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Friday, February 13, 2009

Sweet 100.

Well folks we have arrived at our 100th episode. And to celebrate we got a cake. 
And guess who made it. 

These guys.
It was awesome. I had mentioned how much I like Ace of Cakes before. They sent me a care package of Charm City Cakes stuff last year. So when I knew they were coming to town, I got in touch. I got to check out the kitchen they were working in over a Schofield Barracks army base. I shot a little bit of stuff for their show and I sneaked a peak of the original concept sketch. 
Check out this detail. 
And here's the Hurley figure.
(That's Bernard in the back.)

Couldn't wait for them to slice it. 
Thanks Duff.


Randy said...

Awesome! Do you have any idea when this episode of Ace of Cakes will air so we can see the process of making the cake?

And, of course, major congrats on 100 episodes of "LOST!"

Unknown said...

That's awesome man. I look forward to watching that episode of Ace of Cakes.

jonna said...

That is crazy awesome. Congrats on the 100th episode— it seems like there have been way more than 100, but in a good way. Amazing and well-deserved cake!

Unknown said...

The Ace of Cakes episode should air on May 9th.


Desmond said...

Gratz for ur 100th episode dude.

Nice cake xD

Lindsey said...

That is so cool! I wish I could see it up close, it looks like the word LOST is in the water...
Did they include your numbers somewhere?

Lisa-Maladylis said...

fantastic cake and they did a great Hurley. Congrats on the 100th epi !

Brooke said...

LOVE it! Ace of Cakes is awesome... I need some more Food Network in my life.

Anonymous said...

Love the cake.. hope it was good ! congrats on the 100th episode - I wish you were making another 100... Love this season so far, great work !!

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

OMG, that's so beyond awesome! Those guys are cool -- and the detail is amazing! I would've walked around all day telling people, "Eat me! No really, I'm made of cake!"

Al said...

dude, you have to post this to cake wrecks. but as an example of the good kind of cake.


Brandi Sims said...

i want a can of beer that big!

Jennifer said...

That's awesome. I love Ace of Cakes! Will definitely be looking forward to this episode!

Anonymous said...

Freakin' AWESOME!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

*Christie* said...

I'm always amazed by the cakes on that show. My fiance and I watch it all the time. Look forward to seeing the episode where they made this for you guys!
Thanks for sharing the photos! It's so awesome!
Congrats on 100 episodes.

Georgia Hardstark said...

Whoa...my mind is offically blown. And I love that they did everything up-to-date (like your t-shirt) so you can tell that they're actually fans of the show. The nerd in me just did a happy-dance for that cake.

kaci said...

Holy moly, that is a fantastic cake! Congratulations on 100 episodes, and oh, how we've loved them all!

Guinevere said...

What a thrill to see your "dream" of an Ace of Cakes cake come true. Someone on the staff is obviously a huge Lost fan!!
Congrats on 100 shows and I'll bet the cake was as delicious as it looks. I will definitely catch that epi of Ace of Cakes - not that I ever miss one but there will be a sticky note on the TV. :-D

Chuck Power said...

Dude, that is the best Charm City cake ever!

When I got married, my wife had a sweet Joker/Harley Quinn cake made for my Groom's cake that was based on the Alex Ross painting.
For some reason cakes are even more delicious when they look like something you love.

Jules said...

Holy cow! That's one amazing cake! Did it taste as good as it looked?

Congratulations on 100 episodes!!! I only wish you had another 100 ahead. Poo on only 6 seasons.

armywife09 said...

Hi Jorge! This is my first time posting. I am a big lost fan and have been reading your blog for a while now. I just wanted to say that my brother-in-law is stationed at Scofield Barraks. He and his wife live in Waimea. My sister-in-law was just telling me about Ace of Cakes being there and making the soldiers a cake. She sent me pics. They make awesome cakes! They are really big Lost fans too! Congrats on the 100th episode!

Aunt_B said...

*sigh* you guys are so lucky! I have myself a little crush on Geoff!! Awesome cake...love the little miniLost peeps!

