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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I love working in the studio

For me, the coolest sets on this show are the ones we build.


Julie Phillips said...

That is a cool set.....


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Be careful! Don't let Eloise Hawking catch you on her big map...she's a little scarey. ;) Cool picture.

Beena said...

I was really impressed with this set when I saw it on the show, especially since I love maps and globes so much. Thanks for the pic!

Wiccababe said...

oh thats that big swingy pendulum thingy (yup, one of my technical terms there lol)
Lost's on here (Scotland) in an hour, so am busy trying to get the kids settled so we get peace to curl up and enjoy it

Lisa-Maladylis said...

that's a great picture ! I loved that part of the show, we have a pendulum like that in Boston at the museum.

Etyark said...

If you build it they will come.

Christina Bauer said...

Awesome picture! Loved that episode! So many new questions and theories to form! I can't wait to see you next Wednesday!

Torigurl said...

I have to agree with you there. As amazing as some of the landscapes that you guys use on the show are, you get to be as imaginative with the built sets as you want to be.

Vikki said...

Card pleased me, when I saw series with her! By the way, you went out well! Thank you for a picture!

Jules said...

Very cool! More pics from set please!!!

electrictree said...

Nifty, did you sing "On Top of the World" and do a little tap dancing?

Robbi said...

That set is really Cool!!!
You are one Lucky Fella!!

Jennifer said...

I have to admit, the whole time I was watching this episode, I was just waiting for someone to move at the wrong time and get whacked with that pendulum!

Unknown said...

is the pendulum as heavy as it looks? the real mccoy has to be pretty massive to be accurate, and Desmond was doing a rather blithe do-si-do with the thing. I hope that a stunt double was used (or that Henry Cusick's insurance is paid up)

missed opportunity for some snappy dialogue, by the way:

Ms. Hawking:The island's not done with you yet, Desmond. (beat) don't let the pendulum hit you in the a$$ on your way out!
Desmond: ah, Foucault o' ye--
hey, Faraday would have laughed...

twistedgrape said...

loved the set and that episode!! : )

twistedgrape said...

loved the set and that episode!! : )

carey said...

Just found your blog and it's awesome. :-) Love watching you on the show (can't imagine it w/o you). Keep up the awesome work, dude!!!

Deborah Godin said...

It's neat to see both you and the set in a not-in-character moment. I heard something interesting on TV the other day, they were talking about how sets are going to have to be made more carefully and authentically as HD becomes more prevalent because the increased detail is going to demand more realism in materials used. No more cutting corners where it "won't show."

New Yorker wannabes said...

This is nice...hope it gives some answers too ;-)

take care
peace and love

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

I'm an episode behind, I need to go catch up!

M said...

Fionnula Flanagan has been creepily perfect for Ms. Hawking, I really hope that Faraday is not really her son.. can't imagine having someone that cold blooded as a parent.

Samantha said...

I really want to sit on the pendulum and swing...

Great site!

Cindy Lou Who said...

LOL - I loved that in the set. I kept waiting for it to hit someone as they were walking around it in the scene. I wanted to bust out laughing if it did! ;o)

Ack said...

I'm pretty sure if I ever have a lair, I'm putting one of those giant pendulum thingies in it :D

LB said...

That set is like the world's creepiest classroom.

M.Santana said...

cool set... def wanna see if there are any flashbacks with the creation of it.

lyly ford said...

amazing photo !! i know hurley wasn't here but it's so cool to see you on this set ^^

Unknown said...

Very cool set and I have to tell you Mrs Hawking is pretty scary!!

Tell us more about it.

Anonymous said...

Great pic! Thanks for sharing!

I'd probably prefer on location shots. Well except for swimming in nasty water all day! :)

Melissa said...

That is awesome! So does that mean you visit Ms. Hawkings????

fibrowitch said...

I hope these sets are being stored some where. So when all is said and done, the sets can go on tour. I see a giant touring stage show and set tour going to Science Museums around the world.

Unknown said...

