorge! And you're wonderful on LOST! Thanks!

Reverend Charles said...

You do realize that this is just a chunk of aluminum chloride, right? That's the active ingredient in most "traditional" antiperspirants. So, while you're not exactly using some "magical safe alternative chemical," this would still be considered "green" if it, as I suspect it will, lasts a lot, lot longer than your typical plastic-tube-full-of-aluminum-and-other-stuff deodorant.

Yo! Annie! said...

To Charles Soto, sorry but you're incorrrect. Aluminum chlorhydrate (the product that contains aluminum chlorohydrate is called an anti-perspirant) is the stuff that keeps you from sweating and, as such, is not an ingredient in the crystal deodorants, which are sold in health food stores and are touted as being safe to use. Some researchers suspect aluminum (and products that contain aluminum, as well as aluminum pots and pans) are a possible cause of Alzheimers. The crystal deodorant is just that; a deodorant made of salts that, indeed, prevent the growth of bacteria which is the cause of underarm odor.

BTW, I've been using crystal deodorants for 20 years and they've never let me down.

Jorge, you rock, dude!

Unknown said...

Did you buy it in Hawaii? How much did it cost you? I must have this ):

(btw. found your blog via Cake Wrecks. Love it! I'm a big fan, and it's cool to see what you do in real life.)

Etyark said...

My dad has one of these, except his just looks like a giant bit of quartz, comes in a wee bag kinda like Indy's sand bag.

:)Ibti said...

Hurley! I love that you asked friends to do smell checks. I recall asking something similar a few years back when I felt I had started to smell differently (I was convinced it was something in the NYC water system). Mom and my ex-boyfriend insisted that I smelled the same as always (which THEN made me worry that I had always smelled a bit off...). I am intrigued by the crystal deoderant, though. I may have to look into this.

M said...

:)Ibti, smells and body odors are impacted by the types of foods we eat, if we drink enough water.. for example if we eat a certain amount of garlic, it can actually discourage mosquitoes from biting. It's usually very minor, but from what I'm given to under stand, we ourselves might be aware of subtle changes, while others might not detect it.

FannyHams said...

i LOVE my crystal!!! they also make a spray, not as durable, but good for on the go need a quick de-funking.
btw, you are my favorite actor on LOST :)

Jason said...

Jorge, you totally rock. I'm proud to say I've been a reader since before all these links to your blog (yes, I am using the "I was here before it was cool" argument...) :)

Crystal is the brand of this stuff I've seen most often [Derek Brink, you skeptic, you]. I have been using the liquid form of it and switching it up with another brand -- seems to be doing the trick okay. I got tired of suspecting that I was destroying my brain with Right Guard.

Unknown said...

ooh cool, in the Philippines, we call this stuff "tawas" and can be bought in powdered form or hard rock form...but not the polished, ready for retail one like in the picture, just like normal rocks. This is the first I heard of this.

It is also used to cure "singaw" or mouth sores...stings like hell.

Unknown said...

That vegan, non-vivisectional stuff that looks and smells like a lump of incense, works like incense too. Even though I'm not, usually, particularly sweaty it was awful. I got very clammy very fast. It's very good as a wardrobe freshener though! Could this salt block be used, in conjunction, with some drying agent and is it available in Britain?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jorge... Thanks for telling us about this stuff, I got some and it was working great! However, after about two weeks I put it on like usual and it buuuuurned like crazy for hours.

I don't know if it was just a fluke or my body started rejecting it or if I shouldn't have been using it every day or what. So my question to you is are you still using it?? And how often do you use it? It was glorious while it lasted, but I'm nervous to have burning armpits again.

I can't believe I'm asking you about armpits, but you started it!

yours truly, Zuzu.

Lori said...

I have my doubts that it would work for me. If I don't use secret then I end up smelling like a billy goat.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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Donna S said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so excited you wrote about this! I was JUST telling my daughter about this product a few days ago and I think she thought I was crazy.

I told her it was some weird hippy rock thing that I came across at a spooky hippy spiritual shop one time and it may just be the answer to our deoderant sensitivity problems.

We just found and started reading your blog tonight and both squealed when we saw this. Thank you for helping my daughter realize her mother is not a kook!

Chaely said...

Whatever you do, don't shave your pits & then use that stuff or hoooooooooooo boy will you regret it. Luckily, you don't strike me as much of a pit-shaver so you may be safe.

Anonymous said...

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