Nothing to do with cakes, but the bone sticking outta Locke's leg gave me nightmares the other night! *shudders*

Lisa said...

That is sooo awesome. I LOVE Duff and the gang, and wished I lived on the East Coast so I could get one of their cakes! I had heard that they were doing a cake for the 100th Episode...Its fabulous!

IslandPearl said...

Two of my favorite shows converge! Wooo hoooo!


lyly ford said...

awesome ! but where are the cast ? i just saw you and lizzie.
i hope you did something special for this day on the set :)

Michael Dines said...

Oh man, they even got the Shihtzu shirt!

Best Cake Ever(tm).

Julie said...

Congratulations to you and your crew on 100 episodes! That cake looks amazing! :)

moon said...

Cake: One of my favorite words!

Big congrats on 100 episodes!

Shawn Cooke said...

You just combined two of my favorite things in the world... I don't think my mind can handle it. If They Might Be Giants had been playing, I think I would have died of fangasm overload.

Petra said...

Okay, that totally makes up with having to deal with a Hurley-less episode. I mean, I am sure it was nice you got a few days off, but...

Btw, did you know Damon thinks you have the moves? In the most recent podcast, he chose you as the LOST cast member most likely to win Dancing with the Stars!

I would definitely tune it if you were on! LOL

: ) P

Cindy Lou Who said...

That is Awesome! I love that show too. Does it taste as good as it looks???

BenSpark said...

Dude, been reading your blog posts, they rock. The cake is fantastic. I can't wait to watch that episode. I also love that you have a new header (Well, it might not be new it might be old, I read you posts via my feed reader but really wanted to comment today.) Love the posts, keep em coming.

Mel Got Served said...

That is a really awesome cake. Combining two of my favorite shows (plus a favorite treat).

myanrellick said...

All the little details are awesome! When I try to click on the pics though, they don't get big! Sigh. Congrats on the 100th episode, I cannot believe it's already happened!

Majandra said...

Happy 100, Jorge!!!

That cake looks terrific! I would have never dared to cut it!

A. said...

Holy cow that's flippin' fantastic! I hope it was delicious.

Torigurl said...

Dude, once I saw the cake, I automatically knew that Ace of Cakes made it. Congrats on 100 episodes!! I can't wait to see both episodes (Lost and Ace of Cakes) on tv! Hope that it tasted as good as it looked!

Grete said...

That's AWESOME! When I saw your first pic of the cake, I thought to myself, "That looks like an Ace of Cakes design"... and then of course it was confirmed by the rest of your blog post. I love all the detail they put into each cake! How exciting to have one!!

Anonymous said...

That's the most detailed cake I've ever seen. lol at the picture of the shihtzu on your 'mini-me' t-shirt. I can't believe DDK ate his. I bet it tasted as nice as it looks. Congrats and here's hoping your still there for the 'wrap' cake in 2010.

Chas said...

Ohhh, Love the cake!! Congrats on making it to the 100 episode mark!!

Mrs. Kang said...

that is freaking awesome. my 2 favorite shows. <3 it.

James Hernandez said...


I just had a one-to-one conversation with Jacob and he said I could have his slice!

blaqbird said...

Ahhhh!!! Awesome! Love Ace of Cakes! They did an amazing job on that cake...especially the "I <3 shitzus" detail. Congrats on the 100th episode! I wish we could have 100 more!

nomad said...

hey man did ya shotgun the beer? i hope that was real beer cans,lol.you should have smashed the cake in ben's face man. he is deciveing ya,lol. don't trust what he says. oh my god what am i saying the show is not real life,i got to get a life. ;)

KoRoBaRo said...

CoNGRaTS on the BiG 100, MaN!!

I have never seen a more iNCReDiBLe cake!! WiLD!!
ReaLLY thought the DHaRMa BeeR was a NiCe touch...

sdk said...

Dude, awesome cake!! Can you post the cake picture with you and Liz little larger, please? It would be great! Thank you.

maven said...

