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Sunday, July 27, 2008


(Okay technically I'm in Vancouver right now. But I still haven't told you about my Ireland trip yet. So just to keep my photos organized. I'm staying in chronological order.)

When we landed in Dublin,  it was raining. So not only were we driving on the left but we were doing it in the rain. 

We stayed at a B&B called Number 31 and it was really great. 
The staff was so welcoming. 

We bought an umbrella at a drug store and in very little time it already started to break. 
It didn't even last the afternoon. We threw it into a garbage where I noticed at least two more broken umbrellas sitting there. So there was clearly a scam going on here. 

The natural history museum was small but had a sweet leather jacket on display. 
Oh wait that jacket has fingernails. 

Finally we stopped in a pub for a bite. I had my first of many seafood chowders on this trip.  But the nothing was a memorable as the ketchup bottle. 


scatterbrain said...

Dublin is still one of my favourite places on earth and I can't even say why. Lately i've been travelling a lot but Ireland as some mystical stuff that only a few countrys as given me. I went to Scotland 2 weeks ago and also loved it! There's something about the irish and the scotish ppl that i just can't get enough=) I'd love to visit the US of A, maybe some day=)
Hope you enjoyed your travelling!

Cheers from Portugal,

Kevin said...

Whoa, that's a pretty snazzy jacket!! Yikes. Tons of questions come to mind...

Lisa-Maladylis said...

yuck on the leather jacket lol looks like your hitting all the great spots to vacation in.

Alithia Kimmel said...

Is that an upper torso? Why is it displayed?
Going off topic, I would love a ketchup bottle like that!

Rachel Snyder said...

That is quite an interesting ketchup bottle. It's so fun to travel overseas and bring back pictures of the quirky-looking things you find there. Any place that exists is a place I want to see, although I have a particular interest in Dublin because I'm a big U2 fan. Anyway, thanks for posting your pics!

Unknown said...

Where do you stay in Vancouver right now? How long are you gonna be in Vancouver?

I'm in Victoria, on Vancouver Island. Will you have a chance to visit Victoria? My boyfriend and I are so wanting to see you!

Topanga said...

We ran into the same umbrella scam in Boston a while back. Maybe it's a Celtic thing??

redelf said...

I am guessing the "jacket" was the remains of a bog mummy. COOOOOLLL!!!!!!

I want to go to Ireland sooooo bad. Look up some relatives, drink some ale/beer/cider and just enjoy the countryside. Ah well..

I love that ketcup bottle!!

Capcom said...

I was thinking bog-person too Redelf. It's got that tell-tale squished look. :o)

Sassy said...

Yeah, I totally knew you were in Ireland just by the photos.....'cuz Ireland's ALL about freakish body parts and plastic tomatoes, right? (snicker)

I *do* enjoy your extraordinary point of view.

Jodi said...

OMG! Tell me you found a place to buy that ketchup bottle. You are famous for buying cool stuff like that.

Umm that jacket or whatever that was is disturbing. LOL!

Nicole said...

Hey, you're in Vancouver. I live in the area (and am in Vancouver every day for work). All I can say is: watch out for the construction.

(Of course, I really just want to know where you're eating lunch :))

And I'm sure we have far better umbrellas than Dublin :)

lostinphilly said...

I really want to visit Ireland to look up relatives also. Love that jacket corpse and ketchup bottle!

Anonymous said...

Vancouver, eh? Come to my bakery posthaste!! Oh yes, if you like cinnamon buns that is.....

Anonymous said...

That "jacket" disturbs me... actually its quite scary in a way - what happened to the rest of the body ???

booradley said...

Funny thing about the British (and to a lesser extent, the Irish) is that they've inhabited one of the cloudiest, wettest corners of the globe for millenia and they still don't know what to do when it rains. The second the weather shifts, their umbrellas turn inside out, the trains stop running and everybody ducks for cover. The Inuit cope with ice, Russians with snow, Africans heat and sandstorms and Equatorians humidity, but nobody knows what to do when it rains in Britain.

And yes, do be a good sport and enlighten us about the dried up torso. I'm going to have nightmares about jackets with hands.

Liz said...

The umbrellas are useless in Dublin. Thank feck I have my rainjacket which always makes me look like a tourist. But a very dry tourist.

RoMaN said...

Lol!!! I liked the jacket, and the umbrella thing!! Maybe the number curse caused the umbrella to break!

Please Type Legibly said...

Did you buy the ketchup bottle? :o)

Mom2haylil said...

OK, you can not NOT tell us the story behind the dried out torso.

James Hernandez said...


I like the ketchup bottle. But, the hand/jacket has got to go!!!! Vancouver??? Geez go to a real city on the west coast - go to Victoria!!!!!

alturi said...

Vancouver?! I live near there!

Come to Vancouver Islaaaand :) Its worth the trip I promise.

IslandLaurel said...

Beware the bog people!

adRift said...

you did't come to spain, jorge!!!! :_________(

WendyWings said...

I am in New Zealand we have ketchup bottles or as we call them tomato sauce bottles just like that, it is something of a NZ iconic emblem.
No bog people though, not so far as I know anyway.

Koshka42 said...

I'm gonna say 'eeew'. I'll let you guess which picture garnered that response.

Anonymous said...

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Jadejewels1983 said...

The"jacket" was quite disturbing! I was expecting a bit more in regard to an explanation on it. Please tell me you know more about it to relieve my qualms about it. I only recently found your blog listed in the TV Guide. So I am currently trying to catch up to current. I am loving the pics of Nunu. My Mom has a chihuahua named Rosalita. Black and tan. So sweet! Loving the pics of your travels, living vicariously thru you! Julie

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