I love this set too! During the scene in the last episode, I just kept waiting for Desmond to get hit by the pendulum!!! Please tell me there is some kind of good outtakes of this happening, ahaha.

Love you Jorge, love the blog!

Georgia Hardstark said...

Ooooh that set. I was so distracted during the entire scene on that set last week because I kept picturing Mrs. Hawkings or Desmond being pwned by that swinging pendulum and knocked clear across the room during their dramatic speeches. Not that I WANTED that to happen, mind you, it just would have been really, really funny.

pink said...

Georgia: I was thinking the same !

Mr. Bill said...

Hey There!
I know that you are a fan of the Dharmalars and I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that they have decided to throw in the towel and quit podcasting. They will be missed bigtime!

Nena said...

Great photo.

My favorite theatre classes in college were set design and lighting design. They changed the way I viewed performances so much.

I would love to be at the strike party of the Lamppost Station set. If you guys need an extra hand, let me know!

Artem(Russia)LOST said...

Very cool!I love LOST and Hurley!!!!!!!

Afontcu said...

Oh my god, you were in the Light House!! xD

Wanna know how did you escape from prison, or wherever you were. Hope Benjamin didn't take part..:)

See you (I guess) on thursday (wednesday on US)!

maven said...

Be careful, don't get knocked over by that pendulum and don't let Mrs. Hawking see you fooling around with her stuff!

Awesome set for the Lampost!

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome set. Absolutely GREAT episode too.

Maqii said...

Saludos desde Argentina!!
Bueno, voy a tratar de escribir lo mejor posible en ingles.
I started watching the serie a few months ago. I used to watch 5 or 6 episodes a day.
I enjoy making theories about what is going to happen.
I have a dream, and is going to Hawaii.
Looks like a very beautiful place, isn`t it?
It's amazing to act in a serie, but in such a wonderful place, it must be AWSOME!

I love that word said by you.

Greetings from Southamerica.

Maqii =)

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

I <3 Eloise Hawking

James Hernandez said...


I didn't see Canada on the pendulum map. What happened?

Camilo Pérez said...

that's an excellent gadget you got there... Greetings from Costa Rica

Edgard Cravo said...

This set is very cool! I liked that pendulum.
Hugs from Brazil

Mindy said...

Great picture! I'd love to learn more about that set. Think that'll happen in the special features when we get the DVD?

Thanks for sharing!

Blake and Lucinda said...

I love that you post pictures from the set! They're really interesting to see when I'm not focused on Ms. Hawking's explanations and a pissed off Desmond!

~Karen~ said...

Awesome set, indeed!

Nerdmom said...

That is a freaking awesome set. Is it wrong that I kept waiting for someone to not be paying attention and to be knocked over by the pendulum?

Chas said...

loves it! awesome set

BerlyCrow said...

What?! It's a set? I get so wrapped up in the story while watching the show I forget! LOL.

Please Type Legibly said...

Gotta say, that one was pretty cool....

Scott said...

Hey, have you been losing some weight? Looking good, sir :)

Erika Jean said...

...if you build it... they will come

IslandPearl said...

The very first tease we got of that I shouted out "Foucault!!".

My husband probably woulda thought I'd lost my mind, but he'd figured that out a long time ago...

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome!

julianna said...

where I went to college, at BYU, there was a Foucault Pendulum like that one in the lobby of the Science building. it was a popular date spot because there was a dinosaur skeleton and a bunch of fun little activities/experiments you could do there. it sounds really kooky describing it now, but it was a blast.

one of the funniest things about it was a sign by the pendulum, warning people not to touch it. it said something like "Warning: Do Not Touch 20,000 Ohms." It wasn't until years later that I learned that an Ohm was a unit of resistance, not of anything that could hurt you.

anyway...that's what came to mind when i was watching that episode the other night and when i saw you post here. my brother in law is the production designer on Napolean Dynamite and Fan Boys. it is amazing to see the sets and things that they come up with.

okay, so this was a stinking long comment. :0) have a great day!

Jennifer Tanko said...

