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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Culprit II

Apparently there is a mystery about how the bottle ended up there in the first place. 

The truth is that there is a window ledge above that toilet. And I had set the bottle and it's top there to dry. I think the wind blew it into the toilet when we were having some blustery winds about a month ago, much like the winds we're having today actually.

I better go make sure the toilet lid is closed...


PenguinJosh said...

:O First?!

La Pixie said...

ah, such an innocent answer. we must watch too much Lost, because we were imagining all kinds of wild stuff.

Hannah said...

I wonder of there is a wall of things plumbers find stuck in toilet pipes. Kind of like at the doctors office with the wall o things pulled out if kids ears.

Julie said...

We always have to leave the lids closed. Not because of wind though. Our kitties like to hit things off the counter into the toilet. Perfume, toothpaste, hairbrush, most disgusting thing they knocked in there was my tooth brush.. Weirdest thing has to be my glasses..shesh.. But I love them anyways.

sassa1971 said...

Hello dude and good afternoon. Your blog is really funny sometimes so using the word mouse as they call it in the internet world the news spread out quickly. For sure a little publisity helps too!

Take care buddy...really enjoy being one of your followers!

Your LOST fun from Athens Greece,


sassa1971 said...

oupps...commented on the wrong post. It was supposed to be in the "Holy Cow... thing. But anyway you got it I guess :-)

Tammy said...

Jorge, how did it get down the hole? It didnt look like a skinny bottle.

Robbi said...

What a story!!!
Love it!! Made me laugh!

Our lid is down all the time because of our dog's. The one loves toilet water...

Avinash said...

Jorge, you crazy sonofabitch, I've missed your ridiculous blogs. Don't get me wrong, I love the Lost-related ones but the ones about your crazy shennangians are the best.

Here's a funny story about something that happened here in England. A guy goes into a hospital with a Ketchup bottled shoved up his arse.

He explains to the doctor that he went to Sainsbury's (a grocery shop), bought some Ketchup, got locked out of his house, tried to climb up his drain pipe and fell, landed on the Ketchup and it went right up there.

The doctor concluded that this was false purely for the reason that "Sainsbury's don't sell their ketchup bottles with condoms attached".

Crazy world eh?

Rachel said...

Hmmmm..... I wanna know who tried to flush it away instead of sticking their hand in the toilet water...

Heidi Renée said...

I was going to ask how it got in there but decided against it. There are some things that one just doesn't really want to know.

Anonymous said...

Ha! What a great story! I visited a friend in Kailua last year and felt some of those crazy winds. Good luck and keep the seat down. :)

:)Ibti said...

This sounds suspiciously like the excuses my students would use to explain why they didn't have their homework. (And had you been a student of mine, I totally would have let you off the hook purely for creativity.) At least you were trying to recycle... right?

Jigsawdiva said...

Phew.. thank goodness you cleared that up! ;)

Tiffany Dyer said...

Seriously, these winds had better die down soon - this morning I woke up, and our patio furniture had been blown into the living room.

redelf said...

It was a conspiracy.

nachoimable said...

aloha jorge
I'm in Oahu right now... I'm from Chile. I came here to work and I was staying in Maui, and i'm gonna be here for a short time. I'm a big fan of Lost and you!! I want to give you a gift from Chile! I hope that this doesnt hear creepy.
I really want to meet you, so if you have time... let me know.
=) aloha!!

Apex Zombie said...

So that's how it fell into the toilet... how did it get flushed?

Nikoli said...

ALWAYS close the lid. So nothing can fall in, yes. But that's not the real reason. Closed and NEVER can the women complain about falling in. (Which I always thought was stupid, LOOK before ya sit down already!) ;)

M said...

Glad you were able to resolve the clog. My daughter once flushed her father's keys down the toilet, when she was 1 1/2 years old, and we went through something similar.. he had a huge doo-hickey type key chain and it caught up and created a clog.

A scene with Hurley on the ep, just as I opened this thread. :)

Ben is such a creeper, just can not stand that character. Now I'm worried about poor Walt.