Congrats on #100 (that's not a LOST number)!

And thanks for sharing with the cake...unbelievable details!

Jason Paul Tolmie said...

Wonderful pics dude! Congratulations to you all for reaching the 100th episode of Lost. I only wish there were 100 more to go!

Sean Yoda Rouse said...

Congrats on the 100th episode!

Thanks for sharing the photos of the cake. Hopefully the cake tasted as great as it looked.

Ack said...


Malea said...

I LOVE LOVE Ace of Cakes. We're getting rid of t.v. so I can't see them anymore since they don't have their shows on the web. Thank goodness Lost is online.

p.s. I had to get an In-N-Out because of the premier episode with you and that yummy looking burger.

Pegg S said...

SOOOOOO cool!!! What a honor! Congrats on 100 episodes!

Unknown said...

This is awesome. This is art. I love the "Jacob" luggage tag. When will this episode air?

Tasha Who? said...

Cake like that is the devil. As much as you want to dig in to it, you don't want to destroy something so awesome! That's why I always get my mom to make my birthday cakes... they're always the lopsided pan variety.

100 episodes already! I shall drink something with coconut rum in it in the honor!

Robbi said...


That Cake is Fabulous!!!

Mrs. D said...

that's sweet! I bet it was bittersweet to cut the cake, those details are awesome!!

ValMo said...

That cake was very cool! I'm glad it wasn't worthy of cakewrecks.com
Congrats on #100!

lostinphilly said...

Congratulations on your 100th episode! I've loved every one of them. Let's keep going strong.

redelf said...

That is freaking awesome! Two of my favorite shows coming together as one...its sorta...Twilight Zoney.

Apex Zombie said...

God, that's like... Awesomefest right there.

Kashmir said...

Congratulations on 100! Excellent cake. You and Duff in the same room? Way too much coolness for any simple mortal!

Anonymous said...


wharfrat said...

Thank you "Hurley" for coming to our island...

Aloha and eat hearty.

jen + tommy said...

Love it! Tell us what flavor the inside of the cake was... yellow, white, chocolate? Maybe coconut, in honor of the island??

illahee said...

that is a truly awesome cake! congrats on 100 episodes!

20X40 said...

My two favorite shows. United!

MaryDESmith said...

Thank you and Beth for such a wonderful time! I really miss you guys, Hawaii, and especially Nunu. Thanks again!

Margie and Edna said...

What an amazing cake!

Congratulations on shooting your 100th episode, we have loved being along for the ride. :)

New Yorker wannabes said...

"On your 100th episode-birthday I wish for all the people who are working on this show health, prosperity and a happy life with people you all love :-)"

hey is that Elizabeth Mitchell in the photo? Tell her we love her, she is a great actress (as you all are ;-)

Jorge all the best! You are a wonderful person :-)
Take care now
peace and love

Barracuda said...

congrats on 100 episodes of "LOST!

Happy Valentine Day


Angela Italy

~Karen~ said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you and the entire cast, crew and creative team over at LOST!!!
You all have changed my life.

Accepts Affection said...

Yay! I just found your blog...didn't realize you had one. It's an entertaining read. You have to be the most talented pumpkin carver I've ever come across.

Honeybell said...


That cake is amazing, and here's another vote for submitting to Cake Wrecks. During the week she does horribly made professional cakes, on Sundays she features exceptional sweet works of art.


Darcy said...

I just found your blog via The Disney Blog and I love it!

I love that my most favorite reality show got a cake from my most favorite cake designing team!

Hooray for Duff and Charm City Cakes and LOST!

François Dillinger said...

Felicitaciones por los 100 episodios, me encanta la serie! Lastima que ahora no estas apareciendo mucho en los ultimos capitulos.
Te dejo mi msn, si queres agregalo nico_northcross@hotmail.com . Seria bueno charlar y conocerte mas.

François Dillinger said...