Yeah, that set was all kinds of win. I can't wait to find out how you got on the plane.

JohnnyMartin said...

Sweet set.

One question dude, because it's bugging me. Hopefully this gets answered because I know it hasn't been.

Why, when we see Locke is able to not feel pain in his legs earlier in the show, do we see him feel pain in his legs not once, but twice this season?

Sure he got shot and broke his leg... but still. What gives?

Whit said...

Can you use that thing to find my keys? Thanks.

Derek Brink said...

Anybody accidentally walk into that thing while it was swinging?

Barracuda said...

Good Morning,
Yes is a fantastic and Shoking set

Carolate said...

That was a great episode. I love that set and I love Eloise. She remind me an old teacher I had in the School.

I love the way Hugo saved so many people to crush with the Ajira Plane...

MFonvielle said...

I'm adding that pendulum and map to the list of things I want when I get my own house ;P Just you wait, it'll be awesome!

I too was waiting to see who would get hit first with the pendulum. And where is it hanging from!?

mdm said...

Has anyone gotten smacked by the pendulum? It was a concern of mine while watching all scenes in that room...

llquadro said...

Jorge! Once again, we appreciate your sharing of these behind-the-scene pics!!!! Thanks for keeping us "IN THE LOOP"!!!!!!!!! :D

Melissa said...

Every time Desmond walked past that thing I thought it was gonna cold cock him. I would wince every time it went by.....

Michael Dines said...

The Lamp Post was a pretty awesome set. I kept thinking that Henry/Desmond was going to have a bad run-in with that swinging pendulum though when he was walking all over the map and having his rant.

"More pendulum dirt on Henry please."

lena said...

Hello From Russia!
We love you :)

Pittielover said...

Awesome set! The pendulum scared the poop outta me when I was watching, I thought it was going to take Desmond out.

Unknown said...

you are so lucky! I've always wanted to see a set like that. set design has been an interest of mine for a while, i would die to see professional sets...oh well.

ValMo said...

Homigosh, that's probably my favorite set so far. Very cool! I love all the Dharma sets.

Jodi said...

That pic with the pendulem rocks!

Rock's Kitchen said...

just wanna say thanks for making me laugh...on the show and here on your blog!

Unknown said...


So Jorge Garcia was in the Lamp Post.

Was Hurley?

Jenn said...

I loved seeing this room on the show. It looked really cool on tv. You're going to have quite the scrapbook when this series is done :)

Michelle said...

OMG. Don't touch the pendulum Jorge! You're gonna mess up the whole island-locating algorithm!!! Jeez.

Capcom said...

Great photo, and I agree! Where ever could TPTB find a Swan station or a frozen donkey wheel, if they didn't build them?!

And after the show is over, all the sets should be moved someplace where they can be in a Lost Set Museum, so we can all visit it. If they build it, we will come. :-)

Дашулика said...

I love lost.

lostinphilly said...

So how many bloopers will come from those scenes with the pendulum? That is such an awesome set, I love it! And you look so happy standing there with it. So who really got hit with it and how many times? Lol.

As Always said...

Hi. First time visitor here.
I'm a dud for not knowing about this before now. Anywho, nice pic. I loved seeing that set on television.

Ché said...

I was waiting for Desmond to get knocked out by that thing in the last episode.

*~Dani~* said...

Like Melissa, I too thought Desmond was going to get whacked by that swinging pendumlum every time he walked by. I am still shocked that he did not. Any mishaps while filiming that scene that you are aware of? Looked dangerous.

Melissa Markham said...

It is definitely a cool set. We knew it was Dharma related as soon as we saw the concrete corridors with the wiring...

We have only watched last week's episode about 1/2 dozen times!

Hannah said...


Clay Swartz said...

Quick question for Jorge...
In a recent interview you said that you stumbled across a set that you weren't involved in, but that it was awesome.
Is this that set, or is that one still to be seen?

Unknown said...

I can just hear the director: "Okay, cue the pendulum..."

redelf said...

