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Monday, July 14, 2008

(The Sisterhood of the) Traveling France

Here's a tip for when you're site-seeing through Paris. But before I give it away I want to see if you can notice it.
Notice how the second picture is somehow a hundred times better than the first? What's different about them? I've added one simple item. Can't put your finger on it? Look closely. 

Okay, I know it's subtle. 
Try looking at this picture below and finding what it has IN COMMON with the second picture. 

Still don't see it? 
It's a black beret I bought on the street. 
It makes all of your Paris pictures automatically "one louder." (It also makes your hand do that for some reason.)


TheUnity (Siv) said...

Haha, it's perfect on you! And you're right, it does enhance the quality of the picture (by about a x100)!

Hope you had a great time in France. Such an awesome place. :D

Jan said...

Oui, Oui, pommes frites!

Jennifer said...

Much louder, indeed. I shall have to remember that if I find myself in Paris.

Petra said...

Ooh la la, votre beret, ci c'est tres bon! (It has been years since I used French, so that could be all wrong!)

The beret really does suit you - and you DO look French in it!

I got a good chuckle out of the photos, thanks, as always, for sharing.

: ) P

James Hernandez said...


The second photo (with beret) makes you look exactly like Dom Deluise! WOW what a resemblance.
Vive France Libre!!!

WatsonCrick said...

What a smart idea to buy a beret. Now you are perfectly disguised as a french citizen (no offense), nobody will notice you are a "LOST star". Hurray to privacy!

Looby_Loo said...

Joyeux Fête nationale française!
C'est l'anniversaire de la prise de la Bastille.

But enough of French history. Berets are amazing. I think everyone should have one. And oooh, Les Champs Elysees. How posh. I bought my first ever perfume down there!

maven said...

You are so French! LOL

Athene Numphe said...

Wow, that's awesome! You look very Parisian. :)

Anonymous said...

Dangit. I was wrong. I thought you'd added the background tourist to the picture. ;-)

Babi said...

c'est magnifique!!!

Bianca said...

The berets are so obnoxious - I love it! Brings to mind Chevy Chase in European Vacation - why didn't you have yours & Bethany's monogrammed with your names or a US flag?!

Lovin' your vacation pics - thanks for posting!

skywriter said...

hey jorge,
did anyone recognise you in paris?

i just watched a french-dubbed episode of Lost here in Montreal... they got the voices all wrong :P

Topanga said...

LOL! That is funny!! I thought the beret was too obvious so I was scouring the bell tower of Notre Dame for Quasimodo. ;-)

lostinphilly said...

That beret looks awesome on you! Maybe Hurley can wear it on the show this season sometime. Hope you had fun in France.

lostinphilly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lostinphilly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ack said...

Ooh la la!

Please Type Legibly said...

Somehow, it's so you, Jorge. Thanks for the smile.

Ali said...

next you will have to get a baguette and walk around with that!

Anonymous said...

Heh, you look like Dom Deluise in your last Frenchie photo.

Colleen Oakes said...

I think you are a cutie Jorge...but in that second picture you kinda look like a homeless guy : )

Do people recognize you in Europe?

Rachel Snyder said...

Fun pics, and perfect for Bastile Day. Did you get recognized much in France?

Avinash said...

It's always good to be like the French when in France.

Some wear berets.
Some eat frog legs.
Some taste wines.

I pretend to be neutral but hide from all conflict and call my comrades from across the English Channel to help me out when I'm in trouble.

Luc Lewitanski said...

stereotypes much, everybody?

~Karen~ said...

c'est magnifique.
The beret is a must.
It's right up there with MICKEY MOUSE EAR HATS at Disney!
Thanks for keeping it real.

tacy said...

Great beret! I hope you swindled the beret vendor and only paid half price. That is the best part of street vendors.

Howard Shum said...

Hey Jorge,

Are you going to Comic-con next week? If so, let me know and stop by the Image Comics booth. I want to give you the drawing I did of you for my blog.

Gabriela said...

If you are in Paris, you gotta have an black beret!

Filmnoir said...

Hey Jorge,
My "bff" Mary just told me about your blog yesterday, and I just had to write to tell you three things... (besides the fact that I love your blog!)

