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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Seen Bigger

I've finally harvested my first cucumbers. 
They came out a little small but... 
(Insert suggestive cucumber humor here.)
"C'est ce qu'elle a dit."


myanrellick said...

If you pickled it, there would be a lot more suggestive jokes I could make.(!)

Chuck Power said...

Didn't anyone ever tell you? It's not the number of your cucumber. It's the crudity of your crudite.

Wow. Sorry man. That was lame.

Thomas said...

"C'est ce qu'elle a dit" if you allow me to correct you ;)
A big hello from France!

Julie said...

Good things come in small packages!

Those still look delicious. Perfect salad size. Also the small ones good for making cucumber and cheese sandwiches. My favorite! So yummy. :)

katya_fm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roberta said...

They look delicious!!!

Hey man, I see you finally put your address on here... do you need some more paper for your disgusting bin?!?!?!?
Just kidding...... :D
I'll write to you... you're great!

Robbi said...

But you know what they say~

It is not the size of the prize!

Congrat's on your harvest!!!!

Unknown said...

Great cuke! You guys are too funny!

redelf said...

Its not the size, its how it tastes.

Tasha Who? said...

It's how you toss the salad!

*drops mic and walks out sideways*

electrictree said...

Rest assured that the size of your cucumber, in no way shape or form, effects my opinion on the status of your manliness. It's a perfectly lovely cucumber.
Of course, if you had quit playing with it and left it on the vine longer it might have gotten bigger...

NioRom said...

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NioRom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NioRom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James Hernandez said...


Cucumber? Looks more like a pickle!

ArtforLife42 said...

I love growing my own food, except instead of chemical enhancement, i get an extra side of bugs.
I read back on one of your blogs that you enjoy drawings of yourself. Well, I;m working on a project for my friend's birthday drawing a lot of the cast of LOST...so if you would like one let me know and I'll mail it. :)

Anonymous said...

I grew white cucumbers in my vegie patch and they got bigger than that. You have to water them quite alot, because they are mostly water... was it yummy?

C said...

Those look like the ones I grew this past summer (I live in upstate NY so my garden is like an 8 day event). They were so knobby and pinchy. Worthless. I'll grow more zucchini instead.

Jules said...

Time to play 'find the cucumber on Jorge'!!!

Erica said...

Size doesn't matter! :o) You could make a pickle!

Jodi said...

I'm actually quite impressed. I can't harvest anything. LOL!

nomad said...

virgin no more? lots of dimples on that bad boy.hey they say a little prick never hurts.;) never had a lady turn that down. god makes things for women that don't need batterys,lol. a lttle lettuce and vin,salt and pepper or some creamy ranch on it. yum! enjoy. lol this was fun :)

Please Type Legibly said...

It might have been bigger if you'd treated it better, Jorge....c'est qu'elle a dit...


Unknown said...

Jorge, Im so freakn mad that the Cardinals Lost!!!.. well atleast we proved that our team is no longer a joke!!!.. go AZ!!! anyways, the 3D glasses were a joke, i could barely tell that the commercial was in 3D... maybe next time i should put on the glasses! ~John. Mesa, AZ

Unknown said...

Jorge, Im so freakn mad that the Cardinals Lost!!!.. well atleast we proved that our team is no longer a joke!!!.. go AZ!!! anyways, the 3D glasses were a joke, i could barely tell that the commercial was in 3D... maybe next time i should put on the glasses! ~John. Mesa, AZ

John said...

Jorge, Im so freakn mad that the Cardinals Lost!!!.. well atleast we proved that our team is no longer a joke!!!.. go AZ!!! anyways, the 3D glasses were a joke, i could barely tell that the commercial was in 3D... maybe next time i should put on the glasses! ~John. Mesa, AZ

Anonymous said...

It's a fabulous cuke, well done! We always had a little garden when we were kids. The carrots always fooled us because the tops would get so big and the carrot was teeny. We'd pull them out, then plug them back in the ground to grow more. Legal limit was 2 inches. Best darned carrots I ever had.

New Yorker wannabes said...

At least are they tasty? I picture them in a greek salad...now here is the recipe

"tomatoes, (your) cucumbers, olive oil, olives, oregano, salt, feta cheece. you cut the vegetables in small pieces, add salt, oregano, olive oil (if you want olives) and you put large pieces of greek feta cheese on top. Add some freshly baked bread and..."

Bonne appetite!!

Summer said...

Man, you can grow some mean ass looking cukes! Congrats on your harvest!

llquadro said...

Stopping by for my daily look at the blog..... just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your interview with the ODI last week! You're such a good sport to give so much of your time to us fans! REALLY enjoyed your scenes from "The Lie".... great job!
Keep up the good work! LOVE the blog! :)

Evonne said...

C'mon, guys... Size DOES matter.
There IS a such thing as too big...

The Engineering Bureau said...

When I was a kid on Long Island and my parents had an area of the back yard dedicated to tomatoes and cucumbers and the "cukes" always looked like that. Actually last time I was at Canter's the pickles were that size..Now I am wondering if there are different types of cucumbers that grow to ripeness at different sizes...

@J said...

Tonight's episode needed more Hurley!

Alec said...

What matters is not the size, dear.

What matters is how you use it. ;)

littlepikl said...

Ok i know this is way off the topic but...... You are my favorite character in lost. Any ways the cucumber looks great. Ok I still can't get over that you have a blog that i can visit.-your fan piklz

ValMo said...

I definitely giggled at this.

Shohom67 said...

Better then I could do.

Char said...

My cukes always curl on me. I think it's a pollination problem, but I feel weird about going out with a feather duster and pollinating them myself. Besides, that's what they pay the bees for, right? So I suppose it's not a pollination problem, it's a lazy bee problem.

Becky said...

It doesn't matter how small it is, it's the taste that matters...and there is just nothing like the taste of fresh cucumber! I love to slice mine in a glass of water. The water tastes yummy and the cukes never lose their crunchiness, so you can eat them when your done drinking!


Rachie said...

"C'est ce qu'elle a dit!" **snort!** I tell you, that joke never gets old...

Fawesome. So stoked I found my way to your blog!

Line said...

Maybe it´s a Baby cucumber?

Momof4 said...

Had to Google it. :-)

Otherwise I was going to say, I don't speak French. Where's Shannon? She can translate it.


that's what she said

Kbunt said...

Wow, you garden and use coupons!! Great blog! Stumbled upon it from Refund Cents. Thanks for being such a down to earth guy. :)

BRIT! said...

Loved your French comment! So perfect =)

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