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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This is where people park their yachts.
And this is where people park their not-yachts.
The streets of Monte Carlo are so steep that even the guy on the "walk" light is going uphill.

Bear? Is that you?


Avinash said...

They should have an image of a bear on the crossing light.

I think they have a similar thing with moose in Canada.

Liz said...

In Dublin, the Green Crossing Men look like they're doing the Stride of Pride across the street. I laugh every time.

Esperanza said...

Hola Jorge !!!,
Ya veo que estás en Monaco, debe ser un sitio precioso, yo tengo muchas ganas de visitarlo.
Ya que estás en Monaco podrías pasarte por España. Desde Madrid te invito a un estupendo bocadillo de calamares en la Plaza Mayor y a un pincho de tortilla de patatas acompañado de sangria. ¿Te atreves?
Un saludo

Topanga said...

Too funny how cultures differ. Here in Nova Scotia the "not-yachts" are considered yachts. My canoe would be considered a "not-yacht" here. ;-)

I couldn't believe the yachts that were parked all over Fort Lauderdale when we were there a few years ago. There, because of their inland waterways, people can park their yachts in front of their mansions. Simple country folk such as myself motor past on the water taxi, rubber-necking at the affluence.

redelf said...

I am not picky...I would take a not-yacht!

Pegg S said...

Thank you for posting updates! It is the highlight of my work mornings!

Lynn Faruque said...

Ya know, I won't lie~~~I wanna go where they park the yacht. Not the not-yacht. I mean THE yacht.

I love going with you guys on your trips!! But you know I've been your fan a long time and love you much.

I am trying to help provide some information on the foreclosure mess so please allow my blatant promoting here. It may help someone.


Beso, beso~~~

Please Type Legibly said...

I enjoyed the pictures and the not-yachts - but how's the valet parking in Monaco? ;o)

Pily said...

¿Y cuàndo vienes a Mèxico? XD

Saludos¡¡¡ :D

maven said...

Great pix, Jorge. I remember when we were visiting Monaco, we took that trek uphill to the palace! OMG, my legs and lungs were killing me! LOL

Hernan Sananes said...

Erees asombroso jaja
lo del oso me mato de la risa

James Hernandez said...


Thank God your not racist and will associate with different kinds of bears, and not just polar bears!!!

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

The first two pics are so similar in terms of your pose that, at first, I thought that you'd photoshopped yourself onto two different backgrounds. Then I looked closer and noticed your hands were different. ;)

Terrence Paquet said...

THe bear is one of those infamous "wood" bears only found in Monaco. If they get mad and attack, locals say guns can't stop them.

Apparently the only thing that works is a large jigsaw or a can of Pledge.

Terrence Paquet

Unknown said...

oh funny pic)

Koshka42 said...

Mork, is that you?


anonymous said...

haha... "bear... is that you?"

made me laugh out loud. loved that line the first time i heard you say it, and it's just as funny in print.