Erika Jean said...

wait... its been sitting in there for a MONTH?! lol

Beena said...

If you say that's how it happened, then I believe that's how it happened...

Julie said...

I'm more puzzled on how things flushed past that bottle. Unless you didn't use that toilet because it was not working properly.

Anyways glad you guys resolved the issue! Clogged toilets can be very frustrating, especially if you have only one. I'm glad to be out of my 1 toilet apartment and into my 3 toilet home!

Nena said...

I want nothing to do with the toilet bottle mystery talk.

All I want to do is say that Jorge, you were brilliant in the episode that aired tonight (2/25).

I love you.

Beth is a lucky woman.




Dakota said...

So the mystery is solved!

Hey dude, I love your blog, and LOST. I even linked to your blog from mine. I'm thinking my next post will be about this place. (I'm starting to post about sites I visit a lot)

Keep up the good work!

Bridget said...

Jorge- huge LOST fan here. Love your character too. I found your blog through the cake wrecks blog. I am ashamed to admit how much time I spent reading through all your posts last night. You are hilarious. I am a nurse and mother of two boys so I have a deep appreciation for the poo and gas humor. Thanks.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

But the wind wouldn't have forced the bottle down the drain -- so how did no one notice it there before they flushed?! Nunu did it, didn't she?

Steve C. said...

Dude. Menehune!

Petra said...

Even though your followers have doubled, you'll still remember those of us that have been around "forever" right?

Another great show tonight. Is it as satisfying for you as an actor, as it is for us as fans, to see some of the storylines coming together and answering questions?

: ) P

Gee Why said...

Sorry, an off topic comment, but is your contact info in the sidebar correct? The street and city don't match the Kailua zip code of 96734??

MsSnarkyPants said...

Wow, at that point I might have seriously considered just buying a new toilet rather than dealing with trying to pop it out of there! Good work tracking down the culprit! hehe

Jules said...

Is your toilet outside? What blustery wind blew it in on the inside? Was it gas, Jorge? Was it gas? :p

Tink said...

I bet when you buy things now, you check to make sure they WON'T fit in the toilet. See if I'm wrong. ;)

Unknown said...

oh my!!!!! Jorge, you make my day! :D

Capmaster said...

Bethany hasn't trained you to keep the seat and lid down yet? For shame ...for shame.

Lula! said...

I was really hoping you'd say Nunu hit it in the potty with a wire hanger. 'Cause that would've been the best story. Ever.

Deborah Godin said...

Well, see - some guys DO put the seat down...if they have to shut the lid, too! Good for feng shui, too.

wharfrat said...

Blustry? YES! It is soooo cold here I am going to WalMart today and buy a blanket! In Hawaii! Do they even sell blankets here? Hope you guys are not filming now in the outdoors and especially in the water..... Burrrrrrrrr

Maybe your toidy froze up?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many things will fall into a toilet lol

Cassandra said...

Jorge, I love you but hey! You're a TV star! You don't need to rinse out bottles and save them to use over. I understand you don't want to end up broke like MC Hammer or whatever, but a plastic bottle costs, what? 99 cents at the most? This is my first comment to you, so I hope no one takes this wrong and flames me. I'm just joking, and I love you and the show!

Unknown said...

Hey Jorge, have you see this? :D


Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge and Beth

Funny, funny toilet story. We had a minor emergency with the bathroom sink pipes today so sure can identify with your hassle. :-)

I'll be over on Oahu, Waikiki, first week of June, you and Beth want to do lunch? How about Jin's new Burger Joint. I'm a senior who loves Lost and Hurley. I love Desmond too can you bring him along. LOL hehe
Maybe see you in the grocery store picking up some marshmallow Vegan. That is sooooooo comical.


lostinphilly said...

See what happens when you men leave the seat up! Aren't you afraid that NuNu might fall into the toilet if you don't close the lid? Please don't let that happen!!!!!

Lauren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bostan said...

here in Hawaii, the wind is so bad. It has been like this for about two weeks. normally it only lasts for a week, but now it is getting crazy. It makes me want to move.

ValMo said...

This seriously was the most riveting event I've read about all day today.

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