Felicitaciones por los 100 episodios, me encanta la serie! Lastima que ahora no estas apareciendo mucho en los ultimos capitulos.
Te dejo mi msn, si queres agregalo nico_northcross@hotmail.com . Seria bueno charlar y conocerte mas.

Annaca said...

The merging of two of my favorite shows ever!! Can't wait to see that episode of Ace of Cakes, and can't wait for Wednesday, as usual!!

katya_fm said...

Lost forever)))

Katy Boose said...

wow! first congrats on 100 episodes.
Second. Ace of Cakes is awesome.

Great cake!

Jodi said...

OK, that may have to be the most awesome cake I have ever seen! The Hurley figure is adorable...the shirt is hysterical. I think it is awesome. They did a fabulous job!

Congrats on 100 episodes!

Phil Romans said...

Being from Baltimore and a Lost fan, that is just fan-frick'n'tastic.

Congratz to everyone.

Now why couldn't you guys have started filming when I visited the island in early August of 08?!

Please Type Legibly said...

Congratulations on the episode. The cake looks out. of. this. world. Amazing...

Christina Bauer said...

Wow-- two awesome things at once! Congrats on the 100th episode! And I watch Ace of Cakes religiously, so I can't wait to see how they made this cake--which has such great detail (at least from the pictures)! Love it and you!

Kayube said...

So, does this mean you have to say "Lost" 100 times?

whiterabbita said...

Yay! CONGRATS!!! But will you do an other party for the 108th ep? It would be cool! :P

Full Passport said...

Ok, Duff et al came to you - now you should come to Baltimore - the city where the streets are paved with real cake and the street lamps are candy canes!

Sarah said...

Wow, my 2 favorite shows in one place!

Congrats on 100 episodes!

Amy said...

Jorge, I just found your blog via cake wrecks (where this was featured as a non-wreck). Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that we love you, you're our favorite character on the show. Awesome blog, man.

wonderful woman said...

any chance of more closey up pix of the figures so we can check out the likeness? Great cake for the best show!

Sarah - Kala said...

This is awesome. Congratulations! I love the show - not that I always understand it, but it's good fun! Your character is fantastic!
I can't wait to make our move to Oahu. We are a military family and trekking over from MD to HI this summer.

Love Ace of Cakes - my daughter wants to work for Duff when she's older.

Best wishes,
Sarah and family

Shelley said...

Jorge, that cake looks very yummy! I bet it didn't last very long. Congrats on 100th episode! I'm looking forward to tonight's episode (Sun 15th) in England. Great blog btw!


Persnickety Ticker said...

Dude! You and cake! My two favorite things! Congrats on the 100th! Hope the cake was yummy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, happy 100th episode! Two of my fave shows too :-) I will be on the lookout for the Ace of Cakes episode. The cake looks awesome, I hope you all enjoyed it and doing the 100th show!-Mary

Trish said...

Congrats on the 100th episode. I love the show, and have a bittersweet knowledge that there are only but so many episodes left. I yearn to find out what the heck is really going on around there, and not wanting it to end. The cake is beautiful, and I love the little details!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jorge! I didn't know you had a blog until today (a link from the CakeWrecks blog). I really, really love LOST (it is the only TV show I watch)...it sustains me through grad school and teaching high school English. Thank you!~Jess

peewee said...

Yah but, when you sliced up the cake was there a fully loaded 'hatch' in the center? cuz if not, then pfft...that cake is BOR-ing!

Jeanne said...

Congrats on the 100th Episode! Just found your blog today through Cake Wrecks. What an awesome cake Duff and his gang made for you guys. And how funny that today I am watching all of the episodes of Lost I missed on my DVD (you are in jail in the one that is playing now). Great blog Jorge!

Luca Pennisi said...

Congrats for the 100th episode.

But I have a question for you Jorge, can you confirm that episode 100th is in fact episode 5.15?

john (not lennon) said...

WOW! Gulp! Yum!


Cindy Swanson said...

Congratulations on your 100th episode! I'm already getting sad about when the show will end. :(

Gotta enjoy it to the fullest while it's still here. We just need more Hurley-centric eps! :)

Audrey Brown said...