1) Where were you when I went to Paris so I could take those "up a notch" kind of pictures?? lol Glad you are loving it there.

2) Thank you for taking the time to do this for us (and your Mom). I blog but it's really harder than it looks to be 'regular.' (I do try to get enough fiber though. hee) seriously though- I totally couldn't get anything done until I had read every single entry of your blog. Thank goodness you use a lot of pics and that I read fast. lol.

3) To paraphrase the line from Jerry Maguire, "You had me at poo juice in the Pooh mug."

Love you, man! :) If you're still in Paris, be sure to hit the Jeu de Pomme musee (better than the Louvre and less touristy-- there, I said it!), and leave some time to hang at Montmartre and at least one sidewalk cafe. Why don't they have the sense to put our chairs facing the sidewalk here, too? We're not fooling anyone pretending we're not outside people watching, are we?

A Bientot!


I am so jealous! That beret is totally hot! LOL...looks like you are having blast!

Erin said...

And also the hand gesture--can't forget the hand gesture.

Sashurama said...

Jorge!!! There are some rumors spreading about your future in "Lost" and something about a surgery! I just wont you to know thatHurley is my favourite caracter from "LOST"... I hope that everything would be ok! Good luck!

Sashurama said...

Jorge!!! There are some rumors spreading about your future in "Lost" and something about a surgery! I just wont you to know thatHurley is my favourite caracter from "LOST"... I hope that everything would be ok! Good luck!

Miss Jen said...

Does it go all the way to 11???


abcjjcmom said...

"one louder" for sure, but does it go to 11?

abcjjcmom said...

Hey disneydiploma,

How funny we think alike and we're both a day behind!

Belén said...


That photos is so nice, Paris is a beautifull city

while travel not... do you have time to read the script of lost to tell us somthing? Jeje

A greeting and congratulations, you are a very good actor

sorry beacause I am spanish and my english are very bad


seven said...

dammit, i thought i was so clever for thinking of posting something about going to eleven. bah.

skywriter: the worst part about the french dubs is that everyone has the same accent! i had a brilliant idea of how to fix that once - the americans could have quebec accents, charlie could have a france-french accent, sayid could sound algerian, claire could have an accent from, i dunno, french polynesia - but then it occurred to me that i have far too much time on my hands.

redelf said...

I thought it was the "Price is Right" hand gesture. That is very French, my son Zack is taking his fourth year of French and he says you have to do that or you cant speak french.

Jordi said...

Jorge!!! A ver si te vemos por Barcelona... Si tienes tiempo, visita: www.fotolog.com/zinko. es un bar en barcelona que se llama Bharma. Estas invitado, "Mr.Hugo".

Best wishes


Amaranta said...

hey1 i was in france 2 years ago, and it was amazing. have you visited "le sacre coeur? really nice.

you should come to España. Is very nice too :P

Miss Scarlett said...

The title is pretty damn funny too!


Andrea said...

Hallo big Jeorge!!!
do you come also in Italy???
i live in Milan and i would be glad to meet you in person if you come here!!!
Let's tell me if you pass from Italy!!
Have a nice day.

Chrissy said...

Haha, Jorge you always crack me up! Love it!

Lynn Faruque said...

You are just too cute.

Ok, I was gonna say more about how cute you were, but I just rubbed and got philosophy "when hope is not enough" serum in my eye and it's burning like crazy.

Beso, beso~~~


Stephanie Moulton Sarkis PhD said...

I love the beret. C'est tres chic.

R E said...

I live near Gare du Nord, can't believe you were here Jorge, anyway compadre...

La próxima vez que vengas te enseño a dónde hay que ir para no pasear como turista sino como un local.

Saludos a Chile Cuba y Nebraska desde Paris.


Liza said...

my black beret had an embroidered Eiffel Tower with the word "Paris." So it wins. :)

Unknown said...

with the hat, in the picture with the Cathedral, you look like Dom DeLuis!


A F said...

On the one, and possibly only, trip I made to Paris, Notre-Dame was totally covered in scaffolding so they could scrubb 400 years worth of gunk off of it. It's so shiny looking now, but c'mon! It was my one trip! Scaffolding!
Le sigh...
Sorry. I'm a little bitter still.

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