That is really cool. I want that in my basement.

whiterabbita said...

I really hope they'll put a special about this set in one of the 5th season's DVDs! I LOOOOOOOOVED so much to see the special about the Swan!

Anonymous said...

Niiice ....

Avinash said...

Haven't messaged here for ages.

What did you think of the Oscar's?

That pic of you with 2 heads in the water was pretty fucking funny. Possibly because of the hilarity of the idea, or possibly because I am extremely high.

Vilo said...

Hola Jorge

Te escribo desde Chile, en donde estamos muy orgullosos de que lleves dentro de ti sangre chilena, hay miles de personas a las que les encanta tu trabajo y lo bien que lo haces.

Saludos desde Santiago de Chile, y trata de visitarnos algún día.

Lisa said...

Loved that set! Which we could have seen more of it. Or will we later???

The show is just going a mile a minute and I am loving it all!

The Blot said...

That is such a cool picture! Thanks for sharing.

I'd kill for a pic of me swinging from the pendulum!!!

Molly said...

Wow, it really is a great set. It would be so nice if they could leave a few sets up so that people could do tours of them after the production is done each season. It would rake in the big bucks. Any time family comes I'll take them to a few places and say, that's where they shot the golf scene, etc" and they always want more!

Anonymous said...

How cool is it that you get "greetings" from all over the world? Lost has become a worlwide phenomenon. Keep up the good work "dude". I love lost.

Tuk said...

I wish I could be there!!!

Michelle said...

I thought that was the coolest room so far.

Bostan said...

Yea i noticed someone commented about Desmond, i was also waiting for him to be knocked out by that

magpie said...

this was the most amazing set- so glad i stumbled onto your blog!

Holly said...

Just letting you know that I love your blog, and I have given you the Lemonade Award! Have a wonderful day!


Deb said...

Did you see this Jimmy Kimmel clip featuring you?


rom1-95 said...

Hey ! My name is Romain, and i so love Lost and you ! I got a pieceworks of you !Is that really a piece of ur shirt ?
I would like to know if you are supposed to come at the event Jules Vernes Festival in Paris, April, 25th.
Thak you for responding =)
Romain, french fan

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the sets that are built on LOST also, Jorge, but everything in the whole show meshes so well that I couldn't say what is my favorite thing about LOST, besides you! Thanks so much for your great blog!

bygnerd said...

So, when you say "we," do you mean the crew? Or are you enough of a nerd like most of the rest of us that you are into getting into that kind of stuff yourself? Then again there are probably weird legal issues... blah blah blah. I'm totally into the whole Foucault's Pendulum thing tho :)

J said...

See, i knew the pendulum was real! People were saying it was CGI'ed in because of Desmond's walking back and forth past it. Did it ever whack him in the face in one of the bad takes?

Emily said...

I have to admit, at first glance I thought you were holding a mop in a mop bucket. I almost didn't recognize the pendulum when it wasn't swinging wildly.

P.S. I have to comment on the blocking done in those scenes with the wildly swinging pendulum. I thought for sure Desmond was going to get smacked with it. But I guess this is why you guys are professionals!

Anama said...

Qué foto más chula!!!

Julie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing any pendulum mishaps on the bloopers DVD for this season! :) Julie

Anonymous said...

Awsome picture Jorge!
Thanx for posting that.
Keep up the cool work, dude ;)

Maureen said...

Please tell your art and set department(s) they outdid themselves with this set. Faux science at its best! I loved the rhythm of the pendulum and its sweeping back and forth movement as it scored its probabilities into the floor. It added a sense of tension to a scene that otherwise had little action too. I loved its retro future look and the impression of neglect you got from the details that said it once was important but now its forgotten. I loved the lovely polished floor with a 3d look. At first I thought they were standing on a transparent floor over a globe of the earth. It must hurt to have to dismantle a set as lovely as this. Ha ha. Bet Ben blew it up. He couldn't let something that dangerous fall into enemy hands after he left.

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Eugen Caitaz said...

Its really cool!