I didn't even KNOW about this blog until today...where the heck have I been??? I heard about it via Cakewrecks, another blogger blog. Bloggity Blog. Sorry, too much of that word....

Miss Kolleen said...

congrats!!! XOXOX

Mark Silva said...

dharmalars shirt!!!

Line said...

Wow it looks really great! I got a LOST cake some years ago :D

Shawna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura Caçoeiro said...

Congratulations to all that makes Lost the best series ever. This is my dream cake!

Kiss from Portugal

Unknown said...

mmm.. that makes darma beer look even tastier!

Justin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heather said...

What an awesome way to celebrate. Ace of Cakes & LOST. What could be cooler? Congrats on 100 episodes! :)

Karen said...

That is completely awesome! Duff and company are great! Love their show almost as much as yours!! Great stuff!!

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

Ace of Cakes! Awesome!!

I'm enjoying your blog. :)

Ritch in Love said...

What incredible detail! Even down to the tshirt on Hurley!!

Em said...

I love Charm City cakes! They did a great job!

Haylan said...

years ago i made a Lost cake for a friend!


i'm much better at cake making now, thank goodness. there was even a little polar bear on it!

konberg said...

Top notch. That's great. Congratulations to everyone!

Tina Leavy said...

that's really cool. congrats on 100 episodes.

Deborah Godin said...

Happy 100th - a well-deserved and totally neat cake for you all (except I don't see Vincent; where's Vincent!?!?)

Well, see you on Wednesday in my livingroom.

Miztification said...

Happy 100th Episode, Jorge! That is a fantastic cake, it seems like I find some new detail. I love the luggage tag labeled Jacob. I also love that they chose to do Hurley in the Shih Tzu shirt. That just tickled me to no end. Deborah Godin, you're something else. I'm sitting here looking at the cake, going alright, what or who's missing? And you just zero right in on it. lol I don't usually watch Ace of Cakes, but this ep, I definitely have to see.

Anonymous said...

Jacob loves you.

(All the same, I think he prefers the cake).

Congratulations, 100 episodes that's awesome.

Erika Jean said...

That is so awesome! I'm addicted to that show!

Gwen said...

That's incredibly cool! Hard to believe it's the 100th epi already!

CaliforniaCosmetics said...

That thing is so friggin awesome.

For my mom's 50 birthday we had a LOST themed party because we're both insane fans of the show. It definitely wasn't as cool, just a beach scene and then I bought a blue VW bus from Hurley's scene and a plastic plane and I stuck them on the cake, lol.

This was awesome, so glad you got to experience it!

Kreanna said...

I love this cake!! Very cool!
Congratz on 100 episodes of lost!! woohoo!!!

V.M.L. said...

yummy! I want to eat the characters! XD

The Blot said...


Lost + Charm City Cakes = Crazy Delicious

Albie said...

This is great....I actually just found out about the blog through a link from Cakewrecks. I'm definitely subscribing.

Dan said...

did it taste good too?

Felicia said...

LOL Fab cake. That Jacob bag tag is a hoot. Congrats on the 100th! :)

Tiffany Noélli said...

I love Lost! Meu seriado favorito... Parabéns a todos você da equipe por fazer essa obra tão fantástica! O Bolo ficou lindo, e seu bonequinho uma gracinha! rsrs... Beijosss Jorge!

Tiffany Noélli said...

I love Lost! Meu seriado favorito... Parabéns a todos você da equipe por fazer essa obra tão fantástica! O Bolo ficou lindo, e seu bonequinho uma gracinha! rsrs... Beijosss Jorge!

Sara said...

Duff!! My shows are coming together. I saw the cake and knew it had to be peeps from Charms City Cakes. Happy 100 lost!!

Unknown said...

Awesome! We'll be podcasting about this for sure this weekend...

byondbzr said...

That SO rocks, love Ace of Cakes!

Starchy said...

That has to be the coolest cake ever. Especially love the Jacob luggage tag!

