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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday USA!

Ah the Fourth of July. We kinda kept it low key.  Went for sushi (very American). Went to the grocery store to buy milk. But once there, we couldn't help picking up a few fireworks on impulse. Here's pics:
Smoke inhalation!
Nothing says patriotism like an Ireland shirt.

This one made me grow another head.
I love this truck. It was a total disappointment because the box said the truck was going to move. It did not. But this smoldering ring in it's rear reminded me of the curries I enjoyed in the UK.
The hands down favorite this year was "Cracklin Cactus," mainly because of the little ball that shot off like a machine gun. 
Wanna see?


kanahina said...

Jorge - you are "da bomb!" ; ) heehee

We went to Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park and watched their fireworks show from the parking lot!

I love to watch the "pros" do fireworks, but I hate spending my own money just to watch it go up in smoke in a few seconds!

Memento said...

Nice photos Jorge!

Will you be joing the darkufo lost fantasy league again this year as a celebrity?

Fantasy League

I hope you join us and 4000 Lost fans. Its a lot of fun

Congested said...

Ha. I did Japanese (bento box) for dinner as well. And I was wearing a fake "tourist" shirt from North Korea. Hopefully the Japanese didn't notice. :)

I didnt bother with fireworks tho. I hope that doesn't make me less patriotic some how, looks like you had fun with them.

Avinash said...

I am British and I must moan about this.
Ah... America... the one that got away ( as well as India, Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa etc)

Congested said...

Yeah, we "got away" with kicking your greedy ass. :)

Fiori said...

Watch out for the smoke monster, dude.

www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

Hey Jorge!

Just love your "Cracklin' Cactus" xD
In France, our national day is on July the 14th, you know the Bastille thing ^^

Thank you again for that awesome website =)
Lots of kisses, Eva from France

Angie said...

What's up with the ladder? Do I even want to know? =P

redelf said...

We got to watch the yearly kids trying to kill themselves as the neighbor kids chase each other down the street throwing firecrackers at one another.

happy 4th Jorge!

Please Type Legibly said...

My guy is a fireworks fanatic. Every year, he and the boys head to Fillmore for the all-important purchase of the fireworks. Cracklin' Cacti are favorites. Even our dog loves them! LOL

Carol said...

is there anything crazier than fireworks in Hawaii?? My hubs and I had the good fortune to spend a New Years there and OMGoodness...the noise didn't stop until around 4 in the morning....and the mess!

Glad you all had fun!

curlywee said...

Great blog Jorge, keep 'em coming!! If you're into funny t-shirts and want an Irish theme check out www.hairybaby.com there are some really gas ones on there. I have a few myself and they're a great conversation starter when you're out & about!!

Ack said...

I'm glad to see that no matter what your station in life is, we can all celebrate the same way - by blowing shit up :D

Gwen said...

This is the first year we let our young Rebel set of fireworks. But I figured he's 14 now - on the 2nd!! - so I'd better let him grow up a little!

And Kana - you're here too???? We so have the same taste in just about everything! You should meet us in CA instead of going to Maui!!! j/k - Maui would be fun.

James Hernandez said...


I'm not big on fireworks. The noise and the smoke are enough to send me scurrying for the nearest quiet space. But you make it look fun.

Topanga said...

Being that we are Canadian we watched the 4th of July celebrations in Boston on TV. 30 minutes of fireworks... I think even my ohhhh's and ahhhhh's would have run out if I'd been there in person but some of they were spectacular. We do our celebratin' on July 1st but we're only from a very small town of about 3500 residents so our town's fireworks display was only slightly more impressive than the Crackling Cactus... which by the way, looks very dangerous to me. Jorge, I thought you might be a candidate for the Darwin Award by standing so close to that thing as it sputtered burning chunks of chemicals that were hotter than the surface of the Sun.

Ali said...

hahaha how many dogs did you scare with that last one?

john (not lennon) said...

Freakin' heck!

and there you are just standing a few of feet away!

I trust it was firmly held down?!?!

deadly lookin' fireworks, thanks for the explosive home vid!

You sure were havin' the craic in green!

...j (",)

Bioariel said...

Jajajajajaja "an Ireland shirt" that's a good one.

Y'know... those trucks work well here in MExico... everyone buys them on new year's eve and the do move.

Bioariel said...

OH, and another thing:
Think about the irony!!! All those environmentalist movies coming out near 4th of july with all those fireworks...
Ni modo...

Rachel Snyder said...

LOL at Avinash ;)

Here in NYC we're not allowed our own fireworks, not even sparklers, although some people do them anyways. Macy's always puts on a big show on the East River, and I went to that.

Meri said...


Lynn Faruque said...

And here in Texas we had Mexican food~~~lots of guacamole made at the table, tamales and margaritas!!

Watched fireworks later outside my balcony door, while watching (of course!!) 1776 on TCM.

Very patriotic.

Happy Birthday USA!!:-)

Dave Sylvester said...

As long as the Banana tree was not harmed.

Honeybell said...

Wondering if that was your girlfriend's voice on the video-I love the bit of singing at the end!

LaSk said...

Today, July 5, is the Independence Day of Venezuela, so, we are also of party!

A great HI to both countries


Unknown said...

Hey Jorge, I'm a San Diegan and I wanted to ask if you're going to Comic Con again this year?

seven said...

hahaha, canada ftw!

this post is hilarious.

Becki D said...

Dude we had a few of the Cracklin Cacti over here in FL, too. They were awesome!

Wegg said...

"ring in it's rear reminded me of the curries I enjoyed in the UK" - HA HAHAH HAHAHA HAHAHAHAH HA HAHAHAHA

invisible monster said...

Oh man. Totally had the tanks on the 4th as well. Also thought they would move. They did not.

I believe we can now scientifically conclude... they are lame.

A F said...

LOL! Pepto-pink curries always confounded me. I waitressed at an Indian restaurant for a year before going to the UK so I was pretty well versed in Indian food, but the first time I got take-away I was massively confused. Did they spill something on it? Are they trying to help with the inevitable side-effects? Then my friend came to visit before I went home and her curry was bright blue. How do they DO that?!

Anonymous said...

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