Congrats on the 100th episode!

Who was lucky enough to lick the frosting off Sawyer?

MsSnarkyPants said...

This is so awesome! Ace of Cakes and Lost combined! Those are my two favorite things on tv!

Congratulations on your 100th episode!

Rebecca said...

OH.MY.WOW. Schofield Barracks is close enough for them to make a cake & bring it to you?? I knew we should have PCS'd there, I would have been staking out your set. Unless they move like the island does. ;) Ace of Cakes is a fun show, they did an awesome job on your cake. Happy belated 100!

Yehia said...

WOW That's one awesome cake, congrats on the big 100 :-)

Lindsey said...

I love it! Saw it in TV Guide, but your pictures are better! I'm new to your blog, and thrilled to see you online like this! Jorge, my husband and I are huge fans. Keep up the awesome work (and please, keep blogging!)

Regina said...

Do you like the taste of fondant cakes? Or do you prefer the buttercream type ones better? I am not a big fan of the fondant, though it looks spectacular, the taste just lacks that real cake tasty-ness.
My daughter is getting married in May and we are getting a fondant cake for cake cutting, and sheet cakes with buttercream icing to serve guests.
Don't know why I'm telling you this...just curious if you liked the taste of fondant.

Brian said...

This is SICK! I love this! Congrats Jorge to you, the cast and the production team for 100 fantastic episodes. I never cease to be amazed at the level of production, the wonderful complexity (and humor) of the script, the high level of acting (yours included), and the obvious passion and hard work that goes into every episode. You should be really proud. I feel the same way about Duff and his crew. Both the LOST and Ace of Cakes teams set the bar so very high, and look like you have a fantastic time doing it. You're an inspiration on doing it right! Thank you!

Jesse E. Hunter said...

What a great, festive LOST party. I will def use some of these ideas for our next premiere/finale party!

It's nice to see that the cast and crew have so much fun with it!

Nice work.

Jessica604 said...

SWEET! Congrats on the 100th episode.

I love ace of cakes and I love that cake! I'm tuning in for that episode of AOC when it comes out in Canada - it'll probably show sometime next year??

Unknown said...

Was the cake as good as awesome as it looks? My god, that is the BEST CAKE EVER! I love mini everyone just as much as I love two of my favorite shows coming together. It's like a dream come true, almost.

That cake is freakishly cute.

Jimmy said...

Hey Jorge. That's an awesome cake, and congratulations on the 100th episode!

Mary Ouellette said...

OMG, that is freakin amazing. As probably the number 1 fan of LOST (besides my two kids and of course millions of other viewers), and also as a Pastry Chef, I have to say I am floored!!! This is the most amazing cake! Charm City Cakes rocks!!! They are my heroes.

Mary Ouellette
Bun in the Oven Bakery
Lincoln, RI


Unknown said...

the cake is a lie

imwithsully said...

Wow, I really want to buy that Hurley character. Awesome!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mabochda said...

Just saw the Ace of Cakes episode tonight! Looks like you guys really had a good time :0)

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Cheapskate Kim said...

How did I not know about this blog?? Sheesh- I'm like the biggest Lost dork around... Congrats on the 100th episode and that cake rocked! I love Charm City cakes. Kim

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Erin said...

This cake was so awesome. Though I can't imagine eating something so beautiful...

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

That's awesome man. I look forward to watching that episode of Ace of Cakes.

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Unknown said...

Finally the Ace of Cakes episode aired here (PA/US). What a hoot the whole thing was. It was such fun to watch the making of the most amazing cake of all made. Watching you hang out in the bakery and the reaction from the LOST crew! Really, really cool what you did. I'm certain you are a sweetheart in sweetheart clothing.

Great to see the back story on it all. Thanks :)

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Dolly said...

My friends and I are anxious to watch Season Five again. I will purchase the box set but it isn't available till December. Syfi (SciFi) Channel has run full seasons before and I would like to know if anyone knows when/if they will again this year.

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